The 2005 Annual Dinner Gala

by Juliette Pelletier

The 2005 Annual Dinner Gala in honor of George F. Kolbe took place on January 13 in the Baroque Room of the Plaza Hotel, with over 100 guests in attendance. The evening included cocktails at 6:30, followed by a sumptuous dinner and remarks made by Dr. Ute Wartenberg Kagan, the Executive Director of the ANS, followed by ANS President Mr. Donald Partrick who introduced Mr. John Adams, Chairman of the ANS Library Committee. Mr. Adams honored Mr. George F. Kolbe for his commitment to and support of the ANS in both a memorable tribute and the presentation of the 2004 ANS medal commemorating the move. Following desert, a spirited and lively auction was held by Mr. Harmer Johnson, whose skills as an auctioneer helped us raised $16,300. Dinner was followed by dancing to the live music of the dynamic Lester Lanin Band. Again, this annual gala event was not only great fun but a great success, raising a total of $51,885.

Mr. John Adams and honoree Mr. Frederick F. Kolbe.

Mr. Stanley DeForest Scott and ANS President Mr. Donald Partrick.

Mr. Stanley DeForest Scott, Mr. Jonathan Kagan, ANS Executive Director Dr. Ute Wartenberg Kagan, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Partrick.

Auctioneer Mr. Harmer Johnson.

Mr. Alain Baron bidding at the auction.

Ms. Christine Karstedt and Mr. Lawrence Stack.

Front (L-R): Mr. and Mrs. John Adams, Mr. George F. Kolbe, Mr. Frank Campbell. Back (L-R): Mr. and Mrs. Dan Hamelberg, Dr. Ute Wartenberg Kagan, Mr. Robert Kandel.

Mr. and Mrs. John Herzog dancing to the Lester Lanin Band

Front (L-R): Mrs. Kenneth Edlow, Mrs. Jasmin Cowin, Mr. Stanley DeForest Scott. Back (L-R): Mr. Kenneth Edlow, Mr. Scott Miller, Mrs. Stanley DeForest Scott.

Front (L-R): Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Miniman, Mr. Richard Perricelli. Back (L-R): Dr. Elena Stolyarik, Dr. and Mrs. Michael Bates, Ms. Aviva Gray, Mr. William Hourigan.

Front (L-R): Mrs. Roger Siboni, Mrs. David Redden, Mrs. Donald Partrick, Mr. Jonathan Kagan. Back (L-R): Mr. Roger Siboni, Mr. Hadrian Rombach, Mr. David Redden, Mr. Donald Partrick.

Front (L-R): Mr. and Mrs. David Menchell, Mrs. And Mr. Robert Leonard. Back (L-R): Mr. Scott Rubin, Dr. Peter van Alfen, Ms. Müserref Yetim, Dr. Jay Galst.

Front (L-R): Ms. Jessica Laubereau, Ms. Heidi Becker, Mr. Richard Witschonke, Mrs. Italo Vecchi, Ms. Elizabeth Pendelton. Back (L-R): Mr. Marco Mignucci, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Tompa, Mr. Italo Vecchi.

Front (L-R): Mrs. And Mr. Colin Pitchfork, Mrs. Brashand Kulkarni. Back (L-R): Dr. Steven Mulligan, Mr. Dieter Gorney, Mr. Brashand Kulkarni.

The Lester Lanin Band