Development News (Winter 2005)

by Geoff Giglierano

To a great extent, fundraising for museums and scholarly organizations is built upon the principle of “choosing your battles.” Resources—particularly time—are always limited, and must be applied in the situations where they will do the most good, and where efforts stand a reasonably good chance of success. To this end, the development team of the ANS has embarked on a process of researching prospects, with an initial focus on foundations, and seeking likely sources of support for the society’s mission. Fortunately, one of the strengths of the ANS is that, as an organization, it has a very good sense of its own institutional identity, which helps keep development efforts from going in too many directions at once. Best of all, the society is blessed with a Development Committee that is enthusiastic, creative, and committed.

Augustus B. Sage Society

One of the most significant initiatives generated by committee is the establishment of the new Augustus B. Sage Society level of membership for the ANS. The development team has been concentrating in recent weeks on bringing this concept to fruition. The size of this group will be limited to 200 members, and an initial core group of individuals has already been recruited and assigned their Sage Society membership numbers. However, if you like the idea of having an especially low member number, you can still do so, as a small batch of the lowest numbers have been reserved and will be auctioned off at the ANS Gala Dinner on January 12, 2006. The Sage Society will be an important source of regular income for the ANS, but please also keep in mind that the intention for this group is that it will be fun for its members. Activities are already being planned, including a reception and talk by author David Enders Tripp before the Gala Dinner, and an excursion to the Washington D.C. area in the spring, for a special tour of private and public coin collections. If you would like more information about the Augustus B. Sage Society, please contact the development office at 212-571-4470, extension 1304.

2006 ANS Gala

Speaking of the Gala Dinner, the 2006 edition of this event promises to be more exciting and enjoyable than ever. The dinner will honor author David Bowers for his contributions to the field of numismatics, and the activities for the evening will include cocktails, a exquisite sit-down dinner, and dancing with the Lester Lanin Orchestra. Furthermore, the dinner will be preceded by a separate numismatic book and manuscript auction, to benefit the Frank Campbell Librarian Chair.

Those thinking of attending should note that the location for the dinner has changed since the original announcement regarding the event. We had originally planned to use the Sky Club as the venue for the dinner, but that space will be closed after January 1. The good news is that the Waldorf-Astoria had space available on the planned date, January 12. The bad news is that the Waldorf will be more expensive than the Sky Club, which necessitated an increase in the price to $350 per ticket. Even so, ANS is still not making a substantial profit on the tickets at those prices. Fortunately, this year the ANS Gala will have two major dinner co-sponsors, as well as sponsors for other elements of the evening including the printed program, so that the Gala will generate income that will help the organization continue fulfilling its mission and improving its facilities and services.

Grants and Donations

Since the last issue of the American Numismatic Society Magazine, the ANS has received donations and grants from over forty different sources, including individuals and foundations. These gifts included $10,000 for the general fund from Charles C. Anderson, $6,400 for the general fund from Kenneth Edlow, $20,000 for the museum exhibition fund from Emilio Ortiz, and $10,000 for the Newell Publication Fund from the Koret Foundation. The ANS sincerely appreciates the generosity of all its donors and members, without whom the Society could not fulfill its mission.

American Numismatic Rarities and Whitman Publishing: The Principal ANS 2006 Gala Dinner Co-sponsors

It is a fact of life in the non-profit world that ticket sales for events like the ANS Gala usually do not generate significant income for the host organizations. Sponsorships are the key to a successful fundraising event such as our Gala, and the ANS has been very fortunate that American Numismatic Rarities and Whitman Publishing are making substantial contributions and serving as the principal co-sponsors of the dinner. The Trustees and officers, volunteers, staff and members of the ANS are deeply grateful to ANR and Whitman, for their generous support of the ANS and its mission.