Silver Medal, Moscow (Russia), 1713 - 1714. 0000.999.53458

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Obverse: PETRVS ALEXII FIL D. G. RVSS IMPREX SIB . ASTR . CAS . M. DVXMOSC./in ex: reDIt e CertaMIne/VICtor [PETER ALEXEEVICH BY THE GRACE OF GOD RUSSIAN EMPEROR, TSAR OF SIBERIA, ASTRAHAN, KAZAN, GRAND DUKE OF MOSCOW/in ex: Victorious Returning from the Battle] - Peter I on horseback, scepter in l. hand, advancing over war trophies beneath
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Reverse: gLorIosa VICtorIa aD LeesnaM/28 . SEPT . S . V ./LEESNO/in ex: DEVICTO LOWEN HAVPT/CAESIS AVT CAPT . XVI . MILL . SVEC .[Glorious Victory at Leesno/28 September (Old Style)/Leesno/in ex: LOEWENHAUPT CONQUERED/16000 SWEDES KILLED OR CAPTURED] - Nike stg. r. with trumpet and laurel wreath, leaning onto oval shield inscribed "CAPVT/EST/A CORPORE/LONGE/OVID."; at her feet, war trophies; in background, aerial view of battlefield


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