Development News (Winter 2003)

by Pamala Plummer-Wright

In this issue, we will state a new format for the report of the Development Department. As you might have read, the ANS is in the inital stages of an endowment campaign, and we would like to regulary report to the membership about our results. Over the last five years the ANS has engaged in a major campaign to raise sufficient funds to relocate to a new location. In this process we have raised over $10 million. This first part of the campaign has been completed, and we are now trying to raise funds for the exhibition hall and an education center at 140 William Street and a number of endowment funds. Our plans are very ambitious but we are confident that our newly strengthened board of trustees, our loyal members, and other friends will make donations towards this campaign. Although we are still reviewing the overall target of this campaign, we hope that we can double the amount raised in the last five years.

Major Donation Towards The Renovation Costs

Presently our main donations are still focused on the completion of our renovation work. In the last quarter we have recieved $500,000 towards our outstanding balance of the renovation cost. We are expecting a similar donation in January, which is meant to cover all expenses of this renovation phase. Our costs on the product have been very much in line with our projections. This is largely due to the tireless efforts of Vice-President John Whitney Walter, who has been working hard towards keeping this difficult project on schedule and within our budge guidelines.

$400,000 From the Harry Bass Jr. Foundation

We are very fortunate to receive the final and full payment of a pledge from the Harry W. Bass Jr. Foundation, which contributed $400,000 towards the moving costs of this project. Harry Bass Jr. had made a pledge of $500,000 before his death in 1998, which the Foundation and its Trustees honored. An initial payment of $100,000 had been received in 1998. According to the estimates from our moving company, the donation of half a million dollars will cover the costs for moving the books, coins and remaining sundries to 140 William Street. The donations from the late Harry Bass and his Foundation have thus reached a total of over $4 million, which makes the former Counciler and President one of the biggest donors in the history of the American Numismatic Society. As a fitting tribute to his contributions to the ANS, we dedicated the new library in his name. We were very grateful to his widow, Doris Bass and her sons for having made the long journey from Texas to be with us at the dedication ceremony on December 2 (see also the report on the event on page 42-43).

Brochure Printing Funded by R. M. Smyth and Stack’s

As in previous years, our exhibition brochure has been generously supported by R.M. Smyth and Stack’s. Stack’s and John and Diana Herzog of R.M. Smyth contributed each $7,500 towards the printing of our brochures for Full Circle: The Olympic Heritage in Coins and Medals and our main exhibition Drachmas, Doubloons and Dollars at the Federal Reserve Bank.

Roger Siboni to Spearhead New Exhibition Project

Newly appointed board member Roger Siboni has donated $250,000 towards the development of an exhibition hall. He hopes that the ANS will work towards an exhibition of great collections in the United States, covering all areas from the ancient world to the present day. “I hope that we can recreate the famous exhibition from 1914 at which so many famous coins were shown at the American Numismatic Society,” Siboni said at the Annual Meeting on October 18th. The 1914 exhibition and its publication remains a milestone in the history of collections, in particular in the US field. The ANS is planning to open the exhibition hall by 2008, the 150th anniversary of the Society.

Mid-Year Appeal Raises Record Sum

This year’s mid-year appeal chaired by Board Member David Simpson raised $50,000, a record breaking amount for a mid-year appeal. The appeal was in honor of John Whitney Walter and his efforts towards the new building.

Onassis Foundation Helps With Exhibition Costs

The Alexander S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation donated $10,000 for the underwriting of the exhibition Full Circle: The Olympic Heritage in Coins and Medals. This gift significantly helped to pay for this costs of this exhibition, in particular the printing of the attractive labels and panels designed by Suzanne Doig. A special thank is due to our Trustee Dr. James Schwartz for making such an important contact for the ANS.

RPC Receives Support From Harl Family

For years the American Numismatic Society has been a supporter of an important research project. Roman Provincial Coinage collects all coinages of the many thousand cities in the Roman Empire. Photographic data is essential for these publications, and it is in this area that the ANS has recieved a grant of $10,000 from Sidney Harl and his son, Trustee Kenneth Harl. This money allows the ANS to continue contributing almost 1,000 digital images to this important project.

New York City Funding For ANS Continues

The American Numismatic Society continues to be included in the budget of the City of New York and the Manhattan Borough President’s office. For this year, the ANS received a $40,000 Capital grant to secure new cabinet and trays in the Curatorial Vault. This is the second of two grants that the ANS has received from the City. In 2002 the ANS was awarded $80,000 for library shelving. We are in the process of applying for further money for 2004. These grants are great news, in particular in the light of continuously smaller arts budgets in New York City. The ANS’ move to lower Manhattan and the area adjacent to the former World Trade Center site has helped to secure such funding.

Stack Family Endowing COAC

The Stack Family of Stack’s Coin Galleries has made a $50,000 pledge to underwrite expenses of the ANS’ popular program on American coins. This longstanding conference series has produced some of the most important publications in the field of US and other American numismatics. “We are delighted to be supporting such an important program in the field of US coins. The American Numismatic Society has been moving in the right direction, and we are happy to do our bit,” Larry Stack said. Stack’s continue to be one of the major advertisers of the ANS Magazine and supporters of other projects.