Silver Medal of American Numismatic Society, United States. 1904.28.1

Obverse: 19 (Seal of the Society) 03 / AMERIGO VESPVCCI - implementsHalf figure of Vespucci, head right, holding a partially opened map or chart; to the right is a map of the New World, taken from the then recently discovered 1507 map of Martin Waldseemüller. Between the bust and the map at lower right, 19 (seal of the Society) 03 / AMERIGO VESPVCCI; along lower right edge, signed V. D. Brenner.
Reverse: To the left, a reproduction of the small hemispherical map inserted in the Waldseemüller wall map of 1507; at the right is a bust of Vespucci holding dividers and below is a facsimile signature of Waldseemüller. In the lower left portion of the field is the artist's signature V. D. Brenner.