ANS Magazine Winter 2004


winter04coverMonuments, Medals and Metropolis, Part III by Peter van Alfen

ANS Move as a Herculean Labor by Ute Wartenberg Kagan

History of the ANS: the Eighth Decade by Oliver D. Hoover

Young Edward Newell by Joseph Ciccone

Van Alfen Book Launch Party

The Groves Forum: 1933 — The Paper Trail by Robert W. Hoge

The Berlin Coin Cabinet Reopens by Bernhard Weisser

Arras Coins at the ANS by Sebastian Heath


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Ancient Numismatics and its History Including a Critical Review of the Literature

The Three Graces and their Numismatic Mythology

An Illustrated Catalogue of the French Billon Coinage in the Americas


Michael Grant, 1914-2004