News (Summer 2002)

ANS Purchases Digital Cameras

Following generous donations totaling $6,000, the Society purchased a Nikon D1x digital camera and 105mm macro lens. This combination of camera and lens can shoot coins at nearly 3000 dpi resolution and represents a major upgrade of our photographic capabilities. An important feature of the new setup is the ability to control the camera directly from a computer. After a coin is framed, a single mouse click brings up an image on the Apple PowerMac computer to which the camera is attached via FireWire cable. After cropping and saving, the image is then automatically opened in Adobe Photoshop for finer processing. Once this stage is complete, all digital images are integrated into the web-based collections database for viewing over the internet. This smooth flow of photography from copy-stand to our web-site is an important component of our ongoing efforts to improve the resources we make available to scholars and collectors.

2002 Graduate Seminar

The Society’s nearly half-century-old role in graduate education continues this year with the opening on June 10th of the forty-ninth Graduate Seminar in Numismatics. With five students attending and Haim Gitler of the Israel Museum, Jerusalem, as the Visiting Scholar, the seven week long seminar promises to be a rewarding forum for discussion, debate and the pursuit of individual research projects. This year’s students are George Fiske of Columbia University, Julie Langsford-Johnson of Indiana University, Bloomington, Spencer Pope of Brown University, Shannan Stewart, of The University of Wisconsin, Madison, and Scott Van Horn of Loyola University, Chicago. The guest speakers include Paul Keyser, Wolfgang Fischer-Bossert, and Edward E. Cohen, who will also be leading a seminar discussion on coinage within the ancient economy. Interested parties can now also find the seminar schedule, handouts, and reading lists on the ANS website at

Seminar participants and ANS Staff. Back row: Elena Stolyarik, Michael Bates, Peter van Alfen, Sebastian Heath, Frank Campbell. Front row: Spencer Pope, George Fiske, Shannan Stewart, Haim Gitler, Julie Langsford-Johnson, Scott van Horn.

ANS Summer Intern working in Coin Rooms

Eric Li Cheung recently joined the ANS staff as a summer intern. Eric is working with Robert W. Hoge, Curator of American Coins, assisting with a variety of projects. Eric, a native of New York City, has just completed his first year of undergraduate work at Stanford University. He is a specialist in Early American coinage and has won numerous awards for his numismatic achievements. It is a pleasure for us to have him for the summer.

Wartenberg Speaker at 1000th CCC Meeting

Executive Director Ute Wartenberg was the guest speaker at the 1000th meeting banquet of the Chicago Coin Club on April 6, 2002. The meeting, which was held in conjunction with the Chicago International Coin Fair, attracted a large number of members of the club. In her talk “Owls to Athens — The Dollar of the Ancient World” Dr. Wartenberg spoke about the development of Athenian coins in the fifth century BC, a period during which Athens turned into major international power.

Numismatic Ambassador Award for Wartenberg

On April 6, 2002, at the occasion of the 1000th meeting banquet, Executive Director Ute Wartenberg was awarded a Numismatic Ambassador Award by Bill Bright, the numismatic division publisher of Krause Publications. In her acceptance speech Dr. Wartenberg thanked Krause Publications for this prestigious award. The award, created in 1974, is given every year to several dedicated individuals, who promote the hobby. It provides “recognition of the on-going grass-roots support — the devotion, sincerity, patience, perseverance, and ability to get things done — that has allowed the coin collecting hobby to gain a true national acceptance in the eyes of the Americans”. Wartenberg is the first ANS staff member to receive this award.

ANS Publications

The long-awaited volume 144 of Numismatic Literature will be out in September. Those members who have subscribed to the issue will be automatically sent a copy. A few copies will be available for sale from the David Brown Book Company. Volume 144 lists on almost 200 pages 698 titles. The information is available and navigable on the ANS website (http://

ANS appoints new Membership Manager

Juliette Pelletier recently joined the ANS as our new Membership and Development Manager. She has worked in Non profit art organizations for over ten years and has most recently worked as the Administrative and Project Coordinator for Arts International, an organization dedicated to the global exchange of the arts. As an artist she continues to exhibit her artwork internationally. With an upbringing spanning eight countries and five continents, Juliette speaks four languages. A keen interest in the classical renaissance period led her to an advanced study of painting and drawing at the Ecole Nationale Superieure Des Beaux-Arts, Paris. She has also taken several courses at the University of Toronto and University of Arizona in Art Conservation and Restoration. She has an upcoming painting exhibit in Switzerland scheduled for September featuring her surrealistic work.

ANS Intern Returns for Third Summer

Aadya Bedi, ANS intern returns for a third year to the ANS. She is a graduate of Bennington College where she studied anthropology and theatre. Aadya grew up in Bombay, India. She is currently assisting in the Development department. Aadya has a fascination for archaeology and is thrilled to occasionally work with the coins. This fall she will begin a graduate degree at New York University.

ANS Council elects new Fellows

At its meeting on June 22, the Council of the ANS elected six Associate Members as Fellows.

Jane Cody is Administrative Dean of Academic Programs at the University of Southern California. She was a summer seminar student in 1965 and is working on a book on Gods and Goddess on Roman Republican coins. She has been an Associate Member since 1968 and was elected a Fellow in 1987. Cody was a member of the Roman Committee. The Council has re-instated her as a Fellow.

Daniel H. Hamelberg is one of the foremost collectors of US coins and books in this country. He manages real estate in his home state Illinois. As a member of the Library Committee he has been keenly involved in the ANS.

Sydney Harl is a retired accountant and avid collector of coins and paper currency. His collecting interests include ancient, medieval and modern objects. In his position as trustee of the William S. Paley Foundation, he has facilitated several grants to the ANS. His recent gift of Italian banknotes from the 1980s was an important addition to the ANS collection.

Elena Stolyarik is Collections Manager of the American Numismatic Society. Before joining the staff of the ANS, she worked at the University Museum of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia and was Keeper of Coins in Odessa (formerly USSR). She is the author of several books and many articles on the coinage of the Black Sea.

Susan Gerwe Tripp is President of the Columbia County Historical Society. As Curator, Keeper of Coins and later as Director of the University Collections at Johns Hopkins she worked closely with the Garrett Collections. She has been with her husband a supporter of the ANS for many years. Thanks to her effort, Johns Hopkins recently donated the Garrett numismatic archive to the American Numismatic Society.

David Enders Tripp is a numismatic consultant and a leading expert on ancient and US coins. He is also a well-known cartoonist. He has been instrumental in getting both the Brand and Garrett numismatic archives to the American Numismatic Society.