Elena Stolyarik

Collections Manager

BA, History, Odessa State University; PhD, Archaeology, Moscow State Universitystolyarik

Elena Stolyarik is a numismatist specializing in the coinages of the Black Sea region. In 1988 she received her doctorate from Moscow State University with a thesis entitled  Monetary Circulation in the North-Western Black Sea Region in the Late Roman and Byzantine periods. After her studies, she served as a Chief of the Numismatic Department of the Odessa Archaeological Museum of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences. Upon coming to the United States, Dr. Stolyarik worked as a research associate at the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology in Philadelphia, where she re-examined the entire collection of coins for a new permanent exhibit in the Classical Gallery. Dr. Stolyarik is the author of numerous articles and a monograph related mainly to Greek, Scythian, Late Roman and Byzantine coinage in the Black Sea region.

At the ANS, Dr. Stolyarik oversees the accessioning and cataloging of new acquisitions; handles requests for loans from the ANS to other institutions; and is responsible for photographic orders and requests for reproduction rights.

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