Bronze Medal, Saint-Petersburg (Russia), 1751 - 1797. 0000.999.53462

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Obverse: [In Russian] PETER THE GREAT EMPEROR AND ABSOLUTE MONARCH OF ALL RUSSIA/[in ex]: BORN . 30 . MAI/1672 - Bust of Peter I, laureated and cuirassed, r.
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Reverse: [In Russian] BEHOLD AS I LEAVE YOU BEHIND/in ex: DECEASED . 28/JANUARY . 1725 - Above, center: Peter the Great in suite of armor being taken away to heaven by Eternity who holds coiled up snake in r. hand; below, stg. crowned female figure representing Russia, l., with orb and scepter on cushioned stool at her l. and attributes of science, arts, and trade at r. At far r., a laurel tree; in background, a galleon and a sailing ship at sea.



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