White metal Medal, Saint-Petersburg (Russia), 1850 - 1900. 1907.31.2

Canonical URI: http://numismatics.org/collection/1907.31.2

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Obverse: ALEXIVS MICHAELIS FILIVS D.G. TZAR ET MAGNVS DVX TOTIVS RUSSIAE (ALEXII MIKHAILOVICH, CZAR AND GRAND DUKE OF ALL RUSSIA, BESTOWED UPON HIM BY GRACE OF GOD) - half-length portraits of Czar Alexii Mikhailovich and Czarine Natalia Kirillovna wearing rich attire r.; crowned Czar holds orb and scepter.
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Reverse: SPES MAGNA FVTVRI//PETRUS ALEXII FILIUS/NATUS 30 MAII/MDCLXXII (in ex.)(GREAT HOPE FOR THE FUTURE//PETR ALEXIEVITCH/BORN 30 MAY/MDCLXXII) - Winged angel seated on clouds, holding infant Peter towards crowned female figure embodying Russia; shield with Russian coat or arms at right.


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