Development News (Spring 2005)

by Pamala Plummer-Wright

In January 2005 we introduced the monthly ANS E-News letter on the internet, which has been well received by our membership. The purpose of the ANS E-News is to keep ANS members informed and involved in forthcoming ANS fundraising events, lectures, openings, etc. Additionally, we have in the E-News monthly “columns” by the librarian and curatorial staff which announce thier latest activities, research, and travels. To subscribe to the E-News letter contact

ANS Annual Gala a Huge Success

On January 13, 2005, the ANS hosted its Annual Gala at The Plaza Hotel, this time honoring George Kolbe. Both the Gala and the Auction brought in a total of $51,885, and both served as an appropriate way to thank George Kolbe for his ANS Benefit Book Auction in August which raised $90,000. The ANS remains deeply grateful to everyone who participated in the Gala and particularly to Harmer Johnson who did a fantastic job as auctioneer. A special thank you to those who gave items including Arnold-Peter Weiss, Victor England, and Ute Wartenberg Kagan. The Auction itself was quite successful this year bringing in $16,000. Also, as you will see in the News section of the magazine, the 2006 Annual ANS Gala has scheduled for January 12, at the Sky Club in New York City. Rick Witschonke is Auction and Dinner Chairman and may be reached directly at

City and Government Funding

The ANS received from the City of New York Cultural Affairs Department $40,000 for new customized cabinets in the main vault. This fulfills the commitment made to the ANS by Virginia Fields, Manhattan Borough President, and Alan Gerson, City Councilman for the ANS District.

The ANS Visits San Francisco

In mid-February Drs. Peter van Alfen and Ute Wartenberg Kagan were in San Francisco for the San Francisco Ancient Coin Club meeting where Peter van Alfen gave a presentation to the club members. The meeting was followed by a reception hosted at ANS Board member Roger Siboni’s home in San Francisco. The event was well attended with guests coming from as far as Seattle. This trip was the first of many we have planned in our new outreach program to gain support and to actively engage members who are located outside the New York Metropolitan area. Future events are being scheduled for Chicago, Miami, Houston/Dallas and Boston.

Total Contributions and Income

The total amount of income and contributions, from October 1, 2004 to the present, is $1,371,350.25. A breakdown of the specific categories of contributions can be found in the contributions section of the magazine.

ANS Library Chair Fund Has More Good News!

The Francis Campbell Library Fund campaign has had great success in recent months raising a total of $309,575.25. A special thank to the Ford Family whose donation of $200,000 contributed greatly to this recent effort. We remain particularly grateful to John Adams, Chairman of the Library Fund, without whom this initiative would not be possible.

Annual Appeal Results Up From Last Year

The 2004 Annual Appeal was quite successful raising $54,455. As always the Appeals are very important to the ANS since the contributions directly affect the ability of the ANS to provide services to the members, and support events and activities.