Bronze Medal of American Numismatic Society, New York, NY. 1984.75.1

Obverse: Around central portrait, JOHN·M· FARLEY / ⁕ ABP. ⁕; around outside, ✠·CARD·ABP· McCLOSKEY· ✠·ABP·M ·CORRIGAN· ✠ ·ABP·J· HVGHES· ✠ / ·B P ·J·DVBOIS· ✠·BP ·CONCANEN ·O·P· ✠·BP·CONNOLLY·O·P· - Central portrait medallion of Archbishop John Farley, left, surrounded by portraits of his six predecessors as prelate of the Diocese of New York: Bishop Concanen, Bishop Connolly, Bishop Dubois, Archbishop Hughes, Cardinal McCloskey, and Archbishop Corrigan. Above, representing the Holy Trinity, is a dove with trefoil; below is a pectoral cross; at 4:00, signed J·E· ROINE; at 8:00, small ANS seal.
Reverse: CENTENARY · OF THE · ESTABLISHMENT OF · THE · DIOCESE OF · NEW · YORK / 1808 1908 - Oblique view of St. Patrick's Cathedral from the west; on either side are representations of St. Peter's Church of 1808, in Barclay Street, and St. Patrick's Church of Mott Street, consecrated in 1815. At top are the arms of Pope Pius X; below are those of Pope Pius VII, who created the diocese in 1808; to the right are the arms of Archbishop Farley and to the left those of the diocese of New York.