Maximum Effort: The ANS Moves to Varick Street

by Peter van Alfen and Alan Roche

Practice makes perfect, or so the saying goes. For the second time in four years, the ANS staff moved 12,000 trays of coins and over 100,000 volumes of books, plus all of the furniture, computers, supplies, and ancillary hardware that keep the Society up and running. While the previous move went smoothly, this move was a model of efficiency, planning, and hard work on the part of the entire staff. Here for your enjoyment are some photos from moving day.

Farewell to the Groves Building

The architects plan the new space

The NYPD stands guard as the collections leave 140 William Street

Curatorial Assistant Sylvia Karges takes stock of library duplicates for the auction

Jonathan Torn and Sylvia Karges survey the 450 crates containing the collections

Peter van Alfen, Rick Witschonke, and Taras Pevny plan the move

ANS Librarian Elizabeth Hahn readies the new library

Elena Stolyarik and Scott Young bring the collection home

Curator Robert Hoge wheels part of the collection into 75 Varick

Success! The end of a long, hard day