Development News (Winter 2004)

by Pamala Plummer-Wright

As the ANS settles into its new home at 96 Fulton Street we have much news to report in the area of fundraising. First we are in full swing with our Capital Campaign; a complete brochure and list of naming opportunities has been published which describes what our goals are going forward and how you can help. This includes endowments for curatorial and staff positions, collections, library and research facilities, the Museum of Money and affiliated programs. Please contact me directly if you are interested in discussing these opportunities. Also please visit our website where the brochure and the newly created “Ways of Giving” section can be viewed.

Total Contributions and Income

Report on income and contributions, from March 1, 2004 to November 1, 2004 was in the total amount of $1,099,397.12. This includes a $200,000 gift from John J. Ford family completing his pledge towards naming the Library Reading Room in support of the Francis D. Campbell Chair. As well as a gift of $300,000 by ANS Board President Don Partrick. A special thank you to Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Deforest Scott for their contribution of $50,000. Mr. Scott is a new Member of the ANS Board of Trustees.

Mid Year Appeal brings in record amount!

The Mid-year Appeal sent in July, raised a record amount of $65,245. We thank all of our loyal members for your continued support. Please keep a look out for the Annual Giving letter, from Roger Siboni, Chairman of the 2004 Annual Appeal. The Annual Appeal is vital to the financial success at the ANS as it goes in the unrestricted gifts which have a direct and immediate impact on the quality of the ANS’s service. So please give generously if you have not already done so!

Library Committee has blockbuster auction results

The Library Committee, under the direction of John Adams hosted an extremely successful book auction in conjunction with the ANA Convention in Pittsburgh. The auction realized $90,000 which will benefit the Francis D. Campbell Library Chair. A special thanks goes to Chairman John Adams and Committee Members George Kolbe, Wayne Homren and Dennis Loring for all their help.

The Brasher Circle, ANS establishes new leadership giving Circle

Individuals who contribute $10,000 or more, or whose combined contribution and or matching gifts total $10,000, automatically become eligible for membership in the ANS’S leadership society, the Brasher Circle. Members of these leadership groups have opportunities to take part in specially organized activities and enjoy certain advantages, based upon the level of support contributed.

Members receive special reports from the President about the ANS, are invited to attend select lectures, concerts and gallery openings. Most importantly, in return for your gift, you receive the knowledge that you have made a sound investment in the future well being of the ANS.

Join the August B. Sage Society

Create a legacy for the future, include the ANS in your will and become a member of the August B. Sage Society. Wills are the central pillar of estate planning and giving. A gift by will known as a bequest, provides the opportunity to create a legacy for the ANS once your needs and those of your loved ones have been met. You can designate you gift to the ANS that meets your interest, and is also tax effective. The ANS is pleased to assist you and your legal counsel by providing wording to ensure the ANS can accept your gift as you intend. Bequests provide the support the ANS need to maintain is position as the foremost institution of its kind devoted to the study of coins, medal and paper currency.

Onassis Foundation underwrites publication of ANS book on the Olympics

The Alexander Onassis Public Benefit Foundation co-sponsored the ANS Olympic exhibit, “Full Circle: The Olympic Heritage in Coins & Medals”, with a grant of $20,000, to underwrite the publication “A Simple Souvenir: Coins and Medals of the Olympic Games” by Peter van Alfen, the Margaret Thompson Assistant Curator of Greek Coins. The ANS hosted a book-signing party at which Ambassador Loucas Tsilas (formerly the Greek Ambassador to the U.S.) addressed a crowd of over 100 people.

Dealers support ANS Exhibit “The History of Money”

The ANS is very grateful to R.N. Smythe and Stack’s each made a commitment of $7,500 to underwrite the brochure which accompanies the ANS exhibit at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York entitled “Drachmas Doubloons and Dollars: The History of Money”. Approximately 40,000 to 50,000 brochures will be distributed throughout the year. Additionally, Stack’s has committed to contribute $50,000 over a designated period for the underwriting of COAC.

Annual ANS Gala at Plaza Hotel in New York City

Please join us Thursday January 13, 2005, 6:30pm for The Annual ANS Awards Gala and Auction. The honoree for the evening is longtime ANS supporter and friend, George Kolbe. Please come and salute George and bid in the Auction!!