The Opening of Drachmas, Doubloons and Dollars

On January 16, the exhibition “Drachmas, Doubloons and Dollars. A History of Money” was opened in the presence of Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan, Jon Corzine, and almost two-hundred invited guests.

Dr. Greenspan began his speech with a joke about Henry Kissinger, who could not attend the opening. “One fact that might not be too well known is the fact that it was I who taught Henry his accent. And we all know that it is his accent that made him so successful”, the Fed Chairman told the assembled guests.

William McDonough, President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, greets the over 200 guests, including Alan Greenspan and Senator (D) Jon Corzine.

Senator Jon Corzine of New Jersey at the opening. Over 25 journalists and TV stations carried the opening of the exhibition.

ANS Member Dr. Hubert Lanz and Mrs. McDonough are listening to the opening speech of Dr. Greenspan.

Executive Director Ute Wartenberg with ANS Fellow Herman Miller and Grace Lang in the front hall of the Fed.

William and Aimee Maroney.

Councilor David Simpson, ANS President Donald Partrick, and Angela Fowler, the daughter of former ANS President Harry Fowler.

ANS Librarian Frank Campbell with ANS Fellow Catherine Bullowa and another guest at the opening.

Steve Goldsmith of sponsor R.M. Smythe, Mark Anderson and Chet Krause in the exhibition space.

ANS Member Brent Pogue with ANS Vice President John Whitney Walter.

Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan and Mrs. McDonough before the ribbon cutting.

Rosemary Lazenby, archivist of the Fed and co-organizer of the exhibition with ANS Vice President John Whitney Walter, ANS President Donald Partrick, and ANS Director of Development Pamala Plummer-Wright.

Mrs. and Mrs. William Mc Donough, Alan Greenspan, Don Partrick, Ute Wartenberg and Chet Krause admiring the case of early money in New York.

Councilor George Wyper and ANS President Donald Partrick.

Guests from Europe: ANS Fellow Basil Demetriadi from Athens, Hubert Lanz from Munich and Michel Amandry, Director of the Coin Cabinet of the Bibliothéque Nationale in Paris.

Mrs. and Mr. Jason Sanchez, ANS President Partrick and ANS Fellow Kenneth McKenzie.