Bronze Medal of American Numismatic Society, Newark (N.J.). 0000.999.4395

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Obverse: CHARACTER RELIGION FRIENDSHIP - Façade of a building with four columns. In the center, a female figure representing Art descends a flight of stairs; in her right hand is a statuette, and in her left a laurel wreath. On either side are representations of Painting and Sculpture. Above, under the pediment, are the words CHARACTER RELIGION FRIENDSHIP; immediately below, within wreaths, are the dates MDC / CCXXX / VII and MCM / XIII; at lower left, the Society's seal; at lower right, signed E. FUCHS.
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Reverse: JOHN / PIERPONT / MORGAN - A tablet inscribed JOHN / PIERPONT / MORGAN; on either side is a standing figure: a draped female holding a palm branch, representing Fame, and a nude male with a sledge hammer and anvil, representing Industry.



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