The American Numismatic Society’s Annual Dinner Gala

The American Numismatic Society’s Annual Dinner Gala January 14, at the Gold Vault on Vine Street. The Honorees were Professor Michael Crawford, University College, London, England, Archer M. Huntington Medal Award; Mr. Jamie Stewart, First Vice President, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and Ms. Shelby White, Chairman, Friends of the Israel Antiquities Authority.

Master of Ceremonies, Mr. David Redden, Chairman, Sotheby’s International

ANS President Mr. Don Partrick and ANS Honoree, Mr. Jamie Stewart

Mr. Adam Emmerich and Mrs. Partrick & Don Partrick

Professor Michael Crawford, ANS recipient of the Archer M. Huntington Medal Award and Professor Kenneth Harl, ANS Council Member

Left to right standing: Mr. Ezra Merkin, Lady Marcell Quinton, Ms. Shelby White, Mr. Tim Metz and Ms. Diane Fisch; Left to Right seated: Mrs. Lauren Merkin, Mr. Jacob Fisch, Ms. Geraldine Fabrikant, Mr. Leon Levy and Ms. Judy Steinhardt

Mr. Leon Levy remembers the days when the Gold Vault was a “working vault”

Left to right: Mr. and Mrs. Ted Withington, Mrs. David Redden, Mr. & Mrs. Stanley DeForest Scott, Mrs. Susan Tripp, Mr. Tom Eden, Mr. Robert Hoge, Mr. David Redden, Mr. David Tripp

Left to right standing: Ms. Linda Ricci, Ms. Jet Auer, Mr. Kenneth Edlow, Prof. James Schwartz; L to R seated: Ms. Mary Edlow, Mr. & Mrs. John Herzog, Mr. Steven Goldsmith

ANS Honoree, Ms. Shelby White and ANS Council Member and former President Mr. Arthur Houghton

Photo from January 13 Huntington Lecture

Gabriella Bijovsky, Ute Wartenberg, Peter van Alfen, and Michael Crawford