ANS Magazine Winter 2005


winter05coverA New Birth of Freedom: The American Civil War Collection at the ANS by Robert W. Hoge

The History of the ANS: The Ninth Decade abridged by Oliver D. Hoover

Michael Bates: A Brief Biography by Rick Witschonke

Theo van de Vathorst: The J. Sanford Saltus Award Winner by Robert W. Hoge

The Stephen K. Scher Lecture by Robert W. Hoge

The ANS Collection of Dies by Frederic Withington

ANS Publications Win A Record Number of Awards


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“Small Change in Ancient Beirut” Berytus 45-46

Les Messéniens de 370/369 au 1er siècle de notre ère

The Coinage System of Cleopatra VII and Augustus in Cyprus


Agnes Baldwin Brett: a pioneer numismatist and archaeologist at the ANS