ANS Magazine Summer 2003

Cover Story

Summer03coverMonuments, Medals & Metropolis Part I: Beaux Arts Architecture by Peter van Alfen


Iraq Museum Coins Found Safe by Michael Bates

The History of the ANS: the Fifth Decade by Oliver Hoover

Eric P. Newman: A Collector Profile by Robert Wilson Hoge

Congress Considers Import Restrictions on Iraqi Artifacts by Peter K. Tompa

The Groves Forum & COAC by Robert Wilson Hoge

The Case for Gold by James Grant

Subway Token’s Passing Just the Latest for NYC by George S. Cuhaj


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From the Collections Manager

Current Cabinet Activities

Short Pieces

Olympic Games, Athens 1896 by Robert Hoge

Masonic Medal From Great Britain by Dawn Bennett

Treasures in the Vault by Michael Bates

Book Reviews

Hellenistic Economies

Nouvel atlas des monnaies Gauloises I. de la Seine au Rhin

Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum. The Royal Collection of Coins and Medals of the Danish National Museum. Supplement: Acquisitions 1942-1996