ANS Magazine Spring 2003

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spring03coverThe Renaissance of the Cast Medal in 19th Century France by David and Constance Yates


Uncoined Money in the Ancient World by Peter van Alfen

Saltus Award and Stephen K. Scher Lecture by Robert Wilson Hoge

ANS Announces the Publication of Seleucid Coins

The History of the ANS: The Fourth Decade abridged by Oliver D. Hoover from Howard Adelson’s History of the ANS

Current Cabinet Activities by Robert Wilson Hoge

1933 Double Eagle Finds a Home with the ANS Exhibit by Pamala Plummer-Wright

Treasures from the Holy Land

The ANS’s Annual Dinner Gala


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Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Coins in the Museum of Amasya (Ancient Amaseia), Turkey

Riječke i Trastske zavjetne medalje, medaljice i medaljoni / Medalgie, medagliette e medaglioni ex voto di Fiume e Tersatto

Guide for Coins Commonly Found at Anatolian Excavations: Byzantine (A.D. 498-1282)

The Pocket Guide to Saint Paul: Coins Encountered by the Apostle on his Travels


Herman Miller, 1908-2002

Dr. Marie H. Martin, 1942-2002

Marcel Jovine, 1921-2003