Long Table 9 | The Richard B. Witschonke Collection


Friday, June 26
1:00 pm ET

Join Dr. Lucia Carbone for a discussion on the 4,000 coins included in the R. B. Witschonke Collection and how it provides a historical and numismatic prologue to the study of Roman Provincial coinage. Mainly dated between the second and the first century BC, this collection illustrates the gradual transition from distinct to compatible monetary systems in the Mediterranean basin and tell the tale of a partial convergence toward the Roman monetary system before the inception of the so-called Roman Provincial coinage in the second half of the first century BC. Spanning from imitations of Roman Republican denarii from Romania and Gaul to the lead tokens of Spain, from Aesillas’ tetradrachms in Macedonia to the Romano-Sicilian coins in Sicily, local coinages and pseudo-mints in Central and Southern Italy, this collection offers a unique overview of the diverse ways in which the monetary systems of the Mediterranean basin responded to the Roman conquest in the second and early first century BC and to the related necessity of interconnectivity.

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