Alloy Decoration of Society of the Cincinnati, Town of Paris (Maine), 1783 - 1800. 1921.87.1

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Obverse: OMNIA RELINOT SERVAT REMPB (for Omnia Relinquit Servare Rem Publicam, "He gave up everything to serve his country") NB: error of O for Q in "Relinquit" abbreviation. - Cincinnatus abandoning his plough and taking up the sword
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Reverse: [VIRT. PRAEM.] SOCI. CIN. RUM .:. INST. A. D. 17[83] (for Virtutis Praemium Societas Cincinnatorum Instituta A.D. 1783, "reward of virtue, Society of the Cincinnati, instituted A.D. 1783"). NB: the omissions indicated by the square brackets represent portions of the legend that would have been included where the delicate enamel has broken away.) - Cincinnatus doing something appropriately noble



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