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Noe, Sydney P. (Sydney Philip), 1885-1969
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The title of this volume is self-explanatory, but it does not convey that an attempt has been made to provide more than a bibliography connotes. This foreword is an endeavor to make the aim and some of the limitations clear.

As a bibliography, it was felt that the foremost aim should be saving the time of the trained student. Each hoard is listed under the name of the place from which it is said to have been derived, and these place-names are arranged in alphabetical sequence. The modern form of the place-name is used—e. g., Reggio is preferred to Rhegium. Cross-references avoid complications when the names dif- fer radically—for example, for Naxos, see Schizo. Manifestly, it has been necessary to use the form of the place-name under which the hoard has been published, even though that be an Anglicised or an Italianized or any other than the native form of the name. This often brings difficulties in transliteration of Turkish, Balkan and Asiatic names, and no hard and fast rule that is consistent has been found. When the find-spot is not known, it has been expedient in some cases to enter it under the district, e. g. Crimea; with others, and especially when the section from which it has come is very large, under Unknown locality—cf. this caption. The geographical index helps to remedy the indefiniteness.

The procedure of the various authors who have discussed these hoards from unknown localities is not uniform, and in consequence consistency has been impossible without doing violence to the prescription that each hoard be given the location-name under which it was published. The effort has been to assign to them the caption most likely to be sought. The year of finding is also given in order to provide a simple means for distinguishing between finds made in the same locality.

When a date for the burial of a hoard has been assigned, that is given. When this has not been done in the original publication of the hoard, the date supplied by a later article is sometimes given in parentheses. Any dating, however, should be verified, and this is especially true for articles of many years' standing. Examining these dates critically would have exceeded the scope of this bibliography. They are given primarily as an indication of the period of the hoard. When there is no dating, this may be supplied by anyone studying that hoard.

On the same line with the date is given the number of coins found and the metal. Then follows a list of the cities or rulers represented—generally limited to the names of the mints, although sometimes a fuller description is attempted. The identifications or descriptions are those published. In the older publications, the danger of accepting the assigned attributions is one against which there is hardly need to sound a warning—every experienced worker knows how undependable they are. When an important coin is in question, it may be re-identified if it has been illustrated, or when its disposition has been given—otherwise when any weight is being placed on its presence in a hoard, the argument must depend on the reliability of the one publishing the hoard. The next line is reserved for the disposition of these coins, and when this is not known, the space is left as some may have a fuller knowledge on this point than the compiler. In giving the present whereabouts of a hoard, either in part or as a whole, the practice of referring to national collections, at "Paris", "Athens", etc., has been followed.

The bibliography proper is given next. Here the effort has been to abbreviate no more than is consistent with clarity of reference. Secondary references and re- printings are often given for anyone who may not have both articles; so, too, when there is a translation. References by other authors are quoted, even though very brief, not only because they sometimes provide information which has come to light since the earlier publication, but to save time in finding those references. By some it will be thought that "excessive zeal" has been shown in including certain hoards about which the information is scanty, but because the possible uses to which this material may be put are so varied and so difficult to foresee, the establishing of any consistent criterion is well-nigh impossible, and the decision has been against their omission. When the coins in a hoard are illustrated, that is indicated by the word "Plate" placed at the end of the appropriate article. This may mean that part of a plate, or more than a single plate has been used for this particular article. Such illustrations, when photographic in form, eliminate controversy as to die or to variety—if in addition the present where-abouts of the coin is known, one can proceed on a sound basis of fact.

To afford greater ease in referring to this material, two indexes are placed at the end. The first lists alphabetically the names of the mints and rulers represented in these hoards. Anyone studying the coinage of Himera, for example, can ascertain the hoards in which the money of this city has been found. From this index, one can refer fairly easily to the find-spot of a hoard whose name may have been forgotten, provided of course, that there is some knowledge of the contents of that particular hoard.

The second index classifies the findlocalities by districts. Hoards discovered in Italy are brought together; so with those found in Asia Minor, Crete and elsewhere. This index should aid in locating hoards whose find-spots are indefinite.

It has been necessary to rule out finds of single coins, notwithstanding their significance. It has also proved necessary to eliminate the description of coins found in the course of excavations—sporadic discoveries of single pieces or of a small number which have no pretensions to having formed a hoard. One exception is made with the coins found at Pergamum—one or two others for the Vicarello and similar deposits. It is worthy of note that coins found in the course of excavations are often kept together in the museums to which they have gone. This is done at the National Numismatic Museum at Athens. Many of these pieces—usually much more than half—are so encrusted or defaced as to make recognition impossible, but in establishing facts regarding the circulation of certain issues, information of great value may often be obtained from such material. The sites on which there were finds of numismatic material preserved at Athens are as follows: Amphiareion, Corcyra, Delphi, Delos, Epidauros, Imbros, Ithaca, Olympia, Corinth, Tenos, Thasos, Thermou. There are a few other sites of less importance.

In deciding questions of what might be included as Greek, Head's Historia Numorum has been followed, although there has been a slight letting down to embody some valuable material to be found in the bibliographies of Blanchet and Forrer for Gaulish coins, and of Dessewffy for the barbaric issues in the Balkans.

Strictly speaking, a bibliography would be concerned only with material which has been published. But where it has been possible to learn of forthcoming articles, they have been included. Descriptions of hoards in the Museums of Athens and Constantinople have been included even though they have not been published, and despite that there is no immediate prospect of their publication. This is also true for some of the hoards for the details of which I am indebted to Prof. Orsi.

The extended scale on which it has been possible to prepare this bibliography is due to aid received from many to whom I would make grateful acknowledgment. First of all, I would acknowledge the invaluable aid given by Miss Margaret C. Meagher, the Assistant Librarian of the American Numismatic Society. To her patience and zeal in searching out much of the data and in recording and verifying the many references, this volume is its own abundant testimony. From Professor Dr. Kurt Regling of the Berlin Museum, were received many of the references listed herein—especial importance attaches to the records of hoards in the Museum at Constantinople, which it is to be hoped will be fully published by him in the near future. To Mr. Edward T. Newell, I am grateful for many facts regarding hoards with which he has come into touch in his journeyings, as well as for his constant interest in the gathering of the data herein contained. He has also given most generously of his time and knowledge in settling questions which have arisen. From Prof. Orsi much information regarding hoards found in Sicily was obtained. From M. Michel P. Vlasto many very helpful notes were received. The data regarding coins in the Athens Museum was gathered by me from the careful records kept by the late Dr. Svoronos. Grateful thanks are due to the authorities of that Museum, and especially for personal aid given by Dr. Oikonomos.

It is hardly to be hoped that a reference work involving the copying of so many names and page-numbers, can be printed without error. If, however, the monograph serves to facilitate study and increase the interest in Greek coin hoards, the objective will have been gained.

Sydney P. Noe.

ABAE, Phocis .

Burial—65 image, Æ. Sicyon 26 dr.; Chalcis 8 image; Thebes 2 image; Alexander III 4 dr.; Phocis 3 image; Arcadia 2; Elis 2 didr.; Aegina 2 didr.; Argos 1; Aetolian League 1 Æ; Philip III 2; Achaean League 1; Aenus 1 image; Locri 3 image (1 didr.); Boeotia 6.

Disposition: Athens.

Jour. Hellen. Stud., 1896, p. 302. The classification given above differs slightly from that of the J. H. S.—it is taken from M. Svoronos' record of the hoard.

ABBASANTA, Sardinia Burial—300 Æ. Carthaginian (overstruck).


Bornemann, V. Beitr. zur kenntniss der Sardo-punischen münzen. Blätter f. Münzfreunde, 1900, pp. 117-121. Plate.

ABDERA, 185-.

Burial—13+image. Abdera.

Disposition: Brit. Mus. acq. 6.

Sotheby &Wilkinson Cat. July 12, 1852, pp. 1-2. (H. P. Borrell Coll.)

Cf. also Bompois Sale, 1882, Nos. 562 ff.—also Dupré Sale, 1867, 176-8.

Abu Hommos, Egypt .

Burial—2800 image.

Ptolemaic tetr.


Eddé, J. Boll, di Num., 1905, p. 128-9.

Abu Hommos, Egypt, 1919.

Burial—311-310? B. C. 1000 image. 750 tetr., Alexander III and Philip III; 250 early tetr. of Ptolemy I.

Disposition: King of Egypt, 150; E. T. Newell, 250; remainder dispersed.

Newell, E. T. Egyptian coin hoards. Numismatist, 1924, p. 301; also, Tyrus Rediviva, 1923, p. 10.

ABUKIR, Egypt , 1902

Burial—600+ aurei, 20 Ꜹ Med. 20 gold medallions, 600 aurei, 18 gold bars.

Disposition: Berlin, 5; J. P. Morgan, 8; H. Walters, 4; J. Schiff, 3.

Dressel, H. Fünf Goldmedaillons aus dem funde von Abukir. 86 p. 4 plates. Berlin, 1906.

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ABUSIR, Egypt .

Burial—9 Ꜹ, 44 image. Philip II; Alexander III, tetr. and staters. Pot hoard.

Disposition: Alexandria and Berlin.

Archäol. Anzeig., 1901, p. 59.

ACIPLATANI (Prov. Catania), 1905.

Burial—47+ image. Corinth and Colonies, 40 pegasi; Carthage and Panormus, 7 tetr. Orsi saw a large part of find. A pot hoard.


Prof. Orsi's notes.

ACQUALUNGA, Near Brescia , 1829.

Burial—25 kg. image. Massalia dr. with lion on rev.

Morati, F. Period, di Num., v. 3, 1871, p. 69.

Willers, H. Geschichte der römisch. kupferpragung. Leipzig, 1909, p. 47.

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Burial—240 image. Campano-Tarentine didr. (sim. to Evans "Horsemen" PI. VI, 13).

Disposition: Dispersed.

M. Vlasto's note.

ADALIA, Asia Minor , 1863.

Burial—image. Lycian League, Tlos, Myra.


Weckbecker, C. Aus Syrien. Wiener numis. monatshefte, v. 1, p. 99.


Burial—image. Cherronesus, Chersonesus Thraciae, triobols, Parium, triobols. A few hundred of each found in vase.

Disposition: Prokesch-Osten acq. 32.

Prokesch-Osten, A. Inedita meiner sammlung, 1859, p. 303.


Burial—75 image. Thasos 45; Maroneia 1; Prusias I, 1; Nicomedes I, 13; Alexandria Troas 3; Abydos 1; Lysimachus 11 (Byzantium); all tetr.

Disposition: Constantinople.

Dr. Regling's note.

Aegina, 1888.

Burial—19 Ꜹ, image, Æ. Alexander III 3 Ꜹ st.; Philip III or Alexander III 1 tetr.; Demetrius Pol. 1 image; Athens 11 image, 3 Æ (430-222 B. C.).

Disposition: Athens acq. 9.

Unpub. Material, Athens.

Cf. Svoronos, J. N. Les Monn. d'Athènes. Munich, 1923. Plate 32, Nos. 8-14.


Burial—510+ image. Alexander III 467 dr.; Philip III 43 dr. Also reported to have been found near Chesmi, Asia Minor.


E. T. Newell acq. 510.

Mr. Newell's note.

AGRIGENTUM, seeGirgenti.

AIDONE (Serka Orlando), 1899?

Burial—image. Alexander III, some score tetr.; Philip II 1 tetr. Found under pavement of a house.

Disposition: Dispersed.

Orsi, P. Riv. Ital. Num., 1900, p. 89.

AIDONE, Sicily , 1908.

Burial—250-200 B. C. 48 Æ. Syracuse (215-212 B. C.) 1; Greek, in- decipherable, 1. Uncia (sextantial) 46.

Disposition: Prof. Orsi acq. part.

Orsi, P. Boll, di Num., 1909, p. 127. Cf. Not. d. Scavi, 1909, pp. 66-67.

AINTAB, Syria , 1920-1.

Burial—c. 160 B. C. 96 image.

Alexander III 96 tetr., majority countermarked with anchor or Helios head.

Disposition: E. T. Newell acq. 96. Mr. Newell's notes.

AISAROS' BANKS, Calabria , 1879?

Burial—71+ Ꜹ. Alexander III 20-30 st; Philip Aridaeus 3; Ptolemaic 42.

Disposition: Berlin acq. part.

Duhn, F. Von. Zeit. f. Num., v. 7, 1880, pp. 312-4: v. 8, 1881, p. 6.

Friedlaender, J. Zeit. f. Num., v. 7, 1880, p. 227.

ALBANIA, 1890, see Rumania , 1890? ALCAZAR-KEBEER, see Alkazar.

ALEPPO, 1865?

Burial—image. Tyre, 1/16 stater; Sidon 1/24 stater, with small imitations of Athens. A pot hoard.

Disposition: Turin Museum.

Brandis, J. Das Münz—mass—und gewichtswesen in Vorderasien, 1886, p. 378, note 3.

ALEPPO, 1892.

Burial—(308-7 B. C.). 3000 image. Alexander III; Philip Aridaeus. Unpublished. (Also said to have come from Antioch.)

Disposition: Vienna acq. 270; Constantinople 855.

Voetter, O. (A manuscript account of find in Vienna Cabinet. Transcript of this MS. in Mr. Newell's Library.)

Newell, E. T. Tyrus Rediviva. N. Y., 1923, p. 10.

Newell, E. T. Dated Alexander coinage of Sidon and Ake. 1916, p. 58.

ALEPPO (K........., North Of), 1896.

Burial—c. 150-137 B. C. 150+ image. Alexander III; Lysimachus; Demetrius Poliorcetes; Antiochus I-III; Seleucus II-III; Antiochus Hierax; Antigonus Gonatas; Prusias I; Eumenes II; Attalus II; Antigonus of Asia; Side; Rhodes.

Disposition: J. Rouvier acq. 150 ("almost all").

Rouvier, J. Le monnayage Alexandrine d'Arados. Rev. Num., 1900, pp. 42-44, note 2.

ALEXANDRIA (Near), Egypt , 1900?

Burial—206+ Æ. Ptolemy I (?), Ptolemy X and Cleopatra Cocce; Imperial Greek—Aurelian to Constantius Chlorus (Apparently two hoards).


Schulman Sale, March 25, 1901, p. 59.

ALEXANDRIA, Egypt , 1904?

Burial—900 image. Ptolemy XIII Auletes.


Eddé, J. Boll. di Num., 1905, p. 129, p. 140.

ALEXANDRIA, Egypt , 1908.

Burial—c. 240 B. C. 12+ Ꜹ, image, Æ. Lampsacus staters 4; Ptolemy Soter 4; unidentified bronze.

Disposition: Except the Æ, acq. by J. Eddé.

Eddé, J. Rassegna Num., 1909, p. 55.

Baldwin, Agnes. Num. Zeit., 1915, v. 32, p. 7, note 1.

ALEXANDRIA TROAS, see Bunar-Baschi.

ALKAZAR, Morocco , 1907.

Burial—17 B. C. 4000 image. Juba II; Cleopatra, Ptolemy.

Disposition: Paris acq. 81, Berlin and Algiers Mus. parts; remainder dispersed.

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AMASIA, Pontus , 1860.

Burial—c. 157 B. C. 300+ image. Alexander III 250-300 tetr.; Mithradates IV; Pharnaces I 5; Antiochus III; Seleucids; Antiocheia ad Meandrum 4; Prusias I.

Disposition: Paris (ex de Luynes and Waddington Coll.); Cf. Bompois Sale, 1882, Nos. 1304 and 1549.

Waddington, W. H. Rev. Num., 1863, pp. 217-223. Plate—Mélanges de Numismatique, Ser. II, p. 1-7. Plate.

Berl. Blätter, v. 2, 1865, p. 261.


Burial—116 Æ. Amastris (30—Aegis, rev. Nike; 37—Dionysos head, rev. Thyrsos; 39—Zeus head, rev. Eagle); Sinope 8; Dia 2.

Disposition: Constantinople.

Dr. Regling's note.


Burial—296+ Æ. Amisus, Amastris, Sinope (1 Athena head, rev. Gorgon; 197 w. Aegis rev. Nike; 98 Ares head, rev. Lion); Cabeira; Comana, Chabacte.

Disposition: Constantinople.

Dr. Regling's note.

AMATHUS, Cyprus , 1901.

Burial—Ꜹ, image. 22 Ꜹ "skillings", image ingots. Found in sub-Mycenaean tomb.

Evans, A. J. Minoan weights and currency. Corolla Nuxn., 1906, p. 355 (quoted in Pauly-Wissowa, Real-Ency. VII, 978).

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AMPHIPOLTS, seeYenikeui.

AMPHISSA, seeMyonia.

AMPURIAS, Spain , 1850.

Burial— image. Similar to Auriol Find.

Disposition: J. Gaillard acq. find.

Babelon, E. Traité, v. 1, pt. 2, p. 1581.

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Rev. Num., 1923, pp. 1-7.

ANADOL, Rumania , 1895.

Burial—1000 Ꜹ. Philip II, 11; Philip III, 21; Alexander III, 694; Demetrius Poliorcetes 2; Seleucus I, 1; Lysimachus 250.

Disposition: Leningrad Nat. Hermitage Coll. acq. 979.

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See also Unknown Locality, Asia Minor, 1903.

ANDRITSAENA, Peloponnesus , 1923.

Burial—c. 315 B. C. image. Philip II 10 tetr.; Alexander III 73 tetr.; 1 imitation of Alexander III; Boeotia staters; Aegina staters; Sicyon; Elis.

Disposition: E. T. Newell acq. part.

Newell, E. T. Alexander hoards: Andritsaena. New York City, 1923, 39 p. Plates.

ANGORA (?), Asia Minor .

Burial—after 300 B. C. image. Seleucus I (many), Alexander III, Philip III.

Disposition: Part acq. by E. T. Newell. Newell, E. T. Tyrus Rediviva. New York City, 1923, p. 11.

ANSOUIS (Distr. Apt), France , 1861.

Burial—4000 image. Obols of Massalia.

Disposition: Marseilles 225. Rem. dispersed.

Blanchet, A. Traité des monnaies Gauloises, 1905, P. 598.

Laugier, J. Rev. de Marseilles, 1886/87, p. 450.

Rev. Num., 1861, p. 332.

Antioch, Syria .

Burial—image. Acanthus, Mende, Getas of the Edoni; Ichnaians.


Svoronos, J. N. L'Hellénisme primitif de la Macédoine, 1919. P. 43. Plate.

Babelon, E. Mélanges, III. sér., p. 212 = Journ. Internat., 1898, p. 1.

Antioch, seealso Aleppo —1892.

APT, Vaucluse, 1889?

Burial—100 image. Massalia. Urn treasure.


Blanchet, A. Traité, p. 597.

Rev. Archéol., 1889, II, pp. 422-423.

Rev. Beige, 1890, p. 535.

Aradus, seeNahr Ibrahim.


Burial—Iron. "Spits" and obols.

Disposition: Athens Coll.

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ARITZO, Sardinia , 1858.

Burial—400 Æ. Carthaginian, probably minted in Sardinia.


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ARPAGOT, Asia Minor, 1918.

Burial—5 image. Lysimachus, tetr.

Disposition: Constantinople.

Dr. Regling's note.


Burial—87 image. Neapolis 21; Tarentum 4; Cales 4; Found with 58 Romano-Campanian in clay vase. Accurate list.

Disposition: W. Helbig 25; rem. dispersed.

Helbig, W. Bull. dell'Inst., 1884, p. 140.

ASSIUT, Egypt , 1903.

Burial—Ꜹ. Philip II; Alexander III. Large hoard.


Archäol. Anzeiger, 1904, p. 110.

ASSIUT, Egypt .

Burial—image. Ptolemaic. A large hoard.

Disposition: Melted down.

Archäol. Anzeiger, 1904, p. 110.

ASSUR (Kal'At-Shergat), 1907.

Burial—Amorphous image. Found in a jar.


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ATHENS, 1788?

Burial—26 image. Archaic of wheel type; others with gorgon, owl, horse, triskeles; three with AOE.

Disposition: Paris.

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ATHENS, 1876 (Dipylon Find).

Burial—c. 86 B. C. 58 image. Athens 32 tetr., 22 dr. (New Style); Mithradates VI Eupator 4 tetr.

Disposition: Athens.

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ATHENS (Acropolis), 1886.

Burial—63 image. Athens 37 tetr., 1 dr., 8 ob; 1 wheel dr., 14 wheel ob. and 2 hemi-ob.

Disposition: Athens.

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ATHENS, 1898.

Burial—Lead. Tokens found in Stoa of Attalus.

Disposition: Athens.

Svoronos, J. N. Jour. Internat., v. 9, 1906, p. 288. Cf. also pp. 303 and 317.

ATHENS, c. 1900.

Burial—c. 87 B. C. 100 image. Athens tetr. (186-87 B. C.).


Scholz, J. Monatsblat Num. Gesellschaft Wien, v. 5, 1902, pp. 357-9.

ATHENS, 1906.

Burial—84 Æ. Athens 83; Eleusis 1 (autonomous Æ).

Disposition: Athens.

Svoronos, J. N. Jour. Internat., v. 9, 1906, pp. 298-299.

ATHOS, MT., Canal Of Xerxes, 1839.

Burial—c. 480 B. C. 300 Ꜹ, 100 image. Darics; early tetr. of Athens.

Disposition: British Mus., Paris, and H. P. Borrell acq. parts.

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AURIOL, France , 1867.

Burial—c. 470-460 B. C. 2130 image. Small uninscribed archaic.

Disposition: Marseilles, Paris, F. de Saulcy—remainder dispersed.

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AVOLA, Sicily , 1888.

Burial—360-320 B. C. 33 Ꜹ, 150 image. Ꜹ: Darics 4: Abydos st. 1; Lampsacus 14, Syracuse 14; image; Terina 1; Syracuse 2; Anactorium 3; Himera tetr. ? Argos-Amphilochicum 4; Leucas 2; Corinth 40; not seen 97. Evans and Orsi consider the gold and silver to have constituted separate hoards.

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AVOLA, Sicily , 1891.

Burial—c. 413 B. C. 2000 ? image. Syracuse; Gela; Agrigentum; Leontini. Tetr. of 6th and 5th centuries.

Disposition: Syracuse acq. part. Tamponi, P. Not. d. Scavi, 1891, pp. 345-347.

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AVOLA (Mammanelli), 1914.

Burial—c. 413-405 B. C. 400+ Ꜹ. Syracuse 5th cent.; 100 hectolitra, 100 pentekontalitra; 100 darics.

Disposition: Syracuse and Baron Pennisi di Floristella; E. T. Newell acq. 6.

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AYTOSKA BANJA, Bulgaria , 1910.


Autonomous: Moesia 42; Thrace 377; Asia 18; Macedon 49; unidentifiable 366; Regal: Thrace 229; Macedon 89. Found with Roman and Byzantine in basin of spring.


Filow, B. Archaol. Anzeig., 1911, pp. 350-356.

BABYLON, 1849.

Burial—image. Alexander III decadr. found in ruins of temple.

Disposition: Brit. Mus. and Berlin. Large part melted at Bagdad.

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Burial—109 image. Alexander III 70 tetr., 1 didr., 1 dr.; Philip III 5 tetr.; Seleucus I 26 tetr., 4 dr.; Athenian imitation tetr., 1; Tyre (Owl) 1 didr.

Disposition: E. T. Newell acq. from Prof. Haynes (from Nippur?).

E. T. Newell's note.

BABYLON, 190-.

Burial—image. Alexander III, Lysimachus, Maroneia (or Thasos); Demetrius of Syria (?).


Koldewey, Robert. The Excavations at Babylon, 1914, p. 270. Cf. illus.

BACCHIAS, see Umm-El-Atl.

BABYLON (?), 1914?

Burial—50+ Æ. Seleuceia ad Tigrim 23; overstruck of Mithradates I or II 27.

Disposition: Col. F. M. Allotte de la Fuӱe.

Allotte de la Fuӱe, F. M. Rev. Num., 1919, p. 74.

Cf. also Newell, E. T. Mithradates of Parthia and Hyspaosines of Characene: A Numismatic Palimpsest. New York City, 1925. Six coins similar to those of Mithradates described above and possibly coming from the same hoard furnish data for identifying the under-type as that of Hyspaosines of Characene.

BAENDIR, Aiden, Asia Minor, 1909.

Burial—64 Æ. Greek Imperial (Pius to Salonina) Ephesus 15; Magnesia 2; Metropolis 2; Neapolis Maced.; Perinthus; Cyme; Temnos; Colophon; Smyrna; Aphrodisias; Neapolis Cariae; Tarsus; Saitta; Thyatira; Germa;—one each.

Disposition: Constantinople.

Dr. Regling's MS. notes.

BALUCHISTAN, see Kuh-I-Taftan.


Burial—44 image. Tetr. of Macedon under Romans of three varieties (Gaebler, 159, 176, 178).


Jahrb. Deutsch. Arch. Inst., 1910, p. 402.

BARRAFRANCA, Sicily , 1909.

Burial—c. 210 B. C. 84 Æ. Syracuse, Hieron II with Roman Repub.

Disposition: Syracuse.

Orsi, P. Not. d. Scavi, 1909, pp. 67-70.

Cf. Orsi, P. Boll. Ital. Num., 1909, pp. 157-159.

BASILICATA, Italy , 1860.

Burial—image. Tarentum and Neapolis Camp., large number; Romano-Camp.


Sambon, L. Recherches sur les monnaies de la presqu'île Italique, 1870, p. 32.

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BASILICATA, Italy , 1865.

Burial—after 343 B. C. 26 image. Croton 3; Cumae 3; Heracleia 1; Hyrina 3; Metapontum 2; Neapolis Camp. 2; Nola 1; Tarentum 3; Terina 3; Thurium 1; Velia. 4.


Sambon, L. Recherches sur les monnaies de la presqu'île Italique, 1870, p. 36.

Cf. also Morino hoard, 1860, and Unknown Locality (Italy), 1862.

BASILICATA, Italy , 1910-1912?

Burial—image. Metapontum, tetr. and didr.; Thurium, Croton, Heracleia, didr. Period 380-270 B. C.


Sambon, A. Miscellanea Numis., v. 2, pp. 33-36, illus.

BASSORA, Mesopotamia , C. 1860.

Burial—image, Æ. Parthia: Artabanus II, 10 image; Mithradates II, 6 image, 2 Æ.

Disposition: Prokesch-Osten acq. 18.

Prokesch-Osten, A. Les monnaies des rois parthes de la coll. Prokesch-Osten, 1874-5, pp. 18-21.

BATU-HARIT, see Theadelphia.

BEIRUT (Berytus) Syria .

Burial—1000 Æ, Ꜹ. Æ of Philip II and Alexander III found with their gold coins. Pot hoard.


Blätter f. Münzfr., 1900, No. 245/6, p. 137.

BEITHIR, Syria , 1860.

Burial—600 Æ. Byblus, Berytus, Sidon—Imperial.


Weckbecker, C. Wiener Num. Monatshefte, 1865, v. 1, p. 100.

BEITHIR, Syria , 1901.

Burial—500± image. Sidon dynasts 177 double st.; Athens 2 tetr. (old style).

Disposition: E. T. Newell, parts (ex. Torrey and Rouvier Coll.).

Rouvier, J. Bull. Archéol. Comité des Travaux Hist., 1901, p. 371; Rev. Num., 1902, p. 256. Plate. Cf. also p. 255.

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Burial—image. Samnium (Social War), with Roman denarii.


Duhn, F. von. Zeit. f. Num., 1878, pp. 339-346.


Burial—c. 310 B. C. 200+ image. Tarentum 4; Neapolis Camp. 8; Nola 2; Hyrina 2; Velia 3; Metapontum 2; Capua 3; Samnium.


Evans, A. J. The Horsemen of Tarentum. Num. Chron., 1889, pp. 92-93; 212-215. Plates.

BENHA, Egypt , 1922/23.

Burial—Ꜹ. Ptolemy IV 6 octodr. with portrait of Ptolemy III in rayed crown; 8 or more of the octodr. like B. M. C. Ptolemies, Pl. VII, 4, and several tetr. of the same type.


Newell, E. T. Numismatist, 1924. lP. 302.

BENI-HASAN, Egypt , 1903.

Burial—Fourth century. 65 image. Athens 54 tetr., 1 dr. (5th cent.) Tyre 4, Sidon 14, Gaza, a fragment, with silver bars and rings, in a jar.

Disposition: Liverpool, Archaol. Inst, and W. Macgregor.

Milne, J. G. Rev. Archeol., 1905, pt. 1, pp. 257-261. Rev. Num., 1905, pp. 235-236.

BERESANJ, Island, S. Russia .


Olbia.—Fish money and large Æ.


Archäol. Anzeiger, 1905, p. 62.

BESSAPARA, Thrace , 1895.

Burial—15 Æ. Alexander III, 1; Philip III, 1; Imperial Greek—Domna to Philippus—of Deultum, 8; Hadrianopolis 1; Pautalia 1; Serdica 2; Trajanopolis 1.


Bull. Corr. Hellen., v. 21, 1897, p. 121. Archeol. Anzeiger, 1915, P. 236.

BESSARABIA, see Anadol.

BEYROOT, see Beirut.

BIHAR, Hungary , 1907?

Burial—20 image. Apollonia Illyrici.


Num. Közlöny, 1908, p. 113.

BITONTO, see Palombara.

Bittir, Palestine , 1889.

Burial—350 image, Æ. Judea, second revolt, 46 tetr.; denarii of Eleasar, Simon Barcochba.

Disposition: L. Hamburger (now Br. Mus.), Montague Coll., J. Evans.

Hamburger, L. Zeit. f. Num., v. 18, 1892, pp. 241-348.

B. M. C. Palestine, civ.

BIVONA, see Cammarata.

BIZERTA (Berytus) Tunis , 1905.

Burial—80 image. Athens; Agrigentum; Leontini; Syra- cuse; Messana. 5th cent. One ingot and bracelets.

Disposition: Musée Alaoui at Bizerta; M. A. Merlin acq. parts.

Blanchet, A. Rev. Num., 1907, p. 533.


Burial—800 image. Thasos tetr. and imitations.


Bulet. Num. Soc. Romane, X, 1913, No. 20, p. 67; 28.

BOGATI (Distr. Dambovita), 1913.

Burial—image. Thasos tetr. and Macedon under Romans.


Bulet. Num. Soc. Romane, XV, Nos. 35/36, p. 79, No. 72.

BOGOPOL, S. Russia , 1785.


Pharnaces; Cotys I; Sauromates.


Mém. Soc. d'archéol. et Num. de St. Pétersbourg, v. 4, 1850, p. 240.

BOONARBASHEE, see Bunar-Baschi.

BRENTONICO, Nor. Italy , 1827.

Burial—11 image, El. 5 Gaulish El; 6 image.


Noriller, G. B. I Lavini di Mario celebrati da Dante. Rovereto, 1871, p. 160, Plate I, 1-3, 4-6.

Prof. Orsi's notes.

BRENTONICO, Nor. Italy , 1852.

Burial—257 image. Massalia (barbaric imit.). Found in jar.

Disposition: G. B. Noriller acq. 37.

Noriller, G. B. I Lavini di Mario celebrati da Dante. Rovereto, 1871, p. 159.

Prof. Orsi's notes.

Bromberg, see Schubin.

BRONTE, Sicily , 1915.

Burial—200+ image. Pegasi (several hundred); Syracuse, archaic tetr.; Messana, archaic tetr. Prof. Orsi regards as doubtful the report that decadrachms were found with them.

Disposition: Syracuse acq. a part.

Prof. Orsi's notes.

BRUSQ, Near Toulon, France.

Burial—image, 1500 Æ. Massalia—small no. of silver; and bronze of rare types, found with Roman.


Bull. Archeol. du Comité des Travaux-Hist., 1902.

BUCCHERI, Sicily , 1904.

Burial—c. 134 B. C. 33 Ꜹ, image. Alexander III, 4 tetr.; Philip II, 2 Ꜹ st. and "some" tetr.; Corinth 30 Pegasi; Thasos 3 tetr.

Disposition: Dispersed.

Not. d. Scavi, 1905, pp. 437-438.

Rev. Num., 1906, p. 348.

BUDRUN, Asia Minor , 1888.

Burial—30 ± image, Æ. Halicarnassus 2 image, 21 Æ; Myndus 6 image.

Disposition: W. R. Paton.

Paton, W. R. Num. Chron., 1890, p. 279.

BUNAR BASCHI, Asia Minor , 1875.

Burial—100 image. Lysimachus 50; Mithradates VI 15; Nicomedes II 30; Ariarathes VI 5. Found in jar.


Friedländer, J. Zeit. f. Num., v. 4, 1877, p. 10, illus.

BURWEIN, Switzerland , 1786.

Burial—image. Massalia with Gaulish in bronze kettle.

Disposition: Soc. des Antiq. de Zurich et de Coire.

Blanchet, A. Traité. Paris, 1905, p. 606. CABUL, see Kabul.

CADENET (Distr. Apt), France , 1860.

Burial—1800 image. Massalia. Pot hoard.

Disposition: Marseilles and De Saulcy acq. parts.

Saussaye, L. de la. Rev. Num., 1860, pp. 485-490.

Blanchet, A. Traité des monnaies Gauloises, 1905, p. 597.

Dict. Archeol. Gaule, p. 215.

CADIZ, Spain .

Burial—image, Æ. Gades (?) some with Phoenician inscriptions. 80 varieties found in sea and near city.


Hübner. Monumentae linguae Ibericae. No. 154, p. 124.

Rada y Delgado, J. Medallas autonomas, II, Seville, 1876, 33. Plates.

Pauly-Wissowa, Real-Encycl., v. 7, p. 452.


Burial—c. 130 A. D. image. Large number of Greek Imperial from Tiberius to Hadrian. Found with a remarkable bronze lamp.

Disposition: Paris and E. T. Newell acq. parts; rem. dispersed.

E. T. Newell's analysis of this hoard in MS. in Library of Amer. Num. Soc.

Riv. Ital. Num., 1909, p. 20.

CAIFFA, see Haiffa.

Calabria, 1833.

Burial—c. 460 B. C. 381 image. Incuse: Caulonia 13; Croton 92; Croton and Temesa; Laus 1; Metapontum 86; Siris 1; Sybaris 13; Tarentum 1. Double relief: Caulonia 36; Laus 4; Poseidonia 24; Rhegium 3; Tarentum 39; Syracuse 36 tetr.; Messana 23 tetr.; Agrigentum 1; Gela 1; Athens (?—cf. Avellino).


Sambon, L. Recherches sur les monnaies de la presqu'île Italique, 1870, p. 28.

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Calabria, 1842.

Burial—1000 image. Sybaris; Croton; Caulonia; Tarentum; Pyxus 3; Laus 2. Mainly incuse.


Schulz, E. G. Bull. dell'Inst., 1842, p. 71.

Mommsen, T. Hist, de la monnaie romaine, v. 1, p. 151.

Calabria, 1863.

Burial—175 image. Incuse: Caulonia 12; Croton 66; Laus 1; Metapontum 14; Sybaris 12. Double relief: Caulonia 40; Poseidonia 14; Tarentum 15; Serguntium (not Merusium), 1.


Sambon, L. Recherches sur les monnaies de la presqu'île italique, 1870, p. 34.

Calabria, 1864.

Burial—c. 510 B. C. 87 image. Incuse: Caulonia 8; Croton 20; Metapontum 35; Poseidonia 1; Sybaris 23.


Sambon, L. Recherches sur les monnaies de la presqu'île italique, 1870, p. 35.

Calabria, 1864.

Burial—ante 433 B. C. 97 image. Incuse: Caulonia 1; Croton 12; Metapontum 4. Double relief: Corinth 1; Caulonia 12; Croton 7; Metapontum 6; Pandosia 1; Tarentum 17; Terina 10; Thurium 26.


Sambon, L. Recherches sur les monnaies de la presqu'île italique, 1870, p. 35.

Calabria, 1879, see Aisaros.

Calabria, 1887.

Burial—c. 272 B. C. 500+ image. Tarentum 343 didr.; 68 dr.; Heracleia 13 didr.; Thurium 3 didr.

Disposition: Dispersed.

Evans, Sir A. J. The "Horsemen of Tarentum." Num. Chron., 1889, pp. 153-163; 216-217.

Calabria (Ionian Shore), 1908.

Burial—c. 360 B. C. image. Tarentum, Metapontum (400-380 B. C.), Thurium, Terina, Croton, Corcyra, Corinth.

Disposition: Dr. J. Hirsch.

Vlasto, M. P. Taras Oikistes. New York City, 1922, p. 204.

Calabria, 1920.

Burial—6 image. Tarentum 1; Hippocamp type with crab symbol; Croton 4 incuse st.; Caulonia 1 st.


Vlasto, M. P. Taras Oikistes. New York City, 1922, p. 226, note 99.

CALL AXIS, see Collati.

CALOGERO, MT., see Termini.

CALYMNA, 1823.

Burial—c. 335 B. C. 10,000(?) image. Calymna; Astyra; Cos; Cnidus; Sigli ("several thousand darics"); Mausolus; Idrieus; Pixodarus; Evagoras II. Mainly dr. and didr.

Disposition: Nine-tenths melted.

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Burial— Æ.

Calymna, type of B. M. C. Ionia, p. 197, nos. 134-137. (Overstruck). Part of large hoard.

Disposition: Brit. Mus. (given by J. L. Myres).

Num. Chron., 1923, p. 227.

CAMMARATA, Sicily , c. 1859.

Burial—166 image. Syracuse 3 tetr. and Agathocles 7; Selinus 2; Cephaloedium 2; Siculo-Punic 2; Pegasi 150.

Disposition: G. Romano and the Duc de Luynes acq. parts.

Romano, G. Sopra alcune monete scoverte in Sicilia.... Parigi, 1862, 59 p. Plate. Rhein. Museum, 1905, p. 353.

CAMPLI, Italy , 1894.

Burial—40 tetr. Tyre (after 126 B. C.); Demetrius I Soter; Lysimachus (late BY); Apamea Phrygiae—one each; Eucratides 2. Remainder cistophori.


Barnabei, F. Not. d. Scavi, 1894, p. 190.


Burial—100-200 image. Tetr. of Carthage, Palermo, Athens, Syracuse, some signed by Eukleides (Facing Athena) and Phrygillos.

Disposition: Dr. Hirsch acq. part. Prof. Orsi's notes.

CAMPO LAURELLI, Italy , 1854.

Burial—92 image, Æ. image; Allifae 8; Campania 3; Croton 2; Phistelia 43; Hyrina 3; Metapontum 1; Neapolis 5; Nola 1; Peripolium 2; Tarentum 5; Thurium 2; Velia 5; Æ: Arpi 1; Luceria 1; Teanum 1. The offerings of a sanctuary.


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CANEA (Near), Crete, 1922.

Burial—c. 150 B. C. 1000 image. Cydonia 800: 586 with Aeginetic rev., 200 trihemiob., 14 Ob.; Tanus 11 Ob.; Itanus 1 Ob., 1 dr.; Orion (?) 1; Uncertain of Crete 200; Aegina 2 triob.; Argos 5 hemidr.; Chalcis 1 dr.; Corinth 2; Histiaea 129 tetrob.; Macedon 7 tetrob.; Rhodes 1 didr.; Pot (?) hoard.

Disposition: R. B. Seager and Athens (80±).

Seager, R. B. A Cretan coin hoard. N. Y., 1924. 55 p. 12. Plates.

CANICATTINI, Sicily , 1896.

Burial—80 image. Carthage tetr.; Syracuse 6 decadr.; tetr. of other mints of Sicily.

Disposition: Dispersed.

Prof. Orsi's notes.


Burial—117.Æ, 9 image. Tarentum 1; Nuceria 4; Suessa 4; with Victoriati.

Disposition: Naples.

Cesano, L. Riv. Ital. Num., 1912, pp. 300-304.

CAPUA, Italy , 1855.

Burial— image, Æ. image Neapolis 54; Metapontum 2; Croton 1; Hyrina 2; Tarentum 15; Velia 11; Campania 3. Æ; Capua 2. Also jewelry and precious stones. Hoard?


Ruggiero, M. Scavi di antichita. Napoli, 1888, p. 325.

CAPUA, 1857.

Burial—35 image. Neapolis 2; Romano-Campanian, 33 quadrigati.


Ruggiero, M. Scavi di antichita. Napoli, 1888, p. 333.

CARDITSA, see Myron.

CARIFE, S. Italy , 1896.

Burial—126 image, Æ. Phistelia 1; Aquilonia 1; Roma; Neapolis 44; Arpi 22; Salapia 2; Brundusium 1; Tarentum 2; Heracleia 5; Thurium 3; Mamertini 3; Syracuse 2; 2 uncertain. image, 13, Æ, 17 cast, 86 struck.


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CARLENTINI, Sicily , 1909.

Burial—c. 216 B. C. 23+ Ꜹ, El. Syracuse, Hieron II 5; Pyrrhus 1; Carthage 17 El.

Disposition: Syracuse 23 coins.

Orsi, P. Not. d. Scavi, 1912, p. 372.

CAROSINO, Italy , 1904.

Burial—230 image. Tarentum st. (390-375 B. C.); Terina; Metapontum; Croton; Thurium; Heracleia; Velia; Poseidonia.

Disposition: Taranto acq. 46. (Casts of 22 in Am. Num. Soc.)

Evans, A. J. Num. Chron., 1912, pp. 45, 51, note 61.

List of 66 Tarentine types (Evans Nos.) on file in Libr. of Am. Num. Soc. (Supplied by M. M. Vlasto.)

CARTELLA, Spain , 1867.

Burial—30 image. Emporiae dr.


Zobel de Zangroniz, J. Estudio hist, de la mon. ant. española. Madrid, 1878, v. 1, p. 138.

Delgado, A. Med. autonomas de España. Sevilla, 1876, v. 3, p. 197.

CARYSTOS (?), Euboea , 1860.

Burial—15 image. Carystus.

Disposition: Merlin Coll.

Sotheby, Merlin Sale, Nov. 11, 1861, p. 18, nos. 96-102.

CARYSTOS, Euboea , 1883.

Burial—c. 88 B. C. 103 image. Athens tetr. 70; Carystus 20 dr.

Disposition: Meletopoulos acq. 27 tetr.

Köhler, U. Zeit. f. Num., v. 12, 1885, p. 103.

Meletopoulos, A. N. Parnassus, 1883, p. 777.

Am. Jour. Num., v. 18, p. 82.

CASERTA, Italy , 1889-1890.

Burial—c. 146 B. C. 499 image. Thessaly 3; Aetolia 4; Locri Opuntii 1; Boeotia 2; Thebes 2; Arcadia 12; Megalopolis 9; Sicyon 38; Patrae 18; Messenia 13; Lacedaemon 23; Argos 49; Chalcis 3; Achaian League 322.

Disposition: Berlin (ex Löbbecke Coll.).

Löbbecke, A. Zeit. f. Num., 1908, pp. 275-303.

CASTAGNETO, Italy , 1896.

Burial—35+ Æ, Neapolis Camp. 5; Romano-Campanian 3; Roma 27, with Roman Aes Gr.


Petra, G. de. Not. d. Scavi, 1896, p. 65.

Bahrfeldt, M. Riv. ltal. Num., 1900, p. 82; 1907, p. 364.

Rev. Num., 1897, p. 104.

CASTELAR, see Cadenet.

CASTRI, see Cranidi.

CASTRONUOVO, see Cammarata.

CATANIA (Near), c. 1875.

Burial—Ꜹ. Catana, Agrigentum, Gela, Syracuse. Small module.

Disposition: Dispersed.

Sambon, J. Fixed Price Cat., No. 206, 1903, p. 11; also Fixed Price Cat. of 1885, No. 248, p. 20.

CATANIA, Sicily , 1907?

Burial— image. Camarina, Agrigentum. 5th century coinages.


Le Musée, 1908, p. 40.

CATANIA, 1922.

Burial—Æ. Rhegium, Mamertini,—small pieces. Found with 3 kilograms of Roman asses.

Disposition: Dispersed.

Prof. Orsi's notes.

CATCHITZA, Bulgaria , 1918.

Burial—c. 270 A. D. 438 Æ. Dionysopolis, Odessus, Tomis, Marcianopolis, Anchialus, Bizya, Mesembria.

Disposition: Sofia Coll.

Mouchmoff, N. A. Rev. Num., 1922, pp. 58-72; 149-172. 3 Plates.

Moisil, C. Bulet. Soc. Num. Romane, July, 1922, p. 106.

CAVA DEI TIRRENI, Camp., 1908.

Burial—90 Æ. Paestum formed 1/3 of find; Campania; Bruttium; Lucania; Sicily; with 47 Aes Grave.


Petra, G. de. Not. d. Scavi, 1908, p. 84.

CAVARNA, Rumania , 1915.

Burial—Æ. Scythian Kings (Canites, Sarias and Tanusa).

Disposition: Bucharest (Rum. Acad.).

Bulet. Num. Soc. Romane, 1916, No. 27, pp. 1 and 42 (No. 62).

CECINA, 1858.

Burial—5 Ꜹ, 84 image. Populonia 5; Massalia 84.

Disposition: Florence acq. 11, Strozzi, part.

Gamurrini, G. F. Periodico di Num., v. 6, 1874, p. 68, note 1.

CHALCIS, Euboea .

Burial—17 Æ Ingots.

Disposition: Athens.

Evans, A. J. Corolla Numis. Oxford, 1906, p. 359.

CHALCIS, Euboea , 1913.

Burial— image. Carystus 10 (Cf. Pozzi Sale, Nos. 1472-3); Carystus (with the cock), 21; 61 Euboean dr. of Chalcis and Carystus; 120 flans without die impress.

Disposition: Dispersed.

From record in Berlin Museum furnished by Dr. Regling.

CHALKI (Island Near Rhodes), 1903.

Burial—c. 390 B. C. 233 image. Samos 5 tetr.; Rhodes 135 half-dr. (sim. to B. M. C. Caria, Pl. XXXVI, 2-4); Athens 1 triob. (B. M. C. Pl. V, 14); Chios 1 st.; 91 tetrob.

Disposition: Constantinople.

Dr. Regling's notes.


Burial—522 Æ. Characene with Aramaic inscrip.

Disposition: Brit. Mus. ex C. J. Rich Coll.

B. M. Cat. Arabia, p. cxcv.

CHEBRON, see Hebron.

CHERSONESE (Thracian), 1905.

Burial—50 image. Cyzicus.


Hasluck, F. W. Num. Chron., 1906, p. 26.

CHEBRON, see Bittir.

CHESMI (Asia Minor), 1918, see Afiun-Kara-Hissar .


Burial—43 Æ. Blanks for coining.


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CHESTE, Near Valencia, 1864.

Burial—219-214 B. C. 47 image. Carthaginian and Hispanic found with Roman bars. Conflicting data.


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CHIOS (Pithyos), c. 1885.

Burial—334-332 B. C. 220 image, image. Chios 144 Æ, 19 image; Ephesus 1 image; Erythrae 26 Æ; Miletus 13 image; Cos 2 image; Rhodes 1 image; Mausolus 12 image; Pixodarus 2 image.

Disposition: Berlin (ex Löbbecke and Imhoof-Blumer Coll.).

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CHIOS, 1890.

Burial—13 image, El. Cyzicus 7 El. st.; 2 El. hectae; Chios 4 image dr.


Greenwell, W. H. Num. Chron., 1893, p. 82. Plates.

Cronica Num. si Arheolog., June, 1923, p. 18.

CHIOS, 1912?

Burial—3rd century. Æ. Chios. Fairly large hoard.

Disposition: Dispersed.

Mavrogordato, J. Num. Chron., 1916, p. 283, 290. Plate.

CHIOS, Dec. 17, 1913.

Burial—23 image. Chios.

Disposition: Athens.

Unpub. Material, Athens Nat. Num. Mus.

CHIOS, 1913.

Burial—59 image. Chios 4 didr. c. 490 B. C.; 11 didr., 44 tetrob., 478-412 B. C.

Disposition: Athens.

Unpub. Material, Athens Nat. Num. Mus.

CHIOS (Phanae), 1914.

Burial—50 image. Chios (in precinct of Apollo).


Amer. Jour. Archaeol., 1920, p. 94.

CHIOS, 1917.

Burial—37 Æ. Chios.

Disposition: Athens.

Unpub. Material, Athens Nat. Num. Mus.

CHIOS, 1919.

Burial—9+ image. Athens 2 or more; Chios 7.

Disposition: Athens—part of hoard. Seltman, E. T. Athens; its history and coinage. Cambridge, 1924, p. 148.

CHIRAZ, see Shiraz.


Burial—c. 380 B. C. 141 image. Athens: 35 ante 407 B. C., 1 after 397 B. C., 3 imitations; Syracuse 1; Byzantium 5; Calchedon Bith. 1; Sinope 3; Miletus 4; Samos 1; Aspendus 4; Side 1; Tlos 1; Celenderis 2; Soli 7; Mallus 2; Issus 2; Cyprus; Evagoras 1, 2; Citium 2; Aradus 3; Tyre 2; image sigli of Persian kings from Xerxes to Artaxerxes III, 48; 21 uncertain; Satrapal issues of Tiribazus 11.

Disposition: Brit. Mus. 48; rem. E. T. Newell.

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CITIUM, see Larnaca.

CITTANUOVA, Calabria , 1879.

Burial—c. 510-494 B. C. 600 image. Metapontum incuse didr.; Croton. Neapolis; Caulonia, Laus, Tarentum 2, Sybaris, Poseidonia 2.

Disposition: Naples and Berlin.

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CITTAVECCHIA (Anc. Pharos), 1836.

Burial—55+ image, Æ. Pharos, Issa, Heracleia Illyrici.


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CLAZOMENAE (?) 1875?

Burial—c. 412 B. C. 98+ image, El. Lampsacus 20 El st.; Cyzicus 81 El st.; 1 daric (early).

Disposition: Part went to England.

Head, B. V. Num. Chron., 1876, pp. 277-298; 1877, pp. 169-176. Plates.

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CLAZOMENAE, seealso Vourla.

CLYSMA, seeSuez Canal.

CNIDUS (?) 1855?

Burial— image. Cnidus (early).

Disposition: C. W. Huber acq. a part.

Huber, C. W. Num. Zeit., 1870, p. 240.

CNIDUS, 1907?

Burial—13 image. Cnidus 13.

Disposition: Athens.

Svoronos, J. N. Jour. Internat., 1913, p. 50; 1908, p. 267.

COLLATI (Callatis), Bul., 1900?

Burial—Æ. Callatis, with bronze weight of Callatis.

Disposition: L. Ruzicka acq. part.

Ruzicka, L. Zeit. f. Num., v. 30, 1913, p. 295. Plate.

CONSTANTINE, N. Africa , 1912?

Burial—after 79 B. C. 136 image. 14 tetr. "of Athens or Carthage"; 12 Massalia; found with Romano-Iberian and Roman Consular.


Charrier, L. Déscription des monnaies de la Numidie et de la Maurétanie. Macon, 1912, p. 10.


Burial—110 image. Istrus (12 inedited var.).

Disposition: Coll. Dr. G. Severeanu.

Bulet. Soc. Num. Romane, 1920, p. 20.

CONTESSA, Sicily , 1888.

Burial—c. 387 B. C. 101 image. Athens 2 archaic; Leucas 1; Rhegium 2; Agrigentum 2; Camarina 1; Catana 3; Gela 9; Eryx 4; Himera 1; Leontini 3; Messana 15; Motya 6; Segesta 1; Selinus 1; Syracuse 26, archaic and signed; Siculo-Punic 24. All tetr. except 5.

Disposition: Palermo.

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COPAIS LAKE, Boeotia , 1908.

Burial—1549 Æ. Boeotian, 1449, all of same type, restruck on coins of Antigonus Doson; Macedon 1; Euboea 1.

Disposition: Athens.

Svoronos, J. N. Jour. Internat. Num., 1908, pp. 230-232; 1911, p. 64.

Dressel, H. Zeit. f. Num., v. 33, 1922, p. 167.

CORCYRA, 1914.

Burial—12 image, 96 Æ. Corcyra (parts of two hoards). Types of B. M. C., Thessaly to Aetolia, Plate XXI, 1-2; XXIII, 6, 11, 14, 16, 17; XXIV, 12, 13, 15; XXV, 1, 2; XXVI, 6. Found with 1 Roman image.

Disposition: Athens.

Unpublished material, Athens Nat. Num. Mus.

CORNUS, seeScano.


Burial—5 Æ. Peparethus 3; Athens 1 archaic tetr.; Mende 1 archaic tetr.

Disposition: W. Greenwell acq. a part. Wroth, W. Jour. Hellen. Stud., 1907, p. 95, illus.

Babelon, E. Traité, v. 1, pt. 2, 1907, p. 1267. Plate.

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COS, 1910?

Burial—21 image. Cos.

Disposition: J. G. Milne.

Milne, J. G. Num. Chron., 1912, pp. 14-20. Plate.

COS, 1911?

Burial—10+ Æ. Cos.

Disposition: J. G. Milne.

Milne, J. G. Num. Chron., 1912, pp. 14-20. Plate.

COSENZA, seeRose.

COSTIEVO, Bulgaria.

Burial—Æ. Rhoemetalces I with Roman Imp., Trajan and Aurelian.


Comptes-Rendus Acad. Inscr., 1903, p. 646.

CRANIDI (Near Kastri, Anc. Hermione), 1863.

Burial—500+ image, Æ. Hermione image; Aegina image; Tiryns Æ; Scyros Æ. A pot hoard.

Disposition: Athens and A. de Courtois.

Courtois, A. de. Rev. Num., 1864, pp. 178-186. Plate.

Svoronos, J. N. Jour. Internat., 1907, PP. 1-34. Plate.

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CRETE, 190-.

Burial—20 image. Athenian tetr. (new style).

Disposition: Candia Mus.

Svoronos, J. N. Riv. Ital. Num., 1908, p. 316. Illus.


Burial—19 Æ.



Corolla Num. Oxford, 1906, p. 358.


Burial— image. Cydonia; Eleuthernae; Gortyna; Hierapytna; Phaestus; Polyrhenium. Incompl.

Disposition: Berlin.

Dressel, H. Zeit. f. Num., 1898, p. 321.


Burial— image.

Phaestus didr., with other coins.

Disposition: Berlin.

Sallet, A. von. Zeit. f. Num., 1885, v. 13, p. 69.


Burial—c. 322 B. C. 34+ image. Sinope drachms.

Disposition: British Museum.

Robinson, E. S. G. Num. Chron., 1920, pp. 1-16. Plate.


Burial—Æ. Coins of Sicily, Peloponnesus, Macedon, Asia Minor and large numbers of Rhodes, Olbia, Panticapaeum, etc.


Musée de Prince Kotschoubey. St. Petersburg, 1857, v. 2, p. 37.

CURINGA (Catanzaro), 1916.

Burial—c. 470-460 B. C. 192 image. Croton 73; Metapontum 71; Sybaris 4; Caulonia 45.

Disposition: Catanzaro Mus. 192;

Temporarily (1921) at Syracuse, pending completion of the above Mus.

Orsi, P. Atti 1st. Ital. Num., v. 3, 1917, p. 31. 2 Plates.

Not. d. Scavi, 1916, p. 186.

Casts of Metapontum staters in Mus. of Am. Num. Soc.


Burial—2000 image, El. Apollonia Thrac.; Mesembria; Istrus; Cyzicus El.


Bulet. Num. Soc. Romane, X, 1913, 20, p. 63, No. 23.

Cronica Num. si Arheolog., June, 1923, p. 18. (Differs from the Bulet., giving 200 coins in find.)

CYCLADES (?) 1889?

Burial—144 Æ. Aegina 114; Carthaea 4; Delos (?) 11; Paros 2; Siphnos 4; Miletus (?) 2; Chios (?) 3; Cos (?) 4—all didrachms.


Greenwell, W. Num. Chron., 1890, pp. 13-19. Plate.

CYME, Euboea .

Burial—17 Æ ingots.

Disposition: Athens acq. 16.

Svoronos, J. N. Jour. Internat., v. 9, p. 168. Plate.

Pauly-Wissowa, Real-Encycl., v. VII, p. 973.

DADIA (Near Cnidus), 1911.

Burial—262+ image. Cnidus tetrob. with obv. Artemis, rev. tripod; diobols, obv. Aphrodite rev. Buirs head.

Disposition: E. T. Newell acq. 128; Constantinople, 70; F. Imhoof-Blumer; J. G. Milne.

Milne, J. G. Num. Chron., 1911, pp. 197-198, 1914, pp. 378-381.

Imhoof-Blumer, F. Num. Zeit., 1912, p. 198. Plate.

Newell, E. T. Note regarding coins from this hoard, acq. by him, in A. N. S. Library.

DAIENI (Distr. Tulcea), 1919.

Burial—2000 image. Istrus.


Bulet. Num. Soc. Romane, X, No. 19, 1913, p. 22, No. 15.

Moisil, Comte. Com. Lit., xliii (1909), p. 751.

DALI (Anc. Idalium) Cyprus , 1869.

Burial—c. 410-400 B. C. 344+ Æ. Two finds. 1. Cypriote with Phoenician inscriptions; 7 early Athen. tetr.

2. Cypriote 4th cent, coins of Citium, Amathus, Paphus, Salamis, Idalium.

Disposition: Brit. Mus. acq. large part. Lang, R. H. Num. Chron., 1871, pp. 1-18, illus.

B. M. Cat. Cyprus, xlviii-ff.

Six, J. P. Rev. Num., 1883, p. 257.

Hill, G. F. Num. Chron., 1914, p. 105. Naville. Sale of Brit. Mus. dupl., June 18, 1923, pp. 114-115.

DAMIETTA, Egypt , 1894?

Burial— image. Cyrene, small archaic.


Weber, H. Num. Chron., 1899, p. 283. Plate.

DASCHEFF, Russia , 1785.

Burial— image ? Mithradates.


Koehne. Mem. Soc. Imp. d'Archeol. St. Petersbourg, IV, 1850, p. 240.

DEÉCS, Hungary , 1902?

Burial—200+ image. Apollonia, Dyrrachium, drachms.


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Bull. Internat., v. 2, 1903, p. 5.

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DECIMOPUTZO, Corsica , 1879.

Burial—1000 Æ ? Carthage (Head of Persephone, rev. Horse w. palm).

Disposition: G. A. Varis acq. 300; rem. dispersed.

Not. d. Scavi, 1879, p. 164.

DELOS, 1905.

Burial—457 image. Three finds of Athenian coins of 230-180 B. C. (1). 13 tetr., 22 dr. (2). 52 tetr., 98 dr., 23 triob. (3). 249 tetr.

Disposition: Athens.

Svoronos, J. N. Jour. Internat. 1906, pp. 254-267.

Rev. Num., 1907, p. 414.

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DELOS, 1906.

Burial—43 Æ. Athens, tetr., dr., ½ dr. of New Style.

Disposition: Athens.

Svoronos, J. N. Jour. Internat., 1907, PP. 192-193.

Rev. Num., 1908, p. 272.

DELOS, 1911.

Burial—250 image. Athens, New Style. Two other Delos hoards are in the Athens Nat. Num. Mus., one containing 90 coins (New Style) and the other 50 pieces of Old Style. Specimens illustrated in Svoronos' Les Monn. d'Athènes. Plate 30.

Disposition: Athens.

Unpublished material, Athens Nat. Num. Mus.


Burial—114 Æ. Athens (Kleruchs) 91; Delos 11.

Disposition: Athens.

Svoronos, J. N. Jour. Internat., 1900, pp. 51-54.

DELPHI, Greece , 1896.

Burial—252 image. Delphi 5th century triobols. Two finds?

Disposition: Athens.

Svoronos, J. N. Jour. Internat., 1906, pp. 280-281.


Burial—Ꜹ. Darics, Philip II, Lampsacus (uned.) Egypt (?) hieroglyphic.

Disposition: Dispersed.

Chassinat, E. Une monnaie d'or a légendes hieroglyphiques trouvée en Égypte. Bull, de l'lnst. Frangais d'Archéol. Orientale, v. 1, 1901, p. 78.

DEMANHUR, Egypt , c. 1900/1901.

Burial—55 image. Lete; Thasos; Dicaea Maced.; Corinth; Miletus; Delos; Chios; Cos; Lycia; Teos; Cyprus; Cyrene; many "incerti".

Disposition: Berlin.

Regling, K. Frankfurter Munz-zeit., 1917, p. 257, note 14 and note to compiler from Dr. Regling.

DEMANHUR, Egypt , 1905.

Burial—318 B. C. 8000+ image. Alexander tetr. Probably a pot hoard.

Disposition: See Newell's "Demanhur", pp. 2-5.

Newell, E. T. Alexander hoards: Demanhur, 1905. N. Y., 1923, 62 p. 8 Plates.

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Denia (anc. Dianium), Spain .

Burial—16 image. Massilia; Sicily; Rhodes—prior to 360 B. C. Data vague.


Archeologia, v. 60, p. 89.

DIDYMOTICHON, Bulgaria, 1873?

Burial—1000+ image. Maroneia; Thasos; Cherronesus; Parium; Abdera; Abydus.


Tachella, D. E. Rev. Num., 1898, p. 214.

DIMEH, Egypt .

Burial—Æ ? Hoard of Alexandrine coins exhibited in London and described in a Catalogue of Egyptian Antiquities on view at University College, London, 1902.


Rev. Et. Grecques, 1902, p. 434.

DIPYLON FIND, see Athens 1876. DIZFUL, Persia .

Burial—Æ. Elymais.

Disposition: Brit. Mus. acq. part.

B. M. Cat. Arabia, 1922, p. clxxxv, note. Some coins on Plates.

DJINET, CAPE, Algeria , 1902?

Burial—25 image. Juba II and his son, Ptolemy.

Disposition: Musée d'Algiers.

Gsell, M. Bull. Archeol. Comité des Travaux Hist., 1903, p. CIX. Also Mélanges d'archéol. et d'hist., 23, (1903), p. 277.

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DOBRTTCH, seeSaradjaschak-Weli.

DOGANDSCHI, Bulgaria , 1912.

Burial—17 Æ. Thracian kings, overstruck.

Disposition: Sofia.

Mouchmoff, N. A. Num. Zeit., v. 51, 1918, pp. 52-54. Plate.

DUDIAL, Hazara Distr., India , 1906.

Burial— image. Dr. of Apollodotus, Menander, Antialcidas, Antimachus Nikephorus.


Whitehead, R. B. Num. Chron., 1923, p. 342.

DURAZZO, Dalmatia , 1894.

Burial—50 image. Dyrrachium drachms.


Monatsblatt Num. Gesell. Wien., v. 4, 1898, pp. 276-278, illus.

DYRRHACHIUM, seeDurazzo.


Burial— image. "Hacksilber" find without coins.


Brugsch. Annales du Service des Antiq. de l'Égypte, VII, 1906, p. 16.

EGYPT, Delta, 1856?

Burial— image. Alexander III; Ptolemy I Soter; Arsinoe II. Found in vase.

Disposition: C. W. Huber acq. 8 tetr., H. Reichardt and A. Schledehaus, parts.

Huber, C. W. Wiener Num. Monstahefte, v. 3, 1867, p. 20. Plate. Num. Chron., 1862, p. 163.

Huber Coll. Sale, June 4, 1862, p. 91, Nos. 942-946 and 995.

Waddington, W. H. Melanges de Num. Paris, 1867, p. 50.

EGYPT, Delta (?), 1857.

Burial—7 image. Egypto-Arabian and Arabian imitations of Greek types.

Disposition: Osnabruck Coll.

Erman, A. Zeit. f. Num., 1882, v. 9, pp. 299-301. Plate.

Schledehaus, A. Typhon auf alt-griechischen autonom-münzen. In Grote, H. Münzstudien, v. 2, pp. 484-489.

EGYPT, 187-.

Burial—3+ image. Terone, Bisaltae and the Derrones.

Disposition: Brit. Mus.

B. M. Cat. Macedon, 1879, p. 107, 141, 151.

EGYPT, Delta, 1887.

Burial—c. 500 B. C. 24 image. Thasos; Lete; Sermyle; Mende; Dicaea; Neapolis; Athens; Corinth; Cyzicus; Miletus; Chios; Samos; Cos; Lycia; Cyprus; Tyre; Uncertain 4.

Disposition: Boston (2 Mende), Br. Mus. (Dicaea).

Greenwell, W. Num. Chron., 1890, pp. 1-12. Plate.

Dressel, H. Zeit. f. Num., 1900, v. 22, pp. 255-258.

EGYPT, 1893.

Burial—44 image. Alexander III, tetr. (questionably a hoard).

Disposition: Musée Greco-Romaine, Alexandria ?

Dutilh, E. J. Annuaire de Num., 1895, p. 73.

EGYPT, 1894.

Burial—before 311 B. C. 79 image. Alexander III, 56 tetr.; Philip Aridaeus 9; Alexander IV Aegus (Ptolemy I) 14.

Disposition: Musée Greco-Romaine, Alexandria, acq. part.

Dutilh, E. J. Annuaire de Num., 1895, pp. 74-92, illus.

EGYPT, Upper, 190-.

Burial—112 Ꜹ. Arsinoe II octadr.


Eddé. Boll, di Num., 1905, p. 129.

EGYPT, 1900?

Burial—Ꜹ. Lydia (Croesus staters).

Disposition: Berlin 5.

Zeit. f. Num., v. 24, Jahresberichte, 1901-2, p. 25.

EGYPT, Lower, 190-.

Burial—140 Kg. Æ. Ptolemaic.


Eddé, J. Boll, di Num., 1905, p. 129.

EGYPT, 191-.

Burial—c. 19-24 B. C. 200 image. Ptolemy II Philadelphus 1 tetr.; Ptolemy XIII 61. Found with Roman Imperial.


Milne, J. G. Num. Chron., 1910, pp. 333-339. Plate.

EGYPT, Delta, 1922.

Burial—221-204 B. C. 21 image. Ptolemy IV, 18 Serapis and Isis tetr. (incl Nos. 67-70, Pl. 3 of Ciani Sale, Oct. 16, 1923); 1 Berenice image pentadr., 1 small Berenice 2½ dr. (No. 66 of Ciani Sale); 1 tetr. of Ptolemy II, Asiatic fabric.

Disposition: Dr. Eddé.

Newell, E. T. Egyptian coin hoards. Numismatist, 1924, p. 301.

EGYPT, Lower, 1923.

Burial—168 Æ. Greek Imperial of Vespasian, Domitian, Trajan, Hadrian, Sabina, Antinous, Antoninus Pius. Latest coins 12th year of Antoninus Pius.


Newell, E. T. Egyptian coin hoards. Numismatist, 1924, p. 301.

ELEUSIS, 1883?

Burial—c. 450 B. C. 7 image. Athens archaic triob., Eretria didr. &triob; 4 Wappenmunzen.

Disposition: Dispersed.

Köhler, U. Ath. Mitth., 1884, pp. 357-362.

Seltman, C. T. Athens; its history and coinage, p. 146.

ELEUSIS, 190-.

Burial—281+ Æ. Athens 267; Thessalonica 1; Argolis 1. Found with Roman Æ.

Disposition: Athens.

Svoronos, J. N. Jour. Internat, v. 7, 1904, pp. 109-142. Plates.

Berl. Münzblatter, 1905, p. 178.

Num. Chron., 1903, p. 322. Plate X.

Amtliche Berichte, 1904, p. LXXIX.


Burial—285 image. Greek Imperial: Lycian dr., Lyre type; Syrian tetr. chiefly of Antioch; fractionals of Cappadocia. Found with Roman denarii.

Disposition: Athens.

Svoronos, J. N. Jour. Internat., 1907, p. 230.

Elis, 1918.

Burial—Ꜹ, El. Cyzicus 1 El st.; 11 darics; also (?) 1 image of Epirus.


Unpub. Material, Athens Nat. Num. Mus. 3 other EL st. and 1 daric said to have come from this hoard were seen by Mr. Newell in Athens.

EL-KSAR, see Alkazar.

ENKOMI, Cyprus.

Burial—Ꜹ. Fragments of ingots and other pieces.


Regling, K. Geld. Pauly-Wissowa, Real-Encycl., v. 7, p. 978.

ENKOMI, Cyprus , 1896.

Burial—1 Æ. Ingot, engraved.


Murray, Smith &Walters. Excavations in Cyprus, pp. 1-54.

Svoronos, J. N. Rev. Beige, 1908, p. 311. Pauly-Wissowa, Real-Encycl., v. VII, p. 978. Bull. Palet. ltal., 1904, p. 97.

ENNS, Austria , 1904.


Philippopolis Thraciae and other Greek Imperial.

Disposition: Enns Mus.

Kubitschek, W. Mittheil. K. K. Zentral-Kommission, 3, ser., v. 4, 1904, p. 262.

EPHESUS, 1905.

Burial—c. 560 B. C. 93 El. Lydia (Gyges ?); Cyme (?); Phocaea. 19 coins in small jar.

Disposition: Constantinople.

Head, B. V. Hogarth, D. G. Excavations at Ephesus. London, 1908, pp. 74-93. Plates.

Picard, Ch. Ephèse et Claros, p. 24, 68ff.

EPHESUS (?), 1912?

Burial—20 Æ. Alexander types of Asia Minor, countermarked—c. 302-280 B. C.

Disposition: J. G. Milne.

Milne, J. G. Ntfm. Chron., 1913, pp. 395-397.

EPIDAURUS, 1893, see Sophikon.


Burial—287-281 B. C. 61 image. Alexander III, 37 tetr. &dr.; Lysimachus 3; Demetrius Pol. 4; Philip Aridaeus 1; Athens 12; Epidaurus 4.

Disposition: Athens.

Keramopoullos, A. D. Ephem. Archaiologike, 1903, p 97. Plate.

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Rev. Num., 1904, p. 276.

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Burial— image. Apollonia.

Disposition: Capt. MacDonald.

Sotheby Sale, A Gentleman (MacDonald Coll.), June 21, 1847, p. 6, Nos. 100-111.

Eretria, Euboea , 185-.

Burial—48+ Ꜹ. Philip II 2; Philippi 10; 36 darics.


Lambros, P. Sur six médailles d'or inédites de Philippi. Corfou, 1855, 15 p. Plate.

Eretria, Euboea , c. 1870.

Burial—c. 490 B. C. image. Athens, archaic tetr.; Eretria tetr., dr.; Wappenmünzen.

Disposition: Part melted down.

Köhler, U. Ath. Mittheil. IX, 1884, p. 355.

ERYTHRAE, Asia Minor , 1923.

Burial—90 El, image. Uncertain of Ionia (?), half-st. (like Babelon, Traité, Pt. III, Tome 1, Pl. III, 5); Phocaea, hectae, 8; Lesbos, hectae, 57; Chios image dr. 10; Erythrae didr. 3; Clazomenae didr. 3.

Disposition: R. Jameson and E. T. Newell acq. parts, remainder dispersed.

Note supplied by E. T. Newell.

ESSEG, seeEszek.

ESTE (Baratela), Italy .

Burial—11 image. Massalia light dr.


Ghirardini. Not. d. Scavi, 1888, p. 204.

ESZEK (Anc. Mursia), Croatia.


Greek Imperial.


Celestin. Vjesnik hrvatskoga arheol. drustya, VII, 1903/04, pp. 15-29.

FALCONARA, Near Noto, Sic., 1902.

Burial—700+ image. Athens, Syracuse &other Sicilian mints.

Disposition: Dispersed.

Prof. Orsi's notes.

FELSO-SEBES, Transylvania , 1835.

Burial—469 image. Apollonia, Dyrrachium, Dacia.

Disposition: Vienna acq. 58 Dyrrachium.

Seidl, J. G. Archiv. f. Oesterr. Geschichtsquellen, v. 9, 1853, p. 165.

FEODOSIA, Crimea , 1901.

Burial—1000 Æ. Panticapaeum. Found in a vase. Disposition:

Bull. Internat. di Num., v. I, 1902, p. 43.

Blatt. f. Munzfr., 1901, p. 211.

Athenaeum, July 31, 1901.

FETHIE, Near Mentesche, Asia Min.

Burial—55 image. Rhodes didr. &dr. (400-166 B. C.).

Disposition: Constantinople.

Dr. Regling's notes.

FISCHHAUSEN, seeSchubin.

GALLATZ, Dacia, 1840?

Burial—4000 image. Dyrrachium, Rhodes, Thebes. Found with large hoard of Roman Imp. and Barbaric imitations (Celtic).


Neigebaur. Archäol. Zeit., Beilage, 1848, pp. 110-111.

GARBIEH, Egypt , 1896?

Burial—Ꜹ, image. Philip II 4 gold st.; Attic tetr.; Phoenician king of Citium, c. 368 B. C. (?); 4 darics. Incomplete.

Disposition: Alexandria.

Dutilh, E. D. J. In Rev. Belge, 1905, p. 162. Cf. also, Jour. Internat., 1898, v. 1, p. 148.

GARBINO, Bulgaria .

Burial—22 image. Alexander III, 18 dr.; Philip III, 2 dr.; Antiochus I, 1 dr.; Histiaea 1 half-dr.

Disposition: Sofia.

Archäol. Anzeiger, 1915, p. 236.

GEDROSIA, see Kuh-I-Taftan.

GELA, see Terranova Di Sicilia.

GERACE ? (Anc. Locri).

Burial—97 Ꜹ. Locri. Pot hoard.


Fiorelli, G. Monete inedite dell'ltalia antica. Napoli, 1845, p. 22, note.

Riccio, G. Repertorio. Napoli, 1852, notes, pp. 12, 72, refers to a hoard of these gold pieces which he says came from Tiriolo.

GERACE (Anc. Locri), 1838.

Burial— image. Pyrrhus 20; Syracuse; Punic of Panormus; many Pegasi. Found in vase.

Disposition: Santangelo, Durand, Millingen and Stewart.

Raoul-Rochette, D. Mémoire sur les médailles Siciliennes de Pyrrhus. In his Mémoires de Numismatique.... Paris, 1840, p. 51, note 3. Plate I.

GERACE (Anc. Locri), 184-.

Burial— image. Siris; Croton-Temesa; Laus; Tarentum—all incuse.


Fiorelli, G. Monete inedite dell'Italia antica. Napoli, 1845, p. 22. Plate.

GERACE (Anc. Locri), 1904.

Burial—c. 282 B. C. 70 image.

Pyrrhus tetr.

Disposition: Dispersed; 6 acq. by C. Ricci for National Coll.

Orsi, P. Riv. Ital. Num., 1908, pp. 339-340.

GERACE, 1920, see Lecce, 1920.

GERONA, Spain , 1850/53.

Burial— image. Emporiae, dr. with Pegasus.

Disposition: R. Boy acq. part. Remainder melted.

Delgado, A. Medallas autonomas. Sevilla, 1876, v. 3, p. 195.

GHERELLI, Asia Minor , 1853.

Burial— image. Hecatomnus.

Disposition: C. T. Newton.

Newton, C. T. Travels and discoveries in the Levant, 1865, v. 1, p. 226, illus. Also his History of discoveries at Halicarnassus, v. II, 1, p. 45.

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Cf. Waddington, W. H. Rev. Num., 1856, p. 61.

GHIZEH, seeZagazig.

GIOIA DEL COLLE, Nr. Tar., 1908.

Burial—250 image. Metapontum 1 tetr., many didr.; Tarentum many didr.; Thurium, Heracleia.


Note supplied by M. M. P. Vlasto.

GIOIA TAURO, Calabria .

Burial—El, image. Carthaginian El. (Persephone, rev. Horse); Neapolis Camp. image. Found in a jar.


Not. d. Scavi, 1902, p. 129.

GIRGENTI, Sicily , 1862.

Burial—300 image. Agrigentum; Eryx; Catana; Gela 52; Leontini 64; Syracuse 139; Segesta; Himera, 1, 5; Rhegium. 5th Cent, coinages.


Salinas, A. Rev. Num., 1867, pp. 335-342. 2 Plates. (Unfinished).

Lederer, P. Berlin Münzblätter, v. 34, 1913, p. 493. Plate.

Hoffman. Bull. Num., p. 131. List given differs slightly in number of pieces found.

GIRGENTI, Sicily , 1900?

Burial—60,000 image. Syracuse, Hieron II; found in a vase.


Orsi, P. Not. d. Scavi, 1903, p. 429.

GIRGENTI (Near), 1907.

Burial—200+ image. Syracuse tetr. (Du Chastel, Nos. 47, 48, 52, 55-58, 93, 94). Selinus tetr.

Disposition: Dispersed.

Prof. Orsi's notes.

GIURGIU, Rumania .

Burial—250+ image. Macedonian st.; tetr. and dr. of Thracian kings and towns.


Bulet. Num. Soc. Romane X, No. 19, 1913, p. 20, No. 1 (quoting Boliar, Trompeta Carpathiar 1869, No. 699).

GIZZERIA, Catanzaro , 1914.

Burial—c. 350 B. C. (?) 60 image, Æ. image: Metapontum; Messana. Æ; Velia 3; Croton 23; Rhegium 5; Messana 20; Syracuse 2; indecipherable 5.

Disposition: Museo Reggio di Calabria.

Not. d. Scavi, 1914, p. 211.

GLANUM, seeSt. Remy De Provence.

GRAMMENON, Thessaly , c. 1900.

Burial—130 image. Philip V 1 dr.; Histiaea 52 tetrob.; Rhodes 49 dr.; Macedonia 27 tetrob.

Disposition: Athens.

Svoronos, J. N. Jour. Internat., 1901, pp. 83-90.

Bull. Internat., v. 1, 1902, p. 10.


Burial—Æ. Sicilian Æ "axe-heads" (pierced celts) some very small. A list of other localities where these have been found is given.


Orsi, P. Bull, di Paletnologia Ital., vol. XXIII, 1897, p. 119; vol. XXVI, 1900, p. 164.

Willers, H. Zeit. f. Num., 1924, p. 257. Plate.

GREDISTJE, Transylvania , 1803.

Burial—1000 Ꜹ. Koson.

Disposition: 400 acquired by Karlsberg mint officials. Remainder dispersed.

Bahrfeldt, M. von. Berl. münzblätt., 1912, p. 325, with further bibliography.

GURA-VALE, Rumania , 1850.

Burial—71 image. Apollonia.


Bulet. Soc. Num. Romane, 1923, No. 47, p. 90, No. 101.

Archiv. f. Oesterr. Geschichts-Quellen, VI, 237, XV, 321.


HAGIA TRTADA, Crete, 1902.

Burial—19 Æ. Bronze ingots.


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HAIFFA, Syria , 1906.

Burial—38+ image. Cyme; Myrina; Temnos; Magnesia Ion.; Demetrius I Soter; Alexander III; Demetrius II Nicator. All tetradr.


Tourneur, V. Gazette Num. de Bruxelles, v. 11, 1906, p. 18.

Dupriez Sale, No. 90, Dec. 12, 1906, Nos. 1-38. Plates.

Rev. Num., 1907, p. 111.


HASS-KEUI, Bulgaria, 1886.

Burial—400 image. Cherronesus; Parium; Maroneia, Abdera; Abydos. Incomplete.


Tacchella, D. E. Rev. Num., 1898, p. 215.

HERACLEIA, Bithynia , 184-.

Burial—Heracleia (Imperial). Found on site.

Disposition: Bank of England; Paris. Borrell, H. P. Num. Chron., 1844, p. 116.

HERMIONE, seeCranidi.

HEV SZAMOS, Transylvania , 1844.

Burial—465 image. 345 Dyrrachium dr. found with Roman denarii.


Kenner, F. Archiv f. Oesterr.-geschichtsquellen, v. 24, pp. 377-383.

Zeit. f. Num., v. 2, 1875, p. 57.

Mommsen-Blacas II, p. 471.

HIERA, see Vulcano .

HILLA, see Babylon , 1849.

HUNIEDOARA, see Vajdahunyad .

IBIZA, see Marina De La Monjas .

IDALIUM, see Dali .

IBRAHIM, see Nahr-Ibrahim .

IONIA, 1915?

Burial—55± image. Persian sigli, worn and punchmarked.

Disposition: J. G. Milne acq. find. Milne, J. G. Num. Chron., 1916, pp. 1-12. Plate.

ISHTIB, S. Serbia , c. 1912.

Burial— image. Octodr. of the Derrones.

Disposition: Dispersed.

Svoronos, J. N. L'Hèllènisme primitif de la Macèdoine, 1919, pp. 9, 10, 13, 25. Plate. J. I. N., 1919, v. XIX.

Blätter f. Münzfr., 1913, p. 5411, illus. Cf. also B. M. C. Macedon, p. 150.

ISIDEIO, Near Eretria, 1914.

Burial—253image. Euboea 40 (196-141 B. C.); Eretria 225; Chalcis 32; Boeotia 1.


Arch. Deltion, 1915, p. 145.

JAFFA, 1870.

Burial—c. 286-292 A. D. 55 Bil. Antiocheia ad Orontem found with Roman Imperial.


Saulcy, F. de. Annuaire de Num., v. 3, 1868-70, pp. 350-369.

JALALIA, On The Indus, India , 1911.

Burial—Æ. Coins of 12 kings including Demetrius. Poor condition.

Disposition: Br. Mus. (ex Whitehead Coll.).

Whitehead, R. B. Num. Chron., 1923, p. 342

JDITA, Bet. Baalbek And Saida, 1894.

Burial—400+ image Alexander III tetr., many with Phoenician inscr.; rem. double st. of Sidon.


Rouvier, J. Rev. Num., 1902, p. 255.


Burial—120-500 image. Judea, 1st and 2nd revolt.


Proces Verb, in Ann. de Num., 1890, p. 21.


Burial— 32 image. Apollodotus II, hemi-dr. 27; 5 Indian local rulers.


Cunningham, Sir A. Num. Chron., 1873, p. 210.


Burial— 97 image. Indo-Greek tetr.: Heliocles 10; Archebius 30; Strato 8; Strato and Agathocles 5; Peucolaus 2; Amyntas 2; Diomedes 4; Philoxenus 13; Antialcidas 1; Hermaeus 10; Hermaeus and Calliope 2.

Disposition: Brit. Mus. and Punjab Mus., Lahore, acq. parts.

Whitehead, R. B. Num. Chron., 1923, pp. 294-343 Plate.

KALIANDRA (anc. Mende), 1892.

Burial— image. Mende 28 tetrob. and smaller denom.

Disposition: Brit. Mus. acq. 28; Berlin Coll., Löbbecke, and Philipsen Colls, acq. part.

Wroth, W. Num. Chron., 1892, p. 6; 1893, p. 2. Plates.

Cf. Hirsch, Cat. XIII, 1905, Nos. 888-914. Plates. (Possibly from this find.)

KALIANDRA (Anc. Mende), 1913.

Burial—320+ image. Mende tetradr.

Disposition: London, Paris, Berlin, Athens, R. Jameson, G. Empedocles, E. T. Newell acq. parts.

Regling, K. Zeit. f. Num., v. 34, 1923, p. 10. Plates.

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Noe, S. P. The Mende (Kaliandra) hoard. In preparation. Plates.

KARA-BUNAR, Bulgaria , 1909.

Burial—108 Ꜹ, image. Philip II, 61 tetr., 3 st.; 44 Macedonian tetr. A hoard (?).


Jahrb. Deutsch. Archäol. Inst., 1910, Archäol. Anzeig., p. 403.

KANGRA (Distr.), India .

Burial— image. Antimachus II, Philoxenes, Lysias, Antalcidas, Menander.


Cunningham, Sir A. Num. Chron., 1873, p. 209.

KANGRA, India .

Burial—75 image. Apollodotus II of Bactria, Amoghabuti 54.


Rev. Num., 1894, p. 132 (quoting Proceedings of Soc. Asiatique du Bengale).

KARANIS (Kom-Ushim), Egypt .

Burial—169-170 A. D. 91 image. Alexandrian tetr. Pot hoard.

Disposition: Sent to England.

Milne, J. G. Grenfell, Hunt &Hogarth. Fayum towns, p. 65. Plate.

Milne, J. G. A History of Egypt. N. Y., 1898, vol. 5, p. 218.

KARDITSA, seeMyron.

KARINI, Lesbos, 1892?

Burial—c. 200 B. C. Æ. Mytilene. Some hundreds found in vase (250-200 B. C.).


Koldewey, R. Lesbos, pp. 40-41.

B. M. Cat. Troas, 1894, p. 192, note. Plate.

KASR-EL-DANAR, Egypt , 190-.

Burial—1700 image. Alexander III tetr. found in a "kom".


Eddé, M. Boll, di Num., 1905, pp. 129, 140.

KAVALA (Anc. Neapolis), 183-.

Burial—Ꜹ. Neapolis Maced. Very small and much defaced.

Disposition: Garreri, M. of Smyrna.

Borrell, H. P. Num. Chron., 1841, p. 139.

KEFIR, Syria, 1910.

Burial—17 image. Tyre, tetr., year Le to Ek.

Disposition: Constantinople.

Unpublished; Dr. Regling's MS. notes.

KENEH, Egypt (Upper), 1923.

Burial—after 134 B. C. Ꜹ, image. 45 Ꜹ octodr. of Arsinoe type; 200 image tetr. of Ptolemy VI or VII. All but four tetr. of common type; the others of Paphos mint.


Newell, E. T. Numismatist, 1924, p. 301. Cf. Ciani Sale, Oct. 16, 1923, Plate III, Nos. 63-65; Plate IV, Nos. 73-82.

KERTCH, Crimea , c. 184-.


Cyzicus staters—"the richest hoard to date."

Disposition: Leningrad, Nat. Hermitage Coll., 4.

Lenormant, Fr. Rev. Num., 1856, p. 24. In a letter, Dr. Pridik identifies this as a reference to the hoard described by Aschik in his "Kingdom of the Bosphoros," III, 44, p. 94. Plate. All but four pieces were melted after having been stolen by the workmen.

KERTCH, Crimea, 1846.

Burial—Ꜹ, El. Cyzicene and Panticapeum staters, found in pulling down Turkish citadel.

Disposition: Leningrad, Nat. Hermitage Coll., 4 Cyzicus and 17 Panticapeum—remainder stolen and melted.

Aschik. Kingdom of the Bosphoros, II, pp. 18, 15.

KERTCH, Crimea , 1847?

Burial—54 Æ. Mithradates Eupator, found in tomb.


Kondakov, Tolstoi &Reinach. Antiquités de la Russie méridionale. Paris, 1891, p. 26.

KILILER, Thessaly , 1910/11?

Burial—285-275 B. C. 42 image. Alexander III, 7 tetr.; Demetrius Pol. 1 tetr.; Athens 33 tetr.; Seleucus I, 1 tetr.

Disposition: Athens.

Cf. Svoronos, J. N. Les Monn. d'Athenes. Munich, 1923. Plate 31.

KILILER, Thessaly , 1911/12?

Burial—285-275 B. C. 73 image. Tetr.: Alexander III 48; Philip III 8; Demetrius Pol. 1; Lysimachus 5; Seleucus I, 1; Athens 10.

Disposition: Athens.

Cf. Svoronos, J. N. Les Monn. d'Athènes. Munich, 1923. Plate 31.

KIOULELER, seeKililer.

Burial—167 image. Thasos 128 tetr.; Macedonia under the Romans 39 tetr.

KIS-SZEDERJES, Hungary, 1903.

Disposition: Buda-Pest.

Gohl, E. Num. Közlöny, 1904, pp. 94-96.

Bulet. Num. Soc. Romane, XV, 35/36, p. 78, No. 68.

KIZILAGAC, Bulgaria , 1906.

Burial—240 Æ. Maroneia and Abdera (barbaric imitations).


Vjesnik Hrvatskoga Arheol. Drustva, New Ser., v. 7, 1905, p. 237.

Mitth. Oesterr. Gesell. f. Münz-u. Medaillenkunde, 1906, p. 14.

KNIAZEJ KRYNICY, Ukraine , 1903.

Burial—140 image, Æ. Bosphorus Cim. 53; Panticapaeum 33; Olbia 3; Phanagoria 1; Alexandria Troas 7; Imp. Greek; Sauromates I; Rhaescu- poris I-VI; Mithradates III; Rhoematalces; Thothorses. Found with Roman.


Pulaski, F. Wiadomosci Num. Archeol., 1903, pp. 5-13.

KOROPI, Attica , 1900?

Burial—94 Lead. Athens lead of 3d cent. B. C.

Disposition: Athens Coll.

Svoronos, J. N. Jour. Internat., v. 8, 1905, pp. 255-344.

Am. Jour. Archaeol., 1906, p. 346.

KOROSBANYA, Transylvania , 1850.

Burial—70+ image. Apollonia of 168 B. C. Found in jar with ornaments.


Seidl, J. G. Archiv f. Oesterr. Geschichtsquellen, v. 6, pp. 237-238.

KRAKOW, Galicia , 1900?

Burial—125 Æ. Mesembria; Istrus; Olbia; Cherronesus; Panticapaeum; Phanagoria; Rhaescuporis II, III, V, VI; Sauromates I, II; Thothorses; Gepaepyris. No certainty that this was a hoard.


Renner, V. von. Mitth. Oesterr. Gesell. f. Miinzu. Medaillenkunde, 1911, pp. 171-176.

KSAR-EL-KEBIR, see Alcazar.

KUFT, Egypt .

Burial— image. Alexander III tetr.; Philip III; Ptolemy I tetr. (early).

Disposition: Ashmolean Mus. Oxford (ex Davidson Coll.).

Newell, E. T. Tyrus Rediviva. N. Y., 1923, p. 10. MS. notes in Mr. Newell's possession.

KUH-I-TAFTAN, Persia , 1902.

Burial—90 image. Seleucid: Antiochus I-III; Demetrius I Soter, Bactria: Demetrius, Euthydemus II, Pantaleon, Antimachus Theos, Eucratides.

Disposition: E. J. Rapson; Brit. Mus. acquired 26.

Rapson, E. J. Num. Chron., 1904, pp. 311-325. Plate.

KULEK PASS, Taurus Mts., 1902.

Burial—73 Æ. Caesareia Cappadociae; Imperial Greek from Alexander Severus to Gordianus III.

Disposition: Constantinople. Unpublished; from Dr. Regling's MS. notes.

KUTAIS, E. Coast Black Sea, 1901/2.

Burial— 21 Ꜹ. Panticapaeum (like Pozzi Sale, 1150).

Plaster casts in Berlin Coll.

Disposition: Constantinople.

Unpublished; from Dr. Regling's MS. notes.


Burial— 45 image. 29 dr. of Menander.


Whitehead, R. B. Num. Chron., 1923, p. 342.

KYPARISSIA, Peloponnesus , 1892-3.

Burial—c. 327 B. C. 35 image. Alexander III 20 tetr. (Amphipolis, Tarsus, Ake); Philip II, 4 tetr.; Larissa 1; Locri Opuntii 2 hemidr.; Thebes 1; Sicyon 6; Histiaea i tetrob.; Boeotia 1 dr.

Disposition: Athens.

Newell, E. T. Alexander hoards: I Kyparissia. N. Y., 1921, 21 p. 2 Plates.

LAMIA, Thessaly , 1902.

Burial—112 image. Philip II, 28 tetr.; Alexander III, 31 tetr., 3 dr.; Philip III, 1 tetr.; Athens 34 tetr.; Thebes 1 dr.; Boeotian League 7 didr.; Histiaea 5 triob.; Sicyon 1 didr.; Locri Op. 1 trioh.

Disposition: Athens.

Keramopoullos, A. D. Epheiueris Archaiologike, 1903, p. 101.

Cf. Svoronos, J. N. Les Monn. d'Athènes. Munich, 1923. Plate 27, Nos. 1-34

LANGAZA, seeZaroba.

LAODICEA, seeLatakia.

LARTSSA, Thessaly , 1912?

Burial—75 image. Double victoriates and Thessalian League dr. 75 (incomplete).

Disposition: Br. Mus. acq. part.

Hill, G. F. Num. Chron., 1913, p. 263.

LARNACA, Cyprus , 1870.

Burial—(300-295 B. C.). 1000 Ꜹ. Alexander III, Philip II, III. Staters. Many F. d. c.

Disposition: Brit. Mus. and Berlin (ex Fox) acq. parts.

Lang, R. H. Num. Chron., 1871, pp. 229-234. Plate.

Newell, E. T. Tyrus Rediviva. New York City, 1923, p. 10.

Sotheby Sale, June 17, 1913, pp. 11-13.

LAS ANSIAS, Spain , 1872.

Burial—7 image. Emporiae 1 ob., 6 dr. with Iberian inscriptions. In jar with Roman denarii.


Zobel de Zangroniz, J. Estudio de la moneda antigua española. Madrid, 1878, v. 1, p. 138.

Delgado, A. Med. autonomas de España, Seville, 1876, v. 3, p. 191.

LATAKIA, Syria , 1759.

Burial—(160-155) B. C. 100+ image. Alexander III, 46 tetr., 3 dr.; Lysimachus 3; Seleucus I-III 17; Antiochus I-V; Antiochus IV 6; Ilium 1; Alabanda 5; Aradus 12; Side 2.

Disposition: Paris.

Pellerin, J. Mélanges de médailles, 1765, v. i, pp. 104-140. Plates.

Lenormant, F. Numismatique des rois grecs, p. 28. Trésor de numismatique.... v. 1.

Eckhel, J. Doctrina Num., v. 1, p. lxxxii.

Corolla Num., 1906, p. 192.

LECCE, 1920.

Burial—c. 410 B. C. 320+ image. Tarentum of wheel, hippocamp and oekist types (Vlasto, Nos. 13 and 53 C, f. d. c.), with "horsemen" of Evans' Periods I and II (B2, E3 and L2, also f. d. c.).


Vlasto, M. P. Taias Oikistes. New York City, 1922, p. 71. Plate. A subsequent note from M. Vlasto furnished the additional data and stated that the hoard was found at Lecce.

LEMNOS, 1892.

Burial—3 image. Lycia 5th cent.

Disposition: Athens Coll.

Svoronos, J. N. Jour. Internat., 1899, v. 2, p. 299. Plate.

LENTINI, Sicily, 1920.

Burial—88 image. Agrigentum 2 tetr., 7 didr.; Gela 9 archaic tetr., 2 didr.; Messana 10 archaic tetr.; Syracuse 57 tetr. (Du Chastel, Nos. 21, 25, 33); Leontini 1 tetr.

Disposition: Syracuse Coll. acq. part. Prof. Orsi's notes.

LEONFORTE, Sicily , 1895.

Burial—68 image. Messana 2 tetr.; Rhegium 1 tetr.; Syracuse 6 tetr. (transition); Selinus 1 tetr.; Athens 3 tetr.; Ambracia 1; Camarina 1 didr., (Hipparis and Nymph Camarina); Corinth 53 pegasi (2 archaic).

Disposition: Dispersed. Prof. Orsi's notes.

LESBOS, 1892?

Burial— image. Methymna archaic. Incomplete.

Disposition: Constantinople acq. 43 (B. M. Cat. Troas, PI. XXXVI, 8-9. Dr. Regling suggests that these coins formed part of this hoard); Berlin; Boston.

Greenwell, W. Num. Chron., 1893, p. 90. Plate.

Babelon, E. Mélanges Numismatiques, v. 2, p. 112, note.

Babelon, E. Les Perses Achéménides. Paris, 1893, p. xxv, note.

Dressel, H. Zeit. f. Num., v. 21, 1898, p. 220.

Montagu, H. Num. Chron., 1892, p. 33. Plate.

LESINA, Dalmatia.

Burial— image, Ꜹ. Pharos image ?; Agrigentum 1 image.


Steinbüchel von Rheimvall, A. Num. Jour., v. 1, 1837, p. 168.

LESINA, Dalmatia.

Burial—162 Æ. Heracleia 49; Pharos 58; Issa 55.

Disposition: M. Nisiteo.

Steinbuchel von Rheinwall, A. Num. Jour., v. 1, 1837, pp. 164, 168 (note).

LEUCADIA, seeSanta Maura.

LEUKE (Island Near Olbia).

Burial—Æ. No other data.


Friedländer, J. Griechische kupfermünzen gefunden auf der Insel Leuke. Nassauer Annalen, VI, 1859, 12 p. 1 Plate.

LICATA, Sicily , 1900.

Burial—c. 210 B. C. 190 image. Carthage.

Disposition: Catania dealer. Orsi, P. Riv. Ital. Num., 1900, pp. 90-91.


Burial—20 image. Apollonia 6; Dyrrachium 14.


Patsch, C. Die Lika. Bosnische Mitteil, v. 8, 1902, pp. 65-69.


LOKVA MTS., Hungary, 1912.

Burial—51 image. Apollonia 3; Dyrrachium 10. Found with 38 Roman Republican image.


Num. Közlöny, 1912, p. 141.

Bulet. Num. Soc. Romane, XV, Nos. 35/6, p. 81, No. 86.

LONDON, 1908.

Burial—c. 283-285 A. D.image, Bil. Alexandria, Imperial Greek.


Num. Chron., Tqii, pp. 357-358.

LORCH, Austria.

Burial— image, Æ. Imperial Greek from Trajan to Julian the Apostate.


Kubitschek, W. Mitth. K. K. Zentral-Komm., 3, ser., v. 3, 1904, p. 264.

Lucania, seeBasilicata.

LYCOPOLIS, seeAssiut.

Macedonia, 1827.

Burial—200 image. Histiaea; Macedonia.


Leake, W. M. Num. Chron., 1855, p. 213, note.

Macedonia, 1918?

Burial— 20+ Ꜹ. Lysimachus st.

Disposition: J. P. Lawson acq. 18; Brit. Mus., 2.

Hill, G. F. Num. Chron., 1919, pp. 9-10. Plate.

A considerable number of these coins seen in Athens and in the trade (1923) seem to indicate that the find was much more extensive than Mr. Hill thought. (S. P. Noe.)

MACNA, Arabia , 187-.

Burial—c. 30 A. D. image. Himyaritic; imitations of Athenian "owls".


Head, B. V. Num. Chron., 1878, p. 283. Plate.

MACOMER, Sardinia , c. 1890.

Burial— 300 Æ. Carthaginian.

Disposition: Part acq. by R. Ratto. Bornemann, V. Blätter f. Münzfr., 1900, p. 118. Plate.


Burial. Ꜹ. Philip II st. of the mints of Clazomenae, Mylasa, Magnesia and Alabanda or Antiocheia ad M.

Disposition: Br. Mus. B. M. Cat. Caria, p. cviii.

MAGYAR-NADAS, Trans., 1846.

Burial—11 image. Dyrrachium.


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Burial— image. Selinus didr. Small hoard (Incomplete).

Disposition: Br. Mus. 1. Hill, G. F. Num. Chron., 1913, p. 260. Plate.

MAMMANELLI, see Avola , 1914.

MANDALI IRAK (Or Persia?), 1923.

Burial—90-85 B. C. image. Alexander III; Ariarathes VII (Cappa- docia); Demetrius I; Alexander I; Demetrius II; Antiochus VI; Antiochus VII; Antiochus VIII; Antiochus IX; Tyre; Heliocles (Bactria); Early kings of Parthia; Mithradates I; Phraates II; Artabanus I; Himerus; Mithradates II. Incomplete. An important treasure—a small fraction only examined.

Disposition: E. T. Newell and Brit. Mus. acq. small portions.

Newell, E. T. Num. Chron., 1924, p Plate.

Dayet, M. Arethuse, 1925, p. 63. Plate.

MANDL COLL. FIND, see Rumania.

MANSOURA, seeAbu Hommos.

MARASESTI, Rumania , 1909.

Burial—800 Ꜹ. Philip II; Alexander III; Philip III Aridaeus; Lysimachus st. Pot hoard.

Disposition: Vienna, Berlin, Paris, acq. parts; rem. dispersed.

Bulet. Num. Soc. Romane, XI, 1914, No. 21, p. 25, No. 40.

MARASH, Asia Minor , 1898.

Burial—100 image. Athens st., 5th cent.

Disposition: Constantinople. Am. Jour. Archaeol., 1899, p. 251, quoting S. S. Times, Nov. 26, 1898.

Num. Chron., 1900, p. 374.


Burial—479 B. C. 5 Ꜹ. 4 darics; 1 st. of Croesus.


Lenormant, F. Annuaire de Num., 1873-74, p. 201.

MARATHUS, Phoenicia, 1893/94.

Burial—Æ. Marathus, Aradus.

Disposition: J. Rouvier acq. part. Rouvier, J. Jour. Asiatique, 1898, v. 12, p. 368.

MARIB, Arabia .

Burial— image. Himyarite. B. M. Cat. Arabia, p. lxiv, lxxii, note 1; p. 64ft.

Disposition: Br. Mus., E. T. Newell acq. parts.

Newell, E. T. Hoard of Himyaritic coins from Southern Arabia. 6 p. (Typewritten Manuscript in Library of The American Numismatic Society.

MARIETTE FIND, see Myt Rahineh.


Burial—191 image. Ebusus.


Roman y Cal vet, J. Los nombres e importansia arquelogica di las islas Pythiasas. Barcelona, 1906, p. xxi-xxv.

MARMARA, 1863.

Burial—c. 100 B. C. 70 image. Tetr.: Lysimachus 11; Nicomedes II 8; Cyzicus 5; Athens 1 (New style); Pergamum 1 cist.

Disposition: Constantinople, M. Calvert acq. 26. Cf. Bompois Coll. Hoffman Sale, 1882, No. 1382 illus.

Waddington, W. H. Rev. Num., 1865, pp. 25-28. Plate. = his Melanges de Numismatique, Ser. II, pp. 33-60.


Burial—400 Æ. Massalia; Carthage (or Sicily). In vase with Roman triens.


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Burial—127 image, Æ. Larissa; Athens; Corinth (Greek Imperial); Lacedaemon; Aphrodisias; Campania; Ptolemy. Found with Roman Imperial. A hoard?


Clerc, M. & Agnel, G. A. d'Découvertes archéologiques á Marseille. Marseille, 1904, p. 98.


Burial—before 215 B. C. 450+ image, Æ. Tarentum 172 didr. (Evans Per. VII-X) Heracleia 4 dr.; Thurium 1 didr. (cf. Hirsch XXXIII, 210) Metapontum 1 dr. (cf. Hirsch XXXIII, 163) Metapontum 272 Æ.

Disposition: E. T. Newell acq. small part.

MS. note in Libr. of Amer. Numismatic Soc.

MARUGGIO, Near Taranto, 1905.

Burial—c. 380 B. C. 48image. Tarentum 4; Metapontum 5; Sybaris 6; Thurium 7; Velia 9; Caulonia 9; Croton 5; Poseidonia. Mainly small denominations, incl. "incusi".

Disposition: Taranto Mus.

Not. d. Scavi, 1906, pp. 215-216.

Rev. Num., 1907* p. 533.

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Vossische Zeit., Feb. 17, 1907

MATHURA, Panjab, c. 1853.

Burial—134 image. Strato I 96; with Indian coins of the Satrap Ranjubal.

Disposition: Sir A. Cunningham acq. 50; E. Thomas the rem.

Cunningham, Sir A. Num. Chron., 1870, p. 215.

Prinsep, J. Essays on Indian antiquities. London, 1858, v. 2, p. 197, note.

Jour. R. A. Soc. of Bengal, 1854. Plate XXXV.

MAZARON, Spain , 1861.

Burial—90+ image. Carthaginian uninscribed. Incomplete.

Disposition: Cartagena Mus. Arqueologia acq. 90.

Zobel de Zangroniz, J. Estudio historico de la moneda antigua española. Madrid, 1878, P. 77.

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MAZIN, Croatia , 1896.

Burial—89 B. C. 800+ Æ. Syracuse (Hiero II); Caphyae Arcad.; Carthage 505; Numidia 328; Salapia; Teate; Romano-Campanian; Ptolemy VIII; Ptolemy X. Found with Aes Grave, Aes Sign, and Aes Rude.

Disposition: Agram Mus. acq. almost entire hoard.

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MAZZARINO, Sicily , 1912.

Burial—470-460 B. C. 273 image. Syracuse 61 tetr., 3 didr., 6 dr.; Camarina 1 archaic didr.; Selinus 30 didr.; Agrigentum 21 archaic didr., 57 others; Gela 7 tetr., 61 didr.; Himera 6 didr.; Zancle 2; Messana 6 tetr.; Leontini 2; Rhegium 3; Acanthus 1; Athens 6 (500-450).

Disposition: Syracuse Mus. bulk of find.

Orsi, P. Not. d. Scavi, 1912, pp. 454-455.

Rev. Num., 1913, p. 414.

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Burial—163 image. Lysimachus 4 dr.; Alexander III 52 dr.; Philip III 7 dr.; Tegea Arcadiae 1.

Disposition: Athens, 64.

Svoronos, J. N. Jour. Internat., v. 8, p. 255.

Unpublished material, Athens Nat. Num. Mus.

MELOS, 1825?

Burial—El. Coins of the same type as the Santorin find, 1821, and uncertain with the forepart of a Lion and inscrip. OAV.


Borrell, H. P. Num. Chron., 1844, p. 134.

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MELOS, 1907.

Burial—c. 476-416 B. C. 77+ image. Melos. Great variety of types.

Disposition: Jameson Coll., Pozzi Coll. McClean Coll. (8).

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MEMPHIS, Egypt .

Burial—39 image. Athens, 5th cent., many punch-marked, found in Ptah-temenos.

Disposition: Br. Mus.

Hill, G. F. Num. Chron., 1917, p. 9. Plate.


Burial— image. Metapontum 6; Thurium 2; Velia 1; Tarentum; Anactorium (many); Neapolis (many); Campania.

Disposition: Taranto Mus.

Note by E. T. Newell in Libr. of Am. Num. Soc.

Mesopotamia, 191-.

Burial—79+ image. Alexander III 19 tetr., 19 dr.; Philip III 1 tetr., 3 dr.; Lysimachus 3 tetr., 2 dr.; Demetrius Poliorcetes 1 tetr.; Eumenes I 1 tetr.; Seleucus I 5 tetr., 7 dr.; Antiochus I 7 tetr.; Antiochus II 3 tetr.; Seleucus II 8 tetr.

Disposition: E. T. Newell acq. 79 from Gejou.

Note supplied by Mr. Newell.

MESSINA, 1868.

Burial—243 image. Syracuse didr.; Corinth; Alyzia; Anactoriuin; Argos Amphilochicum; Corcyra; Dyrrachium; Leucas; Locri; Thyrrheium.

Disposition: L. Walcher de Molthein. Molthein, L. W. de. Catalogue de la collection de médailles grecques. Paris, 1895, p. 48.

MESSINA, 1875.

Burial—35 image. Athens 20 archaic tetr.; Acanthus 4; Rhegium 4; Messana 4; Samos 4.

Disposition: Berlin Coll. acq. 2 Samos and others (?).

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MESSINA, 1895.

Burial—c. 493 B. C. 186 image. Zancle 156; Naxos 30.

Disposition: Dispersed. Evans, A. J. Num. Chron., 1896, pp. 101-107. Plate.

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MESSOREA, Cyprus , 1896.

Burial— image. Kings of Cyprus: Lysandros, Epipalos, Pnytagoras 2 didr.

Disposition: E. H. Hore of Cyprus. Perdrizet, P. Rev. Num., 1898, pp. 207-208.


Burial—150 image. Metapontum bulk of find; Caulonia; Thurium; Tarentum; Corinthian pegasi. Pot hoard.

Disposition: Pignatelli acq. 52; rem. dispersed.

Helbig, W. Bull. dell'Inst., 1882, p. 223.

METSOBON, Epirus , 1913.

Burial—25 image. Philip V, 1; Perseus 2 tetr., 1 tetrob.; Kings of Epirus 5; Rhodes 16. Bought from peasants.

Disposition: Athens Coll.

Unpublished, Athens Nat. Num. Mus.

MICCABA, Sardinia , 1923.

Burial—300+ Æ. Carthaginian (Persephone, rev. horse).


Am. Jour. Archaeol., 1923, p. 342.

Miletopolts (?) Mysia.

Burial—8+ image. Persian sigloi, punchmarked.

Disposition: E. S. G. Robinson acq. 6; Brit. Mus., 2.

Hill, G. F. Jour. Hellen. Stud., 1919, p. 124.

MTNEO, Sicily , 1905.

Burial—c. 295 B. C. 500 image. Syracuse, archaic tetr.; Agathocles 17; Gela 1; Siculo-Punic 28; Athens 3 tetr. (ante 430 B. C.); Corinth 2 pegasi.

Disposition: 55 secured by local authorities.

Not. d. Scavi, 1905, pp. 438-439.

Rev. Num., 1906, p. 348.

MONACIZZO, Calabria , 1907.

Burial—65 Ꜹ, image. image didr.: Metapontum 5; Heracleia 1; Velia 1; Thurium 1; Terina 1; Tarentum 56. image: Tarentum 2 st., 1 half-st.

Disposition: Taranto Mus.

Rev. Num., 1908, p. 565.

Boll. d'Arte del Ministero P. Istruzione, II, 1908, p. 316.

Note by E. T. Newell in Libr. of Am. Num. Soc.


Burial—21 Æ. Carthaginian 19; Neapolis Camp. 2.


Blanchet, A. Traite de monnaies Gauloises, 1905, p. 181.

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MONGO, Spain .

Burial—17 image. Corinth; Messana; Selinus; Carthage; Syracuse; Massilia; Emporiae. A pot hoard.


Chabas, Archivio V, 1891, p. 59.

Hübner, Monumentae linguae Ibericae, p. 212.

MONTE CALOGERO, see Termini Imerese.

MONTEPARANO, Nr. Taranto, 1905.

Burial—after 314 B. C. 313 Ꜹ, image. Tarentum 13 Ꜹ (10—Evans V, 9; 1—Evans V, 4; 1—Evans V, 2; 1 ½ st. B. M. C. 16) many didr. (Evans V); Metapontum 1 tetr.; Thurium 1 tetr.

Disposition: Taranto Mus. acq. 1 Ꜹ of Tarentum.

Jameson Coll., 1913, v. 1, p. 38, No. 148.

Note supplied by M. M. P. Vlasto.

MORCONE, Italy , 1905.

Burial— image. Velia didr.; Neapolis Camp.


Not. d. Scavi, 1905, pp. 193-194.

Rassegna Num., 1905, p. 89.

Rassegna d'Arte, Nov. 1905 (cover).

MORELLA, Spain , 1862.

Burial— image. Massilia; Emporiae. Similar to Auriol find.


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MORINO, Basilicata , 1860?

Burial—300 Æ. Arpi, Neapolis Camp., Compulteria, Cales, Suessa, Aesernia, Teanum, Aquinum, Cosa, Romano-Campanian and Roman Repub.


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Burial—88 image. Alexander III tetr.


Wiener Num. Monatshefte, v. 1, 1865, pp. 98-99.

MOSSUL, 1916 or 1917.

Burial—80 image. Alexander III 2 tetr., 35 dr.; Lysimachus 22 tetr., 1 dr.

Disposition: E. T. Newell.

Note by E. T. Newell.

MOSSUL, 1918.

Burial— image. Alexander III; Lysimachus.

Disposition: E. T. Newell acq. portion.

Note by E. T. Newell.


Burial—50 image. Apollonia, Dyrrachium, Thasos.

Disposition: Vienna.

Seidl, J. G. Archiv f. Oesterr. Geschichtsquellen, v. 9, 1853, pp. 164-165.

MUNTSEL, seeGredistje.

MYCENAE, 1895.

Burial—3786 image. Argos Argolidis 3354; Corinth 296; Phlius 133; Leucas 1; Ptolemy Soter II 2.


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MYCONOS, seeDelos and Myconos.

MYONLA, Mt. Parnassus.

Burial— image, Æ. Delphi didr.; Athens; Cassander; Aetolian League.


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MYRON, Near Karditsa, Greece.

Burial—(after 338 B. C.). 1647 image. Thebes Boeotiae 945; Aegina 221; Argus 1; Sicyon 188.

Disposition: Athens acq. 1593.

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MYT-RAHINEH, Egypt , 1860.

Burial—6th cent. B. C. 23 image. Lete; Aegina; Corinth 4; Naxos 2; Phocaea 2; Chios; Cos; Cyprus; Dicaea; Cyrenaica 2; Uncertain 8; 75 kilogr. image ingots. Longpérier's attribution differs in details.

Disposition: Cairo.

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MYT-RAHINEH, 1919/20.

Burial—38 image. Egypt (hieroglyphic legend).

Disposition: J. Khaouam, Cairo.

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Disposition: Dispersed.

Sotheby Sale, Fox Coll., July 31, 1852, p. 11, Nos. 100-105.

NABLOOS, seeNaplus.

NAHR-IBRAHIM, Phoenicia, 1874.

Burial—60 B. C. 200+ image. Aradus tetr.

Disposition: H. C. Reichhardt acq. 150.

Reichhardt, H. C. Num. Zeit., v. 8, 1876, P. 385.

NAPLUS, Palestine , 1891?

Burial—c. 125 B. C. 400 image. Tyre tetr.; Antiochus VII and Demetrius II, tetr.; Sidon 3 octodr.

Disposition: Dispersed.

Hamburger, L. Zeit. f. Num., 1892, p. 329, note.

Hamburger Sale, June 13, 1892, Nos. 2105-9.


Burial—c. 439 B. C. 15 image. Syracuse (500-480); Athens 6 tetr. (500-430); Aegina; Samos; Chios; Lycia; Mallus. Found with 42 oz. of lump silver. Known as Silversmith's hoard.


Head, B. V. Num. Chron., 1886, pp. 1-18. Plate = Egypt. Expl. Fund. Memoirs, v. 3, p. 63.

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Burial—84 image. Athens 70 tetr.; Sicily, Acanthus, Aegina, Elis, Cyrenaica.

Disposition: N. Langton acq. 2 tetr.

Eddé, J. Boll, di Num., 1905, p. 129. Rassegna Num., 1905, p. 53. Plate.

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NAXOS, seeSchiso.

NEA-CASSANDRA, Macedon., 1897.

Burial—46 image, Æ. Mende; Potidaea; Scione; uncertain of Macedonia.

Disposition: H. Weber acq. 23.

Weber, H. Num. Chron., 1898, pp. 251-258. Plate. (Also illustrated in the Weber Coll., v. 2).


NICE, France.

Burial—30 image. Histiaea tetrob.

Disposition: A. Blanchet acq. 2.

Blanchet, A. Rev. Beige, 1913, p. 305.

Blanchet, A. Traité des Monnaies Gauloises, p. 181.

Rev. Num., 1896, p. 131.

NICOSIA, seeLarnaca.

NOTO, Sicily, 1852?

Burial— image. Syracuse (Philistis and Gelon); Ptolemies (?).

Disposition: Sold in Naples.

Romano, G. Sopra alcune monete scoverte in Sicilia. Parigi, 1862, p. 52.

Evans, A. J. Syracusan medallions and their engravers. Num. Chron., 1891, p. 374.

NOTO, Sicily, 1916.

Burial— image. Pegasi, Corinth and Colonies; Syracuse (Agathocles) tetr. Hoard came to light during a washout.

Disposition: Syracuse Mus. acq. small part.

Prof. Orsi's notes.

NYMPHI (?), Near Smyrna , 1860.

Burial—7 image, 2 El. Lydia: El, 1 hecte; 1 trite, image. 1 siglus, 3 ob., 3 tetrob. of Croesus.

Disposition: F. Lenormant.

Lenormant, F. Annuaire de Num., 1873-74, p. 196.


Burial— image. Three finds. Olbia (?) or Irano-Scythian coins of the late 5th cent, inscribed EMINAKO. In one find 16 coins in a pot. Finds of these coins have occurred nowhere else.


Minns, E. H. Scythians and Greeks. Cambridge, 1914, p. 487.

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Olympia, 1861.

Burial—50 image. Aegina 12, Elis 10+. Pot hoard.

Disposition: Lambros, Berlin, 1 Elis.

Sotheby Sale, Merlin Coll., 1861, p. 16, Nos. 80-89.

Olympia, 1923.

Burial—after 250 B. C. 82+ Ꜹ. Elis: 6 st. (Hera or Zeus types); 1 hemidr. (Eagle Head); 6 late dr.; 7 hemidr. (Zeus rev Eagle); 11 triob.; Boeotia: 1 st., 1 1/2 st., 2 hemidr.; Aegina: 3 st., 2 dr.; Alexander III: 15 tetr., 5 dr.; Philip III 1 tetr.; Athens 3 tetr.; Sicyon 2 st.; 1 st. of Opuntian Locrians; 8 tetrob. of Chalcis; Ptolemy I or II 6 tetr.; Lysimachus 1 tetr.

Disposition: E. T. Newell acq. part.

From note in A. N. S. Libr.

ORCHOMENUS, Boeotia , 1920.

Burial—324-322 B. C. 133 image. Olympia 10 st.; Sicyon 15 ob.; Phocis; Thebes; Platea 4.

Disposition: Dr. A. Petsalis of Athens acq. part.

Seltman, C. T. Temple coins of Olympia. Cambridge, 1921, p. 111.

OREUS, Euboea , 1902.

Burial—c. 158 B. C. 646image. Philip V, 13 didr., 11 dr.; Perseus 11; Alexander III 1 tetr.; Lysimachus 1 dr.; Histiaia 8; Aetolian League 2; Larissa 1; Chalcis; Achaian League 3 triob; Rhodes 595 dr.

Disposition: Athens acq. 125.

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ORTA, Calabria , 1884.

Burial—c. 300-281 B. C. 200+image. Metapontum didr. and 2 worn tetr.; Tarentum didr.; Heracleia; Thurium; Croton. 200 coins examined by A. J. Evans.


Evans, A. J. The Horsemen of Tarentum. Num. Chron., 1889, pp. 126-127. Plates.

OSTROV, Macedonia , 1903.

Burial—90 image. Thasos found with Roman Repub. denarii in vase.

Disposition: Bucharest.

Blätter f. Münzfr., 1903, p. 2943, quoting Rumanischer Lloyd, Bukarest, March 17, 1903. Bull. Internal, v. 2, 1903, p. 64, same quotation.

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OUGRI, Achaea, Near Alissos, 1892/3.

Burial—9 Ꜹ, image. Philip II 1 Ꜹ. st.; Alexander III 1 Ꜹ st., 4 tetr., 1 of Ake, year 25; Athens 2 tetr.

Disposition: Athens.

Unpublished material, Athens.

Cf. Svoronos, J. N. Les Monn. d'Athènes. Munich, 1923. Plate 27, Nos. 35-36.

OXUS, 1879?

Burial—c. 209 B. C. 1500 Ꜹ, image. Alexander III, 100 tetr., 100 dr.; Antiochus I-III; Diodotus; Pixodarus; Andragoras; Tiribazus; Pharnabazus; Tiridames; Pharsapis; Seleucus I; Acanthus; Aspendus; Athens; Celenderis; Byzantium; Tarsus; Uncertain. Found with rich treasure of gold and silver.

Disposition:. Greater part dispersed; Br. Museum; A. Cunningham; A. Grant.

Cunningham, Sir A. Jour. R. Asiatic Soc. Bengal, 1881, v. 50, pp. 151-186. Plate.

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PACHINO, Sicily , 1921.

Burial—250+ Ꜹ, image. Syracuse Ꜹ: (Agathocles) with Fulmen or Quadriga; image: tetr. (Agathocles) Nike; tetr. of Panormus and of Alexander III.

Disposition: Dispersed.

Prof. Orsi's notes.

PACHINO, Sicily , 1923.

Burial—2000+ Æ. Syracuse (Hieron II, Head of Poseidon and Trident). A pot hoard.

Disposition: Dispersed.

Prof. Orsi's notes.

PADEMLTK (Distr. Dadta).

Burial—132 image, Æ. image. Ephesus 67 tetr.; Mausolus 4; Cnidus 2 tetr., 1 didr., 1 dr., 1 hemi-dr.; Samos 1 tetr.; Cos 1 tetr.; Colophon 1 dr. Æ: Cnidus 48; Rhodes 1; 1 unrecognizable.

Disposition: Constantinople.

Unpublished; Dr. Regling's MS. notes.

PAESTUM, Italy , 1858.

Burial—c. 410 B. C. image. Incuse; Sybaris; Caulonia; Croton; Metapontum. Double relief: Metapontum 101; Caulonia; Velia; Terina; Croton; Poseidonia; Thurium; Heracleia.


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Burial—450 image. Syracuse (Agathocles) 6 tetr.; Corinth and most of her colonies 454; Siculo-Punic 1.

Disposition: Syracuse Mus. (?)

Salinas, A. Not. d. Scavi, 1897, pp. 436-437, illus.

PALERMO, 1894.

Burial—after 472 B. C. 9 image. Himera tetr., 1st coinage.

Disposition: Palermo Coll. acq. 1; Virzi 4; A. J. Evans 2.

Gabrici, E. Riv. Ital. Num., 1894, pp. 399, 414; 1895, p. 29.

PALLENE, see Zougra.

PALOMBARA, nr. Bitonto, S. Italy .

Burial—16image. Metapontum 5 didr.; Tarentum 9 didr.; Heracleia 1; Terina 1.


Selvaggi, Apulia, 1910, v. 1, p. 58.

PANCIU, Rumania, 1915.

Burial—image. Dyrrachium dr.

Disposition: Rumanian Acad.

Bulet. Num. Soc. Romane, XIII, No. 27, 1916, p. 42, No. 60.


PARNASSUS, MT., see Myonia.

PASCHA, Euroea , 1883.

Burial—490 B. C. 70+image Eretria tetr. 1; didr. 7; dr. (large no.); Attic tetr.; Wappenmünzen.

Disposition: Dispersed.

Köhler, U. Ath. Mittheil., IX, 1884, pp. 354-362.

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PATERNO, Sicily , 1915.

Burial—40 image. Messana 3 tetr.; Syracuse 7; Gela 1; Agrigentum 3 (Archaic and transitional).

Disposition: Dispersed. Not. d. Scavi, 1915, p. 226.

PATRAS, Greece , 1850.

Burial—116 Ꜹ, image. Alexander III tetr. bulk of find; 3 Ꜹ st. of Alexander ?; Athens tetr.; Sicyon 2; Aetolia 3; Philip Aridaeus; Seleucus Nicator 1. Found in vase.

Disposition: Athens Univ. Libr. acq. part.

Newton, C. T. Num. Chron., 1854, pp. 31-37.

PELLA, Macedonia , 1915.

Burial—231 image, Æ. Alexander III 1 tetr., rem. Æ of Cassander.

Disposition: Athens.

Oikonomos, G. P. Nomismata toü Basileos Kassandrou, 1918, 29 p. Plate. Arch. Delteion, v. IV, p. 1. Praktika, 1915, p. 243.

PERGAMUM, Asia Minor , 1904-08.

Burial—(not a hoard). 969 image, Æ. Greek auton. 634; Imp. Greek 335. Pergamum 314 Æ; Abdera; Maroneia; Thasos; Lysimacheia; Thessalonica; Athens; Sicyon; Heracleia Bith.; Adramytium; Cyzicus; Lampsacus; Parium, etc.; Alexander III; Cassander; Prusias. Found during excavations with Roman, Byzantine, Medieval, etc.


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Conze. Ausgrabungen von Pergamon, v. 1, pp. 355-363, for same text.

PERSIA, see Mandali .

PPIAESTUS, see Hagia Triada.

PHAROS, see Lesina and Citta-Vecchia.

PIANURA, near Naples, 1844.

Burial—Many image. Syracuse (Hieron I); Athens tetr.


Ruggiero, M. Scavi di antichita nelle regno di Napoli, 1743-1876. Napoli, 1888, p. 230.


Burial—image. Pegasi—chiefly Corinthian.


Evans, A. J. Num. Chron., 1894, p. 218. Cf. Contessa hoard.


Burial—c. 250 B. C. 272 Æ. Roman (cast—Triens, quadrans, sextans) Latium 3; Samnium 13; Suessa 16; Teanum 1; Cales 25; Nola 3; Neapolis 47; Neapolis (overstruck over Cales) 75 (?); Aesernia (?) 2; Teanum (?) 2; Illegible 69.

Disposition: Naples.

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PIRAEUS, 1882.

Burial—80 El.

Cyzicus 80 electrum st.; Alexander III st. (?). Found in a vase.


Greenwell, W. Num. Chron., 1887, pp. 35 and 42. Plate.

Dr. Regling states that a MS. note in Dr. Greenwell's copy of this article gives the number of Cyzicenes as 80 and adds that no staters of Alexander the Great were found with them.

PIRLIBEJ, Asia Minor , 18-.

Burial—1000 Ꜹ. Darics.


Sibilian, P. C. Num. Zeit., v. 2, 1870, p. 333.

PONT DE MOLINS, Spain , 1868.

Burial—image. Athens 2 archaic tetr.; Cyme 1 dr.; Metapontum st. (fragment); Corcyra; Emporiae; Massalia. Found in jar with flans (?) and silver fragments.


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POPESTI, Rumania .

Burial—20 image. Thasos 20 tetr., one inscr. "Tihrakon".


Bulet. Num. Soc. Roniane, X, No. 19, 1913, p. 21, No. 4 (quoting from Boliar, Trompeta Carpathian 1869, No. 699).

POPULONIA, Etruria , 1867.

Burial—55+ image. Populonia (?).


Gamurrini, G. F. Periodico Num., v. 4, 1872, p. 209.

POSEIDONIA, see Paestum.

POTOK, Hungary , 1862.

Burial—20Æ. Apollonia 4; Dyrrachium 3; Scodra 1; Issa 1.


Kenner, F. Archiv f. Oesterr. Geschichtsquellen, v. 38, 1867, p. 309.

PRIENE, Asia Minor , 1870.

Burial—c. 158 B. C. 6 image. Tetr. of Orophernes found in base of statue of Athena Polias.

Disposition: Brit. Mus. and Paris acq. 1 each; rem. dispersed.

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PRIENE, Asia Minor .

Burial—4313+ Æ. Priene 4313; Miletus 1. 2110 illegible. Pot hoard.


Wiegand, T. & Schrader, H. Priene. Berlin, 1904, p. 323, 328.

PRIENE, Asia Minor .

Burial—500+ Æ. Priene, 3d cent. Pot hoard.


Wiegand, T. & Schrader, H. Priene. Berlin, 1904, p. 322.

PRIENE, Asia Minor .

Burial—50+ Æ. Priene, late Hellenistic. Pot hoard.


Wiegand, T. & Schrader, H. Priene. Berlin, 1904, p. 324.


Burial—image. Tetr. of Hippostratus and Azilises. See Punjab Mus. Cat., Pls. 8, 13.

Disposition: Lahore.

Whitehead, R. B. Num. Chron., 1923, p. 338. Plate.

QASR NABA, Syria , 1902.

Burial—32+ image. Alexander III 1 early tetr., 1 ob.; tritemoria of Kings of Sidon & Tyre; double st. of Mazaios; Evagoras II, 8 double st.

Disposition: J. Rouvier acq. 32.

Rouvier, J. Rev. Num., 1902, pp. 258-259.

RAGUSA, Sicily , 1905.

Burial—180+ El. Carthage (Demeter and Horse), Syracuse (Apollo and Lyre) and (Athena and Fulmen of Agathocles).


Prof. Orsi's notes.

RAMLEH, Egypt , 1893?

Cyrene fractional.

Disposition: H. Weber Coll.

Gardner, E. A. A history of ancient coinage. Oxford, 1918, p. 60.

Weber, H. Num. Chron., 1899, p. 283. Plate.

RAWAL PINDI, see Tatta.


Burial—image. Athens and fifth century coinages of Sicily.


Gardner, P. The History of Ancient Coinage. Oxford, 1918, p. 369.


Burial—image. Rhegium, small image and Æ, found in separate urns. Two or more hoards.


Not. d. Scavi, 1876, p. 95.

REGGIO (?), Calabria, 1913.

Burial—67 image. Syracuse 35 (485-413 B. C.); Rhegium 7; Agrigentum i; Catana i; Gela 4; Himera 1; Leonttified 6; Messana 9; Selinus 1; Unidenified 2.

Disposition: Museo Reggio Calabria.

Putorti, Nini 6; Messana 9; Selinus 1; Uniden. Not. d. Scavi, 1914, pp. 159-160.

Blatter f. Münzfr., 1913, p. 5411—apparently this hoard, although the list of contents differs slightly (Athens is not mentioned).

REGGIO, see also Santa Catarina.

REMETAT, Hungary.

Burial—6+ image. 6 Thasos tetr., with Roman.


Num. Közlöny, 1914, p. 17.

Bulet. Num. Soc. Romane, 1913* X, 21, p. 25, No. 37.

RENTZI, Near Scutari, Albania, 1900.

Burial—image. Rhizon; Scodra; Genthius; Ballaeus; Illyricum.

Disposition: Gen. Ippen of Scutari.

Scholz, J. Monatsblatt Num. Gesell. Wien, 1901, p. 123, illus.

Berlin Antlirop. Gesell., 1901, p. 49.

RETE, Hungary .

Burial—248 image. Thasos tetr. and barbaric.


Gohl, E. Num. Közlöny, 1909, pp. 1 & 33.

RHEGIUM, see Reggio Di Calarria . RHODES (?) 1900.

Burial—c. 187 B. C. 21image. Tetr.; Lysimachus 12; Eumenes II 2; Antiochus I and III 3; Eumenes I 3; Attalus I 1; Pergamum 6; Seleucid 3. Found with small coins.

Disposition: A. J. B. Wace.

Wace, A. J. B. Jour. Internat., 1903, v. 6, pp. 140-148. Plate.

RHODOPE, see Rosas.

ROHTAK DISTR., India , 1918.

Burial—100+image. Similar to Sonipat hoard. The author saw 100 pieces, the rarest of which were 2 dr. of Amyntas (Helmeted javelinthruster). A large find.


Whitehead, R. B. Num. Chron., 1923, p. 342.

ROSAS, Spain , 1850.

Burial—image. Emporiae or Massalia. Small archaic.

Disposition: Gaillard, J.

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ROSE, Cosenza, S. Italy .

Burial—120image. Bruttii—octobols.

Disposition: Dispersed.

Lenzi, F. Rassegna Num., v. 11, 1914, pp. 1-14, illus.

Regling, K. Janus, I, 1921, p. 85.

ROSOLINI, Sicily , 1907.

Burial—200+image Syracuse, small denominations—(Philistis, Hieron II, Gelon II and others).

Disposition: Dispersed.

Prof. Orsi's notes.


Burial—Æ. Mesembria (Imperial)—aboard (?).

Disposition: Bucarest.

Ruzicka, L. Berl. Münzblätter, 1915, pp. 405, 429. Plate.

RUMANIA, 1890? or ALBANIA (?).

Burial—Æ. Greek Imperial of Dacia, Moesia, Thrace, Asia Minor. Mints: Marcianopolis, Nicopolis ad Istrum, Viminacium, Odessus, Tomis, Hadrianopolis, Pautalia, Philippopolis, Serdica (?), Augusta Traiana (?), Trajanopolis, Sebastopolis Ponti, Heracleia Bith., Nicomedia, Nicaea Bith., Juliopolis.

Disposition: Agram, ex Mandl Coll.

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Ruvo, italy , 1877.

Burial—57image. Tarentum 17; Heracleia 16; Croton 2; Metapontum 19; Thurium 1; Terina 1; Thyrrheium 1.


Not. d. Scavi, 1877, p. 64.

SAIDA (Sidon), 1829.

Burial—Ꜹ. Alexander III, st.

Disposition: Greater part sold and melted.

Waddington, W. H. Mélanges de Num., 1867, p. 33 = Rev. Num., 1865, p. 3. Plate. Newell, E. T. Dated Alexander coinage of Sidon and Ake. New Haven, 1916, p. 57.

SAIDA (Sidon), 1852.

Burial—c. 323 B. C. 3600 Ꜹ. Alexander III 3000 aurei and a few double st.; Philip II 300 st.; Cius 2 (a. Br. Mus. b. Cf. below, Bowen Sale) Pnytagoras 2; Pergamum 2.

Disposition: Constantinople acq. 1800; C. W. Huber, 300; Vienna 5 Philips, 15 Alexanders; rem. dispersed.

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SAIDA (Sidon), 1863.

Burial—c. 323 B. C. 3600Ꜹ. Alexander III st.; Cius 7; Rhodes 3; Pnytagoras 2; Panticapaeum 1.

Disposition: Constantinople acq. 430; remainder sold.

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Cf. Saida, 1829 and 1852.

ST. BERNARD, France .

Burial—image, Æ. Carthage; Tarentum; Histiaea tetrob.


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ST. GERVAIS, 1868.

Burial—7000 image Massalia ob. in vase. Good style.


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Burial—c. 600 image. Massalia, archaic with imitations of Rhoda.


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SATS, see Sakha.

SAKHA, Egypt , 1897.

Burial—72+ image and (?) Lead. Thasos 1; Acanthus 1; Lete 4; Neapolis 1; Aegina 3; Corinth 10; Eretria (?) 1; Naxos Ins. 2; Clazomenae 1; Phocaea (?) 3; Chios 5; Samos 1; Idyma 1; Camirus 1; Ialysus 1; Paros 1; Lycia 1; Sardis 1; Cyrene 2; Cyrenaica 6; Persia 3; Uncertain.

Disposition: Berlin, H. Weber, Lampson Coll. (No. 248, Paros).

Dressel, H. Zeit. f. Num., 1900, v. 22, pp. 231-253. Plate.

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SAKHA, Egypt , 1922.

Burial—296 image. Rhodes 4 dr., 3 hemidr.; Achaean League 8; Sicyon 1 triobol; 16 undecipherable, probably of preceding types. Found with 264 Roman Imp. denarii, 2 quinarii. One hemidr. is stuck to the back of a quinarius of Trajan.

Disposition: E. T. Newell.

Newell, E. T. Egyptian coin hoards. Numismatist, 1924, p. 301.

SALADINOVO, see Bessapara.

SALIH-HEDJR, Arabia , 1856.

Burial—18 image. Egypto-arabian and Arabic imitations of Athenian types.

Disposition: Osnabruck Coll.

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SALONA, see Myonia .


Burial—9 Ꜹ. Macedonia, archaic of uncertain mints.

Disposition: Borrell Coll.

Borrell Collection, Sotheby Sale, July 12, 1852, p. 6.


Burial—52 image.

Amphipolis tetr., dr.

Disposition: H. Hoffman acq. greater part.

Hoffman, H. Le Numismate, No. 13, May 1, 1863, p. 115. Plate.

Rev. Num., 1864, p. 90. Plate, 1860, p. 268; Num. Chron., 1880, p. 6; Sotheby Sale, Feb. 2, 1863, pp. 9-10; Nos. 110-117; Bompois Sale, Jan. 16, 1882, Nos. 712-3.


Burial—Kings of Pontus (205-293).

Disposition: Waddington acq. part. Rev. Num., 1888, p. 440.


Burial—287-280 B. C. image. Alexander III tetr., Demetrius Poliorcetes, Lysimachus (latest issues) in fine condition.

Disposition: F. Walla of Vienna.

Newell, E. T. Tyrus Rediviva. New York City, 1923, p. 11, quoting F. Walla's Preis Liste, VI, 1897-98, p. 5ff.


Burial—82+ image. Metapontum 66 didr.; Tarentum 5 didr; Velia 2; Heracleia 13; Athens tetr.; Alexander III tetr. Found with modern Afghan, Parthian, Sassanid, 240 Roman.

Disposition: Brit. Mus. acq. 15 with Coll, of J. G. Ford, who purchased them in Taranto; Sir A. J. Evans the rem.

Evans, A. J. Num. Chron., 1918, pp. 133-154. 2 Plates.

SALSO, see Termini Imerese.

SAMANOUD, see Semenood. SAMARIA, 1910.

Burial—after 74 B. C. 1 image,22 Æ. Antiochus VII, 1 tetr.; Tyre (latest date 74 B. C.), 22 Æ.


Harvard Excavations at Samaria, vol. i, pp. 52, 253, 261 and 264.

SAMOS, 1894.

Burial—34 El. Samos archaic st., hecte. hemiob., etc.

Disposition: Paris, all except dupl. varieties.

Babelon, E. Mélanges de Num., v. 3, pp. 1-48. Plate = Rev. Num., 1894, pp. 149-163; 253-285.

Babelon, E. Traité, v. 1, pt. 2, p. 206. Plate.

Annuaire de Num., 1894, p. 323.

SAMOS, 1911/12.

Burial—6700 Æ. Greek Imperial chiefly of Samos, 3d cent. A. D. Found in two vases.

Disposition: Berlin and Samos.

Vossische Zeitung, Apr. 10, 1912, No. 181.

The portion at Berlin is to be published.

SAMSOUN (anc. Amisus).

Burial—3+ image. Mithradates IV with his queen Laodicea 3 tetr. and other tetr.

Disposition: Prowe Coll., Pozzi Coll.

Prowe Sale, Egger, Nov. 28, 1904, No. 957.

Pozzi Sale, Lucerne, Apr. 4, 1921, No. 2092. Plate.

Reinach, T. L'histoire par les monnaies. Paris, 1902. Plate VI, No. 3.

The above information was given to Dr. Regling by the man through whose hands the coins passed perhaps twenty years ago.

SAMSOUN (Anc. Amisus), C. 1899.

Burial—93 Æ. Amisus 76; Amastris 8; Sinope 8: Cabeira 1.

Disposition: Constantinople.

Unpublished, from Dr. Regling's Mss. notes.

SAN'A, Arabia , 1879?

Burial—c. 90 A. D. 600+ image. Himyaritic imitations of Athenian tetr. and Roman of Augustus.

Disposition: G. Schlumberger acq. bulk—Brit. Mus. acq. part.

Schlumberger, G. Le trésor de San'a. Paris, 1880, 65 p. 3 Plates.

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Robinson, E. S. G. Num. Chron., 1923, p. 356.

Auct. Sale Coll. Allotte de la Fuye, Feb. 1925, Nos. 1168-79. Plate.

SAN GIORGIO MORGETO, Cala-bria , 1914.

Burial—image. Large treasure; 2 st. of Ambracia seen by Dr. Putorti.

Disposition: Dispersed.

Putorti, N. Not. d Scavi, 1914, pp. 211-213.

SAN LLOP, Spain , 1851.

Burial—image. Emporiae dr. found with gold ornament.


Zobel de Zarigroniz, J. Estudio historico de la moneda antigua española. Madrid, 1878, v. 1, p. 138.

Delgado, A. Medallas autonomas de España. Sevilla, 1876, v. 3, p. 194.


Burial—100 Æ. Aluntium (probably a hoard).

Disposition: Palermo acq. 10.

Not. d. Scavi, 1880, p. 196.

SAN PANTALEONE (Motya), 1857?

Burial—Æ. Motya.

Disposition: Paris and Brit. Mus. acq. parts.

Babelon, J. Catalogue de la collection de Luynes. Paris, 1924, p. 205. Plates. Nos. 1048, 1052-55, 1306, 1309-10. (A hoard?)

SANTA CATERINA, Calabria , 1913.

Burial—179 Æ Rhegium 179.

Disposition: Museo di Reggio acq. part.

Not. d. Scavi, 1913, pp. 153-154.

Rassegna Num., 1914, v. 11, p. 86.

SANTA EUFEMIA, S. Italy , 1865.

Burial—Æ Syracuse (Agathocles). Large number with gold ornaments, etc., in tomb.

Disposition: Dispersed.

Francica, A. Oggetti di arte greca nel secolo III av. l'era volgare.

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Burial—c. 380 B. C. 80+ image. Syracuse 67 signed decadr., 6 tetr.; Messana 3; Selinus 1 tetr.; Motya 1; Athens 2 archaic; "Pegasi". A pot hoard.

Disposition: Dispersed.

Evans, A. J. Num. Chron., 1891, pp. 217-254. Plate.

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Spink and Son. Some additional (14) Syracusan medallions from the Santa Maria hoard which have come to light since Mr. Arthur Evans' descr. of that trouvaille. ... 2 engr. plates.


Burial—140 image. Chalcis.


Sotheby Sale, (A Gentleman, McDonald Coll.), June 21, 1847, p. 12, Nos. 179-187.

SANTORIN (anc. Thera), 1821.

Burial—750 image. Aegina 541; Naxos 14; Siphnos (?) 3. Remainder uninscribed "incerti".

Disposition: Brit. Mus. acq. part (ex Borrell and Payne Knight Coll.).

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SARADJASCHAK-WELI (Bulgaria), 1891.

Burial—c. 250 A. D. 640 Æ. Imperial Greek: Tomis 500; Callatis; Dionysopolis; Istrus; Marcianopolis; Anchialus; Deultum; Hadrianopolis; Mesembria; Odessus; Topirus; Pella; Trajanopolis; Viminacium; Nicopolis ad Istrum; Pautalia; Serdica; Amphipolis; Cassandreia; Nicaea Bith.; Caesareia Cappadociae; Perinthus i auton. Found in vase with another vase containing 820 Roman denarii.

Disposition: Sofia; Philippopoli Cabinet.

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SARDIS, 1860?

Burial—16 image. Croesus types, 11 sigli, 5 half-sigli.

Disposition: F. Lenormant.

Lenormant, F. Monnaies royales de la Lydie. Annuaire de Num., 1873-74, p. 197.

SARDIS, 1863?

Burial—178 image. Persian sigli 145; Croesus staters and half staters 33.

Disposition: Dispersed.

Lenormant, F. Monnaies royales de la Lydie. Annuaire de Num., 1873-4, P. 201.

SARDIS, 1870?

Burial—14 Ꜹ, image,EL. Lydia 1 El; Croesus 3 Ꜹ hecte, 10 image st. and 1/2 st.


Lenormant, F. Monnaies royales de la Lydie. Annuaire de Num., 1873-74, p. 196.

SARDIS (Basis Hoard), 1911.

Burial—128image, Æ Alexander III 32 tetr.; Philip III 1; Cassander 2; Demetrius Pol. 1; Antigonus Gonatas 1; Lysimachus 21; Cius 1; Attalid 8; Cyme 1; Colophon 4; Ephesus 4; Oenoe 3; Croesus 1; Seleucids 43. Found in basis of cult statue of Artemis.

Disposition: Constantinople acq. 56. (note of Dr. Regling).

Bell, H. W. Sardis; Publ. of Amer. Soc. for Excav. of Sardis. Leiden, 1916, v. XI, p. v., 1 and flf. Plate.

SARDIS, 1910-14.

Burial—5 Æ. Colophon, found in a tomb.


Bell, H. W. Sardis; Publ. of Amer. Soc. for Excav. of Sardis. Leiden, 1916, v. xi, p. iii.

SARDIS (Pot Hoard), 1913.

Burial—61 image, Æ. Alexander III 30image; Alabanda 1; Aphrodisias 1 Æ; Pergamum 2; Side 13; Seleucids 14.

Disposition: Constantinople (18 noted by Dr. Regling).

Bell, H. W. Sardis; Publ. of Amer. Soc. for Excav. of Sardis. Leiden, 1916, v. xi, pt. 1, p. iv. Plate.

SARDIS, 1922.

Burial—546 B. C. 30 Ꜹ. Lydia (Croesus).

Disposition: In keeping of Amer. Archaeol. Soc.?

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SATALIA, see Adalia.


Burial—image. Dionysius 4; Apollodotus, Zoilus.


Num. Chron., 1870, pp. 86-87.

SAVA, S. Italy , 1856.

Burial—image. Incuse: Metapontum; Croton; Sybaris; Siris. Tarentum double relief dr., didr.

Disposition: A. Sambon acq. part. Evans, A. J. The Horsemen of Tarentum. Num. Chron., 1889, p. 2, note.

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SCANO (Cornus.), Sardinia , 1855.

Burial—500 Æ. Carthage.


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SCHISO (Anc. Naxos), SIC., 1853.

Burial—26 image. Syracuse, Zancle, Naxos, Rhegium. Found in jar.

Disposition: Berlin Coll. (?).

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SCHISO (Anc. Naxos), SIC., 1853.

Burial—c. 410 B. C. 2000 image. Naxos 170 (6 of fine period); Eryx; Catana; Segesta; Messana; Gela; Agrigentum; Syracuse; Camarina; Selinus; Himera; Leontini; Heracleia; Athens; Corinthian Pegasi.

Disposition: Paris acq. part (ex de Luynes Coll. Cf. J. Babelon's Catalogue).

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SCHUBIN, Prussia , 1708.

Burial—1 image. A single coin of Neapolis (not Rhodes), Dr. Regling calls this "not a hoard, but a mystification. It is included here because of the undue prominence given this so-called hoard in numismatic literature.

Friedländer, J. Zeit. f. Num., 1878, p. 213.

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SEGARO, Spain , 1881.

Burial—963 image. Emporiae dr. with Celtiberian and Roman Republ. denarii.


Zobel de Zangroniz, J. Monatsberichte K. Akad. Wiss. Berlin, 1881, p. 809.

Pujol y Camps. Revista de Ciencias Historicas. Barcelona, 1881, pp. 142-162.

SEISTAN, Persia , 1900?

Burial—image, Æ. Seleucid kings of Syria, Bactria, Parthia; Parthian kings; imitations of Athens, Alexander III. Found during excavations.


Rapson, E. J. Note on ancient coins collected by G. P. Tate. Jour. R. Asiatic Soc., 1904, pp. 673-686. Plate.

SELCI, Albania , 1870?

Burial—38 Æ. Scodra 12; Lissus 1; Dyrrachium 16; Apollonia 1; Genthius 6; 2 unidentifiable. A pot hoard.

Disposition: A. J. Evans.

Evans, A. J. Num. Chron., 1880, pp. 269-280.

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Burial—20 Ꜹ. Carthage.


Bollett. Num., 1903 (cover of pt. 5/6).

SELINUNTE, Sicily , 1876.

Burial—300 image, Æ. Syracuse 1 tetr.; Siculo-Punic 32 tetr. Æ unattributed.

Disposition: Palermo Mus.

Not. d. Scavi, 1877, PP 20 & 72.

SELINUNTE, Sicily , 1876.

Burial—467 image. Siculo-Punic, small and of same type, in leaden vase.


Archaol. Zeitung, 1877, p. 177. Not. d. Scavi, 1877, p. 19, p. 71.

SELINUNTE, Sicily , 1877.

Burial—9 image. Siculo-Punic ? (inscr. AIBYON). Found in temple of Zeus Agoreus (?).


Not. d. Scavi, 1877, p. 132.

Bull. Comm. Antichita Sicilia, VII, p. 18.

SELINUNTE, Sicily , 1885.

Burial—c. 409 B. C. 48 image. Catania 3; Gela 7; Himera 1; Leontini 4; Syracuse 21, Messana 3; Segesta 1; Selinus 3; Athens 4; Rhegium 1.

Disposition: Palermo Museum.

Salinas, A. Not. d. Scavi, 1885, pp. 327-329.

SELINUNTE, Sicily , 1891.

Burial—25 image. Romano-Campanian quadrigati.


Salinas, A. Not. d. Scavi, 1894, p. 211.

Rhein. Mus., 1905, p. 359.

SELINUNTE, Sicily , 1894.

Burial—Many Hundred image. Romano-Campanian quadrigati, rev. Roma, incuse.


Salinas, A. Not. d. Scavi, 1894, p. 392.

Rhein. Mus., 1905, p. 395.


Burial—196 image. Messana 13 tetr.; Agrigentum 19 tetr. and didr.; Gela 9 tetr., 24 didr.; Leontini 14 tetr., 2 didr.; Himera 3 didr.; Catana 3 tetr.; Syracuse 63 tetr., 1 didr.; Selinus 15 tetr., 30 didr.

Disposition: Brit. Mus. acq. 12, Messrs. Hoyt Miller and A. H. Lloyd parts.

Note supplied by Mr. Hoyt Miller.

Illus. Lond. News, 1924, p. 1246, illus.

SEMENOOD, Egypt , 1897.

Burial—1000+ image. Tetr. of Alexander IV (Ptolemy I Soter).

Disposition: Mme. Stamati Vinga acq. 300.

Dutilh, E. D. J. Jour. Internat., v. i, 1898, PP 153-156.

Cf. Babelon, E. Traité, v. 1, pt. 1, p. 23; and Mowat, R. Rev. Num., 1906, p. 294. Plate.

SEMENOOD, Egypt , 1897.

Burial—c. 55 B. C. 51+ image. Side Pamphyliae 43 tetr.; Ptolemy XIII Auletes, 8 tetr. Many countermarked.

Disposition: Dispersed.

Botti, G. Bull. Soc. Archéol. d'Alexandrie, No. 1, 1898, pp. 25-38.

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Burial—image. Amorphous silver.


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SERUK (Anc. Selge).

Burial—Æ. Selge of 2d and 1st cent. B. C. One small coin of Ceraitae.


Lederer, P. Selge. Berl. Münzblätter, 1918, p. 249.

SERRA-ILIXI, Sardinia, 1857.

Burial—Æ. Ingots in form of double-axe engraved.

Disposition: R. Cagliari Mus.

Svoronos, J. N. Lemons numismatiques. Rev. Beige, 1908, pp. 305-311, illus. = Jour. Internat., 1906, p. 161.

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Willers, H. Num. Zeit., 1904, p. 11, note. (Refers Find to Nuragus, but evidence points to Serra Ilixi.)

SEVASTOPOL, Crimea , 1853.

Burial—image. Chersonesus Taurica.

Disposition: Musée Kotschoubey, Berlin, Brit Mus.

Imhoof-Blumer, F. Zeit. f. Num., 1878, v. 5, P. 146.

SHIRAZ?, Persia , 1874.

Burial—825 Æ. Elymais: Orodes I, II; Phraates IV; Phraataces.

Disposition: Subhi-Pacha acq. 700; Mordtmann, 125.

Mordtmann, A. D. Zeit. f. Num., 1876, pp. 223-234.

Allotte de la Fuye. Monnaies de l'Elymaide. Paris, 1900, p. 2.

Allotte de la Fuye. Rev. Num., 1919, pp. 47-78. Plate.

SICHEM, see Naplus.

SICILY, 1837?

Burial—300 image. Corinth 224 didr., 1 dr.; Leucas 49; Syracuse 1 Corinthian type, 3 uninscribed; Anactorium 5; Argos Amphilochicum 1; Dyrrachium 4; Carthage 3 tetr. (Panormus); Alyzia 1; Ambracia 1.

Disposition: Acq. by P. Schouvaloff.

Koehne, B. von. Zeit. f. Münz-siegel u. wappenkunde; Mem. Soc. Archéol. Num. St. Petersbourg, 1847, pp. 121-144. Plate.

Bull, de la Soc. d'archéol. et de num., 1847, p. 44.

SICILY, 1879.

Burial—c. 344 B. C. 52 Æ. Syracuse 3; Adranum (?) 15; Uncertain of Sicily 31; Alaesa (?) 3; Locri (?).

Disposition: Rollin and Feuardent.

Head, B. V. Num. Chron., 1879, pp. 217-218.

SICILY (Interior), 1890.

Burial—c. 200 image. Syracuse tetr., dr.; Himera tetr.; Segesta didr.; Leontini; Agrigentum; Gela; Messana.

Disposition: E. J. Seltman acq. bulk of find; Berlin Cabinet a few.

Seltman, E. J. Zeit. f. Num., 1895, pp. 165-182. Plates.

Gabrici, E. Riv. Ital. Num., 1894, pp. 415-417; 1895, p. 30.

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SICILY, Western, 1888, see Contessa.

SICILY, Before 1905.

Burial—image. Catana tetr. and dr.


Hirsch Sale, No. XIV, 1905. Vorwort and p. 13, Nos. 160-169. Plates.

SIDE (Eski-Adalia), 1922.

Burial—18+ image. Athens 1 tetr. (before 407 B. C.); Corinth 1 st. (before 480); Side 12, possibly 19 (5th cent.); Aspendus 2 st., possibly 3 (c. 425); Citium 1 st. (c. 400-392). Found with jewelry. Seltman saw 18 pieces.

Disposition: Dispersed.

Seltman, C. T. A hoard from Side. 20 p. 2 Plates. New York City, 1924.

SIDON, see Saida.

SIDRIESUL-MIC, see Kis-Szederjes.

SIGEIUM, Asia Minor , 1852.

Burial—Æ. Achilleion 1; Cebren; Neandria; Ilium.

Disposition: First-named piece in Berlin (ex Fox Coll. ?).

Borrell Coll., Sotheby Sale July 12, 1852, p. 18, No. 151.

SINAN PASCHA (Karahissar).

Burial—31 image. Alexander III 24 dr.; Philip III 7.

Disposition: Constantinople.

Unpublished; from Dr. Regling's MS. notes.

SIRACUSA, see Syracuse.

SKUDLJIVAC (Lesina?), Dalmatia.

Burial—89+Æ. Heracleia 29; Pharos 60; Issa; Ballaeus; Di ..........


Kubitschek, W. Bull. Archaol. e Storia Dalmatia, v. 20, 1897, pp. 159-171.

SLAVA RUSA (Tulcea), 1907.

Burial—image. Lysimachus dr.


See Bulet. Num. Soc. Romane, XIII, No. 27, 1916, p. 42, No. 63.

SMYRNA, 1865.

Burial—44image. Smyrna 40 tetr., 3 dr.; Pergamum 1.

Disposition: L. Meyer acq. 16; J. Whittal 10.

Meyer, L. Wiener Num. Monatshefte, v. 4, 1868, pp. 289-293.

SMYRNA, 1875, see Clazomenae.

SMYRNA, near, 1884?

Burial—c. 210-190 B. C. 28 Æ. Gambrium 3; Pergamum 2; Aegae Aeolidis 1; Cyme; Elea 1; Myrina Aeolidis 1; Erythrae 1; Uncertain. Found with 8 blanks (?), a lead weight, amorphous Æ

Disposition: British Mus.

Hill, G. F. Was it the mint of Smyrna? Ridgeway, W., Essays and studies presented to him. Cambridge, 1913, pp. 110-115.

SMYRNA, 1912?

Burial—45 Æ. Cyme, 190 B. C.; some countermarked.

Disposition: J. G. Milne.

Milne, J. G. Num. Chron., 1913, pp. 389-395.

SMYRNA, 1912?

Burial—306 Æ, image. Temnos 3d cent.; Alexander III 6 tetr.

Disposition: J. G. Milne 52; A. H. Baldwin 38.

Milne, J. G. Num. Chron., 1914, p. 260.

Monatsblatt Num. Gesell. Wien, 1913,p. 164; Rev. Num., 1913, p. 588 (quotes Monatsblatt).


Burial—74 Æ. Smyrna.

Disposition: Brit. Mus. acq. selection.

Milne, J. G. Num. Chron., 1916, pp. 246-250.


Burial—149image. Sigli mainly, many with small countermarks and hammered flat; 4 in halves.

Disposition: Constantinople.

Unpublished; from Dr. Regling's MS. notes.

SONIPAT, Near Delhi , 1871.

Burial—c. 135 B. C. 883+ image, Æ. Heliocles 30; Apollodotus 19; Strato 64; Antimachus II 26; Antialcidas 19; Lysias 21; Philoxenes 79; Menander 564; Diomedes 12; Amyntas 5; Hermaeus 22; Hermaeus and Calliope 22. Incomplete.

Disposition: Sir A. Cunningham acq. 745.

Cunningham, Sir A. Num. Chron., 1872, pp. 158-171. Plate.

B. M. Cat. Indian Coins—Greek and Scythic Kings, p. xxxvi.

SOPHIKON, near Epidaurus, 1893.

Burial—945 image. Alexander III 702 dr., 17 tetr.; Lysimachus 18 tetr., dr.; Philip Aridaeus 1 tetr., 29 dr.; Demetrius Poliorcetes 6 dr.; Antigonus Gonatas 3 dr.; Athens 135 tetr.; Aetolia 1 tetr.; Boeotia 1 tetr.; Lacedaemon; tetr.; Pergamum 1 tetr.; Rhodes 2 tetr.; Seleucus I 4 tetr.; Seleucus II 8 dr.; Antiochus I 1 tetr.; Ptolemy I Soter 1 tetr.; Ptolemy II 10 tetr.; Ptolemy III 4 tetr.

Disposition: Athens Coll.

Svoronos, J. N. Jour. Internat., v. 2, 1899, p. 289; 1905, v. 8, p. 115; 1907, v. 10, pp. 35-46. Plate.

Cf. Svoronos, J. N. Les Monn. d'Athènes. Munich, 1923. Plate 28.

SORGONO, Sardinia .

Burial—17 Æ. Ingots.


Spano, G. Scoperte archeologiche fattesi in Sardegna in ... 1871.

Willers, H. Num. Zeit, 1904, p. 11, note.

SOTIN, Croatia .

Burial—image. Caesareia Bithyniae dr. and Roman Imp. den.


Brunsmid, J. Vjesnik hrvatškoga arheološkoga društya, 11, 1910/11.

Regling, K. Zeit. f. Num., v. 29, 1912, p. 236, note 4.

SPACCAFORNO, Sicily , 1903.

Burial—3000+Æ. Syracuse, Hiero II, Hieronymus. Found in vase.

Disposition: Collector of Syracuse acq. 2777.

Orsi, P. Not. d. Scavi, 1903, p. 429.

SPARTA, 1908.

Burial—(245-240 B. C.). 86 image. 42 tetr. of Athens (3rd cent.); Alexander III 15; Lysimachus 3; Lacedaemon 7; Ptolemy I 4; Ptolemy II 8; Demetrius Poliorcetes 3; Antiochus I-III, 1 each. Seleucus I 1. Pot hoard.

Disposition: Athens.

Wace, A. J. B. Ann. Brit. School at Athens, v. 14, 1907/8, p. 149. Plates.

Svoronos, J. N. Jour. Internat., v. 12, 1909-10, p. 63. Cf. also his Monn. d'Athènes. Plate 29.

STARI, see Lesina.

STENIMACH, Bulgaria, 1895.

Burial—200 image Abdera 20; Parium 30; Cherronesus the remainder. Found in vase.

Disposition: Sofia acq. 60.

Dobrusky, V. Rev. Nuni., 1895, pp. 103-106.

Tacchella, D. E. Rev. Num., 1898, p. 215.

STREHL RIVER, Dacia , 1543?

Burial—40,000 Ꜹ Lysimachus, bulk of find; Koson.

Kenderesi. A Koson aramokrol vicz gálod ertekezèsck. Koloszvar, 1812, 72 p.

Bahrfeldt, M. Berl. Münzblätter, 1912, p. 324

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Bulet. Num. Soc. Romane, XVI, No. 37, 1921, pp. 14-18.

STRONGOLI, Calabria , 1880.

Burial—Ꜹ, image, Æ. Syracuse 1 Ꜹ; Samnium 1 image Petelia 3 Æ; Suessa 1 Æ Found with Roman Rep. image and 1 Ꜹ of Justinian in tomb.


Not. d. Scavi, 1881, p. 97.

STRONGOLI, Calabria , 1880.

Burial—Æ. Brutti 8; Metapontum 1; Nuceria; Petelia 13; Hipponium; Mamertini 1. Found in small jug with Roman including 1 Æ of Antoninus Pius. Hoard?


Not. d. Scavi, 1881, p. 67.


Burial— Ꜹ. Berenice II.

Disposition: Dupré Coll. acq. 2. Huber, C. W. Wiener Num. Monatshefte, v. 4, PP. 233, 242.

Dupré Coll., Hoffman Sale, 1867, Nos. 351-353.

SUSA (?), Persia .

Burial—50+Æ. Elyniais (probably a hoard).

Disposition: Brit. Mus. acq. 50.

B. M. Cat. Arabia, p. clxxxv.

SUSA, Persia , 1900.

Burial—after 50 B. C. 583Æ. Elyniais (Kamnaskires to Chosroes).

Disposition: Paris (Mission de Morgan).

Allotte de la Fuye, F. M. Les monnaies de l'Elymaide. Paris, 1905. 5 Plates. Mission de Morgan, Tome viii.

Allotte de la Fuye, F. M. Rev. Num., 1919, pp. 45-65. Plate.

SUSA, Persia , 190-.

Burial—210Æ. Elyniais (Kamnaskires to Vologeses).

Disposition: Br. Mus.

B. M. Cat. Arabia, p. clxxxv. Plates.

SUSA, Persia , 190-.

Burial—Æ. Elymais coins similar to those in the hoard found at Susa in 1900. Reported by M. de Morgan—possibly the hoard of Dizful?


Allotte de la Fuye, F. M. Rev. Num., 1919, pp. 57-58.

SUSA (?), Persia, Via Amara , 192-.

Burial—50image. Attambelos I. Pot hoard.

Disposition: Brit. Mus. and E. T. Newell acq. parts.

Hill, G. F. Attambelos I of Characene. New York City, 1922, pp. 1-22. Plates.

B. M. Cat. Arabia, pp. 291-292. Plate.


Burial—c. 317 B. C. 200 Lbs. image. Syracuse (Athena—Pegasos)


Eckhel, J. Doctr. numorum veterum, v. i, p. lxxxii.

SYRACUSE, 1897, see Palazzolo-Acreide.


Burial—c. 212 B. C. 300image. Syracuse 151: Philistis 137, Hieron II 14; Alexander III 3; Antigonus Gonatas 9.

Disposition: Dispersed.

Orsi, P. Riv. Ital. Num., 1900, pp. 85-90.


Burial—212 B. C. 200+image Syracuse (Head PL XIII, 2-6).

Disposition: Dispersed.

Orsi, P. Not. d. Scavi, 1905, pp. 389-391.

Jahrb. Deutsch, Archaol. Inst., Archäol. Anzeiger, 1906, p. 108.

Le Musée, 1904, app. 4, p. 2.

Hirsch Sale Cat., Nov., 1905, No. XIV, Plate VIII, 246-254.


Burial—image. Two finds. Syracuse—Hieronymus (Head and fulmen).

Disposition: Syracuse Mus. acq. small part.

Prof. Orsi's notes.

SYRIA (North), 1912.


Miletus 2 tetr.; Antiochus IV; Antiochus V; Lysimachus; Alexander III.


Record supplied by Dr. Regling.

SZILAGY SOMLYO, Hungary , 1907.

Burial—72image. Apollonia dr.; Dyrrachium; with imitations.

Disposition: Budapest acq. part.

Harsanyi Pal. Num. Kozlony, 1908, pp. 113-115.

Bulet. Num. Soc. Romane XV, No. 35/6, p. 80, No. 81.

SZOVATH, Transylvania , 1863.

Burial—12image. Macedonia 2 tetr.; Thasos 10.

Disposition: Budapest Coll. acq. 6; Klaussenburg Mus. 6.

Kenner, F. In Archiv. f. Oesterr. Geschichtsquellen, v. 33, 1865, p. 122.

TADASUNE, Sardinia , 1900?

Burial—500 Æ. Carthaginian (?).


Archivio Storico Sardo, 1912, pp. 370-372.

Rassegna Num., 1913, p. 60.

TAKOUS, see Touk-El-Garmous.

TAMAN, Russia , 1844.

Burial—12 Ꜹ. Panticapaeum (359-336 B. C.).

Disposition: Musée Kotschoubey acq. 3.

Musée Kotschoubey, St. Petersburg, 1857, v. 1, p. 340.


Burial— 61+ image. Syracuse—Gelon, Hieron II.

Disposition: V. von Renner acq. 61.

Renner, V. von. Num. Zeit. 1892, pp. 1-39. Plate.

Kubitschek, W. Rundschau über ein quinquennium der antiker num., 1890-1894. Wien, 1896, p. 20.

TARANTO, 1883.

Burial—c. 315B. C. 92 Ꜹ. Philip II 80; Tarentum 7; Alexander III 5.


Evans, A. J. The Horsemen of Tarentum. Num. Chron., 1889, pp. 97-100. Plate.

Viola, L. Not. d. Scavi, 1886, pp. 279-280.

TARANTO, 1883.

Burial—c. 228 B. C. 1558image. Tarentum 1536 didr., dr., obols, etc.; Thurium 22 didr.

Disposition: Taranto Museum; A. J. Evans acq. 300 didr.

Evans, A. J. The Horsemen of Tarentum. Num. Chron., 1889, PP 165-169; 219-228. Plates.

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Burial—281-272 B. C. 68 image. Metapontum 7; Tarentum 60 (Evans' cl. VIII); Velia 1.


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TARANTO, 1908.

Burial—c. 210 B. C. 114image. Metapontum 6 st., 2 of "Hannibalic" standard; Tarentum; Carthaginian. Found in vase with gold ornaments.

Disposition: Dispersed.

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TARANTO, 1908.

Burial—120image. Tarentum st. (Evans cl. VIII).

Disposition: Prof. Hartwig. Note supplied by M. Vlasto.

TARANTO, 1911.

Burial—c. 510 B. C.* 600image. Metapontum, Sybaris, Croton, Poseidonia (with Fiis), Velia, Selinus, Himera. Therma (?), Chalcis Euboeae; Boeotia; Eretria; Megara; Athens; Aegina; Mende; Potidaea; Acanthus; Lete; Thasos; Peparethus; Tenos; Chios; Thera; Carthaea; Naxos Ins.; Corcyra; Corinth; Cyrene; Phocaea. Found with image.ingots in Vase.

Disposition: Paris Coll. acq. part, R. Jameson, part; Brit. Mus. greater pt. of silver bullion and some incuse, Spink & Sons greater pt. of rem.

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* It should be noted that among the pieces of bullion and fragments of coins acquired by the Brit. Mus., there are two of the thick flan staters of Metapontum identical in surface with the others, but which appear to have been overlooked by M. Babelon in assigning this date. These would be dated later than 510.

TARANTO, 1912.

Burial—c. 235 B. C. 126image. Tarentum 124; Thurium 1 didr. Found in vase.


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TARANTO, Near, 1914.

Burial—15image. Tarentum.


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TARANTO, June, 1919.

Burial—c. 334 B. C. 38 image. Sybaris 1; Croton 1 incuse; Metapontum 1 tetr.; 3 didr.; Heracleia 3 didr.; Velia 2 didr.; Tarentum 27 didr. (mostly Evans V).

Disposition: Virzi acq. find.

Note in Amer. Num. Soc. Library.

TARANTO, 1922.

Burial—272 B. C. 42image. Tarentum 32 didr., 3 dr., 3 diob., 1 litra; Croton 2 didr.; Thurium 1 didr.

Disposition: Brit. Mus. acq. Croton and Thurium pieces.

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Burial—image. Emporiae archaic; Selinus 1; Massalia.


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TARSUS, 1848.

Burial—c. 112 B. C. 200 image. Antiochus VII 7; Demetrius II Nicator 11; Alexander II Zebina 1; Cleopatra and Antiochus VIII 19; Antiochus VIII 101.

Disposition: H. P. Borrell acq. 100, 60 melted.

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TARSUS, 1863.

Burial—c. 227 A. D. Ꜹ. Medallions (3) with effigies of Philip II and Alexander III, found with gold medallion of Alexander Severus, 23 aurei and ornaments.

Disposition: Paris.

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TATTA, India , 1885?

Burial—c. 50-40 B. C. 20-30image. Tetr. of Diomedes, Strato I, Strato and Agathocleia, Philoxenus, Hermaeus.

Disposition: Brit. Mus. acq. choice pieces.

Whitehead, R. B. Num. Chron., 1923, p. 316. Plate.

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TAXILA, India , 1920?

Burial—before 230 B. C. 161 image. Debased silver square punchmarked coins 160; Diodotus 1.


Marshall, Sir John. Guide to Taxila. Calcutta, 1922, p. 117.

Brown, C. J. The coins of India, p. 16.

TEGEA, Arcadia , 1875?

Burial—image. Mantineia, and many of Federal Coinage of Arcadia.

Disposition: E. Petmesas of Greek army.

Longpérier, A. de. Rev. Num., 1874-77, PP. 166-168, illus.

TEL EL-ATHRIB, Egypt , c. 1905.

Burial—700 image. Athens tetr. 527-322 B. C. and barbarous imitations; Alexander III 1 tetr. (?); 1 die.

Disposition: G. Dattari acq. 240; 460 melted down; Athens acq. 84 of Dattari's part and the die.

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TELL EL-HERR. (Suez Canal).

Burial—7Æ. Judea, revolt coinage, years 2, 3, 4.


Comptes-Rendus Acad. Inscr., 1905, p. 55, P 135.

TELL HALAAF, Mesopotamia.

Burial—352 image. Alexander III, 212 dr., 53 tetr.; Philip III 8 dr., 3 tetr.; Lysimachus 4 dr.; Cyzicus 26 tetr.; Demetrius I 3 tetr.; Pergamum (Philetaerus) 5 tetr.; Seleucids, 38 tetr.

Disposition: Constantinople.

Unpublished; from Dr. Regling's MS. notes.

TELLO (Lower Chaldea), 1878.

Burial—after 116 A. D. 732Æ. Characene (Hyspaosines, Apodacus, Tiraeus I, II, Theonneses I, II, III, Attambelus I-IV, Abinerglus, Adinnerglus, Artabazus); Elymaïs 1. Many corroded.

Disposition: Paris, Waddington Coll., Allotte de la Fuÿe (?).

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TERINA, see Santa Eufemia.


Burial—image. Syracuse 2; Messana 1; Siculo-Punic 4; Corinth 2.

Disposition: G. Alliata, Palermo acq. part.

Gabrici, E. Not. d. Scavi, 1900, pp. 205-206.

Num. Chron., 1900, p. 374.

Classical Rev., 1901, p. 94.


Burial—198 Ꜹ.

Philip II 150 st.; Alexander III 7; Carthaginian 40; stater of T. Quinctius Flamininus (illus. by Friedlander). Found with ornaments.


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Burial—c. 282 B. C. 74+ Ꜹ, Æ, EL. Syracuse 1 Ꜹ, 70 Æ; Carthage 1 EL; Gela 2Æ.Prof. Orsi saw 74 coins. A pot hoard containing gold jewelry.

Disposition: Signor Moscato (?).

Orsi, P. Monumenti antichi, Acad. d. Lincei, v. XVII, 1906, pp. 538-540. Also in Atti dell'Ist. Ital. Num., v. 3, pt. 2, p. 22.


Burial—c. 311 B. C. 21image. Agrigentum 2 didr.; Leontini 4 archaic tetr.; Messana 1 tetr.; Segesta 2 archaic didr.; Gela 2 tetr.; Catana 1 tetr.; Rhegium; Corinthian Colony 1; Syracuse.

Disposition: Syracuse Mus.

Orsi, P. Tesoretto monetale di Gela. Atti dell'Ist. Ital. Num., v. 3, fasc. 2, 1919, pp. 1-22. Plates, v. 4, 1921, pp. 3-4.


Burial—1200+image. Pegasi. Orsi saw about 100.

Disposition: Dispersed.

Prof. Orsi's notes.


Burial—c. 311 B. C. 27.image Corinthian Pegasi found with gold ornaments.


Orsi, P. Not. d. Scavi, 1915, p. 234.


Burial—c. 282 B. C. 20+ Ꜹ. Alexander III st.; Philip II st. Found with jewelry.

Disposition: Dispersed.

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Burial—33 Bil.

Greek Imp. of Alexandria with Roman Imp.


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Burial—20 Æ. Greek Imp. of Alexandria.


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THEBES, Egypt , 1896.

Burial—68 Æ. Ptolemaic: Philadelphus 4; Euergetes 26; Philopator 14; Epiphanes 24. Found in recess in wall of Ramesseum.


Quibell, J. E. The Ramesseum. Egyptian Research Account, 1896, p. 13. (Coins described by J. G. Milne.)

THERA, see Santorin.

THERMAE HIMERENSES, see Ter-Mini Imerese.

THESSALY, see Grammenon.


Burial—image. Getas of the Edoni 2 octradr.; Sidon; Athens. Pot hoard.

Disposition: Br. Mus.

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B. M. Cat. Phoenicia, 1910, pp. 140, 141, etc.

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Burial—731 image. Bruttii 358 dr., triob.; Carthaginian.

Disposition: Canessa acquired find.

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Burial—image, Æ. image of Apollonia Illyrici and Lycia found with Greek Imperial.

Disposition: Vienna.

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TORRE DEL OVO, S. ITALY , c. 1912.

Burial—c. 302 B. C. 19. Metapontum 8 didr.; Tarentum 5; Heracleia 3; Croton 1; Thurium 2. Pot hoard.

Disposition: Egger acq. part.

Vlasto, M. P. Taras Oikistes. New York City, 1922, p. 206.

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Burial—247 Æ. Neapolis Camp. 9; Cales; Campania; Arpi; Salapia (?); Panormus; Cosa; Teanum; Ariminum. Greater part Roman (quadrans, semis, triens).

Disposition: Terano Coll. acq. 247.

Petra, G. de. Not. d. Scavi, 1896, p. 366.

TORTOSA (?), SPAIN , 1863.

Burial—image. Emporiae; Rhoda; Ebusus. Data uncertain.

Disposition: A. Heiss acq. 2; remainder dispersed.

Zobel de Zangroniz, J. Estudio historico de la moneda antigua española. Madrid, 1878, v. 1, p; 144.


Burial—90 Ꜹ. Lysimachus, Ꜹ st.

Disposition: Leningrad, Nat. Hermitage Coll. 59; Moscow Hist. Mus. 1.

Letter fr. Dr. Pridik.


Burial—Ꜹ, image. Three finds in treasure-chamber of temple. 1. Gold ornaments with gold and silver coins (Ptolemy I); 2. Hoard of poorly preserved tetdradrachms; 3. Hoard in earthen pot—well preserved—"of various mints", and possibly pre-Ptolemaic.

Disposition: Alexandria, Mus. Gr.-Rom.

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Burial—244 image. Histiaea 1 tetrob.; Massalia tetrob. 162. Found with Gaulish.

Disposition: Allotte de la Fuÿe and Musèe de Grenoble acq. parts.

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TOURVES, France , 1366.

Burial—2nd cent. B. C. image. Large treasure of Massalian obols.


Rev. Num., 1903, p. 164. Comptes-Rendus Acad. Inscr., 1903, p. 212; Registres de la Cour des Comptes de Provence.


Burial—117 image.

Thasos tetr. found with barbaric imitations.

Disposition: Arnim Egger.

Egger, A. Monatsblatt Num. Gesell. Wien, v. 4. 1898, p. 162.

Gaz. Num. Belge, v. 2, 1898, p. 68.

TRAPINI, Sicily .

Burial—EL. Some hundred Punic.


Prof. Orsi's notes.


Burial—Æ. Cyrenaica. Adhering in solid mass.

Disposition: George Armes.

Hill, G. F. Num. Chron., 1899, p. 175.


Burial—520 image. Seleucids: Demetrius II 5; Alexander II 36; Antiochus VIII 20; Antiochus VIII and Cleopatra I; Antiochus IX 1. Phoenicia: Aradus auton. tetr. 27; Tripolis 20.

Disposition: E. T. Newell acq. part (ex Rouvier Coll.).

Rouvier, J. Jour. Asiatique, 1898, v. 11, p. 13.

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Burial—23 image. Philip III 6 tetr.; Alexander III 14 tetr.; Aegina 3 st.

Disposition: A. H. Baldwin of London.

Newell, E. T. Alexander hoards: Andritsaena. New York City, 1923, pp. 32-35. Plates.


Burial—image Ingots. A hoard.


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TROAD, 188-.

Burial—Æ. Cebren, Gargara, Neandria, Ophrynium, Scepsis, Sigeium.


Bompois Coll., Hoffman Sale, Jan. 16, 1882, Nos. 1433-1437.

TROAD, 1889?

Burial—c. 320 B. C. 7 Ꜹ. Lampsacus st. of later style.

Disposition: Boston, Warren-Regling Nos. 1007, 1008 and 1012—1010 sold.

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Burial—101 image. Thasos tetr. 100; Maroneia 1 (2d cent. B. C.)—chiefly barbaric imitations.


Filow, B. Jahrb. Deutsch. Archäol. Inst., 1914, p. 428.


Burial—217 Æ. Abdera, some overstruck, many with countermarks (Strack Nos. 235-237).

Disposition: Constantinople.

Unpublished; Dr. Regling's MS. notes.

TUNIS, 1915?

Burial—c. 150 B. C. 18 image. Carthaginian tetr. found in grotto with Roman denarii.


Bull. Archéol. Comitè des Travaux Hist., 1916, p. ccv.


Burial—Ꜹ ingots. Small "vergi de aur".


Soutzu, M. Rev. p. Istorie Arheol., 1883, p. 1.

Bulet. Num. Soc. Romane, XII, No. 23, p. 42, No. 52.

TYRE, 1888.

Burial—75 image. Demetrius II 1; Antiochus VII 4; Antiochus IX 1; Tyre 11; Aradus 17; Antiocheia ad Orontem 38.

Disposition: Dispersed.

Sotheby Sale, Mar. 26, 1888, pp. 24-5.


Burial—62 image. Alexandrian tetr. from Claudius to Hadrian.

Disposition: Sent to England.

Milne, J. G. In Grenfell, Hunt & Hogarth. Fayum Towns ... p. 65. Plates.

Milne, J. G. A History of Egypt. N. Y., 1898, vol. 5, p. 218.


Burial—4605 image and Æ. Ptolemaic, 2; Alexandrian tetr. from Claudius to Marcus Aur. Found in vases.

Disposition: Sent to England.

Milne, J. G. Grenfell, Hunt & Hogarth. Fayum Towns ... p. 65. Plates.

Milne, J. G. A History of Egypt. N. Y., 1898, vol. 5, p. 218.


Burial—230+ Ꜹ. Alexander III, 172; Philip III, 1; Lysimachus 56.

Disposition: Dispersed.

Auct. Cat. of A. Hess. Oct. 15, 1903. Plate.

Thought by some to be part of the Anadol hoard, q. v.

UNKNOWN LOC. (Asia Min.), 191-.

Burial—87± Æ. Lysimachia—some overstruck.

Disposition: Vienna (ex Van Lennep Coll.).

Munsterberg, R. Num. Zeit., v. XLVIII, 1915, p. 111.

Num. Chron., 1917, p. 5.


Burial—image. Athens tetr.

Disposition: Athens.

Svoronos, J. N. Les Monn. d'Athènes. Munich, 1923. Plate 32, Nos. 15-42.



Phocis, obols, triobols; Athens tetr. of 525-430 B. C.

Disposition: N. Langton.

Langton, N. Num. Chron., 1903, p. 197. Plate.


Burial—28 image. Didr. of Corinth and her colonies. Corinth 15; Leucas 2; Dyrrachium 1; Ambracia 3; Alyzia 1; Anactorium 4; Stratus 1; Coronta 1.

Disposition: Athens.

Svoronos, J. N. Jour. Internal, v. xi, 1908, pp. 258-260.


Burial—12 TETR. Damastium.


Mitteil. Num. Gesellsch. Wien, v. XV, Juli-Okt., 1924, p. 268.


Burial—27+ image. Apollodotus Philopator 27 hemidr. Found with issues of three native princes.


Cunningham, Sir A. Num. Chron., 1872, p. 158.


Burial—39 image. Tetr. of Hippostratus 7; Azilises 32.

Disposition: R. B. Whitehead.

Whitehead, R. B. Num. Chron., 1923, pp. 338-339.


Burial—6+ image. Tarentum 3 (Evans III A1, A4, and B2); Thuriuin 1 (like Lucerne Sale V, 553) Metapontum 1 (like Lucerne Sale v, 459).

Disposition: Dispersed.

Note supplied by M. Vlasto.


Burial—After 262 B. C. Æ. Aesernia, Aquinum, Arpi, Cales, Cosa, Neapolis, "Nova Latium", Suessa.


Sambon, A. Recherches sur les monnaies de la presqu'îsle italique. Naples, 1870, p. 33.

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Burial—c. 388 B. C. 22+ image. Terina 12; Thurium; Caulonia; Tarentum 3; Croton 1. Incomplete.


Evans, A. J. The Horsemen of Tarentum. Num. Chron., 1889, pp. 41-43. Plate.


Burial—image. Samnium (Social War) 14, with Roman Republ. denarii.

Disposition: M. Hoffman.

Mommsen-Blacas. Hist, de la monn. romaine, v. II, p. 526.

Zeit. f. Num., v. 2, 1875, p. 53.


Burial—c. 510 B. C. 5 image. Tarentum 1; Caulonia 2; Croton 2. Incuse.

Disposition: M. P. Vlasto.

Vlasto, M. P. Taras Oikistes. New York City, 1922, p. 216.


Burial—400 Ꜹ. Alexander III.

Disposition: Sofia Coll.

Berl. Münzblatter, 1918, p. 201.


Burial—18+ Æ. Judea (Second Revolt).

Disposition: Dispersed.

Mayer, C. Frankfurter Münzzeit, 1908, pp. 233-236.


Burial—c. 370-362 B. C. image. Elis didr. bulk of find; Arcadia; Pheneus 2 didr. Large find.

Disposition: Berlin acq. didr. of Elis and Arcadia.

Zeit. f. Num., v. 15, 1887, pp. 7-8. Plate.


Burial—200 image, Æ. Apollonia Pontica, Parium, Mesembria, Callatis.

Disposition: V. von Renner acq. part.

Renner, V. von. Zeit. f. Münz und Medaillenkunde, v. 1, 1906, pp. 97-112. Plate.


Burial—image. Abdera 9; Maroneia 7.

Disposition: Dispersed.

Brüder Egger Auktion-Kat. 39, No. 126-134 and 148-154. M. Egger writes that these were all brought to him by a man from Drama, and he believes they formed part of a hoard.


Burial—image. Thasos tetr. and barbaric.


Cahn Sale, No. 49, Dec. 1922, pp. 1-5, Nos. 14-15, 17-19, 20, 22. Plate.


Burial—1117 image. Apollonia 5; Dyrrachium 19; found with 1093 Roman Republ.


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Burial—415 image. Massalia 400 ob.; Etruria 15 dr.

Disposition: E. Poncet acq. 20.

Poncet, E. Rev. Num., 1903, pp. 87-99. Plate.


Burial—image. Juba I, 4 in great hoard of Roman Rep. denarii and Gaulish.


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Burial—5000 Æ. Neapolis Camp.; Teanum; Suessa Aurunca; Metapontum; Rhegium; Panormus; Syracuse. Found in votive fountain with Aes Rude, Aes Grave.

Disposition: Deutsch-Ungarische Kolleg at Vicarello acq. best pieces.

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Burial—c. 450 B. C. 250 image. Syracuse 79; Gela 17; Leontini 10; Himera 9; Agrigentum 18; Messana 13; Rhegium 1.

Disposition: Palermo Coll, and I.

Virzi acq. parts. Cf. Jameson Cat., No. 579.

Evans, A. J. Num. Chron., 1894, PP. 201-216. Plates.


Burial—38 Ꜹ. Punic.

Disposition: Sardinia Mus. acq. part.

Not. d. Scavi, 1883, p. 24.


Burial—image. Pegasi, Corinth and colonies; Thasos, a few late, chiefly barbaric imit.; Philip II tetr.

Disposition: Dispersed.

Prof. Orsi's notes.

Cf. with hoard found at Buccheri.


Burial—65 image, 1 EL. Small uninscribed of Massalia, Velia and other Phocaean and Ionic colonies. Also El. twelfth of Phocaea.

Disposition: Florence Coll. acq. 4.

Gamurrini, G. F. Periodico Num., v. 4, 1872, p. 208; v. 6, 1874, p. 54.

Babelon, E. Traitè, v. 1, pt. 2, p. 1579. Plate.


Burial: c. 490 B. C. 38 EL, image. "Ionian Revolt": 26 EL, 12 image. Clazomenae; Chios; Samos; Lampsacus; Cyme; Lesbos; Dardanus; Abydos; Priene.

Disposition: M. R. Jameson and Feuardent Frères acq. parts.

Jameson, R. Rev. Num., 1911, pp. 60-68. Plates.

Gardner, P. Jour. Hellen. Stud., 1913, P. 105.



Burial: c. 81 B. C. 138 Æ. Syracuse (Hiero) 1; Ptolemies 3; Punic 95; Numidia 3. Found with Aes, Triens and Sextans.


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Burial: c. 272-235 B. C. 63 image. Cales 1; Neapolis Camp. 17; Tarentum 36; Campano-Tarent. 5; Velia 2; Rhegium 1; Unidentifiable 1.

Disposition: James Stevenson, of Largs.

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Burial—image, Æ. Some hundreds Parthian Æ with bee, with silver coin of Antiochus VII.


Allotte de la Fuÿe. Rev. Num., 1912, Procès-verbaux, p. xliv.


Burial—150 BIL. Gotarzes of Parthia.

Disposition: Berlin acq. 53.

Excav. of Deutsche Orient. Gesellschaft; Dr. Regling's note.


Burial—200 image. Dr. of Menander.


Whitehead, R. B. Num. Chron., 1923, p. 313.


Burial—13 image. Rhodes 7 dr.; Histiaea 3 dr.; Macedon 2 dr. (with MAKE); Philip V 1 didr. Found in a jar.

Disposition: Paris.

Perdrizet, P. Rev. Num., 1903, p. 324.


ZACYNTHUS, 1903-04.

Burial—171 image. Heracleia Lucaniae 1; Larissa 1; Locri 61; Achaean League 15; Elis 86; Arcadia 4; Tegea 1; Rhodes 1; Selge 1.

Disposition: Athens.

Unpub. Material, Athens Nat. Num. Mus.


Burial—822 BIL.

Alexandria tetr. Two hoards, the second found at Ghizeh.

Disposition: J. G. Milne acq. finds.

Milne, J. G. Archiv. f. Papyrusforschung. II, 1903, pp. 529-536.


Burial—33 +image. Acanthus; Mende; Potidaea; Terone; Athens; Dicaea Macedoniae; Aegina; Corinth; Cyprus; Macedonian octodr.; Lycia; Cyrene; Teos; Samos; Ialysus; and Incerti.

Disposition: Berlin acq. 33 archaic.

Note supplied by Dr. Regling.

Cf. Regling, K. Mende. Zeit. f. Num., 1923, p. 14.


Burial—200 image. Arsinoe II decadr.


Rassegna Num., 1906, p. 33. Plate.

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Burial—1000+ image. Athens tetr. of New Style.

Disposition: Constantinople, Athens and Vienna acq. parts.

Svoronos, J. N. Jour. Internat., 1908, v. 11, pp. 236-240.

Dr. Regling writes that there are 228 of these tetr. at Constantinople and that Dr. Mordtmann identifies them as having come from the Langaza (i. e. this) hoard.


Burial—251 image. Dated tetr. of Ptolemy VIII and X.


Newell, E. T. The Numismatist, 1923, p. 301.


Burial—c. 146 B. C. 9171 image. Thessaly 13 triob.; Epirus 1 diob.; Aetolia 421 triob.; Locris 146 triob.; Aegina 14 dr., triob.; Boeotia 289 dr.; Achaean League 5689 triob. and tetrob.; Elis 1 triob.; Messenia 3 triob.; Argos 1409 triob.; Arcadia triob. 1185. Found in bronze vase also preserved.

Disposition: Athens.

Witte, J. de. Rev. Num., 1862, pp. 170-171.

Clerk, M. G. Catalogue of the coins of the Achaian League. London, 1895. Plates. See p. V of pref. Varieties from this find are embodied in Clerk's list.

Rev. Beige, 1860, p. 424.



  • ABDERA. Didymotichon, Hass-Keui, Kizilagai, Pergamum, Stenimach, Tskedje, Unknown (Thrace).
  • ABYDOS. Adrianople—190-?, Avola—1888, Didymotichon, Hass-Keui, Vourla.
  • ACANTHUS. Antioch, Mazzarino, Messina—1875, Naukratis—1905, Oxus, Sakha, Taranto—1911, Zagazig—1901.
  • ACHAEAN LEAGUE. Abae, Caserta, Oreos, Sakha—1922, Zacynthus, Zougra.
  • ACHILLEION. Sigeium.
  • ADRAMYTEUM. Pergamum.
  • ADRANUM. Sicily—1879.
  • AEGAE. Smyrna—1884.
  • AEGINA. Abae, Andritsaena, Canea, Cranidi, Cyclades, Myron, Myt-Rahineh—1860, Naukratis—1880,-1905, Olympia, Sakha, Santorin, Taranto—1911, Tripolitsa, Zagazig—1901,-1905, Zougra.
  • AENUS. Abae.
  • AESERNIA. Morino, Pietrabbondante, Unknown (Italy) 1862.
  • AETOLIA. Caserta, Patras, Sophikon, Zougra.
  • AETOLIAN LEAGUE. Abae, Myonia, Oreos.
  • AGRIGENTUM. Avola—1891, Bizerta, Calabria—1833,-1913, Catania—1875,-1907, Contessa, Girgenti—1862, Latakia, Lentini, Lesina—183-?, Mazzarino, Paterno, Reggio—1913, Schiso, Selinunte—1923, Sicily—1890, Terranova—1900, Villabate.
  • AGATHOCLES (Bactria). Kabul—1917.
  • AKE. Ougri.
  • ALABANDA. Latakia, Maeander Valley, Sardis—1913.
  • ALEXANDER I. Mandali.
  • ALEXANDER II. Tarsus, Tripolis.
  • Alexander III. Abae, Abu Hommos—1919, Abusir, Aegina, Afiun-Kara-Hissar, Aidone—1899, Aintab, Aisaros, Aleppo—1892,1896, Amasia, Anadol, Andritsaena, Angora, Assiut—1903, Babylon—1849,-190-?, Babylonia—189-?, Beirut, Bessapara, Buccheri, Demanhur—1905, Egypt—1856,-1893,-1895, Epidaurus, Ephesus—1912, Garbino, Haiffa, Kasr-el-Danar, Kililer, Kuft, Kurtatsch, Kyparissia, Lamia, Larnaca, Latakia, Liban, Mandali Irak, Marasesti, Megara, Mossul, Olympia, Oreos, Ougri, Oxus, Pachino—1921, Patras, Pella, Pergamum, Piraeus, Qasr Naba, Reggio—1853, Saida—1829,-1852,-1863, Salonica—189-?,-1916, Sardis—1911,-1913, Sinan Pascha, Smyrna—1912, Sophikon, Sparta, Syracuse—1900, Syria, Taranto—1893, Tel el-Athrib, Tell Halaaf, Terranova, 1883,-1918, Tripolitsa, Unknown (Asia Minor)—1903, Unknown (Macedonia).
  • Alexander IV (AEGUS). Egypt 1895, Semenood (3).
  • ALEXANDER II (Syria). Tripolis.
  • ALEXANDRIA. Dimeh, Karanis, London, Theadelphia, Umm-el-'Atl (2), Zagazig—1922.
  • ALEXANDRIA TROAS. Adrianople—190-?, Kniazej-Krynicy.
  • ALLIFAE. Campo Laurelli.
  • ALUNTIUM. San Marco di Alunzio.
  • ALYZIA. Messina—1868, Sicily—1837?, Unknown (Greece)—1907.
  • AMASTRIS. Amastris, Samsoun—1899.
  • AMATHUS. Dali.
  • AMBRACIA. Leonforte, San Giorgio Morgeto, Sicily—1837, Unknown (Greece)—1907.
  • AMISUS. Amastris, Samsoun—1899.
  • AMORPHOUS and "HACKSILBER." Assur, Egypt, Sendschirli.
  • AMPHIPOLIS MACEDONIAE. Salonica—1859, Saradjaschak-weli.
  • AMYNTAS. Kabul—1917, Rohtak, Sonipat.
  • ANACTORIUM. Avola—1888, Mesagne, Messina—1868, Sicily—1837, Unknown (Greece)—1907.
  • ANCHIALUS. Catchitza, Saradjaschakweli.
  • ANTIALCIDAS. Dudial, Kabul—1917, Kangra, Sonipat.
  • Antigonus Gonatas. Aleppo—1896, Sardis—1911, Sophikon, Syracuse.
  • ANTIGONUS (King of Asia). Aleppo—1896.
  • ANTIMACHUS I. Dudial, Kangra, Kuh-i-Taftan, Sonipat.
  • ANTIOCH AD ORONTEM. Eleutheropolis, Jaffa, Tyre.
  • ANTIOCH AD MEANDRUM. Amasia, Maeander Valley (?).
  • ANTIOCHUS I. Aleppo—1896, Garbino, Kuh-i-Taftan, Latakia, Mesopotamia, Oxus, Rhodes, Sophikon, Sparta.
  • Antiochus II. Aleppo—1896, Kuh-i-Taftan, Latakia, Mesopotamia, Oxus, Sparta.
  • ANTIOCHUS III. Aleppo—1896, Amasia, Kuh-i-Taftan, Latakia, Oxus, Rhodes, Sparta.
  • Antiochus IV. Latakia, Syria.
  • Antiochus V. Latakia, Syria.
  • ANTIOCHUS VI. Mandali Irak.
  • ANTIOCHUS VII. Mandali Irak, Naplus, Samaria, Tarsus, Tyre, Warka.
  • ANTIOCHUS VIII. Mandali Irak, Tarsus, Tripolis.
  • ANTIOCHUS IX. Mandali Irak, Tripolis, Tyre.
  • ANTIOCHUS HIERAX. Aleppo—1896.
  • APAMEA. Campli.
  • APHRODISIAS. Baendir, Marseilles, Sardis—1913.
  • APOLLODOTUS. Dudial, Kangra, Jwala Mukhi, Sonipat, Unknown (India).
  • APOLLONIA ILLYRICI. Bihar, Deècs, Epirus, Felso Sebes, Gura-vale, Korosbanya, Ljubuski, Lokva, Muhlenbacher-Stuhl, Potok, Selci, Szilagy-Somlyo, Tolic, Vajdahunyad.
  • APOLLONIA THRACIAE. Cuzzun, Unknown (Thrace?).
  • AQUILONIA. Carife.
  • AQUINUM. Morino, Unknown (Italy) 1862.
  • ARABIC IMITATIONS. Egypt—1857, Salih-Hedjr.
  • ARADUS. Cilicia, Nahr Ibrahim, Latakia, Marathus, Tripolis, Tyre.
  • ARCADIA. Abae, Caserta, Tegea, Unknown (Peloponnesus), Zacynthus, Zougra.
  • ARCHEBIUS. Kabul—1917.
  • ARGOS AMPHILOCHICHUM. Avola—1888, Messina—1868, Sicily—1837.
  • ARGOS ARGOLIDIS. Abae, Canea, Caserta, Eleusis—190-?, Mycenae, Myron, Zougra.
  • ARIARATHES. Bunar Baschi.
  • ARIARATHES VII. Mandali Irak.
  • ARIMINUM. Tortoreto.
  • ARPI. Basilicata, Campo Laurelli, Carife, Morino, Tortoreto, Unknown (Italy) 1862.
  • Arsinoe II. Egypt—1856,-190-?, Keneh, Zagazig—1905 ?
  • ARTABANUS I. Mandali Irak.
  • ARTABANUS II. Bassora.
  • ARTAXERXES I-III. Cilicia.
  • ASPENDUS. Cilicia, Oxus, Side.
  • ASTYRA. Calynma.
  • ATHENS IMITATIONS. Aleppo—1865?, Babylonia, Sakha—1897, Seistan, Tel-el-Athrib, Zagazig—1822.
  • ATHENS, a. Wappenmünzen . Athens—1788,-1886, Eleusis—1883, Eretria—1870, Pascha. b. OWL TYPES . Aegina, Athens—1876,-1886,-1900, 1906, Athos, Beithir—1901, Beni-Hasan, Bizerta, Campobello, Carystos—1883, Chalki, Chios—1919, Cilicia, Constantine, Contessa, Cos—1890, Crete, Dali, Delos—1905,-1906,-1911, Delos and Myconos, Egypt—1887, Eleusis—1883?,-190-?, Epidaurus, Eretria, Falconara, Garbieh, Kililer, Koropi, Lamia, Leonforte, Marash, Marmara, Marseilles, Mazzarino, Memphis, Messina—1875, Mineo, Myonia, Naukratis—1880,-1905, Olympia, Ougri, Oxus, Pascha, Patras, Pergamum, Pianura, Pont de Molins, Reggio—1853,-1854, Salonica—1916, Santa Maria di Licodia, Schiso, Selinunte—1885, Side, Sophikon, Sparta, Taranto—1911, Tel el-Athrib, Tigris, Unknown (Greece)—1892,-1900, Zagazig—1901, Zaroba.
  • ATTALID. Sardis—1911.
  • Attalus I. Rhodes.
  • ATT ALUS II. Aleppo—1896.
  • AZILISES. Punch, Unknown (India).
  • BALLAEUS. Rentzi, Skudljivac.
  • BARBARIC IMITATIONS (Celtic). Brentonico—1827,-1852, Kizilagic. For bibliographies of Barbaric Imitations exclusively, see Blanchet, A. Traitè des Monnaies Gauloises, Paris, 1905; Recherches sur l'influence commerciale de Massalia en Gaule et dans l'Italie Septentrionale. Rev. Beige, 1913, pp. 291-328. Forrer, R. Keltische Numismatik der Rhein und Donaulande. Strassburg, 1908. Publications of Dessewfy in Num. Közlöny.
  • BERENICE II. Egypt—1922, Suez Canal.
  • BERYTUS. Beithir—1860.
  • BISALTAE. Egypt—187-?.
  • BIZYA. Catchitza.
  • BOEOTIA. Abae, Andritsaena, Caserta, Copais, Isideio, Kyparissia, Olympia, Sophikon, Taranto, Zougra.
  • BOSPHORUS CIMMERIAN. Kniazej Krynicy. See also respective kings, e.g.: PHARNACES .
  • BRITAIN see EVANS, SIR JOHN . The Coins of ancient Britons, Lond., 1864.
  • BRUNDUSIUM. Carife.
  • BRUTTII. Cava, Rose, Strongoli, Tiriolo.
  • BYBLUS. Beithir—1860.
  • BYZANTIUM. Cilicia, Oxus.
  • CABEIRA. Amastris, Samsoun—1899.
  • CAESAREIA CAPPADOCIAE. Kulek, Sarad j aschak-wel i.
  • CALCHEDON. Cilicia.
  • CALES. Ascoli, Morino, Pietrabbondante, Tortoreto, Unknown (Italy) 1862, Vulcano.
  • CALLATIS. Collati, Sarad j aschak-weli, Unknown (Thrace?).
  • CALYMNA. Calymna.
  • CAMARINA. Catania—1907, Contessa, Leonforte, Mazzarino, Schiso.
  • CAMIRUS. Sakha.
  • CANITES. Ca varna.
  • CAPHYAE. Mazin.
  • CAPPADOCIA. Eleutheropolis.
  • CAPUA. Benevento—1884, Capua—1855.
  • CARTHAEA. Cyclades, Taranto—1911.
  • CARTHAGINIAN. Abbasanta, Aciplatani, Aritzo, Campobello, Canicattini, Carlentini, Cheste, Constantine, Decimoputzo, Gioia Tauro, Licata, Macomer, Marseilles, Mazaron, Mazin, Miccaba, Monaco, Mongo, Ragusa, Saint Bernard, Scano, Selinunte, Tadasune, Taranto—1908, Terranova—1883,-1888, Tiriolo, Trapini, Tunis, Villanova, Vrankamen. See also SICULO-PUNIC .
  • CARYSTOS. Carystos—1860,-1883, Chalcis.
  • Cassander. Myonia, Pella, Pergamum, Sardis.
  • CASSANDREIA. Saradjaschak-weli.
  • CATANA. Calabria—1913, Catania—1875, Contessa, Girgenti—1862, Schiso, Selinunte—1885,-1923, Sicily—190-?, Terranova—1900.
  • CAULONI A. Calabria—1833,-1842,-1863,1864,-1920, Cittanova, Curinga, Maruggio, Metaponto, Paestum, Unknown (Italy)—2 h'ds.
  • CEBREN. Sigeium, Troad—188-?.
  • CELENDERIS. Cilicia, Oxus.
  • CEPHALOEDIUM. Cammarata.
  • CERAITAE. Seruk.
  • CHABACTA. Amastris.
  • CHALCIS EUBOEAE. Abae, Caserta, Chalcis, Isideio, Olympia, Oreos, Santa Maura, Taranto—1911.
  • CHARACENE. Characene, Susa, Tello.
  • CHERRONESUS. Adrianople—1855, Didymotichon, Hass-Keui, Krakow, Stenimach.
  • CHERSONESUS THRACIAE. Adrianople—1855.
  • CHIOS. Chalki, Chios—1885,-1912,-1913,1917,-1919, Chios (Phanae), Demanhur—1900/01, Egypt—1887, Erythrae, Myt-Rahineh, Naukratis—1880, Sakha, Taranto—1911, Vourla.
  • CITIUM. Cilicia, Dali, Garbieh, Side.
  • CIUS. Saida—1852,-1863, Sardis—1911.
  • CLAZOMENAE. Erythrae, Maeander Valley, Mytilene, Sakha, Vourla.
  • CLEOPATRA III (COCCE). Alexandria—190?.
  • Cleopatra (Wife of Alex. Bela). Tarsus, Tripolis.
  • CNIDUS. Calymna, Cnidus—1855,-1907, Pademlik.
  • COIN BLANKS. Chersonesus Taurica.
  • COLOPHON. Baendir, Pademlik, Sardis—1910/14,-1911.
  • COMANA. Amastris.
  • COMPULTERIA. Morino.
  • CORCYRA. Calabria—1908, Corcyra, Messina—1868, Pont de Molins, Taranto—1911.
  • CORINTH. Aciplatani, Avola—1888, Bronte, Buccheri, Calabria—1908, Cammarata, Canea, Demanhur—1900/01, Egypt—1887, Gerace—1838, Leonforte, Marseilles, Messina—1868, Metaponto, Mineo, Mongo, Mycenae, Myt-Rahineh, Noto—1916, Palazzolo Acreide, Piazza Armerina, Sakha, Schiso, Sicily—1837, Side, Taranto—1911, Termini Imerese, Terranova—1900,-1906,-1911, Unknown (Greece)—1907, Vizzini, Zagazig—1901.
  • CORONTA. Unknown (Greece)—1907.
  • COS. Calymna, Chios—1885, Cos—190-?, Cyclades, Demanhur—1900/01, Egypt—1887, Myt-Rahineh, Pademlik.
  • COSA. Morino, Tortoreto, Unknown (Italy) 1862.
  • COTYS I. Bogopol.
  • CROESUS, see LYDIA .
  • CROTON. Basilicata—1865,-1910/12, Calabria—1833,-1842,-1863,-1864,-1908,-1920, Campo Laurelli, Canea, Capua—1855, Carosino, Cittanova, Curinga, Gerace—184-?, Gizzeria, Maruggio, Oria, Paestum, Ruvo, Sava, Taranto—1911,-1919,-1922, Torre del Ovo, Unknown (Italy)—2 h'ds.
  • CUMAE. Basilicata—1865.
  • CYDONIA. Canea, Crete.
  • CYME. Baendir, Ephesus—1905, Haiffa, Pont de Molins, Sardis—1911, Smyrna—1884, Vourla.
  • CYPRUS. Cilicia, Dali, Demanhur—1900/01, Egypt—1887, Messorea, Myt-Rahineh, Zagazig—1901.
  • CYRENAICA. Myt-Rahineh, Sakha—1897, Naukratis—1905, Tripoli. See also Cyrene.
  • CYRENE. Damietta, Demanhur—1900/01, Ramleh, Sakha, Taranto—1911, Zagazig. See also Cyrenaica.
  • Cyzicus. Chersonese, Chios—1890, Clazomenae, Cuzzun, Egypt—1887, Elis, Kertch—184-?,-1846, Marmara, Pergamum, Piraeus, Tell Halaaf.
  • DACIA. Albania, Felso Sebes, Rumania.
  • DAMASTIUM. Unknown locality (Illyria).
  • DARDANUS. Vourla.
  • DELOS. Cyclades, Demanhur—1900/01.
  • DELPHI. Delphi, Myonia.
  • Demetrius (Bactria). Jalalia, Kuh-i-Taftan.
  • DEMETRIUS I ( POLIORCETES ). Aegina, Aleppo—1892,-1896, Epidaurus, Kililer, Mandali Irak, Mesopotamia, Salonica—189-?,-1911, Sophikon, Sparta.
  • DEMETRIUS I (Soter). Campli, Haiffa, Kuh-i-Taftan, Tell Halaaf.
  • Demetrius II (Nicator). Haiffa, Mandali Irak, Naplus, Tarsus, Tripolis, Tyre.
  • DERRONES. Egypt—187-?.
  • DEULTUM. Bessapara, Saradjaschak-weli.
  • DIA. Amastris.
  • DICAEA MACEDONIAE. Demanhur—1900/01, Egypt—1887, Myt-Rahineh—1860, Zagazig—1901.
  • DIODOTUS. Oxus, Taxila.
  • DIOMEDES. Kabul—1917, Sonipat, Tatta.
  • DIONYSOPOLIS. Catchitza, Saradjaschakweli.
  • DYRRACHIUM. Deecs, Durazzo, Felso-Sebes, Gallatz, Hev-Szamos, Ljubuski, Lokva Mts., Maeander Valley, Magyar-Nadas, Messina—1868, Muhlenbacher-Stuhl, Panciu, Potok, Selci, Sicily—1837, Szilagy-Somlyo, Unknown (Greece)—1907, Vajdahunyad.
  • EBUSUS. Marina Tortosa.
  • EGYPT (?)—( HIEROGLYPHIC ). Demanhur—1896, Myt-Rahineh—1919/20.
  • ELEA. Smyrna—1884.
  • ELEUSIS. Athens—1906.
  • ELEUTHERNA. Crete.
  • ELIS. Abae, Andritsaena, Naukratis—1905, Olympia, Unknown (Peloponnesus), Zacynthus, Zougra.
  • ELYMAIS. Dizful, Shiraz, Susa—1900,1905,-192-?, Tello.
  • EMINAKO. Olbia.
  • EMPORIAE. Cartella, Gerona, Las Ansias, Mongo, Morelia, Pont de Molins, Rosas (?), San Llop, Segaro, Tarragona, Tortosa.
  • EPHESUS. Baendir, Chios—1885, Mytilene, Pademlik, Sardis—1911.
  • EPIDAURUS. Epidaurus.
  • EPIPALOS. Messorea.
  • EPIRUS. Elis, Metsobon, Zougra.
  • ERETRIA. Ejeusis—1883, Eretria, Isideio, Pascha, Sakha, Taranto—1911.
  • ERYTHRAE. Chios—1885, Erythrae, Smyrna—1884.
  • ERYX. Contessa, Girgenti—1862, Naxos.
  • ETRURIA. Valence.
  • EUBOEA. Copais, Isideio, Taranto. See also ATHENS "Wappenmunzen."
  • EUCRATIDES. Campli, Kuh-i-Taftan.
  • EUMENES I. Mesopotamia, Rhodes.
  • Eumenes II. Aleppo—1896, Rhodes.
  • EUTHYDEMUS II. Kuh-i-Taftan.
  • EVAGORAS I. Cilicia.
  • EVAGORAS II. Calymna, Qasr Naba.
  • FLANS and BULLION. Chalcis, Enkomi, Myt-Rahineh—1860, Pont de Moulins, Smyrna—1884, Taranto—1911, Turnu-Magarete.
  • GADES. Cadiz.
  • GAMBRIUM. Smyrna.
  • GARGARA. Troad—188?.
  • GAZA. Beni-Hasan.
  • GELA. Avola—1891, Calabria—1833,-1913, Catania—1875, Contessa, Girgenti—1862, Lentini, Mazzarino, Mineo, Paterno, Reggio—1913, Schiso, Selinunte—1885,-1923, Sicily—1890, Terranova—1900, Villabate.
  • GENTHIUS. Rentzi, Selci.
  • GEPAEPYRIS. Krakow.
  • GERMA. Baendir.
  • GETAS. Antioch, Tigris.
  • GORTYNA. Crete.
  • GOTARZES. Warka.
  • HADRIANOPOLIS THRACIAE. Albania, Bessapara, Rumania, Saradjaschak-weli.
  • HECATOMNUS. Gherelli.
  • HELIOCLES. Mandali Irak, Sonipat, Kabul—1917.
  • HERACLEIA BITHYNIAE. Cittavecchia, Heracleia, Pergamun, Rumania—1890, Salonica.
  • HERACLEIA INSULA ILLYRICI, Cittavecchia, Lesina, Skudljivac.
  • HERACLEIA LUCANIAE. Basilicata—1865,-1910/12, Calabria—1887, Carife, Gioia del Colie, Martina Franca, Monacizzo, Oria, Paestum, Palombara, Ruvo, Salonica—1916, Schiso, Taranto—1919, Torre del Ovo, Zacynthus.
  • HERMAEUS. Kabul—1917, Sonipat, Tatta.
  • HERMIONE. Cranidi.
  • HIERAPYTNA. Crete.
  • HIMERA. Avola, Calabria—1913, Contessa, Girgenti—1862, Mazzarino, Palermo, Reggio—1913, Schiso, Selinunte—1885,-1923, Sicily—1890, Taranto—1911, Villabate.
  • HIMERUS. Mandali Irak.
  • HIMYARITIC. Macna, Marib, San'a.
  • HIPPONIUM. Strongoli.
  • HIPPOSTRATUS. Punch, Unknown (India).
  • HISPANIA. Cheste.
  • HISTIAEA. Canea, Garbino, Grammenon, Kyparissia, Lamia, Macedonia—1827, Nice, Oreus, Saint Bernard, Tourdan, Yenikeui.
  • HYRINA. Basilicata—1865, Benevento—1884, Campo Laurelli, Capua—1855.
  • IALYSUS. Sakha, Zagazig—1901.
  • ICHNAIANS. Antioch.
  • IDALIUM. Dali.
  • IDRIEUS. Calymna.
  • ILLYRICUM. Rentzi, Tolic.
  • IDYMA. Sakha.
  • ILIUM. Latakia, Sigeium.
  • IMPERIAL. Albania, Alexandria—1900, Bacndir, Beithur, Bessapara, Caesarea-Mazaca, Egypt—1923, Eleusis—190?, Eleutheropolis, Enns, Eszek, Kniazej Krynicy, Kulek Pass, London, Lorch, Marseilles, Rumania, Samos, Saradjaschak-weli, Theadelphia, Thrace, Tyre.
  • INGOTS ( BRONZE ). Amathus, Argos, Crete, Cyme, Enkomi—1896, Hagia Triada, Serra Ilixi, Sorgono, Troad.
  • ISSA. Cittavecchia, Lesina, Potok, Skudljivac.
  • ISSUS. Cilicia, Cittavecchia.
  • ISTRUS. Constantza, Cuzzun, Daieni, Krakow, Saradjaschak-weli.
  • ITANUS. Canea.
  • JUBA I. Vernon.
  • JUBA II. Alkazar, Djinet.
  • JUDAEA. Bittir, Jerusalem, Tell el-Herr, Unknown (Palestine).
  • JULIOPOLIS. Rumania.
  • KOSON. Gredistje, Strehl River.
  • LACEDAEMON. Caserta, Marseilles, Sophikon, Sparta.
  • LAMPSACUS. Alexandria—1908, Avola—1888, Clazomenae, Demanhur—1896, Pergamum, Troad—1889, Vourla.
  • LARISSA. Kyparissia, Marseilles, Oreus, Zacynthus.
  • LATIUM. Pietrabbondante, Unknown (Italy) 1862.
  • LAUS. Calabria—1833,-1842, Cittanuova, Gerace—184-?.
  • LEONTINI. Avola—1896, Bizerta, Calabria—1913, Contessa, Girgenti—1862, Lentini, Mazzarino, Schiso—1853, Selinunte—1885,1923, Sicily—1890, Terranova—1900, Villabate.
  • LESBOS. Erythrae, Vourla.
  • LETE. Demanhur—1900/01, Egypt—1887, Myt-Rahineh, Sakha—1897, Taranto—1911.
  • LEUCAS ACARNANIAE. Avola—1888, Contessa, Messina—1868, Mycenae, Sicily—1837, Unknown (Greece)—1907.
  • LISSUS. Selci.
  • LOCRI OPUNTII. Abae, Caserta, Gerace—184-?, Kyparissia, Lamia, Messina—1868, Olympia, Sicily—1879, Zacynthus, Zougra.
  • LUCANI. Cava.
  • LUCERIA. Campo Laurelli.
  • LYCIA. Adalia, Demanhur—1900/01, Egypt—1887, Eleutheropolis, Latakia, Lemnos, Naukratis—1880, Sakha, Tolic, Zagazig.
  • LYDIA. Egypt—190-?, Ephesus—1905, Marathon, Nymphi, Sardis—1860,-1863,-1870,1911,-1922.
  • LYSANDROS. Messorea.
  • LYSIAS. Kangra, Sonipat.
  • LYSIMACHIA. Pergamum, Unknown (Asia Minor).
  • Lysimachus. Adrianople—190-?, Aleppo—1892,-1896, Anadol, Arpagot, Babylon—190-?, Bunar Baschi, Campli, Epidaurus, Kililer—1911/12, Latakia, Macedonia—1918?, Marasesti, Marmara, Megara, Mesopotamia, Mossul, Olympia, Oreus, Rhodes, Salonica, 189-?, Sardis—1911, Slava Rusa, Sophikon, Sparta, Strehl, Syria, Tell Halaaf, Touapse.
  • MACEDON. Aytoska Banja, Banja Ferdinandovo, Bogati, Canea, Copais, Crimea, Giurgiu, Grammenon, Istib, Kara-Bunar, Kis-Szderjes, Macedonia—1827, Nea Cassandra, Pergamum, Salonica—185-?, Sophikon, Szovath, Yenikeui, Zagazig—1901. See also BISALTAE, DERRONES and names of respective kings, e.g. ALEXANDER I .
  • MAGNESIA IONIAE. Baendir, Haiffa, Maeander Valley.
  • MALLUS CILICIAE. Cicilia, Naukratis—1880.
  • MAMERTINI. Carife, Catania—1922, Strongoli.
  • MANTINEIA. Tegea.
  • MARATHUS. Marathus.
  • MARCIANOPOLIS. Albania, Catchitza, Rumania, Saradjaschak-weli.
  • MARONEIA. Adrianople—1900, Babylon—190-?, Didymotichon, Hass-Keui, Kizilagac, Pergamum, Tschurek, Unknown (Thrace).
  • MASSALIA. Acqualunga, Ansouis, Apt, Auriol(?), Brentonico—1852, Brusq, Burwein, Cadenet, Cecina, Constantine, Denia, Este, Marseilles, Mongo, Morelia, Pont de Molins, Rosas (?), Saint Gervais, Saint Remy, Tarragona, Tourdan, Tourves, Valence, Volterra.
  • Cf. also Blanchet's lists of hoards in his Recherches sur l'influence commerciale de Massalia en Gaule.... Rev. Beige, 1913, pp. 291-328; and his Traite des monnaies Gauloises. Paris, 1905. The Cabinet at Marseilles is particularly rich in coins found in that region.
  • MAUSOLUS. Calymna, Chios—1885, Pademlik.
  • MAZAIOS. Qasr Naba.
  • MEGARA. Taranto—1911.
  • MEGALOPOLIS. Caserta.
  • MELOS. Melos—1907.
  • MENANDER. Dudial, Kangra, Kutehra, Sonipat, Yaghistan.
  • MENDE. Antioch, Cos—1890, Egypt—1887, Kaliandra, Nea-Cassandra, Taranto—1911, Zagazig—1901.
  • MESEMBRIA. Catchitza, Cuzzun, Krakow, Saradjaschak-weli, Rumania (?), Unknown (Thrace?).
  • MESSANA. Bizerta, Bronte, Calabria—1833,-1913, Contessa, Gizzeria, Leontini, Leonforte, Mazzarino, Messina—1875, Mongo, Paterno, Reggio—1913, Santa Maria, Schiso, Selinunte—1885,-1923, Sicily—1890, Termini Imerese, Terranova—1900, Villabate.
  • MESSENIA. Caserta, Zougra.
  • METAPONTUM. Basilicata—1865,-1910/12, Benevento—1884, Calabria—1833,-1863,-1864,1908, Campo Laurelli, Capua—1855, Carosino, Cittanova, Curinga, Gioia del Colie, Gizzeria, Martina Franca, Maruggio, Mesagne, Metaponto, Monacizzo, Monteparano, Oria, Paestum, Palombara, Pont de Molins, Ruvo, Salonica—1916, Sava, Strongoli, Taranto—1899,-1908, 1911,-1919, Torre del Ovo, Unknown (Italy), Vicarello.
  • METHYMNA. Lesbos.
  • METROPOLIS. Baendir.
  • MILETUS. Chios—1885, Cilicia, Cyclades, Demanhur—1900/01, Egypt—1887, Priene, Syria.
  • MITHRADATES I (Parthia). Mandali Irak.
  • Mithradates II (Parthia). Babylon 1914, Bassora, Mandali Irak.
  • MITHRADATES III. Kniazej Krynicy.
  • MITHRADATES IV (of Pontus). Amasia, Samsoun—190?.
  • MITHRADATES VI ( EUPATOR ). Athens—1876, Bunar Baschi, Dascheff, Kertch—1847.
  • MOESIA. Albania, Aytoska Banja, Catchitza, Rumania.
  • MOTYA. Contessa, San Pantaleonc, Santa Maria.
  • MYLASA. Maeander Valley.
  • MYNDUS. Budrun.
  • MYRA. Adalia.
  • MYRINA. Haiffa, Smyrna—1884.
  • MYTILENE. Karini, Mytilene.
  • NAXOS INSULAE. Myt-Rahineh, Sakha—1897, Santorin, Taranto—1911.
  • NAXOS SICILIAE. Calabria—1852, Messina—1895, Reggio—1853, Schiso—1853.
  • NEANDRIA. Sigeium, Troad—188-?.
  • NEAPOLIS CAMPANIAE. Ascoli, Basilicata—1860,-1865, Benevento, Campo Laurelli, Canea, Capua—1855,-1857, Castagneto, Carife, Cittanova, Gioia Tauro, Mesagne, Monaco, Morcone, Morino, Pietrabbondante, Tortoreto, Unknown (Italy) 1862, Vicarello, Vulcano.
  • NEAPOLIS MACEDONIAE. Baendir, Egypt—1887, Kavala, Sakha—1897, Schubin.
  • NICAEA BITHYNIAE. Rumania, Saradjaschak-weli.
  • NICOMEDES I. Adrianople—1900?
  • NICOMEDES II. Bunar Baschi, Marmara.
  • NICOMEDIA. Rumania—1890?
  • NICOPOLIS. Rumania, Saradjaschak-weli.
  • NOLA. Basilicata—1865,-1910/12, Benevento—1884, Campo Laurelli, Pietrabbondante.
  • NUCERIA. Canea, Canosa, Strongoli.
  • NUMIDIA. Mazin, Vrankamen.
  • ODESSUS. Catchitza, Rumania, Saradjaschak-weli.
  • OENOE. Sardis—1911.
  • OLBIA. Beresanj, Crimea, Kniazej Krynicy, Krakow.
  • OLYMPIA, see ELIS .
  • OPHRYNIUM. Troad—188-?.
  • ORION (?). Canea.
  • OROPHERNES. Priene.
  • PAESTUM. Cava.
  • PANDOSIA. Calabria—1864.
  • PANORMUS. Aciplatani, Campobello, Gerace—1838, Pachino, Tortoreto, Vicarello.
  • PANTALEON. Kabul, Kuh-i-Taftan.
  • PANTICAPAEUM. Crimea, Feodosia, Kertch—1846, Kniazej Krynicy, Krakow, Kutais, Saida—1863, Taman.
  • PAPHOS. Dali, Keneh.
  • PARIUM. Adrianople—1855?, Didymoticlion, Hass-Keui, Pergamum, Stenimach, Unknown (Thrace?).
  • PAROS. Cyclades, Sakha—1897.
  • PARTHIAN. Mandali, Seistan, Warka.
  • PATRAE. Caserta.
  • PAUTALIA. Bessapara, Rumania, Saradjaschak-weli.
  • PELLA. Saradjaschak-weli.
  • PEPARETHOS. Cos—1890, Taranto—1911.
  • PERGAMUM. Marmara, Pergamum, Rhodes, Saida—1852, Sardis—1913, Smyrna—1865,-1884, Sophikon, Tell Halaaf.
  • PERINTHUS. Baendir, Saradjaschak-weli.
  • PERIPOLIUM. Campo Laurelli.
  • PERSEUS. Metsobon, Oreus.
  • PERSIA. Athos, Avola—1888,-1914, Calymna, Cilicia, Clazomenae, Demanhur—1896, Elis, Eretria—185-?, Garbieh, Ionia—1915, Marathon, Miletopolis, Nymphi, Oxus, Prilibej, Sardis—1863, Sakha—1897.
  • PETELIA. Strongoli.
  • PEUCOLAS. Kabul—1917.
  • PHAESTUS. Crete.
  • PHANAGORIA. Kniazej Krynicy, Krakow.
  • PHARNACES I. Amasia, Bogopol.
  • PHAROS. Cittavecchia, Lesina, Skudljivac.
  • PHARSAPIS. Oxus.
  • PHENEUS. Unknown (Peloponnesus).
  • Philip II. Abusir, Aidone—1899, Anadol, Andritsaena, Assiut—1903, Beirut, Buccheri, Demanhur—1896, Eretria, Garbieh, Kara-Bunar, Kyparissia, Lamia, Larnaca, Maeander Valley, Marasesti, Ougri, Reggio di Calabria—1853, Saida—1852, Taranto—1883, Tarsus—1863, Terranova—1883,-1918, Vizzini.
  • Philip III (Aridaeus). Abae, Abu Hommos, Aegina, Ahum Kara Hissar, Aisaros, Aleppo—1892, Anadol, Angora, Babylonia, Bessapara, Egypt—1895, Epidaurus, Garbino, Kililer—1911/12, Kuft, Lamia, Larnaca, Marasesti, Megara, Mesopotamia, Olympia, Patras, Sardis —1911, Sinan Pascha, Sophikon, Tell Halaaf, Tripolitsa.
  • PHILIP V. Grammenon, Metsobon, Oreus, Yenikeui.
  • PHILIPPI. Eretria, Maeander Valley.
  • PHILIPPOPOLIS. Enns, Rumania.
  • PHILOXENUS. Kabul—1917, Kangra, Sonipat, Tatta.
  • PHISTELIA. Campo Laurelli, Carife.
  • PHLIUS. Mycenae.
  • PHOCIS. Abae, Orchomenus, Unknown (Greece).
  • PHRAATES II. Mandali Irak.
  • PHOCAEA. Ephesus—1905, Erythrae, Myt-Rahineh, Sakha—1897, Taranto—1911, Volterra.
  • PIXODARUS. Calymna, Chios—1885, Oxus.
  • PLATEA. Orchomenus.
  • PNYTAGORAS. Saida—1852,-1863.
  • PONTUS. Rumania, Salonica—188-?.
  • POPULONIA. Cecina, Populonia.
  • POSEIDONIA. Calabria—1833,-1863,-1864, Carosino, Cittanueva, Maruggio, Paestum, Taranto—1911.
  • POTIDAEA. Nea-Cassandra, Taranto—1911, Zagazig—1901.
  • PRIENE. Priene, Vourla.
  • PRUSIAS I. Adrianople—1900, Aleppo—1896, Amasia.
  • PRUSIAS II. Pergamum.
  • PTOLEMAIC. Abou Hommos—190-?, Assiut—1904?, Egypt—190-?, Marseilles, Mycenae, Naplus, Noto—1852, Olympia, Toukh-el-Garmous, Thebes, Vrankamen.
  • PTOLEMY SOTER I. Abu Hommos 1919, Aisaros, Alexandria, Alexandria—1900?,1908, Egypt—1856, Kuft, Semenood (3), Sophikon, Sparta, Toukk-el-Garmous.
  • PTOLEMY PHILADELPHUS II. Egypt—191-?, Sophikon, Sparta, Thebes, Toukh-el-Garmous.
  • PTOLEMY EVERGETES III. Sophikon, Thebes.
  • PTOLEMY IV. Benha.
  • PTOLEMY VI. Keneh (?).
  • PTOLEMY VII. Keneh (?).
  • PTOLEMY VIII. Mazin, Zawiat Razin.
  • PTOLEMY X. Alexandria—1900, Mazin, Mycenae, Zawiat Razin.
  • PTOLEMY XIII AULETE. Alexandria—1904, Egypt—191-?, Semenood (2).
  • Ptolemy (of Mauretania). Alkazar, Djinet.
  • PYRRHUS. Carlentini, Gerace—1838,—1904.
  • PYXUS. Calabria—1842.
  • RHAESCUPORIS I-VI. Kniazej Krynicy.
  • RHEGIUM. Calabria—1833,—1852,—1913, Catania—1922, Girgenti—1862, Gizzeria, Leonforte, Mazzarino, Messina—1875, Reggio—1853,-1876, Santa Caterina, Schiso, Selinunte—1885, Terranova—1900, Vicarello, Villabate, Vulcano.
  • RHIZON. Rentzi.
  • RHODA. Tortosa.
  • RHODUS. Aleppo—1896, Canea, Chalki, Chios—1885, Crimea, Denia, Fethie, Gallatz, Grammenon, Metsobon, Oreus, Pademlik, Saida—1863, Sakha—1922, Sophikon, Yenikeui, Zacynthus.
  • RHOEMATALCES. Costievo, Kniazej Krynicy.
  • ROMA. Aidone, Carife, Castagneto.
  • ROMANO-CAMPANIAN. Acquaviva, Ascoli, Basilicata—1860, Campo Laurelli, Capua—1855,-1857, Castagneto, Cava dei Tirreni, Marseilles, Mazin, Mesagne, Morino, Selinunte—1891,-1894, Tortoreto, Vulcano.
  • SAITTA. Baendir.
  • SALAMIS. Dali.
  • SALAPIA. Carife, Mazin Tortoreto.
  • SAMNIUM. Benevento, Pietrabbondante, Strongoli, Unknown (Italy) 1868.
  • SAMOS. Chalki, Cilicia, Dadia, Egypt—1887, Messina—1875, Naukratis—1880, Pademlik, Sakha—1897, Samos, Vourla, Zagazig—1901.
  • SARDIS. Sakha—1897.
  • SARIAS. Cavarna.
  • SAUROMATES I. Bogopol, Kniazej Krynicy, Krakow.
  • SAUROMATES II. Krakow.
  • SCEPSIS. Troad—188?.
  • SCIONE. Nea Cassandra.
  • SCYTHIAN KINGS. Cavarna.
  • SCODRA. Potok Rentzi, Selci.
  • SCYROS. Cranidi.
  • SEGESTA. Contessa, Girgenti—1862, Schiso, Selinunte—1885, Sicily—1890, Terranova—1900.
  • SELEUCEIA ad TIGRIM. Babylon—1914.
  • SELEUCID KINGS (Syria). Amasia, Rhodes, Sardis—1911,-1913, Seistan, Tell Halaaf.
  • SELEUCUS I NICATOR. Anadol, Angora, Babylonia—189-?, Kililer, Latakia, Mesopotamia, Oxus, Patras, Sophikon, Sparta.
  • SELEUCUS II. Aleppo—1896, Latakia, Mesopotamia, Sophikon.
  • SELEUCUS III. Aleppo—1896, Latakia.
  • SELGE. Seruk, Zacynthus.
  • SELINUS. Calabria—1913, Cammarata, Contessa, Girgenti, Leonforte, Malta, Mazzarino, Mongo, Reggio—1913, Santa Maria, Schiso—1853, Selinunte—1885,-1923, Taranto—1911, Tarragona.
  • SERDICA. Bessapara, Rumania, Saradjaschakweli.
  • SERGUNTIUM. Calabria—1863.
  • SERMYLE. Egypt—1887.
  • SICILY. Canicattini, Cava, Crimea, Denia, Falconara, Marseilles, Naukratis, Reggio—1854, Sicily—1880.
  • SICULO-PUNIC. Cammarata, Contessa, Mineo, Palazzolo Acreide, Selinunte—1876,1877, Sicily—1837, Termini Imerese (cf. also PANORMUS and CARTHAGINIAN , as the distinction is not always clear in some descriptions).
  • SICYON. Abae, Andritsaena, Caserta, Kyparissia, Lamia, Myron, Olympia, Orchomenus, Patras, Pergamum, Sakha—1922.
  • SIDE. Aleppo, Cilicia, Latakia, Sardis, Semenood, Side.
  • SIDON. Aleppo—1865?,-1896, Beithir—1860,-1901, Beni-Hasan, Jdita, Naplus, Qasr Naba, Tigris.
  • SIGEIUM. Troad—188?.
  • SINOPE. Amastris, Cilicia, Crimea, Samsoun—1899.
  • SIPHNOS. Cyclades, Santorin.
  • SIRIS. Calabria—1833, Gerace—1838, Sava.
  • SMYRNA. Baendir, Smyrna—1865.
  • SOLI. Cilicia.
  • STRATO I (Bactria). Kabul—1917, Mathura, Sonipat, Tatta.
  • STRATUS. Unknown (Greece)—1907.
  • SUESSA. Canosa, Morino, Pietrabbondante, Strongoli, Unknown (Italy) 1862, Vicarello.
  • SYBARIS. Calabria—1833,-1842,-1863,-1864, Cittanuova, Curinga, Maruggio, Paestum, Sava, Taranto—1911,-1919.
  • SYRACUSE. Aidone—1908, Avola—1888,1891,-1914, Barrafranca, Bizerta, Bronte, Calabria—1833,-1852,-1913, Cammarata, Campobello, Canicattini, Carife, Carlentini, Catania—1875, Cilicia, Corjtessa, Falconara, Gerace—1838, Girgenti—1900,-1907, Gizzeria, Lentini, Leonforte, Mazin, Mazzarino, Messina—1868, Mineo, Mongo, Naukratis—1880, Noto—1852,1916, Pachino—1921,-1923, Palazzolo Acreide, Patemo, Pianura, Ragusa, Reggio—1853,-1913,-Rosolini, Santa Eufemia, Santa Maria, Schiso, Selinunte—1876,-1885, Sicily—1837,-1879,1890, Spaccoforno, Strongoli, Syracuse—1820,1900,-1904,-1923, Taormina, Termini Imerese, Terranova—1888,-1900, Vicarello, Villabate, Vrankamen.
  • SYRIA. Eleutheropolis.
  • TANUS. Canea.
  • TARENTUM. Ascoli, Basilicata—1860,1864,-1865,-1887,-1908,-1920, Benevento—1884, Calabria—1833,-1842, Canea, Campo Laurelli, Canosa, Capua—1855, Carife, Carosino, Cittanuova, Gerace—184-?, Gioia del Colle, Lecce, Martina France, Maruggio, Mesagne, Metaponto, Monacizzo, Monteparano, Oria, Palombara, Ruvo, Saint Bernard, Salonica—1916, Sava, Taranto—1883,-1889,-1908,-1914,-1919,- 1922, Torre del Ovo, Unknown (Italy)—3 h'ds, Vulcano.
  • TARSUS. Baendir, Oxus.
  • TEATE. Mazin.
  • TEANUM. Campo Laurelli, Morino, Pietrabbondante, Tortoreto, Vicarello.
  • TEGEA. Megara, Zacynthus.
  • TEMESA. Calabria—1833, Gerace—184-?.
  • TEMNOS. Baendir, Haiffa, Smyrna—1912.
  • TENOS. Taranto—1911.
  • Teos. Zagazig—1901.
  • TERINA. Avola—1888. Basilicata—1865, Calabria—1908, Carosino, Monacizzo, Paestum, Palombara, Ruvo, Unknown (Italy).
  • TERONE. Egypt—187-?, Zagazig—1901.
  • THASOS. Adrianople—190-?, Babylon—190-?, Bogata Moresului, Bogati, Buccheri, Demanhur—1900/01, Didymotichon, Egypt—1887, Kis Szederjes, Muhlenbacher Stuhl, Ostrov, Pergamum, Popesti, Remetat, Rete, Sakha—1897, Szovath, Taranto—1911, Transylvania, Tschurek, Uskub, Vizzini.
  • THEBES. Abae, Caserta, Gallatz, Kyparissia, Lamia, Myron, Orchomenus.
  • THERA. Taranto—1911.
  • THERMA (?). Taranto—1911.
  • THESSALIAN LEAGUE. Caserta, Larissa, Zougra.
  • THESSALONICA. Eleusis—190-?, Pergamum.
  • THOTHORSES. Kniazej Krynicy, Krakow.
  • Thrace. Aytoska Banja, Dogandschi, Giurgiu.
  • THURIUM. Basilicata—1865,-1910/12, Calabria—1887,-1908, Carife, Carosino, Gioia del Colie, Martina Franca, Maruggio, Mesagne, Metaponto, Monacizzo, Monteparano, Oria, Paestum, Ruvo, Taranto—1883,-1912,-1922, Torre del Ovo. Unknown (Italy)—2 hoards.
  • THYATIRA. Baendir.
  • THYRRHEIUM. Messina—1868, Ruvo.
  • TIRIBAZUS. Cilicia, Oxus.
  • TIRIDAMES. Oxus.
  • TIRYNS. Cranidi.
  • TLOS. Adalia, Cilicia.
  • TOMIS. Catchitza, Rumania, Saradjaschakweli.
  • TOPIRUS. Saradjaschak-weli.
  • TRAJANOPOLIS. Bessapara, Rumania, Sarad j aschak-weli.
  • TRIPOLIS. Tripolis.
  • TYRE. Aleppo—186-?, Babylonia, Beni-Hasan, Campli, Cilicia, Egypt—1887, Kefir, Mandali, Naplus, Qasr Naba, Samaria, Tyre.
  • UNCERTAIN MINTS. Auriol, Canea, Demanhur—1900/01, Egypt—1887, Erythrae, Melos—1825, Myt-Rahineh, Nea-Cassandra, Oxus, Sakha—1897, Salonica—185-?, Santorin, Sicily—1879, Vourla, Zagazig—1901.
  • VELIA. Basilicata—1865,-1910/12, Beneyento—1884, Campo Laurelli, Capua—1855, Carosino, Gizzeria, Maruggio, Mesagne, Monacizzo, Morcone, Paestum, Salonica—1916, Taranto—1899,-1911,-1919, Volterra, Vulcano.
  • Viminacium. Rumania, Saradjaschakweli.
  • XERXES. Cilicia.
  • ZANCLE. Calabria—1852, Mazzarino, Messina—1895, Schiso.


  • Africa (excl. Egypt). Alkazar, Bizerta, Constantine, Djinet, Tripoli, Tunis, Unknown locality.
  • ALBANIA. Renci, Selci.
  • ARABIA. Macna, Marib, Salih-Hedjr, San'A.
  • ASIA MINOR. Adalia, Afiun-Kara-Hissar, Amasia, Amastris, Angora, Arpagot, Baendir, Budrun, Bunar Baschi, Calymna, Chalki Isl., Chios, Cilicia, Clazomenai, Cnidus, Cos, Ephesus, Erythrae, Fethie, Gherelli, Heracleia, Ionia, Karani, Kulek Pass, Lesbos, Maeander Valley, Marash, Marmara, Miletopolis, Mytilene, Nymphi, Pademlik, Pergamum, Pirlibej, Priene, Rhodes, Samos, Samsoun, Sardis, Seruk, Side, Sigeium, Sinan Pascha, Smyrna, Tarsus, Troad, Vourla.
  • AUSTRIA. Enns, Lorch.
  • BOSNIA. Ljuburski, Vrankamen.
  • BULGARIA. Aytoska Banja, Banja Ferdinandovo, Bessapara, Cachitza, Collati, Costievo, Cuzzun, Didymotichon, Dogandschi, Garbino, Hass-Keui, Kara Bunar, Kizilagac, Saradjaschak-weli, Stenimach.
  • Corsica. Decimoputzo.
  • CRETE. Canea, Crete, Hagia Triada.
  • CROATIA. Eszek, Mazin, Sotin.
  • CYPRUS. Amathus, Dali, Enkomi, Larnaca, Messorea.
  • DALMATIA. Cittavecchia, Durazzo, Lesina, Skudljevar.
  • EGYPT. Abu Ilommos, Abukir, Abusir, Alexandria, Assiut, Benha, Beni-Hasan, Damietta, Demanliur, Dimeh, Egypt, Garbieh, Karanis, Kasr-el-Danar, Keneh, Kuft, Memphis, Myt-Rahineh, Naukratis, Ramleh, Sakha, Semenoud, Suez Canal, Tel el-Athrib, Tell el-Herr, Theadelphia, Thebes, Toukh-el-Garmous, Umm-el'Atl, Zagazig, Zawiat Razin.
  • ENGLAND. London.
  • France. Alamnar, Ansouis, Apt, Auriol, Brusq, Burwein, Cadenet, Marseilles, Monaco, Nice, Saint Bernard, Saint Gervais, Saint Remy de Provence, Tourdan, Tourves, Valence, Vernon.
  • Germany. Schubin.
  • GREECE (including Macedonia &Thrace). Abae, Abdera, Andritsaena, Argos, Athens, Athos, Copais, Corcyra, Cranidion, Delphi, Eleusis, Elis, Epidaurus, Epirus, Grammenon, Kaliandra, Kavala, Kililer, Koropi, Kyparissia, Lamia, Larissa, Macedonia, Marathon, Megara, Metsobon, Mycenae, Myonia, Myron, Nea-Cassandra, Olympia, Orchomenos, Ostrov, Ougri, Patras, Pella Maced., Piraeus, Salonica, sophikon, Sparta, Tegea, Tripolitza, Tskedje. Unknown locality (Greece and Peloponnesus) Yenikeui, Zaroba, Zougra.
  • GREECE, ISLANDS. Aegina, Carystos, Chalcis, Cyclades (unknown), Cyme, Delos, Eretria, Isideio, Lemnos, Melos, Oreus, Pascha, Santa Maura, Santorin, Zacynthus.
  • Hungary. Bihar, Deecs, Huniedvara, Kis-Szederjes, Lokva Mts., Potok, Remetat, Rete, Szilagy Somlyo, Vajdahunyadi.
  • INDIA. Behut, Dudial, Jalalia, Jwala Mukhi, Kangra, Kutehra, Mathura, Punch, Rohtak, Satiej, Sonipat, Tatta, Taxila, Yaghistan, Unknown locality.
  • ITALY, CENTRAL. Ascoli, Brentonico, Campli, Campo Laurelli, Cecina, Morcone, Pietrabbondante, Tortoreto, Vicarello, Unknown locality.
  • ITALY, NORTHERN. Acqualunga, Este, Populonia, Volterra.
  • ITALY, SOUTHERN. Acquaviva delle Fonte, Aisaros, Basilicata, Benevento, Calabria, Canosa di Puglia, Capua, Carife, Carosino, Caserta, Castagneto, Cava dei Tirreni, Cittanuova, Curinga, Gerace, Gioia del Colie, Gioia Tauro, Gizzeria, Lecce, Martina Franca, Maruggio, Mesagne, Metapontum, Monacizzo, Monteparano, Morino, Oria, Paestum, Palombara, Pianura, Reggio, Rose, Ruvo, S. Giorgio Morgeto, Santa Caterina, Santa Eufemia, Sava, Strongoli, Taranto, Tiriolo, Torre del Ovo, Unknown locality.
  • Mesopotamia. Assur, Babylon, Bassora, Mandali, Mossul, Oxus, Tell Halaaf, Tello, Tigris, Warka.
  • PERSIA. Dizful, Kuh-i-Taftan, Seistan, Shiraz, Susa.
  • Poland. Krakow.
  • RUMANIA. Anadol, Cavarno, Constantza, Daieni, Gallatz, Giurgiu, Gura-vale, Marasesti, Panciu, Popesti, Slava Rusa, Strehl River, Tschurek, Turna Magarete, Unknown (Rumania).
  • RUSSIA. Beresanj Isl., Bogopol, Chersonesus Taurica, Crimea, Dascheff, Feodosia, Kertch, Kniazej Krynicy, Kutais, Leuke, Olbia, Sevastopol, Taman, Touapse.
  • Sardinia. Abbasanta, Aritzo, Macomer, Miccaba, Scano, Serra Ilixi, Sorgono, Tadasune, Villanova.
  • SERBIA. Ishtib, Uskub.
  • Sicily. Aciplatani, Aidone, Avola, Barrafranca, Bronte, Buccheri, Cammarata, Campobello di Licata, Canicattini, Carlentini, Catania, Contessa, Falconara, Girgenti, Grammichele, Lentini, Leonforte, Licata, Malta, Mazzarino, Messina, Mineo, Noto, Pachino, Palazzolo Acreide, Palermo, Paterno, Piazza Armerina, Ragusa, Rosolini, San Marco, San Pantaleone, Santa Maria di Licodia, Schiso, Selinunte, Spaccaforno, Syracuse, Taormina, Termini Imerese, Terranova di Sicilia, Trapini, Villabate, Vizzini, Vulcano.
  • Spain. Ampurias, Cadiz, Cartella, Cheste, Denia, Gerona, Las Ansias, Marina, Mazaron, Mongo, Morelia, Pont du Moulins, Rosas, San Llop, Segaro, Tarragona, Tortosa. For bibliography of Gallic and Celtiberian hoards, see: Blanchet, A. Recherches sur l'influence commerciale de Massilia en Gaule. ... In Rev. Beige, 1913, pp. 291-238. Blanchet, A. Traitè des Monnaies Gauloises. Paris, 1905.
  • SYRIA, Palestine, PHOENICIA. Ain Tab, Aleppo, Antioch ad Orontem, Beirut, Beithir, Caesarea-Mazaca, Eleutheropolis, Haiffa, Hebron, Jaffa, Jdita, Jerusalem, Kefir, Latakia, Marathos, Nahr Ibrahim, Naplus, Qasr Naba, Saida, Samaria, Sendschirli, Syria, Tripolis, Tyre, Unknown locality.
  • Transylvania. Bogata Muresului, Felso-Sebes, Gredistje, Hev Szamos, Korosbanya, Magyar Nadas, Mühlenbacher-Stühl, Szovath.
  • TURKEY ( EUROPEAN ). Adrianople.

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