ANS Opens Olympic Heritage Exhibition

by Pamela Plummer-Wright

On October 15, 2003, the ANS opened a new exhibition entitled Full Circle: The Olympic Heritage in Coins and Medals. This extraordinary exhibit celebrates the return of the Summer Olympics to Greece and was co-sponsored by the Alexander Onassis Public Benefit Foundation.

Full Circle: The Olympic Heritage in Coins and Medals

Mr. Jamie Stewart, First Vice President, Federal Reserve Bank of New York graciously opened the exhibit and was accompanied by Ambassador Loucas Tsilas, Executive Director of the Alexander Onassis Public Benefit Foundation USA, (co-sponsors of the exhibition) and Mr. Donald Partrick, President American Numismatic Society. Also in attendance were His Excellency & Mrs. Adamandios Vassilakis Permanent Representative of Greece to the United Nations, Ambassador Michael Sotirhos, Vice President, of the Alexander Onassis Public Benefit Foundation, The Honorable Martha Mavrommatis, Consul General Of Cyprus and His Excellency & Mrs. Andrew Jacovides.

Objects from the exhibit

The exhibition offers a full range of remarkable Olympic material, artifacts from the ancient Games, including coins, vases and athletic equipment. From the modern games, visitors will be able to see a set of the winner’s medal. Also shown is a host of other material relating to the modern Games, such as poster, pins, and the first Olympic torch (from the 1936 Games). All these artifacts provide a succinct overview of the Olympic movement, both ancient and modern, as the Summer Games return to Greece in 2004. The exhibit runs for one year, until October 2004 and may be seen at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, 33 Liberty Street.

Mr. Jonathan Kagan, Mr. Donald Partrick, and Dr. Jay Galst

Dr. Peter van Alfen, Dr. Elena Stolyarik, and Mr. Robert Hoge

Ambassador Michael Sotirhos and Mr. Arthur Houghton, former President ANS

Mr. Harmer Johnson and Dr. Ute Wartenburg Kagan

Mr. Theodore Prounis, Ambassador Loucas Silas, Pamala Wright, Mrs. Lila Prounis, Ambassador Michael Sotirhos

Mr. David Tripp, Rosemary Lazenby and Susan Tripp