White metal Medal of American Numismatic Society, New York City, 1876. 0000.999.3349

Obverse: AMERICAN NUMISMATIC AND ARCHÆOLOGICALSOCIETY / (acorn) MEMBER’S MEDAL (acorn) - A sprig of three oak leaves beneath a ribbon bearing the legend PARVA NE PEREANT.
Reverse: FOUNDED AT NEW YORK MDCCCLVIII / INCORPD MDCCCLXV; signed G.H.L below the wreath’s ribbon tie. - A wreath of oak leaves on a raised band enclosing a blank field for engraving the member’s nameand date of membership. Inscribed inside wreath: Cabinet of Am. Num. and Arch. Soc. / from / Isaac F. Wood. / Rejected die, 12. Struck.