Correction: Agnes Baldwin Brett

Yilanlı Taş

Dr. Michael Ierardi, a professor of history at Bridgewater State College and an ANS member, drew our attention to two misidentified photos in the last issue of the ANS Magazine. Dr. Ierardi writes: “Aviva Gray’s article (‘Agnes Baldwin Brett: a pioneer numismatist and archaeologist at the ANS,’ ANS Magazine 4, no. 2 [Summer 2005], 36-44) was a welcome tribute to an admirable scholar, and the photographs were well worth seeing. Unfortunately, at least two of them are misidentified in the captions. On p. 38, the photo labeled ‘Athens, the Roman Agora’ is in fact a view of the Temple of Apollo at Didyma prior to its excavation. On p. 44, the collapsed relief of a lion labelled ‘Tiryns, 1900’ is in fact part of the Yilanlı Taş, a Persian-period tomb near Afyon in Phrygia. If these photos were taken by Ms. Baldwin Brett, they document that her travels extended farther than Ms. Gray indicates, to coastal and inland Asia Minor.” We thank Dr. Ierardi for his keen eye and impressive archaeological knowledge.

Temple of Apollo at Didyma