Development News (Spring 2004)

by Pamala Plummer-Wright

Since I last reported to you the ANS has been working diligently to continue to raise money while simultaneously moving the society for the first time in over a century. The recent report on contributions is outstanding as we have been tremendously successful over the past few months in our fundraising efforts. From November 1, 2003, to February 29, 2004, the ANS received $1,765,572. This is an unprecedented amount for the ANS and comes at a very important time. Once we have made the move to 140 William Street we will officially launch our Capital Campaign to raise the additional money needed to replenish the general endowment fund, build the Exhibition Hall, and endow several special funds.

Library Committee Raises an Impressive $376,318

Under the leadership of John Adams, the Library Committee has raised over $376,000 over the last few months, which will go into the endowment fund of the Francis D. Campbell Library Chair. Many gifts were received over the last few months, which are listed in our contributions report (pp. 13-14). Our warmest thanks to all the donors, who are making this endowment drive such a success. We would like to single out some of our contributors, who have made particularly generous gifts. John Adams contributed $100,000, the first installment of a larger pledge. Committee members Dan Hamelberg donated $50,000, and Richard Margolis gave $25,000. John Ford, Jr. made a generous contribution to the efforts, and former Council member Joe Lasser contributed $15,000. Our new trustee Roger Siboni gave $25,000. Long-term ANS supporter Catherine Bullowa-Moore and Walter Husak contributed each $10,000. Last but not least we are as grateful as ever to our President, Donald Partrick, who made a gift of $25,000 to this fund drive.

ANS Exhibition Hall and the 150th Anniversary

Board Member Roger Siboni reaffirmed his commitment to recreate the now famous ANS 1914 exhibition, so popular among US collectors. The project will be centered around the ANS’ 150th Anniversary in 2008. There will be an exhibition of the finest collections of coinage and other items from around the world derived from the Society’s membership and friends. A catalogue of the exhibition, which will be for sale, will also serve as a collectible for the 150th Anniversary.

Mr. Siboni has donated $255,000 to be used for the ANS Exhibition Hall as well as the 2008 ANS Exhibition and has inspired fellow Board Member Emilio Ortiz who has pledged $100,000 towards this effort.

An Exhibition Hall Committee, headed by Mr. Siboni, has been created. Board Members Peter Weiss and Emilio Ortiz have agreed to join it.

A Successful 2004 Annual Gala

January 15, 2004, ANS Annual Gala honoring Ken Edlow at The Plaza Hotel was a huge success bringing in a total of $67,571. Members and supporters enjoyed a fabulous evening at the Plaza Hotel, which began with a preview of our extraordinary auction items, that were so generously donated by members, friends and staff. The auction itself raised a grand total of $10,176. We plan to have the auction annually with the Gala. Please contact me directly if you are interested in donating items for next year’s auction.

ANS has Record Breaking End of Year Appeal!

The end of the year appeal brought in a record amount of $1,027,475 and provided money to several very important funds. The New Building Fund which provides funding for the continuing renovation of 140 William Street, received a total of $756,309. The American Curatorial Fund received $101,000. In addition, the Unrestricted/Operations Fund was up since this same time last year with a total of $362,100. The development and fundraising effort has been progressing extremely well; we in turn remain grateful to the Board of Trustees and all our members for their continued generosity and support.