Bronze Coin of Maximinus Thrax, Anchialus, AD 235 - AD 238. 1999.80.1

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Obverse: AVT MA IMINOC EV EBHC AV - Bust of Maximinus facing, head turned r., laureate, wearing cuirass with aegis on l.shoulder, a Medusa medallion on chest
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Reverse: OVLPIANON ANXIALON - Zeus seated on throne to l., holding patera in r.hand, scepter in l., an eagle above his head. Above l. in field the chariot of Helios, to r. biga of Selene. Below to l. reclining Ge holding cornucopiae, to r. Thalassa holding rudder and wearing a helmet of crab legs. Around Zodiac in a circle beginning with Aries.


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