From the Executive Director (Spring 2002)

by Ute Wartenberg Kagan

Dear ANS Member,

It is with great excitement that I introduce to you the ANS’ new magazine. In these pages you will find information about reent events, past history, ongoing activities, and future plans. In this way, the magazine is a continuation of the newsletter that it replaces. I also hope that you find its increased length and wider range of topics a welcome improvement over its predecessor. This first volume is, of course, just a beginning and we look forward to participation by the membership in the form of contributed articles, letters to the editor, or even by placing an advertisement. We are grateful for the enthusiastic response we have received to date as the proceeds from this publication help fund the other important activities of the Society.

The past few months have been filled with exciting developments and a renewed commitment to our ongoing plans. It is rare for an institution so specialized as the ANS to be caught up in the flow of history but that certainly occured on Sept. 11. As you know, our new building at 140 William St. is just a few blocks from Ground Zero, as is the New York branch of the Federal Reserve Bank. We are ever mindful of hour small our role in this greater tragedy has been, but I remain proud that last Jan. 16 we opened “Drachmas, Doubloons and Dollars: A History of Money” in the Bank’s renovated exhibition space. Likewise, our commitment to move to New York’s financial district remains firm.

As this meeting goes to press, the staff is preparing for our April 15th dinner honoring William McDonough, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and Rosemary Lazenby, the bank’s archivist. Each played an indispensible role in the success of “Drachmas, Doubloons and Dollars.”

President McDonough was unstinting in his support and Ms. Lazenby’s personal commitment to the project was remarkable to behold. Over 200 people are visiting the gallery daily, so there is no doubt that the efforts of both institutions are being well rewarded.

Our everyday activities continue apace. Members recently received Volume 12 of the American Journal of Numismatics. Numismatic Literature 144, almost 200 pages in length, will go to the printer next week.

The Colonial Newsletter is now being edited by Gary Trudgen and continues to attract a large readership. Our appeal for donations towards the production costs of CNL was very successful and we are indebted to all donors, particularly ANS Member Roger Siboni.

The cabinets continue to be used by collectors and scholars from around the world and new acquisitions are adding to the collection at a steady pace. None of this could happen without the dedication of the Society’s staff, including our new curators, Peter van Alfen, and Robert Hoge.

This letter, then, is a snapshot of your Society at work. It is appropriate at this new beginning to count our current successes and I hope you will join us in building new ones.

With best regards,
Dr. Ute Wartenberg, Executive Director