From the Executive Director (Winter 2002)

by Ute Wartenberg Kagan

Dear Members and Friends,

We at the ANS are proud to present to your our third issue of the ANS Magazine. Our cover story features the largest-ever gold hoard found in Israel, which will also be showcased as the first of a series of new short-term displays at our Federal Reserve Bank exhibition Drachmas, Doubloons and Dollars: A History of Money. The opening date of the gold hoard display, a joint ANS-Israel Antiquities Authority project, is January 14th. I hope that you will have a chance to see this amazing hoard of over 700 gold coins, as well as some of the other artifacts that were found along with it.

It is with the generous help of the Bank, that we now have three separate cases for special, short-term displays. We hope that this space can be used to show ANS curators’ research in progress, new acquisitions, travel exhibitions from other museums or ANS members’ collections. If you have any ideas for future exhibits, please let us know. Since the opening in January 2002, our exhibition at the Fed has become quite popular, not only with those visiting New York City, but also with local schools and even childrens’ birthday parties!

Another item sure to make the bank exhibit still more popular is the long-term loan of the 1933 Double Eagle, which sold at Sotheby’s last July for a record sum of $7,590,020. It will join the other extraordinary coins and objects on view, many of which, like this coin, are the centerpieces of great stories. We are most grateful to the anonymous owner of the 1933 Double Eagle for placing it on exhibition and thus making it available for everyone to enjoy and study.

This issue of the magazine contains a draft of the new ANS By-Laws proposed by the Governance Committee and the Advisory Committee. Over the last few years, it has become apparent that the existing By-Laws needed to be updated and brought in line with similar institutions. As editor of the ANS Magazine I felt that it was important to print this rather long document, which should reach as many members as possible. Please take this opportunity to read through it and send your comments and suggestions to us.

We also welcome any other comments or letters, which we will publish. The next ANS Magazine will appear in the spring.

The ANS staff and I wish all of you all the best for the holidays and the New Year!

Yours truly
Ute Wartenberg Kagan