ANS Magazine Summer 2004

Cover Story

summer04coverThe ANS Bids Washington Heights Farewell by Joseph Ciccone

Who Is Named on the Old ANS Building?

The Church of the Intercession and Trinity Church Cemetery


The Opening of the Donald Groves Building by Juliette Pelletier

From Uptown to Downtown by Michel Amandry

Volunteer Impressions by Rick Witschonke

Obituary for the Belgian Franc by Andrew Schloss

Roman Gold from Boscoreale at the ANS by Sebastian Heath

First Impressions by Katherine Siboni

The Stack Family COAC Conference by Robert Wilson Hoge


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Book Reviews

Alexander the Great and the Mystery of the Elephant Medallions

Misstruck Roman Empire Bronze Coins

Coinage of Arabia Felix. The Pre-Islamic Coinage of the Yemen

Illegal Tender: Gold, Greed, and the Myster of the Lost 1933 Double Eagle


Ya’akov Meshorer

Howard L. Adelson

Miriam Balmuth