Silver Medal, Canada, 1755. 2006.34.1

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Obverse: SALVS IN FLVCTIBVS; in ex., STATVS RERVM (="Safety at Sea, the state of affairs") - Mercury standing facing, upon the shore, listening, with right hand at his ear; behind him, at sea, two frigates bearing upon their ensigns, respectively, the harp of Ireland and the lilies of France, engaged in firing broadsides at each other.
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Reverse: SED MOTOS PRAESTAT COMPONERE FLVCTVS (Vergil, Aen. I, 135, 7, "But first, it is better to calm the turbulent seas" or "But he has power to soothe the troubled waves"); in exergue: SVB EXITVM ANNI/ MDCCLV ("=at the close of the year 1755") - On l., Indian warrior standing r., with crown and girdle of feathers, bearing in l. hand a bow and in r. an arrow, his r. foot upon an alligator; at r., female std. upon a sea-horse, bearing in r. hand a Temple of Fame and in l. a scepter; at her feet, cornucopia; in background, ocean.



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