From the Collections Manager (Spring 2003)

by Elena Stolyarik

Five objects from the Society’s collection were lent to the Nassau County Museum of Art in Roslyn Harbor (Long Island), New York. The exhibition entitled The World of Theodore Roosevelt was on display until February 16, 2003. The materials from the exposition illustrated examples of the enormous body of political art and graphics that Roosevelt particularly inspired. Gold currency designed by Augustus Saint Gaudens and Bela Lyon Pratt, as well as the medal by George Morgan and Charles Barber picturing Roosevelt—all from the ANS collection—played a valuable role in the exhibit. Thousands of visitors enjoyed the stylistic variety of the objects symbolizing Roosevelt’s belief in the American values of fairness, freedom and justice.

Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural bronze medal, 1905, Morgan/Barber (1985.90.22)

Theodore Roosevelt Special Bronze Medal, 1905 (1958.157.6)

US $20 gold, 1907 (1907.999.6)

US $2½ gold, 1908 (1908.14.1)

Masterworks of Saint-Gaudens from the ANS collection, which include two examples of the US $20 gold of 1907 (high and low relief), two US $10 gold pieces of 1907 (one in standard low relief and the other a proof strike with knife rim), the Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural bronze medal of 1905 and the silver Cornish Masque Plaquette of 1905 were included in a special traveling exhibit entitled Augustus Saint-Gaudens. American Sculptor of the Gilded Age. The exhibition was organized by the Trust for Museum Exhibitions (TME), a non-profit museum service organization founded in 1986 by Ann Van Devanter Townsend. The touring exhibition will be on view at the North Carolina Museum of Art, Raleigh, North Carolina (February 23-May 11, 2003); the Parrish Art Museum, Southampton, New York (June 5-August 3, 2003); the Museum of the American Numismatic Association and the Colorado Springs Fine Art Center, Colorado (August 28-October 26, 2003); the Allentown Art Museum, Pennsylvania (November 20, 2003-January 18, 2004); the Memorial Art Gallery, University of Rochester, New York (February 12-April 11, 2004); Frick Art and Historical Center, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (May 6-July 4, 2004); the Georgia Museum of Art, University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia (July 29-September 26, 2004); the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, Alabama (October 21-January 2, 2004); the Smith College Museum of Art, Northhampton, Massachusetts (January 26-March 20, 2005); the Wichita Art Museum, Kansas (April 15-June 12, 2005); the Center for the Arts , Vero Beach, Florida (July 7-September 5, 2005); and the Munson-Williams Proctor Museum of Art, Utica, New York (September 29-November 27, 2005). The exhibition of approximately 70 objects includes full-sized works and reductions cast in bronze, marble and plaster sculptures, portrait reliefs, cameos and coins designed by Saint-Gaudens, providing an outstanding retrospective of the master’s work.

Cornish Masque Silver Plaquette, 1905 (1961.137.3)

Visitors to the New Orleans Museum of Art will have a great opportunity to examine the important Thomas Jefferson 1801 Silver Inaugural/Commemorative medal from the Society’s collection in the exhibition Jefferson’s America and Napoleon’s France: An Exhibition for the Louisiana Purchase Bicentennial. This exhibition commemorates the bicentennial of the Louisiana Purchase, and will be on display from April 12 through August 31, 2003. The great but little-recognized medal of John Reich, celebrating both Jefferson’s presidency and the 25th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, is probably the first commemorative medal of the United States Mint. Painting, sculpture, works on paper, furniture, decorative arts, and coins, as well as the ANS medal, are all included in this remarkable international show. All of these artifacts reflect the specific relationship between France and the United States at a pivotal moment in history. One of the central themes of this presentation is a comparison of democratic America with Imperial France. The art in the exhibition tells stories, large and small, of the character of two nations, and of the spirited interchange between the French and Americans, which altered the shape of the modern world.

Thomas Jefferson 1801 Inaugural/Commemorative Medal (0000.999.37649)

The medals of Canadian artist Ms. Dora de Pédery-Hunt, this year’s recipient of the ANS J. Sanford Saltus Award for Achievement in the Art of the Medal, have been placed on display in the East Gallery of the Museum in conjunction with the Saltus presentation event. A special exhibit of items from the ANS cabinet, Cast French Medals of the 1800s, has also opened in the same gallery in conjunction with the annual Stephen K. Scher lecture, “The Renaissance of the Cast Medal in 19th Century France,” presented by David Yates. The exhibition will remain on view until late September 2003.