symbols on staters of Corinthian type

Jean B. Cammann Cammann, Jean B.
Numismatic Notes and Monographs
American Numismatic Society
New York
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By Jean B. Cammann

The Corinthian type on staters, minted or used by Corinth, her colonies and other places associated with her by trade or alliance, changes but slightly and very gradually during the period of their issue (fifth, fourth and part of third centuries, B. C.). The alterations are chiefly due to the development and subsequent degeneration of the artistic style, and therefore it is difficult to place the coins in a definite chronological sequence.

The British Museum Catalogue, Babelon's "Traité" and Ravel's "Colts of Ambracia" endeavor to arrange the staters in regular groups, either according to the style, the letters (of magistrates or of mints) or by die sequences. But no attempt has heretofore been made to classify these staters through the symbols, nor to illustrate the recurrence of similar symbols on coins of the "colonial" mints. These symbols (small pictures placed in addition to the regular type of the coin) are so numerous, so varied in character, and so minute in detail that numismatic works offer very imperfect lists of them, and frequently disagree as to their identification.

In this catalogue all the symbols cited by the above writers, or found in catalogues of important sales, or on coins in Mr. E. T. Newell's and certain other private collections, are brought together and classified. (See list of references.) All references are to illustrations only, for no description in the text of any work is sufficiently detailed to identify the symbols or the differences in the dies on which they are found.

It seemed a most necessary part of this work to include a map of Corinth and her "colonies"—the locations where these staters were issued or used. And it is of interest to note that no great number of the Corinthian staters has ever yet been found at the Mother City, while some large hoards have been discovered in Sicily and may be seen at the Museum of Syracuse. (Athens is the only city marked on this map outside of the Corinthian connections.) The course of the river Acheloös is traced, as the horned head of the river god is used as a symbol so frequently by the mints, located by or near the stream.

With a few exceptions, such as the reproductions from Ravel's "Colts of Ambracia", the illustrations are photographed directly from the coins, and not, as is more customary, from casts. A collection of casts, or photographs from them, is at best a collection of death masks and most monotonous. Taken from the coins themselves, the photographs show all the vari- ations and irregularities of flan, the texture of the metal, and the delicate modeling of the artist, which is so often lost in the cast.

The specimens used for illustrations in the catalogue are marked with an asterisk, and are generally taken from the collections of Mr. E. T. Newell, Mr. Hoyt Miller and the British Museum, to all of whom I am deeply indebted for their courtesy in allowing their coins to be used. The single illustration preceding the plates presents the very spirited Pegasos from the obverse die of Mr. Noe's coin (reverse die illustrated as 126 ϙ b). Very few of the Corinthian type staters have any symbol on the Pegasos die, and these Pegasi are generally from the "colonies" and in poor style. The winged horse is so essentially the parasemon of Corinth that it seems only fitting to show him at least once in his full beauty and action, although in this case there is no symbol on the die. Certain specimens are marked with a dagger; these coins have been chosen for enlargement, and have been selected for various reasons; some, as Mr. Newell's coin of Dyrrhachium, to bring out minute details. Others, including the splendid, early Corinthian stater with the trident, from Mr. Albert Gallatin's collection, are illustrated simply to draw attention to their beauty and artistic arrangement on the flan. Finally, and these are the most important, many of the tiny figures of gods, mortals and statues have been enlarged in order to facilitate identification. The two chief sources of reference, BMC and Babelon, differ frequently on the names for the symbols, and especially for these figures of Artemis, Dionysos, Poseidon, Zeus, etc. I have tried so far as is possible, to combine their opinions and to illustrate the exact figure cited by both. On these and other debatable questions I have availed myself of the advice and experience of Mr. Newell and Mr. Noe, and am most grateful to them for their assistance in every detail of the work.

The Corinthian stater shows on one die, usually the obverse, the winged horse Pegasos, who drank at the fountain of Peirene on the Acrocorinthus; and on the other die, the helmeted head of Athene Chalinitis (Bridler) who aided Bellerophon in capturing the steed.

The symbols are generally found on the Athene die, and therefore the pages of this catalogue are arranged to show the position of each symbol, relative to the head of Athene. When, as in the case of Syracusan coins and certain others, the symbol occurs on the Pegasos die, it is placed in square brackets.

Only complete symbols are listed: thus, Thymiaterion, but not when appearing as Nike, bearing thymiaterion. When two different, distinct symbols are upon the same die, they are cross-indexed under their separate headings, together with a reference in italics to the other symbol: thus,

D. Dolphin. Rose

R. Dolphin. Rose

The symbols are listed in alphabetical order and numbered. At least one illustration is given of each symbol, and the illustration is numbered to correspond with the alphabetical list. If several illustrations are given of the same symbol occurring on coins of different localities, they bear the same number with the addition of the initial letters of the mint. (See Geographic list and map.)

Thus: Nike—84 on List

Illustrations—84 Am; 84 ; 84 ϙ; 84 Λ.


References Abbreviations
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E. Babelon
"Traité des Monnaies Grecques et Romaines" Bab.
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  • Mrs. Geo. P. Cammann. New York


  • Acheloös
  • Aegis
  • Altar
  • .... (Ambrax, see Man)
  • Amphora
  • Anchor
  • Aphlaston
  • Apollo
  • Apple
  • Arathos
  • Archer
  • .... (Ares, see Warrior 134)
  • Artemis
  • Astragalos
  • Athene
  • Axe
  • Bee
  • .... (Barley-corn, see Corn 26)
  • .... (Bird, see Dove 38, Eagle 39)
  • Boar
  • Bow
  • Bucranium
  • Bull
  • Cap, Phrygian
  • Chimaera
  • Cicada (see also Grasshopper 51, Locust 81)
  • Club
  • Cock
  • Cord (knot)
  • Corn (ear and grain)
  • Cornucopia
  • Cow and calf
  • Crab
  • Crane
  • Crayfish
  • Crescent
  • Cuirass
  • Demeter
  • Dionysos
  • Dog
  • Dolphin
  • Dove
  • Eagle
  • Earring
  • Eros
  • Eye
  • Fish
  • Flail
  • Flower (see also Lily 77, Poppy 98)
  • Foot
  • .... (Fly, see Bee 15)
  • Fulmen
  • Gorgoneion
  • Gorgos
  • .... (Grain, see Corn 26)
  • Grapes
  • Grasshopper (see also Cicada 22, Locust 81)
  • Griffin
  • Hand
  • Harpa
  • Head
  • Helios
  • Helmet
  • Herakles
  • .... (Herm, see Term 123)
  • Hermes
  • Hippocamp
  • Hook
  • Horse
  • Hydria
  • Ionic capital
  • Ivy
  • .... (Javelin, see Spear 113)
  • Kantharos
  • Kerykeion (Cadu ceus)
  • Key
  • Kithara (Lyre)
  • Kottabos player
  • Krater
  • Kyathos (Ladle)
  • Kylix
  • Laurel
  • .... (Leaf, see Grape 50, Ivy 65, Laurel 74)
  • Leopard
  • Lily
  • Lion
  • Lituus
  • Lizard
  • Lobster
  • Locust (see also Cicada 22, Grasshopper 51)
  • Man
  • Mouse
  • Nike
  • Obelisk
  • Oenochöe
  • Olive
  • Omphalos
  • Owl
  • Palm
  • Palmette
  • Pan
  • Pellet
  • Phiale (or Patera)
  • Pine-cone
  • Pistrix
  • .... (Plant, see Thistle 124)
  • Plough
  • Poppy
  • Poseidon
  • Prow
  • Pudenda virilia
  • Purse
  • .... (Quiver, see Bow 17)
  • Ram
  • .... (Rhyton, see Griffin 52)
  • Rose
  • Satyr
  • Seat (diphros)
  • Sepia
  • Serpent
  • Shell
  • Shield
  • Shrimp
  • Silenos
  • Spear
  • Stag
  • Star
  • Stork
  • Strigil
  • Stylis (Mast)
  • Swan
  • Swastika
  • Sword
  • Tainia (fillet)
  • Term
  • Thistle
  • Thymiaterion
  • Thyrsos
  • Torch
  • Tortoise
  • Trident
  • Tripod
  • Triskelis
  • Triton
  • Trophy
  • ... (Vine, see Grapes 50)
  • Warrior
  • ... (Wheat, see Corn 26)
  • Wheel
  • Woman
  • Wreath (see also Corn 26, Dove 38, Grapes 50, Ivy 65, Kerykeion 67, Laurel 74, Olive 87, Tripod 130)
  • Zeus


  • Acheloös: River-god as androcephalos bull
  • Aegis: Breastplate of Athene with Gorgoneion
  • Ambrax: Local hero of Ambracia
  • Amphora: Wine jar, two handles
  • Arathos: River-god of Ambracia
  • Aphlaston: Ornament on stern of ship, taken from captured vessels as token of victory
  • Astragalos: Knucklebone
  • Bucranium: Ox skull
  • Chimaera: Monster with heads of lion and goat, tail of serpent. Slain by Bellerophon mounted on winged horse Pegasos
  • Fulmen: Thunder-bolt
  • Gorgoneion: Head of Gorgon, monster with snaky locks. Slain by Perseus with sword Harpa
  • Gorgos: Local hero of Ambracia
  • Harpa: Sword, short, with hook on side. Loaned to Perseus by Hermes
  • Hippocamp: Sea horse (ἵππоς=horse. κáμπоς=sea-monster)
  • Hydria: Water jar
  • Kantharos: Drinking cup, two handles
  • Kerykeion: Caduceus; Hermes' staff, entwined with two serpents
  • Kithara: Lyre; chelys, when formed from shell of tortoise (χελώνη)
  • Kottabos: Greek game, played at banquets. See "Colts of Ambracia" p. 120
  • Krater: Large jar or bowl for mixing wine, two handles
  • Kyathos: Ladle
  • Kylix: Shallow vase, two handles
  • Lemneskoi: Fillets of ribbon for head ornaments
  • Lituus: Diviner's rod, often interpreted as horned serpent
  • Nike: Victory, winged figure
  • Nikephoros: "Bearing figure of Nike"
  • Obelisk, Ambracian: Xoanon, an archaic statue like tree trunk, representing Apollo of the Cross-roads (Babelon)
  • Oenochöe: Vase with fluted lip, single handle
  • Omphalos: Conical stone, seat of oracle at Delphi. Also boss in center of phiale
  • Palmette: Acanthus ornament
  • Patera: Libation salver
  • Phiale: Libation saucer with central boss
  • Pistrix: Sea serpent
  • Promachos: "In front of battle". Athene Promachos—armed and with raised lance.
  • Pteruges: Straps of leather or metal, hanging from lower part of cuirass
  • Rhyton: Drinking vase, usually terminating in human or animal head
  • Strigil: Flesh scraper, used by athletes to remove oil
  • Stylis: Mast with yard
  • Tainia: Fillet, long, knotted
  • Term: Boundary pillar, square, with head of god, usually Hermes or Dionysos
  • Thymiaterion: Incense burner
  • Thyrsos: Bacchic staff
  • Triskelis: Three bent human legs joined at thigh


  • Acheloös 1
  • Grape-vine 50
  • Bow 17
  • Bow and quiver 17
  • Bull 19
  • Club 23
  • Cock 24
  • Pudenda virilia 101
  • Acheloös 1
  • Ambrax 82
  • Arathos 9
  • Bee 15
  • Bow 17
  • Bull 19
  • Chimaera 21
  • Cicada 22
  • Club 23
  • Cock 24
  • Corn 26
  • Crab 29
  • Crane 30
  • Dog 36
  • Dolphin 37
  • Dove 38
  • Eagle 39
  • Eros 41
  • Fish 43
  • Fulmen 47
  • Gorgoneion 48
  • Gorgos 49
  • Grapes 50
  • Grasshopper 51
  • Helmet 57
  • Herakles 58
  • Ivy 65
  • Kantharos 66
  • Kerykeion 67
  • Kithara 69
  • Kottabos player 70
  • Kylix 73
  • Laurel 74
  • Lion 77
  • Locust 81
  • Man (Ambrax) 82
  • Nike 84
  • Obelisk 85
  • Olive 87
  • Owl 89
  • Palmette 91
  • Pan 92
  • Prow 100
  • Ram 103
  • Rose 104
  • Satyr 105
  • Serpent 108
  • Shrimp 111
  • Spear 113
  • Strigil 117
  • Swan 119
  • Sword 121
  • Thistle 124
  • Thymiaterion 125
  • Torch 127
  • Tortoise 128
  • Tripod 130
  • Zeus 138
  • Altar 3
  • Apollo 7
  • Bow 17
  • Bucranium 18
  • Flail 44
  • Fulmen 47
  • Gorgoneion 48
  • Ivy 65
  • Key 68
  • Kithara 69
  • Laurel 74
  • Mouse 83
  • Nike 84
  • Olive 87
  • Omphalos 88
  • Palm 90
  • Purse (?) 102
  • Shell 109
  • Shrimp 111
  • Tainia 122
  • Thymiaterion 125
  • Tripod 130
  • Wreath 137
  • Kithara 69
    Argos Amphilochicum
  • Corn 26
  • Dog 36
  • Dove 38
  • Fulmen 47
  • Helmet 57
  • Sepia 107
  • Shield 110
  • Spear 113
  • Tripod 130
  • Crayfish 31
  • Amphora 4
  • Grape-vine 50
  • Aegis 2
  • Amphora 4
  • Aphlaston 6
  • Apple 8
  • Archer 10
  • Artemis 11
  • Astragalos 12
  • Athene 13
  • Bee 15
  • Boar 16
  • Bow 17
  • Bow and quiver 17
  • Bucranium 18
  • Bull 19
  • Cap, Phrygian 20
  • Chimaera 21
  • Cicada 22
  • Club 23
  • Cock 24
  • Corn 26
  • Cornucopia 27
  • Cow and calf 28
  • Crescent 32
  • Cuirass 33
  • Demeter 34
  • Dionysos 35
  • Dog 36
  • Dolphin 37
  • Dove 38
  • Eagle 39
  • Fish 43
  • Flower 45
  • Fulmen 47
  • Grapes 50
  • Hand 53
  • Harpa 54
  • Helios 56
  • Helmet 57
  • Herakles 58
  • Hippocamp 60
  • Horse 62
  • Hydria 63
  • Ionic capital 64
  • Ivy 65
  • Kantharos 66
  • Krater 71
  • Leopard 75
  • Lion 77
  • Lituus 78
  • Man 82
  • Nike 84
  • Oenochöe 86
  • Owl 89
  • Palmette 91
  • Pellet 93
  • Phiale 94
  • Pine-cone 95
  • Pistrix 96
  • Plough 97
  • Poppy 98
  • Poseidon 99
  • Prow 100
  • Pudenda virilia 101
  • Rose 104
  • Shell 109
  • Shield 110
  • Silenos 112
  • Stag 114
  • Star 115
  • Stork 116
  • Stylis 118
  • Swastika 120
  • Term 123
  • Thymiaterion 125
  • Torch 127
  • Thyrsos 126
  • Tortoise 128
  • Trident 129
  • Tripod 130
  • Triton 132
  • Trophy 133
  • Warrior 134
  • Wheel 135
  • Woman 136
  • Wreath 137
  • Zeus 138
  • Shield 110
  • Club 23
  • Dolphin 37
  • Ram 103
  • Wreath 137
    Echinus (?)
  • Hook 61
  • Corn 26
  • Amphora 4
  • Anchor 5
  • Bow 17
  • Cock 24
  • Cord, knot 25
  • Corn 26
  • Crescent 32
  • Eye 42
  • Foot 46
  • Fulmen 47
  • Grapes 50
  • Grasshopper 51
  • Griffin 52
  • Hand 53
  • Head, in cap 55
  • Helmet 57
  • Hermes 59
  • Hippocamp 60
  • Hook 61
  • Horse 62
  • Ivy 65
  • Kerykeion 67
  • Kantharos 66
  • Kyathos 72
  • Laurel 74
  • Lily 76
  • Lion 77
  • Lizard 79
  • Lobster 80
  • Nike 84
  • Oenochöe 86
  • Olive 87
  • Palmette 91
  • Pellet 93
  • Phiale 94
  • Ram 103
  • Seat 106
  • Sepia 107
  • Serpent 108
  • Shell 109
  • Shield 110
  • Silenos 112
  • Star 115
  • Stylis 118
  • Term 123
  • Wreath 137
    Locri Epizephyrii
  • Eagle 39
  • Fulmen 47
  • Kerykeion 67
  • Shield 110
  • Kithara 69
  • Acheloös 1
  • Club 23
  • Corn 26
  • Fulmen 47
  • Owl 89
  • Pellet 93
  • Star 115
  • Strigil 117
  • Trident 129
  • Triskelis 131
  • Trophy 133
  • Amphora 4
  • Artemis 11
  • Club 23
  • Earring 40
  • Griffin (Rhyton) 52
  • Oenochöe 86
  • Shield 110
  • Acheloös 1
  • Axe 14
  • Horse 62
  • Kerykeion 67
  • Kithara 69
  • Lion's scalp 77
  • Pellet 93
  • Sepia 107


Corinthian type on staters of Abbreviations on plates
Acarnania. Federal coinage Ac
Alyzia (Acar.) Al
Ambracia (Epirus) Am
Anactorium (Acar.)
Apollonia (Illyria) Ap
Argos Amphilochicum (Acar.) Ar
Astacus (Acar.) As
Corcyra C
Corinth ߉
Coronta (Acar.) Co
Dyrrhachium (Illyria) Epidamnus Dyr
Echinus (Acar.) Ec
Epirus Ep
Eryx (Sicily) no symbols found
Leontini (Sicily) Le
Leucas (Acar.) Λ
Locri Epizephyrii (Bruttium) Lo
Medma, or Mesma (Bruttium) no symbols found
Metropolis, or Medeon (Acar.) M
Rhegium (Bruttium) R
Stratos (Acar.) Str
Syracuse (Sicily) Syr
Terina (Bruttium) no symbols found
Thyrrheium (Acar.)
Mint symbol on left
1 Acheloös Acarnan N
Acarnania Acheloös, head, profile r.
Ambracia (Pan type)
Ambracia BMC - 'androcephalos bull'.)
Stratos Acheloös, head, profile 1.
Stratos Acheloös, head, profile r.
Uncertain Acheloös, head, profile r.
2 Aegis Corint A – P
3 Altar Anactorium API
4 Amphora Corcyra Amphora
Corcyr Amphora
Athene Symbol on right References
Left Acheloös, head, profile 1. BMC xxx. 7
Right Γ Same w. Δ *Newell BMC xxx. 8
Lef Acheloös, head, profile r. *a Cammann Ravel xii. 138 Bab. cclxxxi. 7
Left Acheloös, head, facing *b Newell Ravel xii. 137 BMC xxviii. i Bab. cclxxxi. 8
Right (Σ)TPATIΩN *Newell Bab. cclxxi. 22-23
Right (Σ)TPA Bab. cclxxi. 24
Right (BMC classifies as Pan) *Newell BMC xxxix. 5 Bab. ccix. 29
Left Aegis *Cammann† BMC xii. 4 Bab. ccxiii. 26. 27
Left ΔΩ Altar, flaming *Am Numis S'y.† BMC xxxii. 14
Right BMC xxx. 4 Bab. cclxxxiv. 13
Right KOPKYPAIΩN Imhoof. Bl. Gr. Münz ii. 24
Mint Symbol on left
4 Amphora Corcyra Amphora, large
Corcyra Amphora, small
Corcyra Amphora, small
Corinth E
Leucas ɅEY
Leucas Amphora, Vine. A
5 Anchor Leucas
6 Aphlaston Corinth
Corinth Aphlaston
Corinth Aphlaston
Corinth Aphlaston ⊙YƎ
Athene Symbol on right References
Right KOP BMC xxx. i Bab. cclxxxiv. 8
Right KOP *Newell
Right KOP Bab. cclxxxiv. 9
Left Amphora, pointed *Newell
Left Amphora, decorated *aMiller
Left A. Amphora, Vine *bCammann BMC xxxvi. 16 Bab. cclxxv. 14
Right BMC xxxvi. 15 Bab. cclxxv. 13. 15
Left Y. Amphora. ΛY BMC xxxviii. 5
Left API Anchor *Newell BMC xxxvi. 20 Bab. cclxxvi. 10
Left Aphlaston BMC v. 5
Left *aMiller
Right *bCammann† (frontispiece) BMC iii. 21 Bab. ccx. 6
Right Bab. ccxi. 20 Nav. V. 2090
Mint Symbol on left
7 Apollo Anactorium Apollo r. w. bow and patera (or bird) Ꜹ
8 Apple Corinth A – ∧
9 Arathos Ambracia Arathos, seated r. on bull's head APAT
Ambracia Arathos (die altered from above coin)
10 Archer Corinth Archer 1. w. bow ΔI
11 Artemis Corinth Δ
Corinth Δ
Corinth Δ
Corinth Δ
Corinth Δ
Athene Symbol on right References
Right "Newell† BMC xxxi. 8 Bab. cclxxvii. 4
Left Apple *Cammann BMC ix. 18 Bab. ccxii. 17
Right (A on Athe. helmet) Ravel x. 116
Right (A on Athe. helmet) APA⊙⊙OΣ *Newell† Ravel xi. 123-126 BMC xxviii. 9 Bab. cclxxxi. 15
Right (also see Herakles) 58 *Newell Ratto (1927) 1467
Left I Artemis r. w. bow *aNewell† BMC xii. 22 Bab. ccxiv. 4
Left I Artemis seated r. w. torch BMC xii. 23
Left I Artemis running r. w. torch *bMiller BMC xii. 26 Bab. ccxiv. 5
Left I Artemis running 1. w. long torch BMC xii. 25 Bab. ccxiv. 6
Left I Artemis walking 1. w. torch vertical *cMiller BMC xii. 24 Bab. ccxiv. 7
Mint Symbol on left
11 Artemis Corinth Δ
Thyrrheium image (below)
12 Astragalos Corinth A
13 Athene Corinth A – P
Corinth Δ
Corinth Δ
14 Axe Uncertain
15 Bee Ambracia Bee, head up
Athene Symbol on right References
Left I Artemis running r. w. torch and large olive bough *dCammann
Left EPI Artemis, facing, head, 1. w. two torches *Newell I BMC xxxviii. 10 I Bab. cclxxix. 2
Left Astragalos *Cammann BMC ix. 5 Bab. ccxn. 6
Left Athene Promachos *aNewell BMC xii. 6 Bab. ccxiii. 29
Left I Athene 1. lance on shoulder *bCammann BMC xii. 21 Bab. ccxiv. 3
Left I Athene Nikephoros 1. *cMiller BMC xii. 20 Bab. ccxiv. 2
Left Axe *Newell BMC xxxix. 6 Ratto (1927) 1493
Right *Newell Bab. cclxxxi. 10
Left A. Bee *Cammann BMC ix. 2 Bab. ccxii. 3
Mint Symbol on left
16 Boar Corinth A – P
17 Bow Alyzia NΩIAΞYΛA
Alyzia AΛY
Alyzia Bow. Quiver
Alyzia AΛY
Ambracia A
Corinth I
18 Bucranium Anactorium
Athene Symbol on right References
Left Boar, on baseline. 1. Miller BMC xii. i Bab. ccxiii. 24
Left Bow *aCammann BMC xxx. 9 Bab. cclxxii. 20
Left Bow. Quiver Ravel xviii. 2
Right AΛYΞAIΩN BMC xxx. 10 Bab. cclxii. 21
Left Bow. Club *bNewell Bab. cclxxii. 18 Ratto (1927) 1142
Right Bow (Bab. classes as Alyzia) Ravel v. 54 BMC xxix. 2 Bab. cclxxii. 17
Left A. Bow *Newell
Left E. Bow BMC vi. 6 Bab. ccxi. 6
Left Bow. Quiver *Newell BMC x. 23 Bab. ccxiv. 16
Left Bow *Newell BMC xxxiv. 8 Bab. cclxxiii. 16
Left Bucranium BMC xxxi. 22 Bab. cclxxviii. 11
Mint Symbol on left
18 Bucranium Anactorium KΛE
Corinth Bucranium N
Corinth Hand holding Torch (Illus. as Torch)
19 Bull ( 1 ) Alyzia Bull's head, facing
Ambracia (Illus. as Acheloös)
Ambracia A
Ambracia A
Athene Symbol on right References
Left ꜸBucranium w. fillets. Below, image *Newell BMC xxxii. 9 Ratto (1927) 1154
Left Bucranium lying on side Bab. ccix. 11
Right BMC xi. 11
Right Bucranium BMC iii. 17
Right AΛYΞAIΩ(N) *BMC xxx. 11 Bab. cclxxiii. 1
Left Bull's head, facing BMC xxviii. 1-2
Left Bull, standing on Athene's helmet, butting 1. Ravel 1. 12 *aBMC xxvii. 14 Bab. cclxxx. 6
Left Bull, as above— smaller Ravel 1. 13
Left Bull, on neck-guard of Athene's helmet, butting down Ravel 11. 14
Left Bull, forep. butting 1. Ravel x. iii *bBMC xxvii. 15 Bab. cclxxxi. 2
Left Bull's head facing BMC iii. i
Mint Symbol on left
19 Bull Corinth Bull's head r. facing
Corinth Bull's head, r. dec. w. fillets
Corinth Bull's head, facing
20 Cap Corinth
21 Chimaera Ambracia
Corinth A – P
Corinth Chimaera r.
Athene Symbol on right References
Right Bab. ccxi. 23
Right EY *aNewell Bab. ccxi. 16 De L. lxxxiii. 2195
Left Bull's head, facing *bCammann BMC v. 2 Bab. ccix. 10
Right Bab. ccix. 9 Nav. v. 2084
Left Bull, forepart, butting r. *aNewell BMC iv. 1 Bab. ccix. 30
Left Ǝ. Bull, forepart, butting 1. BMC vi. 3 Bab. ccxi. 3
Left Cap, Phrygian "Newell BMC iii. ii Nav. v. 2070
[Pegasos r. Chimaera r.] *Ravel xiii. 145
Left Chimaera 1. Nav. v. 2105
Left Chimaera 1. *aNewell† BMC xii. 5 Bab. ccxiii. 28
Right BMC iii. 14 Bab. ccix. 15
Mint Symbol on left
21 Chimaera Corinth Chimaera r.
Corinth Chimaera, forep. r. Pellet. Ǝ-K
22 Cicada Ambracia
23 Club Alyzia Club down r.
Alyzia AΛY
Ambracia Club, large
Corinth Club
Corinth I
Dyr. Club image
Dyr. Club
Dyr. Club Δ
Athene Symbol on right References
Right ⊙YƎ BMC vii. 10 Bab. ccxi. 19
Right *bNewell Nav. v. 2083
Left Cicada *Newell Ravel xiii. 141 BMC xxviii. 5
Left Cicada BMC iii. 10
Right AΛY *Newell Bab. cclxxii. 19 Ravel xvii. 1
Left Bow. Club Bab. cclxxii. 18 Ratto (1927) 1142
Right (BMC and Bab class as Dyr.) Ravel iii. 29 BMC xxvi. 2 Bab. cclxxxv. 7
Left *Newell
Left Cock on Club (Illus. as Cock) BMC x. 21 Bab. ccxiv. 14
Left Σ Club BMC xxvi. 3
Right ΔYPPAX(INΩN) BMC xxvi. 4 Bab. cclxxxv. 8
Right ΔYPA Bab. cclxxxv. 11
Right BMC xxvi. 6
Mint Symbol on left
23 Club Dyrrhachium Club
Dyrrhachium Club (Ram's head terminal on cheek-piece of Athene's helmet)
Dyrrhachium Club. A
Dyrrhachium Dolphin
Dyrrhachium Club Ǝ
Syracuse Club Λ
Thyrrheium Club
24 Cock Alyzia Cock r.
Alyzia Cock r. AAY (monogram)
Ambracia Cock r.
Corinth Dolphin
Corinth Dolphin
Corinth Dolphin (often off flan)
Athene Symbol on right References
Right ΔYP Dolphin BMC xxvi. 5 Bab. cclxxxv. 10
Right Dolphin (Illus. as Ram) Newell
Right Dolphin *Newell
Left Σ Club Bab. cclxxxv. 9
Right Dolphin BMC xxvi. 7 Bab. cclxxxv. 12
Right ΣYPA *Newell
Left *Miller
Right AΛY BMC xxx. 13 Bab. cclxxii. 23
Right Ratto (1927) 1143;
Right NATΩIimageAꟼℸMA Ravel vii. 76BMC xxvii. 2Bab. cclxxx. 13
Left Cock r. BMC iv. 5
Left Cock, fighting, 1. *aNewell† Nav. v. 2073
Left Cock, pecking, r. *bMiller BMC iv. 2 Bab. ccix. 20
Mint Symbol on left
24 Cock Corinth I
Corinth Cock's head r. N
Leucas Cock, fighting, r. Λ
25 Cord Leucas
26 Corn Ambracia
Argos Amph. Corinth Corn-grain
Leontini Corn-grain
Leucas ΛEY(K)
Syracuse [Triskelis Pegasos 1. Corn-ear]
Athene Symbol on right References
Left Cock 1. on Club *cMiller BMC x. 21 Bab. ccxiv. 14
Right *dCammann BMC xi. 10 Bab. ccxiii. 18
Right BMC xxxv. 26 Bab. cclxxvi. 8
Left Cord, endless knot *aBMC xxxvi. 12
Left Cord (?) twisted 2 loops. Λ *bNewell
Left Corn-ear, large, up Ravel xvi. 184
Left Corn-ear, upright Ravel xvii. 191 *BMC xxix. 15
Left Corn-ear, horizontal Ravel xvii. 192
Right APΓEIΩN BMC xxxiii. 3
Left N in wreath of corn *Miller BMC xi. 4 Bab. ccxiii. 12
Right ΛEONTINON BMC xxv. 1
Right Corn-grain. Λ *aNewell
Left Corn-grain. *bNewell BMC xxv. 7
Mint Symbol on left
27 Cornucopia Corinth A – P
28 Cow ( 2 ) Corinth ΔI
29 Crab Ambracia
Athene Symbol Athene on right References
Left Cornucopia w. 2 wheat ears "Miller BMC xii. 7 Bab. ccxiii. 30
Left Cow, suckling calf *BMC xii. 17
Left Crab *Newell Ravel ii. 24
Right Ravel vi. 68 BMC xxviii. 4 Bab. cclxxxi. 9
Right Crane 1. *Newell Ravel v. 58 BMC xxxix. 4
Right *BMC xxxiii. 10 Bab. cclxxii. 3
Left ߉ Crescent *aNewell
Right Num. Chron. 1909 xxvi. 3
Left E. Crescent *bNewell
Left AΛ Triskelis of crescents in circle *cNewell Bab. ccxii. 20
Left N. Triskelis of crescents in circle BMC xi. 5 Bab. ccxiii. 13
Left Crescent, large BMC xxxvi. ii
Left ΣΩ Crescent, large *Newell BMC xxxvi. 23 Bab. cclxxvi. 9
Mint Symbol on left
33 Cuirass Corinth
34 Demeter Corinth A
35 Dionysos Corinth
36 Dog Ambracia A
Argos. Amph. [Pegasos, r. A. Dog. lying r.]
Argos. Amph. [Pegasos r. AP. Dog lying r.]
Argos. Amph. [Pegasos 1 Dog's head 1.]
37 Dolphin Ambracia Dolphin, downwards
Athene Symbol on right References
Left Cuirass with pteruges. AΛ BMC ix. 20 Bab. ccxii. 19
Left Δ Cuirass with pteruges *Newell
Left Y. Demeter w. torch and cornucopia *BMC ix. 21 Bab. ccxii. 23
Left Δ Dionysos r. w. kantharos and grapes *Miller BMC x. 4 Bab. ccxiii. 1
Right Dog, hound, running 1. (incuse square) Ravel v. 57 *BMC xxviii. 3 Bab. cclxxx. ii BMC xxxiii. 2 Bab. cclxxix. 12 *aBMC xxxiii. 1 & 3 Bab. cclxxix. 10-11 *bCammann BMC xxxiii. 5 Bab. cclxxix. 14
Left Δ Dog 1. *aNewell
Left Dog, hound, seated r. *bNewell BMC iv. 3 Bab. ccix. 21
Right Ravel xiv. 154
Mint Symbol Mint on left
37 Dolphin Ambracia Eros on Dolphin r.
Ambracia Eros on Dolphin r.
Ambracia Zeus w. fulmen r. Dolphin. A
Corinth (Dyr?) Ǝ
Corinth image
Corinth image
Corinth Dolphin, downwards
Corinth Dolphin, 1.
Corinth Dolphin, 1.
Corinth Dolphin
Corinth Eagle's head r.
Corinth Grapes, bunch 2 leaves
Corinth Dolphin, down, 1 Ivy branch
Athene Symbol on right References
Right (A on helmet) (Illus. as Eros) Ravel xi. 128
Right A below Athene Ravel xiv. 150 BMC xxviii. 10 Bab. cclxxxi. 16
Right Ravel xiii. 140
Right Dolphin Bab. ccxi. 7
Right Dolphin r. BMC viii. 7
Right Dolphin r. ߉ Ratto (1927) 1487
Left Σ BMC viii. 6 Bab. ccxi. 27
Left Cock r. BMC iv. 5
Left Cock, fighting, 1. (Illus. as Cock) Newell
Left Cock, pecking r. (Illus. as Cock) Miller
Right Dolphin, down, r. Ravel xixa. BMC iv. 10
Right Dolphin, down, r. Ravel xixb. BMC iv. 11
Left Thymiaterion (Illus. as Ivy and Thym.) BMC iv. 12
Mint Symbol on left
37 Dolphin Corinth Nike, flying w. tainia r.
Corinth Palmette, 1.
Corinth Palmette, r.
Corinth Dolphin 1.
Corinth Dolphin 1.
Corinth Poseidon, w. trident and dolphin r.
Corinth Poseidon, w. staff, tainia and dolphin r.
Corinth Poseidon
Corinth Dolphin, down image
Corinth Dolphin
Corinth 3 Dolphins encircling Athene
Corinth 4 Dolphins. I. encircling Athene
Athene Symbol on right References
Left Λ. Dolphin, down BMC xi. i Bab. ccxiii. ii
Right Dolphin r. BMC iv. 8
Right Dolphin down Bab. ccix. 22
Left Palmette *aNewell BMC iv. 9 Bab. ccx. 7
Left Pistrix head 1. BMC iv. 6
Right Dolphin, down, r. Ravel xix. f BMC iv. 13 Bab. ccx. 8
Right Dolphin, small, r. BMC iv. 17
Right Dolphin Bab. ccx. 2 Nav. v. 2078
Left Rose on stem BMC vii. 7 Bab. ccxi. 17
Right Dolphin Ratto (1927) 1437 Num. Chr. 1909 xxix. 30
Left *bNewell
Left Δ BMC viii. 1
Mint Symbol on left
37 Dolphin Corinth 5 Dolphins encircling Athene
Dyrrhachium Club Δ
Dyrrhachium Club ΔYP
Dyrrhachium Dolphin down 1.
Dyrrhachium Club Ǝ
Leucas ΛEY
38 Dove Ambracia Dove, flying 1.
Ambracia NIKOΣ⊙E...
Argos Amph. Dove, flying r.
Athene Symbol on right References
Left *cNewell BMC iv. 4 Bab. ccx. 10-11
Right Dolphin r. Nav. v. 2125
Right Dolphin r. down BMC xxvi. 5 Bab. cclxxxv. 10
Left Club Σ Bab. cclxxxv. 9
Right Dolphin down BMC xxvi. 7 Bab. cclxxxv. 12
Left "Dolphin" down r. = Lizard 81 BMC xxxv. 2 Bab. cclxxiv. 27
Right *aNewell Ravel xiii. 148 BMC xxvii. 10 Bab. cclxxx. 20
Left NI. Dove, flying r. Ravel xiii. 144
Left Dove, standing r. *bRavel xvi. 181 BMC xxvii. 13 Bab. cclxxxi. 1
Right APГEIΩN BMC xxxiii. 4 Bab. cclxxix. 13
Left Dove, flying 1. Nav. v. 2082
Left E. Dove, flying r. Ratto (1927) 1474
Left Dove, flying 1. in wreath *Miller BMC x. 2 Bab. ccxii. 26
Mint Symbol on left
39 Eagle Ambracia
Ambracia Eagle, spread wings, on ram's head
Corinth A – P
Corinth Eagle's head r.
Locri Ep. Eagle's head r.
40 Earring Thyrrheium
41 Eros Ambracia (A on Athene's helmet)
Athene Symbol on right References
Left Eagle Ravel xv. 163
Left Eagle, spread wings, serpent in beak. *Newell† Ravel xv. 162
Right Ravel xv. 161
Left Eagle, r. head to 1. *aNewell
Left Eagle, 1. head to r. *bNewell BMC xii. 8 Bab. ccxiii. 31
Left Eagle r. EY monogram BMC xiii. 4
Right Dolphin r. down BMC iv. 10 Ravel xix.a
Right ΛOK *Newell Nav. v. 739
Left Y. Earring *Cammann Bab. cclxxviii. 21. 23
Left Left Y. Earring ΛY BMC xxxviii. 7. 8 DeL. lxxiv. 1945
Left YΛ. Earring BMC xxxviii. 9
Right Eros, flying 1. Ravel xi. 120 BMC xxviii. 7 Bab. cclxxxi. 13 Bab. ccxiii. 23 classes as Corinth
Mint Symbol on left
41 Eros Ambracia Eros standing w. tainia
Ambracia Eros on Dolphin r.
Ambracia Eros on Dolphin r.
42 Eye Leucas
43 Fish Ambracia Spike-fish r. (scorpena porcus)
Corinth Spike-fish r.
Corinth Trident
44 Flail Anactorium EimageI
Anactorium EimageI
45 Flower Corinth
Athene Symbol on right References
Right *aNewell Ravel vi. 64 BMC xxviii. 11 Bab. cclxxxi. 18
Right (A on Athene's helmet) *bNewell Ravel xi. 128
Right A below Ravel xiv. 150 BMC xxviii. 10 Bab. cclxxxi. 16
Left Eye (as on Ship's prow) *aNewell Bab. cclxxiii. 10
Left Λ. Eye *bNewell BMC xxxvi. 17 Bab. cclxxv. 16
Right AM Ravel vii. 77
Right *Cammannt† BMC iii. 20 Bab. ccix. 19
Right Fish r. Ratto (1927) 1432
Left image. Flail, straight *aNewell
Left ΔΩ Flail, bent *bNewell BMC xxxii. 12 Bab. cclxxvii. 8-9
Left Flower, conventional BMC iii. 18. 19
Mint Symbol on left
45 Flower Corinth Flower, conventional
Corinth Trident image
46 Foot Leucas imageΕΥ
47 Fulmen Ambracia (?) A
Ambracia AMimage
Ambracia Fulmen, ornate Olympian
Ambracia Olive wreath, enc. Athene
Anactorium Fulmen, large
Argos Amph. (?)
Corinth Fulmen
Leucas (?)
Athene Symbol on right References
Right *Miller BMC iii. 6
Right Flower? or Palmette? BMC viii. 3 Bab. ccxi. 24
Left Foot *Newell Bab. cclxxv. 7 BMC xxxv—3 classifies as Hand w. Kerykeion
Left Fulmen, decorated BMC xxix. 13. 14 (see Ravel page 164)
Left Fulmen, winged, Olympian Ravel xiv. 160
Left K. Fulmen, vertical, decorated *Newell Ravel viii. 87
Right Ravel vii. 81 Bab. cclxxx. 12
Left Fulmen, vertical Ravel viii. 86. 88. 89 BMC xxix. 7 Bab. cclxxxii. 3
Left *Miller
Left A. Fulmen, very ornate *Ravel xviii. 11
Right *Bab. ccix. 26
Left Fulmen BMC xxxvi. 13 (Ravel xviii. 12, 13)
Mint Symbol on left
47 Fulmen Locri Ep. Fulmen
Locri Ep. [Pegasos l. Fulmen]
Syracuse [Pegasos l. Fulmen]
48 Gorgoneion Ambracia Gorgon head, lying on side, tongue out.
Anactorium image Gorgon head, facing
49 Gorgos Ambracia Man, facing, w. lance, and wearing pilos
50 Grapes Acarnania
Ambracia (Illus. as Kylix)
Corinth B
Athene Symbol on right References
Right ΛOKPΩN Pozzi Sale. 1730
*Newell BMC xxiv. 4. 6
Right (A on neckguard of Athene's helmet) Newell† Ravel xi. 119
Right E(image)I encircling Athene *Newell BMC xxxi. 11 Bab. cclxxvii. 7
Right ΓOPΓOΣ (A on Athene's helmet) * Ravel xi. 127 Bab. cclxxxi. 3
Left Vine branch w. grapes *Newell BMC xxx. 5. 6
Left Grapes. Kylix below Ravel xvi. 173 BMC xxviii. 16 Bab. cclxxxi. 21
Right Vine spray, leaf no grapes BMC xxx. 2 Bab. cclxxv. 20 (Bab classes as Leucas)
Right Vine spray, large leaf, no grapes BMC xxx. 3
Left Grapes BMC xiii. 1
Mint Symbol on left
50 Grapes Corinth Grapes
Corinth Δ
Leucas Grapes w. tendrils
Leucas image
Leucas Σ
Leucas Λ
Leucas Grape-leaf, large
Leucas Grape-leaf. Λ
Leucas ΛEY
Leucas (Illus. as amphora)
Leucas Vine w. grapes over Amphora. A
Athene Symbol on right References
Right Dolphin, above BMC iv. 11 Ravel xix.b
Left Wreath of vine leaves BMC x. 8 Ratto (1927) 1463
Left Grapes, w. leaf BMC xxxiv. 9
Left Grapes BMC xxxiv. 13 Bab. cclxxiv. 18
Right Σ BMC xxxv. 14
Left Grapes, large. 2 leaves *aMiller BMC xxxv. 15
Left Grapes, leaf (?) BMC xxxv. 16 Bab. cclxxiii. 13
Left IΩ Grapes BMC xxxvi. 22
Left Grapes, leaf Bab. cclxxiv. 22 Nav. v. 2159
Right *bNewell
Right H. Weber. 3859
Left Vine w. grapes and leaves *cEgger (1908) 518 *dMiller BMC xxxv. 10 Bab. cclxxv. 5
Left A. Vine w. grapes over Amphora BMC xxxvi. 16 Bab. cclxxv. 14
Right BMC xxxvi. 15 Bab. cclxxv. 13. 15
Mint Symbol on lef
50 Grapes Leucas ΛEY
51 Grasshopper Ambracia Grasshopper
Leucas Grasshopper Λ.
52 Griffin Leucas
Thyrrheium ⊙YPP
53 Hand Corinth
Corinth Hand, holding Torch 1. (Illus. as Torch)
Leucas ΛEY
54 Harpa Corinth
55 Head with Cap Leucas (Illus. has countermark of Trident)
56 Helios Corinth
Athene Symbol on right References
Left Grapes? (see Silenos 115) Kantharos BMC xxxv. 11 Bab. cclxxv. 4
Right (A on Athene's helmet) Ravel viii. 92
Right *Newell
Left Griffin, forep. 1. *Miller BMC xxxvi. 6 Bab. cclxxv. 12
Left Griffin, forep. 1. forming rhyton *Newell† BMC xxxviii. 3. 4 Bab. cclxxviii. 20
Left Hand, open r. *Ratto (1912) 776
Right Bucranium (often off flan) BMC iii. 17 Bab. ccix. 18
Left Hand, holding Kerykeion, 1. *Newell
Left A. Harpa *Newell BMC ix. 6 Bab. ccxii. 7
Left Λ Head w. Phrygian cap. 1. *Newell† BMC xxxv. 20 Bab. cclxxv. 18
Left Δ Helios, head of: facing, radiate *Miller BMC x. 6 Bab. ccxiii. 3
Mint Symbol on left
57 Helmet Ambracia (Epirus) Helmet w. plumes and cheek pieces. A
Argos Amph. APΓEI
Corinth A
Corinth Helmet, Corinthian
Corinth Helmet, w. straps, and crest like stag. NI
Corinth Helmet, conical, w. straps and ring
Corinth A – P
Corinth KA (monogram)
Athene Symbol on right References
Right *Newell BMC xxix. 12
Left Helmet, Corinthian, w. crest *Cammann BMC xxxiii. 5. 6 Bab. cclxxix. 14. 15
Left Helmet, Thessalian *aNewell BMC ix. 4 Bab. ccxii. 5
Right (Bab. classes as Argos Amph.) *bSoth. W. & H. (1920) 42 Bab. cclxxix. 16
Right BMC xi. 13 Bab. ccxiii. 20
Right *cNewell
Left Helmet, Corinthian 1. Bab. ccxiii. 32
Left Helmet, crested, cheek pieces BMC xiii. 5
Left TI. Helmet, Macedonian, crested, w. wreath *Newell BMC xxxvi. 24 Ratto (1927) 1198
Left ΓE. Helmet, Macedonian, crested BMC xxxvi. 25
Mint Symbol on left
58 Herakles Ambracia A
Corinth Herakles? 1. w. long club
Corinth (see Zeus 138)
Corinth (see Archer 10)
59 Hermes Leucas Hermes r. w. kerykion, fastening sandal. Λ
Leucas Hermes r. fastening winged sandal
60 Hippocamp Corinth
Leucas Hippocamp 1. (Λ)
61 Hook( 3 ) Echinus (?) Hook. E
Athene Symbol on right References
Left Herakles, infant, strangling serpents *Newell Ravel xii. 136 BMC xxviii. 13 Bab. cclxxxi. 5
Right (see Poseidon 99) Bab. ccx. 3
Left Herakles? r. Bab. ccx. 4
Left Herakles r. w. bow and lion skin. TI. *Bab. ccxi. 30 DeL. lxxxiii. 2187
Right *aCammann BMC xxxv. 21 Bab. cclxxvi. 4
Right *bMiller
Left Hippocamp 1. *Newell
Left Λ Hippocamp r. *aNewell† Bab. cclxxv. 19
Right *bMiller BMC xxxvi. 1 Bab. ccix. 28 (classes as ϙ)
Right *Cammann BMC xxxiii. 12
Left EY. Hook 1. *aNewell Bab. cclxxv. 21
Left EY. Hook r. BMC xxxvi. 21
Mint Symbol on left
61 Hook ( 3 ) Leucas Hook, ornamented
Leucas ƎΛ. Hook
62 Horse Corinth
Corinth Horse, forep. 1.
Corinth Horse, head 1.
Uncertain Horse, forep. 1.
63 Hydria Corinth Hydria. N
64 Ionic Capital Corinth
65 Ivy Ambracia Ivy spray, 3 berries, 2 leaves
Ambracia Ivy leaf
Ambracia A
Athene Symbol on right References
Right ΛEYKAΔI BMC xxxv. 12 Bab. cclxxvi. 1
Right *bMiller
Left Horse, forep. r. BMC iii. 4 Bab. ccix. 7
Right *aMiller BMC iii. 5 Bab. ccix. 8 Bab. ccx. 14
Right *bNewell
Left Horse, head and neck 1. BMC xxxvi. 7 Bab. cclxxv. 17
Right *Cammann
Right *Cammann BMC xi. 9 Bab. ccxiii. 19 (classifies as onion)
Left Ionic capital *Bab. ccix. 25
Right *aCammann Ravel i. 8 BMC xxvii. 1
Right Ravel iii. 33
Right Ivy leaf Ravel v. 55
Mint Symbol on left
68 Ivy Ambracia A
Anactorium Ivy leaf
Anactorium [Pegasos r. ivy leaf]
Corinth Ivy leaf
Corinth A – P
Corinth Ivy spray, 3 berries, 2 leaves
Corinth Dolphin. (Also illus. as Thym.)
Corinth Dolphin
Leucas Ivy leaf
Leucas ΛEY
Leucas Olive twig. ΛEY
Leucas Λ-E-Y separated by 3 ivy leaves, encircling Athene
Athene Symbol on right References
Right Ivy wreath w. berries, enc. Athene *bNewell Ravel vii. 75
Right ANAK *aNewell
*bHirsch xiii. 2361 Imhoof Blumer. Akar. ii. 20
Right *aCammann Bab. ccix. 24
Left Ivy leaf *bNewell BMC xii. 2
Right (Bab. classes as Phytia.) *cNewell Bab. cclxxii. 5
Left Ivy branch Thymiaterion *dMiller BMC iv. 12
Left Ivy leaf Thymiaterion *eNewell
Left Δ Ivy wreath BMC x. 7
Right BMC xxxiv. 2
Left Ivy leaf BMC xxxiv. 14
Left Ivy leaf BMC xxxv. 9
Left Ivy leaf Bab. cclxxv. 2
Left *aNewell BMC xxxv. 8 Bab. cclxxv. 8
Mint Symbol on left
65 Ivy Leucas ΛEY
66 Kantharos Ambracia
Corinth Kantharos. N
Leucas Kantharos. Λ
Leucas ΛEY
Leucas ΛEY (Illus. as Silenos see Note 7)
67 Kerykeion Ambracia
Ambracia A
Ambracia Kerykeion
Ambracia Kerykeion
Ambracia Kerykeion. A
Athene Symbol on right References
Left Ivy spray, 3 leaves, 2 berries *bNewell
Left Ivy wreath, small *cNewell BMC xxxvi. 9
Left Kantharos Ravel iii. 27 BMC xxviii. 15 Bab. cclxxxi. 11
Left N. Kantharos BMC xi. 6 Bab. ccxiii. 14
Right *Miller
Right *aNewell BMC xxxv. 13 Bab. cclxxiii. 18
Left Kantharos *bMiller
Left Silenos head, profile r. Kantharos Newell BMC xxv. 11 Bab. cclxxv. 4
Left Kerykeion Ravel ii. 16
Left Kerykeion *aNewell Ravel ii. 18
Right Ravel iv. 42
Right A. (wreath on Athene's helmet) Ravel iv. 44 BMC xxix. 4 Bab. cclxxxii. 8
Right Ravel iv. 46
Mint Symbol on left
67 Kerykeion Ambracia Kerykeion, short
Ambracia A
Leucas Kerykeion, long
Leucas Kerykeion Λ
Leucas ΛEY
Leucas Shield, Boeotian. Kerykeion
Leucas (Illus. as Hand) ΛEY
Leucas Term and Kerykeion. Λ
Locri Ep.
Athene Symbol on right References
Right A Ravel v. 49
Left Kerykeion in wreath of pellets *bSyracuse Museum Ravel iv. 38
Left Λ. Kerykeion, ornate handle *aNewell BMC xxxv. 17
Left Λ. Kerykeion Bab. cclxxv. 9
Right *bCammann
Right BMC xxxv. 18 Bab. cclxxv. 10
Left Shield, Boeotian. Kerykeion BMC xxxv. 4
Left ΛEY BMC xxxv. 5
Left Hand w. kerykeion Newell BMC xxxv. 3 = foot. (error)
Right (Illus. as Term) Ward xi. 465 BMC xxxv. 22 Bab. cclxxvi. 5
[Pegasos 1. Kerykeion 1.] *Newell BMC xxiv. 5 Ratto (1927) 313
[Pegasos 1. Kerykeion 1.] BMC xxxix. 2
[Pegasos r. Kerykeion r.] *Newell
Mint Symbol left
68 Key Anactorium
69 Kithara Ambracia AMimagePAKIΩTAN
Anactorium AKTIO (wreath on Athene's helmet)
Anactorium (wreath on Athene's helmet)
Anactorium Kithara
Apollonia Kithara (chelys)
Apollonia Kithara (chelys)
Rhegium PH (monogram)
70 Kottabos Player Ambracia AMBPAKIΩTAN
Athene Symbol on right References
Left image Temple-key w. tainia BMC xxxi. 19
Left Ꜹ Temple-key w. tainia *Cammann
Left Kithara (chelys) *Newell Ravel ix. 105 BMC xxvii. 7 Bab. cclxxx. 18
Left Kithara BMC xxxi. 4 Bab. cclxxvii. 19 Bab. cclxxviii. 13
Left Kithara *Newell† BMC xxxi. 16 Bab. cclxxviii. 9
Left Ꜹ Kithara BMC xxxi. 17 Bab. cclxxviii. 10
Right Olive twig *Egger (1906) 353
Right Aimage *aBMC xxvi. 1 Bab. cclxxxv. 2
Right AimageO *bCammann
Left Kithara BMC xxiv. 12
Right Kithara (chelys) Ravel xvii. 190
Left Kottabos player, girl, 1. *Newell Ravel x. 115 BMC xxvii. 4 Bab. cclxxx. 14
Mint Symbol on left
71 Krater Corinth
72 Kyathos Leucas
Leucas Kyathos. Λ
73 Kylix Ambracia
74 Laurel Ambracia A
Ambracia Laurel wreath enc. Athene.
Ambracia Laurel wreath enc. Athene.
Anactorium Laurel leaf up Ꜹ
Anactorium Laurel leaf, up
Anactorium Laurel leaf, up
Leucas Laurel twig upper corner
Athene Symbol on right References
Left Δ Krater *Miller BMC x. 5 Bab. ccxiii. 2
Left Kyathos BMC xxxvi. 4
Right *Newell BMC xxxvi. 3 Bab. cclxxvi. 2
Left Kylix Ravel xv. 172
Left Kylix. Grapes *Newell Ravel xvi. 174 BMC xxviii. 16 Bab. cclxxxi. 21
Right Laurel leaf? (grain of corn) Ravel iii. 32
Left Ravel viii. 84
Left Fulmen (A on Athene's helmet) Ravel viii. 86 BMC xxix. 7 (classifies as olive)
Right *Newell
Right ANAKTOPIEΩN BMC xxxi. 14
Right ANAKT (wreath on Athene's helmet) BMC xxxi. 15 Bab. cclxxvii. 14
Left Laurel twig lower corner *Newell
Mint Symbol on left
75 Leopard Corinth
76 Lily Leucas Lily, w. butterfly on pistil. Λ
77 Lion Ambracia Lion's head r. tongue out
Ambracia Lion's head r. tongue out
Corinth Zeus 1.
Leucas Lion's head r. Λ
Leucas Lion, forep. r. Λ
Uncertain Lion's Scalp, facing
78 Lituus Corinth
Corinth Lituus
79 Lizard Leucas ΛEY
Athene Symbol on right References
Left Leopard (or lioness?) *Newell
Right *BMC xxxvi. 2 Bab. cclxxvi. 3
Right AMimage *Ravel vii. 78 Bab. cclxxxi. 4
Right AM. Locust Ravel vii. 80 Cat. de Sartiges. 298
Right Lion's head r. tongue out Bab. ccx. 1 DeL. lxxxiii. 2184
Right *aCammann BMC xxxv. 24 Bab. cclxxvi. 7
Right *bNewell BMC xxxv. 23 Bab. cclxxvi. 6 DeL. lxxiii. 1937
Right *BMC xxxix. 1
Left Lituus *aNewell BMC iii. 12
Right *bCammann BMC iii. 13 Bab. ccix. 14
Left Lizard, up (BMC & Bab. classify as Dolphin) *Miller BMC xxxv. 2 Bab. cclxxiv. 27
Mint Symbol on left
80 Lobster Leucas Lobster
81 Locust Ambracia (A on Athene's helmet)
Ambracia Locust, female r.
Ambracia Lion's head r.
82 Man Ambracia Swan? Δ?
83 Mouse ( 4 ) Anactorium Mouse, r. Ꜹ (tail off flan)
84 Nike( 5 ) Ambracia A
Anactorium Nike r. w. tainia Ꜹ
Corinth ꟼƎ
Corinth Nike r. with thymiaterion
Athene Symbol on right References
Right *Bab. cclxxiii. 14
Right Locust 1. *Ravel xi. 118 BMC xxviii. 6 Bab. cclxxxi. 12
Right Ravel xvi. 182
Right AM. Locust Ravel vii. 80 Cat. de Sartiges 298
Left Man (Ambrax) wearing pilos, holding staff, seated on rocks, 1. *Newell Ravel xii. 135 BMC xxviii. 14 Bab. cclxxxi. 6
Left Man with staff r. Bab. ccx. 15
Left Man standing r. *Newell
Right *Hirsch xiii. 2361
Right Nike, flying 1. placing tainia on Athene's helmet *Ravel iv. 40
Right ΛΩTO *BMC xxxi. 9 Bab. cclxxvii. 5
Right Nike 1. with thymiaterion EP *aMiller BMC vi. 11
Left Nike 1. with thymiaterion Ratto (1927) 1477
Right EP BMC vi. 10 Bab. ccxi. 10
Mint Symbol on left
84 Nike Corinth Nike r. with thymiaterion
Corinth I
Corinth Nike r. w. tainia
85 Obelisk Ambracia Obelisk
Ambracia Obelisk w. fillet 1.
Ambracia A
Ambracia Obelisk w. fillet r. to 1.
86 Oenochöe Corinth
Athene Symbol on right References
Right ꟼƎ *bCammann†
Left Nike 1. w. tainia *cNewell† BMC x. 20 Bab. ccxiv. 13
Right image Nike 1. w. tainia BMC xiii. 13
Right image Nike 1. w. tainia *dNewell
Left Λ Dolphin down BMC xi. 1 Bab. ccxiii. 11
Left Nike 1. crowning Λ *Newell† BMC xxxv. 19 Bab. cclxxv. 11
Right A *aNewell Ravel iv. 43
Right Ravel xvi. 177 Bab. cclxxxii. 2
Right Obelisk w. fillet r. to 1. *bNewell Ravel xvi. 179 Bab. cclxxxii. 1
Right Ravel xvi. 180 BMC xxix. 6
Left Obelisk w. fillet r. Ravel xvii. 185
Left Oenochöe BMC v. 3
Mint Symbol on left
86 Oenochöe Leucas
87 Olive Ambracia Olive wreath enc. Athene
Anactorium Kithara (Illus. as Kithara)
Leucas ΛEY
Leucas Olive twig, 4 leaves, lower corner
Leucas Olive twig. ΛEY
88 Omphalos Anactorium
89 Owl Ambracia
Athene Symbol on right References
Left Oenochöe, squat *Newell Bab. cclxxiii. 15
Left ⊙Y Oenochöe, tall *Newell Bab. cclxxix. 1
Left Fulmen Ravel viii. 86 (Classifies as Laurel) BMC xxix. 7
Right Olive twig Egger (1906) 353
Left Olive twig, large, 3 leaves *aMiller Bab. cclxxv. 3
Right Olive twig, 2 leaves, upper corner. Olive twig, 2 leaves, lower corner. *bNewell
Left A. Olive twig, 4 leaves, lower corner *cBMC xxxiv. 12 Bab. cclxxiii. 17
Left Ivy leaf Bab. cclxxv. 2
Left Ꜹ Omphalos w. net work of fillets *Cammann BMC xxxii. 6 Bab. cclxxvii. 18
Left Owl, facing *aNewell Ravel vi. 65
Mint Symbol on left
89 Owl Ambracia
Ambracia Owl, large, r.
Corinth I
Corinth Owl, double body
Corinth Owls, twins
Syracuse Owl, small
90 Palm Anactorium Palm branch
Anactorium Palm branch A
91 Palmette Ambracia (?) A
Ambracia (?) Palmette, small
Athene Symbol on right References
Left Owl, 1. Ravel vi. 70 Ravel vii. 71 BMC xxvii. 11
Right *bNewell Ravel vi. 69 BMC xxvii. 12
Left Owl, r. BMC v. 6
Left Owl, r. *aNewell Bab. ccxiv. 17
Right ⊙YƎ *bMiller BMC vii. 8-9 Bab. ccxi. 18
Right EY⊙ *cNewell
Right BMC xxv. 10
Right *aCammann
Left Ꜹ Palm branch *bNewell BMC xxxi. 18
Right Rotta (1927) 1145
Left Palm tree, large *cNewell BMC xxxi. 20 Bab. cclxxviii. 8
Left Palmette Ravel xvii. 186
Right A *Newell Ravel xvii. 187 Bab. cclxxxi. 22
Mint Symbol on left
91 Palmette Corinth
Corinth Δ
Corinth Dolphin 1. down
Corinth Palmette
Leucas ΛEY
92 Pan Ambracia not Anactorium Pan r., w. branch Σ (=M) (small A=Artist's signature)
Ambracia MA
Ambracia A
93 Pellet Corinth Chimaera, forep. r. Pellet ƎK
Leucas Pellet, upper corner. Pellet, lower corner
Syracuse Pellet
Athene Symbol on right References
Left Palmette *aNewell *bNewell BMC iv. 7 Bab. ccix. 23
Left Palmette Bab. ccxi. 2
Left Palmette BMC iv. 9 Ravel xix. e
Right Dolphin r. down BMC iv. 8 Bab. ccix. 22
Left Palmette and tendril *Miller BMC xxxv. 7
Left Palmette Bab. cclxxiv. 19
Right A (HA below Athene) *aCammann† Ravel ix. 94 BMC xxxi. 1 Bab. cclxxvii. 21
Right Pan, head, profile 1. *bNewell Ravel ix. 95
Right Pan, head, profile 1. Ravel ix. 96
Right (Illus. as Chimaera) Newell Nav. v. 2083
Left Λ Pellet, upper corner. Pellet, lower corner *Newell
Mint Symbol on left
93 Pellet Syracuse Pellet
Uncertain Pellet
94 Phiale Corinth
Leucas Λ
95 Pine-cone Corinth
96 Pistrix Corinth Dolphin 1.
97 Plough Corinth A – P
98 Poppy Corinth
99 Poseidon Corinth Poseidon r. w. staff and tainia
Corinth Poseidon r.
Corinth Poseidon r. w. dolphin and trident
Corinth Poseidon r. w. staff, tainia, dolphin
Athene Symbol on right References
Right DeL. xlviii. 1279
Right *Cammann
Left ΔI Phiale, ornate *Miller Bab. ccxiii. 4
Left Phiale *Newell BMC xxxiv. 7 Bab. cclxxiii. 11
Left ΔI Pine-cone *Miller Bab. ccxiv. 9. 9 bis
Left Pistrix head and neck 1. *Newell BMC iv. 6 (classifies as Griffin)
Left Plough *Newell BMC xii. 3 Bab. ccxiii. 25
Left E. Poppy head *BMC vi. 7. 8
Right *aMiller
Right Dolphin r. Bab. ccx. 2 Nav. v. 2078
Right Dolphin r. *bBMC iv. 13 Bab. ccx. 8
Right Dolphin r. BMC iv. 17
Mint Symbol on left
99 Poseidon Corinth Poseidon 1. w. staff and tainia
Corinth YƎ Poseidon 1. w. staff and tainia
100 Prow Ambracia Prow r.
Corinth Prow r. N
101 Pudenda Virilia Alyzia Pudenda vir.
Corinth Pudenda vir.
102 Purse Anactorium image Purse (?) or long bag with funnel
103 Ram ( 6 ) Ambracia Eagle on Ram's head r.
Dyrrhachium Club
Athene Symbol on right References
Right BMC iv. 16 Bab. ccx. 3
Right *cNewell BMC vii. 1 Bab. ccxi. 12
Left Poseidon r. w. dolphin *dNewell†
Right A *Newell Ravel x. 113 BMC xxix. 1 Bab. cclxxxi. 20
Right *Miller Bab. ccxiii. 17
Right AΛYΞAIΩN *Newell BMC xxx. 12 Bab. cclxxi11. 2
Right ⊙YƎ *Newell
Right *BMC xxxi. 12 Bab. cclxxvii. 10
Right *Ravel xv. 161
Right (Ram's head terminal on cheek-piece of Athene's helmet) *aNewell
Mint Symbol on left
103 Ram ( 6 ) Dyrrhachium Club Δ
Leucas Ram's head r. Λ
104 Rose Ambracia [Pegasos 1. A Rosebud]
Corinth Rose on stem
Corinth Rose
Corinth Dolphin image
105 Satyr Ambracia A
106 Seat Leucas
107 Sepia Argos Amph. APΓEI
Athene Symbol on right References
Right Dolphin (Ram's head terminal on cheek-piece of Athene's helmet) *bNewell†
Right *Newell BMC xxxv. 25
(also see Serpent) *BMC xxvii. 14
Right *aNewell BMC iii. 7 Bab. ccix. 12 Bab. ccx. 9
Left E Rose *bCammann BMC vi. 5 Bab. ccxi. 5
Left Dolphin *cNewell
Left Rose BMC vii. 7 Bab. ccxi. 17
Right Satyr 1. dancing *Newell Ravel vi. 62
BMC xxviii. 8 Bab. cclxxxi. 14
Left Seat (diphros) w. cushion *Newell BMC xxxvi. 10
Left Sepia BMC xxxiii. 7 Bab. cclxxix. 17
Mint Symbol on left
107 Sepia Argos Amph. APΓEIΩ
Leucas ΛEY
Uncertain Sepia
108 Serpent Ambracia [Pegasos 1. A. Serpent coiled round Tortoise]
Ambracia A. Serpent coiled round Tortoise (classified as Swan by BMC and Bab.)
Ambracia Serpent, coiled, raising head 1.
Leucas Serpent, coiled raising head, r. Λ
109 Shell Anactorium
Corinth [߉ Pegasos 1. shell, murex]
Leucas Λ – E – Y
Athene Symbol on right References
Left Sepia Bab. cclxxix. 18
Left Sepia *Miller BMC xxxv. 1 Bab. cclxxv. 6
Right Δ *Newell BMC xxxix. 7
(Also see Rosebud 104) *aNewell Ravel i. 12 Bab. cclxxx. 6
Left Man, seated on rocks 1. (Illus. as Man 82 and Swan 119) Ravel xii. 135
Right *bNewell Ravel xiv. 151
Right *Miller
Left Shell, scallop *Newell BMC xxxi. 21
Left image Shell, scallop BMC vi. 1
*Egger (1908) 450
Left Shell, scallop BMC xxxiv. 10
Mint Symbol on left
109 Shell Leucas ΛEY
110 Shield Argos Amph.
Argos Amph. ΔI
Argos Amph. AP
Argos Amph.
Corinth A
Leucas ΛEY
Leucas ΛEY
Leucas Shield, Boeotian Kerykeion
Leucas (Illus. on p. 11)
Athene Symbol on right References
Left Shell, murex *Newell BMC xxxiv. 20
Left A. Shield Ravel xviii. 7
Left AP. Shield w. strap *Cammann Ravel xviii. 6
Left ΔI. Shield w. strap Ravel xviii. 5 Nav. v. 2150
Left ΔI. Shield BMC xxxiii. 8
Left Shield round, orn. w. trident *Miller BMC ix. 1 Bab. ccxii. 2
Left K. Shield, Macedonian, orn. w. fulmen *BMC xxxiii. 11
Left Shield, Boeotian *aNewell Ratto (1927) 1177
Left Shield, Boeotian Kerykeion BMC xxxv. 4 Bab. cclxxiv. 26 Ratto (1927) 1176
Left BMC xxxv. 5
Left Shield, round, orn. w. race-torch, lighted *bCammann
Mint Symbol on left
110 Shield Metropolis
111 Shrimp Ambracia Shrimp
Anactorium Shrimp
112 Silenos ( 7 ) Corinth A – Λ
Leucas (see Grapes 50)
113 Spear Ambracia
Ambracia (Athene's helmet crested)
Ambracia A. on neckguard of Athene's helmet). Δ under chin. A
Ambracia AMΠPA
Athene Symbol on right References
Left image Shield, orn. w. Athene Promachos *Newell BMC xxxviii. 1
Left Y. Shield, Boeotian *Miller BMC xxxviii. 11-13 Bab. cclxxix. 3
Right (Bab. classes as Leucas, Lobster 80) Ravel xiv. 158 Bab. cclxxiii. 14
Right EimageI *BMC xxxi. 10
Left Silenos, mask facing *aCammann† BMC ix. 19 Bab. ccxii. 18
Left Silenos head, profile r. Kantharos *bNewell† BMC xxxv. 11 Bab. cclxxv. 4
Left Spear, up Ravel xv. 164 Bab. cclxxx. 9
Left Spear, up *aNewell Ravel xv. 169
Left image Spear head Ravel viii. 90. 91
Left Spear head Ravel xv. 167 BMC xxix. 3
Left Spear head *bNewell Ravel xvi. 183 BMC xxvii. 8
Mint Symbol on left
113 Spear Argos Amph. AM
Argos Amph. AMФI
Argos Amph. AMФIΛ
Argos Amph. AM
Argos Amph. AM
114 Stag Corinth
115 Star Corinth I
Leucas Star, 5 points (Pentalpha)
Syracuse [Star, 8 rays Pegasos 1.]
116 Stork Corinth
Athene Symbol on right References
Left ABP. Spear, down *aCammann
Left ABP. Spear, down BMC xxxiii. 9 Ratto (1927) 1164
Left ABP. Spear, down DeL. lxxiii. 1930-1 Nav. v. 2151
Left Spear head *bCaammann
Left Spear head Ravel xviii. 3
Left A. Spear head, up. Ravel xviii. 4
Left Stag's head w. antlers *Newell
Left Star, 8 rays *Newell BMC x. 22 Bab. ccxiv. 15
Left Star, 8 rays (long, slender) *aNewell
Right *bCammann BMC xxxvi. 5
BMC xxv. 10
Left Stork, r. (frog in beak?) *aNewell† BMC iii. 3
Mint Symbol on left
116 Stork Corinth
117 Strigil Ambracia (A under Athene's chin)
Ambracia (A above Athene)
Syracuse (?) NΩI(imageOimage∀ꟼYimage)
118 Stylis ( 8 ) Corinth
Leucas AΓ in monogram
119 Swan Ambracia A. Swan(?) 1. (see Serpent, 108)
120 Swastika Corinth K
121 Sword Ambracia Sword in scabbard
Athene Symbol on right References
Left A. Stork, 1. *bNewell Bab. ccxii. 1
Left Strigil *Newell Ravel v. 59 BMC xxix. 8
Left Strigil Ravel vi. 61
Left Strigil *DeL. xlviii. 1278
Left Λ. Mast w. yard *Newell BMC xiii. 3
Left Λ. Mast with yard Ratto (1927) 1194
Left Mast with yard Nav. v. 2167
Left Mast with yard, wreathed *Newell BMC xxxvi. 19
Left Λ. Mast w. yard, wreathed BMC xxxvi. 18
Left Man (Ambrax) seated 1. (also illus. as Man 82) Ravel xii. 135 *BMC xxviii. 14 Bab. cclxxxi. 6
Left Δ Swastika *Newell
Right Ravel iii. 36 *BMC xxxix. 3 Bab. cclxxx. 10
Mint Symbol on left
122 Tainia Anactorium NAY AΓ in monogram (See Eros 41 and Nike 84)
123 Term Corinth
Corinth Term, facing. N
Corinth Δ
Corinth (Large wreath of oak leaves on Athene's helmet)
Corinth B
Corinth A
Leucas Term, bearded, r. on 3 steps, kerykeion at r. Λ
124 Thistle Ambracia Thistle, branch w. flower, up
Ambracia not Anactorium Thistle, branch, up image(=M)
Athene Symbol on right References
Left Ꜹ. Tainia, hanging from ring. (Ravel classifies as Thym.) *Newell BMC xxxii. 11Ravel xix. 6
Left Term, draped, facing w. palm BMC v. 4 DeL. lxxxiv. 2207
Left N. Term, facing *aNewell
Right Bab. ccxiii. 16
Left I. Term, draped, facing w. kerykeion and cornucopia *bNewell† BMC xii. 27 Bab. ccxiv. 8
Left image Term bearded, 1. DeL. lxxxiv. 2208
Right image Term, 1. BMC xiii. 6
Left image Term, 1. BMC xiii. 7 & 8.
Left image Term, bearded, 1. BMC xiii. 14
Right *Ward xi. 465 BMC xxxv. 22Bab. cclxxvi. 5
Right *aRavel xvi. 176BMC xxix. 10Bab. cclxxxii. 5
Right (AH. below Athene) ∢ *bNewell Ravel viii. 93BMC xxxi. 3Bab. cclxxviii. 1
Mint Symbol on left
125 Thymiaterion Ambracia Thymiaterion
Anactorium ΛΥΣΙ
Anactorium ΛΥΣАΓ in monogram
Corinth Thymiaterion, small (or torch holder)
Corinth Dolphin
Corinth Dolphin (also illus. as Ivy 65)
Corinth Dolphin (Illus. as Ivy 65)
126 Thyrsos Corinth Γ
127 Torch Ambracia АМΠΡАΚΙΟΤАΝ
Athene Symbol on right References
Right Ravel xv. 170BMC xxix. 9Bab. cclxxxii. 4
Left Λ Ꜹ. Thymiaterion *aCammann
Left Ꜹ. Thymiaterion *bNewell*cNewellDeL. lxxiii. 1927
Left Ꜹ. Thymiaterion BMC xxxii. 10
Right Thymiaterion small (or torch holder) *aNewellBab. ccix. 16
Right *bCammannBMC iii. 15. 16Bab. ccix. 17
Left Thymiaterion Ravel xix.d
Left ThymiaterionIvy branch below *cNewellBMC iv. 12
Left ThymiaterionIvy leaf Newell
Left Thyrsos, w. fillets *aNewell*bNoe (obverse die †)BMC x. 1Bab. ccxii. 25
Left Torch (race) lighted, large *NewellRavel ix. 101
Left Torch, small, lighted *aNewell
Mint Symbol on left
127 Torch Corinth
Corinth Hand, holding Torch (race) lighted
128 Tortoise Ambracia Tortoise and Serpent, See 108
Corinth Tortoise, 1.
129 Trident Corinth Trident, down
Corinth Trident, small, up
Corinth Trident, no handle, r.
Corinth Trident, ornate, up
Corinth Trident, ornate, up. image
Athene Symbol on right References
Left E. Torch (race) lighted *bCammann*cNewellBMC vi. 4Bab. ccxi. 4
Right Bucranium (often off flan) *dBoston Museum*eMillerBMC iii. 17Bab. ccix. 18
Right *Bab. ccix. 27
Right *aNewell*bNewellBMC ii. 19Bab. ccviii. 30. 31
Left Trident, tines spread, ornate, down *cGallatin†BMC ii. 20Bab. ccviii. 32
Left BMC iii. 8Bab. ccix. 13
Right *dMillerBMC iii. 9
Right Аimage BMC vi. 2Bab. ccxi. 1Nav. v. 2091
Right *eNewellBMC viii. 2
Mint Symbol on left
129 Trident Corinth Trident, ornate, up. K
Corinth Trident, up. image
Corinth Trident, short, up
Syracuse Trident, up
130 Tripod Ambracia АΜΓΡАΚΙΟΤАΝ
Anactorium Tripod. Ꜹ
Anactorium Tripod. image
Anactorium Tripod. Σ Ꜹ
Anactorium Tripod. Σ ꜸΑΝΑ on base.
Athene Symbol on right References
Right A BMC viii. 5Bab. ccxi. 26
Right Flower (?)(Palmette) BMC viii. 3Bab. ccxi. 24
Right Fish (Illus. as Fish) NewellRatto (1927) 1432
Right *Newell
Left Tripod Ravel ix. 100BMC xxvii. 6
Left Tripod (Athene's helmet crested) BMC xxxi. 13
Left Ꜹ. Tripod *aGallatinBab. cclxxvii. 3Nav. v. 2143
Left ΑΝ (retrograde) Tripod. BMC xxxi. 23Bab. cclxxviii. 2
Left image Tripod. BMC xxxi. 24Bab. cclxxviii. 3
Right Ratto (1927) 1147
Right Nav. v. 2144
Right BMC xxxii. 1Bab. cclxxvii. 11Ratto (1927) 1148
Right *bNewell
Mint Symbol on left
130 Tripod Anactorium Tripod in wreathANA on base
Anactorium Ꜹ. Tripod in wreath
ArgosAmph. Tripod
ArgosAmph. Tripod
ArgosAmph. Tripod
Corinth Y∃
Corinth Tripod
Corinth Tripod
Corinth Tripod
131 Triskelis Syracuse Pegasos 1. Triskelis
Athene Symbol on right References
Right Cammannt†BMC xxxii. 2
Right BMC xxxii. 3Bab. cclxxvii. 13
Left Ꜹ. Tripod in wreath *cNewellBMC xxxii. 4Bab. cclxxvii. 12
Right *Newell
Right АΡΓ Bab. cclxxix. 11
Right АΡΓΕΙ BMC xxxiii. 2Bab. cclxxix. 12
Left Tripod, squat *aNewell
Left Tripod BMC vii. 4, 5Bab. ccxi. 14
Right ΕΥ BMC vii. 2
Right Υ BMC vii. 3Bab. ccxi. 13
Right ΕΥΜА *bNewellDeL. lxxxiii. 2193Nav. v. 2089
BMC xxv. 8-9DeL. xlviii. 1275-1277-1279
Mint Symbol on left
131 Triskelis Syracuse Pegasos 1. Triskelis ΣΥΡΑΚΟΣΙΩΝ
Syracuse Triskelis Pegasos 1. Corn-ear ΣΥΡΑΚΟΣΙΩΝ
132 Triton Corinth (neck guard of Athene's helmet sometimes dotted). Α - Ρ
133 Trophy Corinth Λ
Syracuse Trophy of armor
134 Warrior Ambracia A
Ambracia AMB (or II) ΡΑΚΙΩΤΑΝ
Athene Symbol on right References
*CammannBMC xxv. 5-6DeL. xlviii. 1280
BMC xxv. 7
Left Triton w. trident r. *Newell†Bab. ccxiii. 33DeL. lxxxii. 2177DeL. lxxxiii. 2192
Left A. Trophy of armor *NewellBab. ccx. 5Bab. ccxii. 21
Right (Griffin on Athene's helmet) BMC xxv. 7*DeL. xlviii. 1280
Right Warrior armed, crouching r. *aRavel x. 117
Left Warrior, nude, w. helmet, saluting 1. *bNewellRavel xi. 125
BMC xxvii. 5Bab. cclxxx. 17
Left Warrior (?)(Trophy) Bab. ccx. 5
Left N. Warrior (Ares) 1. w. helmet, lance, shield, r. foot on rock. *NewellBMC xi. 7Bab. ccxiii. 15
Mint Symbol on left
135 Wheel Corinth (neck guard of Athene's helmet sometimes dotted). Α-Λ
136 Woman Corinth
137 Wreath ( 9 ) Anactorium
Corinth ΔΙ
Dyrrhachium (?)
Leucas Wreath, floral, enc. Athene
Leucas ΛΕΥ
Leucas (See also for Wreath. Corn, Dove, Grapes, Ivy, Kerykeion, Laurel, Olive, Tripod)
Athene Symbol on right References
Left Wheel *MillerBMC ix. 17Bab. ccxii. 16
Left Woman 1. knotted hair, w. Aphlaston (Nike?) *Newell†
Left Ꜹ. Wreath, Σ in center * NewellBMC xxxii. 5Bab. cclxxvii. 17
Left A. Wreath BMC ix. 3
Left Wreath, Δ in center *aCammann Nav. v. 2095
Left Δ Wreath, radiate *bMiller
Left Wreath BMC xii. 18Bab. ccxii. 4
Left Wreath, Δ in center BMC xxvi. 8Bab. cclxxxv. 13
Left Λ BMC xxxiv. 15Bab. cclxxiv. 20
Left Wreath BMC xxxv. 6Bab. cclxxv. 1
Left Wreath w. lemniskoi A. in center *MillerBMC xxxvi. 14Bab. cclxxvi. 11Bab. cclxxxii. 6(classes as Ambracia)
Mint Symbol on left
138 Zeus Ambracia Zeus, striding r. hurling fulmen
Ambracia A. Zeus r. w. fulmen
Corinth Zeus 1. w. staff
Corinth Δ
Corinth Zeus 1. w. fulṃen and staff
Athene Symbol on right References
Right Ravel xiii. 139*BMC xxviii. 12Bab. cclxxxi. 17
Right Ḋolphin (under Athene) Ravel xiii. 140
Left Zeus r. w. fulmen and staff *aNewell†BMC iv. 14DeL. lxxxiii. 2197
Left Zeus r. w. fulmen *bNewellBab. ccx. 4
Right *cNewellBMC iv. 15
Left I. Zeus, seated r. w. fulmen and eagle *dCammann†BMC xii. 19Bab. ccxiv. 1
Right Lion's head, profile r. Bab. ccx. 1DeL. lxxxiii. 2184Pozzi Sale 1674


End Notes

Bull's Head (No. 19 ϙ a) The head, or forepart of a bull, appears frequently as a symbol on the staters of Corinth and Ambracia, but on one coin of Corinth it is represented in a very unusual and interesting way. This coin has the symbol of a bull's head, almost facing, decorated for sacrifice with fillets hanging from the horns, an exact reproduction in miniature of the typical bull's head on the coins of Euboea. The "Magistrate's initials" (so called) are EY (retrograde) and the letters are formed with ball-endings after the fashion used on Euboean coins of this period. Babelon and the BMC date the EYB series of Corinthian staters 400-350 B. C. Head's Historia Numorum dates the Euboean coins with this type of bull's head 378-338 B. C.
The stater referred to is in the collection at the Bibliothéque Nationale, Paris, No. 328; but it is not exhibited in the show cases. It is illustrated in the Babelon Traité, CCXI. 23, and there are other examples in Mr. Newell's collection and elsewhere, with differing dies.
Cow and Calf (No. 28 ϙ) The BMC XII. 17 illustrates this unique symbol on a Corinthian stater. The cow suckling a calf is the usual type of the coins of Dyrrachium, and the letters on the Corinthian coin are ΔΙ. The coins of this Corinthian series are dated 350-338 B. C. by BMC.
Hook (No. 63 Ec.) This coin with the symbol of a hook, and the letter E has been attributed tentatively by BMC to Echinus, but the E is the only proof offered, and there is no ethnic initial in the more usual place on the Pegasos die. The same symbol of the hook occurs frequently at Leucas, accompanied by the letters EY and sometimes in addition Λ on the obverse. Mr. Miller's coin, illustrated, as 63Λb, shows ƎΛ and throws further doubt on the correct ascription of the Echinus coin, as either Λ or Υ may be off the flan of that piece.
Mouse (No. 83Ꜹ) The symbols on the staters of Anactorium are connected with the worship of Apollo, and include the lyre, tripod, omphalos and palm tree. The little field mouse claims a place among these sacred objects, as it was under the special protection of Apollo Smintheus. Tame mice were kept in a temple of Apollo in the Troad.
Nike (No. 84 ϙ) The symbol of Nike, flying with tainia in her outstretched hands, appears on a great variety of dies. Many of these Nike staters belong to the I group, and are dated by BMC circa B. C. 338. In the collection at the Museum of Syracuse is a stater of exactly this type and period, with the Nike symbol and I. The ϙ beneath Pegasos is replaced by indistinct lettering, and Prof. Orsi interprets these letters as the Punic characters for Eryx, the Carthaginian town in the N. W. of Sicily. Prof. Orsi very kindly gave me a cast of the coin, but the lettering is so faint that the photograph could scarcely serve as a proof of identity.
In BMC, page L, reference is made to a stater of Eryx, of Corinthian type. The coin is now in the Six Collection at the Hague. An engraving, in the catalogue of the Six Collection, shows the head of Athene in Corinthian helmet, facing right, without letter or symbol. There are Punic letters beneath the Pegasos. The coin is of a distinctly different style from the specimen at Syracuse.
Ram (No. 103 Dyr a & b) Special attention should be drawn to Mr. Newell's two coins of Dyrrhachium, illustrated as 103 Dyr. a & b, with an enlargement of b. These coins are of the usual Dyrrahachian style, with the symbol of the club, but in each specimen the helmet of Athene bears a most unusual ornament, a tiny ram's head terminal on the cheek- piece. The bowl of Athene's helmet on the Syracusan staters is frequently decorated with a griffin, but on all other staters of Corinthian type the wreath of leaves (olive or laurel) is the only ornamentation. In the McClean collection at Cambridge there is a stater of Dyrrhachium like Mr. Newell's specimen 103 Dyr. a; it is illustrated in the catalogue of that collection, Vol. II, Plate 183, No. 2, and the ram's head may be clearly seen with a magnifying glass, although no mention of it is made in the text.
Silenos (No. 112 ϙ b) This rare and beautiful coin from Mr. Newell's collection shows the head of Silenos, the god of wine, over the kantharos, the wine cup. The wreathed head, with its snub nose and long beard, bears an odd resemblance to a cluster of grapes. BMC XXXV. 11 and Bab. CCLXXV. 4 each illustrate a stater from the same die, but as these specimens are not in such fine condition, the error has been made in each catalogue of calling the head of the Wine God a bunch of his own sacred fruit and classifying Silenos as "Grapes".
Stylis (No. 118 ϙ) This symbol, mast with yard, (frequently wreathed) is accompanied on Corinthian staters by the letter Λ. Staters at Leucas, bearing the same symbol and letter (initial of Leucas) are placed by BMC in approximately the same period, 330-243 B. C.
Wreath (No. 137 ϙ a) The symbol of a small wreath encircling Δ is identical on staters of Corinth and Dyrrhachium, and BMC p. LIII suggests that both coins possibly should be attributed to Corinth. Mr. Miller's specimen shows a variation, the Δ being outside the wreath, and the tiny leaves of the wreath pointing outward—"radiate".




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