2004 ANS Annual Gala Honoring Ken Edlow

by Pamala Plummer-Wright

The Gala dinner on January 15, 2004, at The Plaza Hotel honoring Kenneth Edlow, Board Member and Treasurer, for his lifetime commitment to the ANS, was a wonderful event for all. Mr. Donald Partrick, President of the ANS and Dr. Ute Wartenberg Kagan both delivered memorable tributes to Mr. Edlow.

Dr. Ute Wartenberg Kagan, Mr. Kenneth Edlow, Mr. Donald Partrick

The presentation and dinner were followed by an auction of treasures donated by friends, ANS members and staff. The auction was not only successful but also great fun, and that was largely due to the services of Harmer Johnson who did a fantastic job as auctioneer. Thanks to those who donated items to the auction, which brought in a grand total $10,976.32. A special thank you especially to those who purchased the following items: Alain Baron, a tetradrachm of Antiochus I, a signed copy of Houghton and Lorber’s Seleucid Coins, and The Van Dieten Sister, a drawing by Juliette Pelletier; Mr. Kenneth Cowin, the Ken Edlow Medal; Mr. Victor England for a Bactrian tetradrachm of Eucratides; Mr. Sebastian Heath for two tickets to the Metropolitan Opera; Mr. Michael Parris for a lot of 50 Greek bronze fractions; Mr. Donald Partrick for the reproduction Geometric Horse statuette, the box from India and the 1933 Double Eagle chocolates; Mr. Roger Siboni for the boxed copy of Medallic Portraits by Mathew Boulton and James Watt, and Television Boy, Havana, a photograph by Alan Roche; Mr. David Simpson for a Jules-Clement Chaplain medal; Ms. Susan Gerwe Tripp for a Roman Medical tool, ca. 2nd century AD; Mr. David Vagi for an Athenian tetradrachm and a Bactrian tetradrachm of Agathocles; and Dr. Ute Wartenberg Kagan for Portions of Five-Six-Seven, a carved wand by Joanne Isaac.

Mr. Harmer Johnson

Mr. Alain Baron

Mr. Alain Baron, Mr. Jean Lecompte with their auction purchases

L. to r. standing: Ms. Layton & Mr. Firth, Mrs. & Mr. Steven Ivy, L. to r. seated: Dr. Catherine Bing & Dr. James Schwartz, Mrs. Pamala Plummer-Wright & Mr. Jordan Wright

Mr. Roger Siboni, Mrs. Deborah Stewart & Mr. Jamie Stewart

L. to r. standing: Mrs. Josephine Haggerty, Mr. Vladimir Stolyarik, Drs. Jay & Joann Galst, Mr. George Cuhaj. L. to r. seated: Mr. Jerome Haggerty, Dr. Elena Stolyarik, Mr. David Simpson & Mrs. Nancy Simpson

L. to r. standing: Mr. Tom Eden, Dr. Yvonne Weiss, Mrs. Susan Wyper & Mr. George Wyper, Mrs. Joan Siboni. L. to r. seated: Dr. Peter Weiss, Mrs. Susan Tripp, Mr. Roger Siboni

L. to r. seated front: Mr. Kenneth Cowin, Mrs. Mary Edlow & Mr. Kenneth Edlow

L. to r. standing: Mr. Donald Partrick, Ms. Kelly Goode & Mr. Peter Tompa. L. to r. seated: Mr. Jamie Stewart & Mrs. Deborah Stewart, Ms. Rosemary Lazenby

L. to r. standing: Mr. Frank Campbell, Mr. John Adams & Mrs. Regina Adams, Mrs. Rosa Campbell, Mr. Arthur Houghton. L. to r. seated: Mr. Kurt Baty, Mr. Richard Miller, Mrs. Linda Houghton