Greek Acquisitions

by Peter Van Alfen

Toward the end of this last year, the Greek department received two major gifts that have substantially augmented the ANS’s holdings in early Asia Minor issues. Arnold-Peter Weiss gave a large collection of early Lycian staters (and a Locris Opuntii stater), which joins an equally large and important gift of early Lycian staters given by Jonathan Rosen. With these Lycian coins added to the handful of examples already in the collection, the ANS can now boast of having one of the largest collections of this type in the world, covering the entire range of the series. The Rosen gift also had a number of Alexander III drachms, many of which, including some from the “Colophon” mint, have not been published. These will join the already significant numbers of drachms in the collection, particularly those that formed the based of Margaret Thompson’s unfinished volume on the “Colophon” mint. Most recently, Arthur Houghton presented the department with a set of eight Alexander-type tetradrachms from an important third century hoard. This unusual type set includes three hybrid types: Alexander with Amon horn on the obverse, Zeus Aetophoros reverse, and three imitations with a very rare and strange feature, silver, rivet-like plugs filling holes drilled through the coins. Houghton is currently preparing an article on this feature, and on other coins from the hoard.

Silver stater, Locri Opuntii, early 4th BC. ANS 2002.17.119.

Plugged imitation Alexander tetradrachma (ANS 2002.19.8).

Silver stater, Lycia, 5th BC (ANS 2002.11.97).