Silver 4 real of Charles and Juana/Rincón, Francisco de/Espina, Pedro de, Mexico City (Mexico), 1538 - 1541. 2006.13.1

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Obverse: :KAROLVS:z:ET:IOhANA:R (reverse-barred N in IOhANA) - Crowned arms of Castile and Leon; M - M (gothic M); annulet above and below each M.
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Reverse: z:hISPANIE:z:ET:INDIARV:M:. (reverse-barred N in hISPANIE and INDIARV . (M is Roman, replacement letter; z is a squarish emblem punch, possibly an "alef") - Crowned Pillars of Hercules; PLVS between, in overlapping rhomboid panel slanted left; 4 above.



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