The 2006 Annual Dinner Gala

by Juliette Pelletier

The 2006 Annual Dinner Gala

The 2006 Annual Dinner Gala in honor of Q. David Bowers was a stellar success, with total proceeds for the evening bringing in over $400,000. The event took place at the elegant Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City on January 12 of this year. The dinner was generously sponsored by American Numismatic Rarities and Whitman Publishing; and the cocktail hour sponsored by Bowers and Merena Auctions, Spectrum Numismatics, and Teletrade.

During the evening, remarks in honor of Q. David Bowers were made by Beth Deisher, Editor of Coin World; Mary Counts, President of Whitman Publishing; and Christine Karstedt, President of American Numismatic Rarities. After their remarks, Mary and Christine surprised David with a touching and at times humorous short film depicting images of his life. Roger Siboni presented the honoree with the ANS Trustee’s Award and a medal in honor of Q. David Bowers designed by Alex Shagin.

The dessert auction included donated items such as the beautiful handmade jewelry created by Dr. Yvonne Stuy Weiss; couture dresses by Soren & Derrick, Inc., historical figurines by Sideshow Collectibles, an original photographic print by Alan Roche, as well as Bowers Memorabilia and items from the ANS. Mr. Harmer Johnson called the auction with his usual flair and humor, and the multiple bidders made this auction both exciting and fun. The evening ended with dancing to the Lester Lanin Orchestra. The ANS is extremely grateful to all the sponsors, attendees, and bidders who made for such an enjoyable and successful event.

The Honoree Q. David Bowers

The American Numismatic Society was pleased to have Q. David Bowers as its special guest and honoree at the 2006 ANS Gala. Mr. Bowers is one of the most prolific authors in the field of numismatics, having produced over forty books, hundreds of auction catalogues, and numerous articles. His publications include such popular titles as United States Gold Coins: An Illustrated History; The History of United States Coinage as Illustrated by the Garrett Collection; Abe Kosoff: Dean of Numismatics; Virgil Brand: The Man and His Era; The Harry W. Bass Jr. Museum Sylloge; The Harry Bass Jr. Collection; The Louis E. Eliasberg Sr. Collection; American Numismatics Before the Civil War, 1760-1860; United States Copper Coins; A Buyers Guide to the Rare Coin Market; The Numismatist’s Lakeside Companion; and United States Coins by Design Types. Perhaps no other individual in numismatics today is as widely known among the general public or has done more to expand awareness and appreciation of the subject to a growing audience than Q. David Bowers.

Over the course of his long career, Mr. Bowers has earned the respect of his friends and colleagues in the numismatic community, and served as president of the American Numismatic Association (1983-1985) and president of the Professional Numismatists Guild (1977-1979). He was a recipient of the Farran Zerbe Award, the highest honor bestowed by the ANA, and has been inducted into the Numismatic Hall of Fame in Colorado Springs. Mr. Bowers also has received the Founder’s Award from the Professional Numismatists Guild, and has been awarded more Book of the Year Award and Best Columnist honors from the Numismatic Literary Guild than any other writer. His body of work—based on extensive scholarship as well as his more than fifty years as a collector and dealer—has served to inspire and inform both novice and veteran coin collectors alike.

Peter Weiss, Donald Partrick, and George Wyper

Charles Anderson, Loretta Cummings Shramm, Lawrence Stack

Ashley Billingsley, Christine Karstedt

Beth Deisher and David Bowers

Ashley Billingsley, Ute Wartenberg Kagan, Q. David Bowers, and Christie Bowers

Peter Tompa, Jonathan Kagan, Doug Rohrman

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley DeForest Scott, Mr. and Mrs. Frederic Withington

Elena Stolyarik, Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence Adams

Richard Witschonke, Gala Chairman, greets guests

Richard Perricelli, Chet Krause, Normand Pepin

Seated L to R: Mr. and Mrs. Emilio Ortiz, Greg Rohan, John Albanese. Standing L to R: Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Deforest Scott, Beth Deisher, Mr. and Mrs. Steven Ivy

Mary Counts, David Bowers, and Christine Karstedt

David Bowers

Christine Karstedt and Mary Counts surprise David Bowers with a short movie tribute

Seated L to R: Ute Wartenberg Kagan, Jonathan Kagan, John Cahill, Mrs. Harmer Johnson. Standing L to R: Doug Rohrman, David Redden, Hadrian Rombach, Harmer Johnson, Robert Kandel

Seated L to R: Bill Metcalf, Olga Less, Gabriella Russo, Roberto Russo. Standing L to R: Mrs. Connie Hamelberg, David Vagi, Christine Becker, David Alexander, Heidi Becker, Rick Witschonke

Seated L to R: Shirley Jenks, Jasmine Cowin, Kenneth and Mary Edlow. Standing L to R: Bill Jenks, Kenneth Cowin, Edward Waddell, Robert Kaufmann, Eddie Dowling and guest

Dwight Manley and David Bowers with life-size cutout of David Bowers

Anthony Terranova bidding in charity auction

Model in couture dress by Soren & Derrick; one of the lots donated to the charity auction

Alain Baron bidding in charity auction

Seated L to R: Pat Merena, David Bowers, Christie Bowers, Andrew Bowers. Standing L to R: Melissa Karstedt, Rick Bagg, Christine Karstedt, Wynn Bowers, Donald Partrick, John Kraljevich, Mary Counts

Seated L to R: Pam Berk, Roxana Prieh, Shanna Schmidt. Standing L to R: Tori and Rob Freeman, Harlan Berk, Pablo Saban, Aaron Berk

Seated L to R: Roger and Joan Siboni, Donald Scarinci, George Wyper, Alan Walker, Yvonne Weiss, Demitri Hachzimichealis. Standing L to R: Peter Weiss, Mrs. George Wyper, Arturo Russo, Sydney Martin

Seated L to R: Eric McFadden, Peggy Fox, Meredith Adams, Jennifer Vecchi, Cindy Wetterstrom, Italo Vecchi. Standing L to R: Arthur Houghton, Richard Miller, Kerry Wetterstrom

Harmer Johnson calling the auction

Jean Lecompte, Jonathan Kagan, Alain Baron, and Juliette Pelletier with Napoleon Bonaparte figure won by Mr. Baron in the charity auction

Sebastian Heath displaying the David Bowers life-size cutout at the charity auction