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summer02coverDouble Eagle Trouble by David Enders Tripp

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A New Coin for an Old Coin?

Not a Museum Piece

A 1933 in 1933. Its Value? $20

1933 Double Eagle Exhibited at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York by Pamela Plummer-Wright


The Groves Forum

Treasures from the Archive by Robert W. Julian

The History of the ANS: The Second Decade abridged by Oliver D. Hoover from Howard Adelson’s History of the ANS

ANS Celebration at the Sky Club by Pamela Plummer-Wright

International Conference on Late Sasanian and Early Muslim Coins in Iran by Stuart D. Sears


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Jebel Khalid on the Euphrates: Report on Excavations 1986-1996, Volume 1. Mediterranean Archaeology Supplement 5

Alexandrian Coins

Dictionnaire de numismatique


Herbert A. Cahn, 1915-2002