Ethan Gruber

Director of Data Science

46326e8221268359e97717a598608d39MA, Art and Architectural History, The University of Virginia; BA, History, The Pennsylvania State University.

Ethan is the Web and Database Developer for the ANS. With almost ten years of experience in digital humanities and cultural heritage web development projects, Ethan is responsible for developing a new public interface for the society's collections of objects and archives. He is the chief architect of Numishare, an open-source framework for delivering coin collections online and various ANS projects which implement this software: Online Coins of the Roman Empire and Coin Hoards of the Roman Republic.

Selected publications:

Gruber, Ethan and John Dobbins. "Illuminating Historical Architecture: The House of the Drinking Contest at Antioch." In the proceedings for Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology 2010 held in Granada, Spain 6-9 April, 2010. In review.

Fitzpatrick, Chris, Ethan Gruber, Bill Parod, and Scott Prater. “XForms for Libraries: An Introduction.” Code4Lib Journal 11: September 2010.

Gruber, Ethan. "Encoded Archival Description for Numismatic Collections." In CAA 2009 Held in Williamsburg, Virginia 22-26 March 2009. Williamsburg, VA: Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology, 2009.

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