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COAC 2021: The Victor D. Brenner Sesquicentennial September 17–18, 2021 Sponsored in association with the Resolute Americana Collection and the Stack Family. Learn more and register at Dr. Jesse Kraft is the Assistant Curator of American Numismatics at the American Numismatic Society. Kraft coordinated for the revived Coinage of the Americas Conference in 2021,…
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COAC 2021
The Victor D. Brenner Sesquicentennial

September 17–18, 2021

Sponsored in association
with the Resolute Americana Collection
and the Stack Family.

The American Numismatic Society is proud to announce the reintroduction of the Coinage of the Americas Conference (COAC). Since the mid-1980s, COACs have been considered the leading venue for the presentation of academic research that pertains to numismatics of the Western Hemisphere.

COAC 2021 will delve into famed sculptor, Victor David Brenner, for the 150th anniversary of his birth in 1871. Born in what is now Lithuania, Brenner initially followed in the family business of jewel engraving before immigrating to the United States in 1890. After studying in both the United States and, most notably, in Paris with Oscar Roty, Brenner quickly positioned himself to become one of the foremost medallists in the United States. While his most well-known piece is, undoubtedly, the Lincoln Cent of 1909, Brenner created more than 200 medallic works of art throughout his illustrious 35-year career. He produced works privately, for the United States Mint, the Medallic Art Co., and several other producers of the early 20th century. Even in his own lifetime, his rise to fame in America during a time of mass immigration to the United States was heralded as the ultimate achievement of the American Dream.

Free—Virtual attendance
$150—In-person attendance

$150 Virtual attendance

After completing the above form, in-person and non-members can submit registration payment at the link here. Scholarships are available for non-member students. Contact Austin Goodwin Andrews at for more information.

In compliance with the New York City vaccine mandate for public indoor spaces, we are currently requiring all visitors to be fully vaccinated.

Friday, September 17

9 AM Eastern Time

9:30 AM Eastern Time
Introduction and Welcome (Jesse Kraft)

10 AM Eastern Time
Francis D. Millet and Victor Brenner: The Path to the Penny (Jonathan Kagan)

11 AM Eastern Time
Victor D. Brenner and the Medallic Art Co. (Jesse Kraft)

12 PM Eastern Time
Lunch Break

1PM Eastern Time
Victor D. Brenner and the Prince Henry of Prussia Medal (Peter van Alfen)

2 PM Eastern Time
Victor David Brenner's Society of the Cincinnati Medal in Context (Patrick McMahon)

3 PM Eastern Time
Brenner's two railroad theme medals - Chauncey DePew and the Southern Railway (George Cuhaj)

Saturday, September 18

9 AM Eastern Time

10 AM Eastern Time
A Song to Brenner: Victor David Brenner’s A Song to Nature, Public Art, and Sculpture in the Round (Taylor Hartley)

11 PM Eastern Time
A Trial List of Non-Medallic Sculpture by Victor D. Brenner (Scott H. Miller)

12 PM Eastern Time
Lunch Break

1 PM Eastern Time
Unpublished Victor D. Brenner Documents in the ANS Archives (Mark Schlepphorst)

2 PM Eastern Time
Victor D. Brenner and the Painterly Influence of Joaquín Sorolla (Christopher J. Bach)

3 PM Eastern Time
New Discoveries in the Works of Victor D. Brenner (Jesse Kraft, Patrick McMahon, Scott H. Miller)


See more information on speakers here.

Christopher Bach (Independent Researcher)

George Cuhaj (ANS Fellow, Independent Researcher)

Taylor Hartley (The Graduate Center, CUNY)

Jonathan Kagan (ANS Trustee, Independent Researcher)

Jesse Kraft (ANS)

Patrick McMahon (MFA Boston)

Scott H. Miller (ANS Fellow, Independent Researcher)

Mark Schlepphorst (Independent Researcher)

Peter van Alfen (ANS)

ANS Lyceum

The ANS Lyceum is an online educational offering from the American Numismatic Society. Over several weeks, participants have the opportunity to engage in interactive lectures and discussion sessions with ANS curators and staff. The ANS Lyceum is open to all with no prior knowledge of numismatics or history required or expected. See full Press Release.

12:30–2:00 pm (ET)

$100 for ANS Members
$250 for non-members

Join as a member today

Scholarships are available for students

September 22–October 27, 2021

Money of the United States

with Dr. Jesse Kraft, Assistant Curator of American Numismatics

September 22—A City Upon a Hill (1652-1776)
September 29—Live Free or Die (1765-1788)
October 6—Four Score and Seven Years Ago (1785-1873)
October 13—There’s Gold in Them Thar Hills! (1830-1900)
October 20—Brother, Can You Spare a Dime? (1873-1964)
October 27—I am Not a Crook! (1965-present)

Contact Austin Goodwin Andrews at with questions.

Past sessions

July 14–August 4, 2021

Photography Workshop

with ANS Senior Photographer Alan Roche

May 19–June 30, 2021

Coins of Rome

with Executive Director Gilles Bransbourg
& Assistant Curator Lucia Carbone

March 31–May 5, 2021

Coins from the Archaic to Hellenistic periods 

with ANS Chief Curator Peter van Alfen

Support the 2022 Annual Gala in Honor of David Hendin

ANS 2022 Annual Gala Dinner in honor of David Hendin Thursday, January 13, 2022New York, NY Sponsorship Each sponsor option includes a premiere table of ten, recognition at the Gala dinner, on our website, and a prominent full-page advertisement in the print and digital versions of the Gala program. Benefactor $25,000 USDPatron Sponsor $15,000 USDFriend…
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COAC 2021 Registration

The American Numismatic Society (ANS) will host the 2021 Coinage of the Americas Conference on September 17–18, 2021 honoring the life, work, and legacy of sculptor and medallist Victor David Brenner. See conference schedule here and register to attend at the link here. This conference is a hybrid virtual and in-person event. All current members…
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Friday, September 10
1:00 pm ET

Join Assistant Curator of Roman Coins Lucia Carbone and Professor Nathan Elkins (Visiting Research Scholar—Baylor University). They will host a tour of the Roman Imperial and Provincial collection highlighting beloved classics, interesting curiosities, and some of their personal favorites.

ANS Members only. A link will be sent to members the day of the event.

Past Long Table sessions

The ANS congratulates its authors and staff for winning a record seven awards from the Numismatic Literary Guild in 2021.

Best Book, Ancient and Medieval Coin

Money and Power in Hellenistic Bactria: Euthydemus I to Antimachus I 

Simon Glenn

Best Book, Medals and Tokens

Old Regime France and its Jetons

James E. McClellan III

Best Numismatic History and Personality Article

& Story of the Year

Collecting American Colonial Coins in Eighteenth Century England
JEAN, June 2020

Jeff Rock

Best Audio Presentation

The Planchet

S2, Ep. 3: A Conversation with David Hendin

Best Blog

Pocket Change

Best Video Series

Money Talks

We would also like to acknowledge ANS Trustee Beth Deisher for winning Best Book in the Numismatic Investment or Marketplace category for Cash in Your Coins, and  Visiting Research Scholar Nathan Elkins for winning Best Featured Article in the Ancient or Medieval Coins (pre-1500) category for his article “Libertas and Freedom from Financial Burden in the Reigns of Trajan and Hadrian” published in the American Journal of Archaeology.

Press Release

August 9, 2021
New York, NY 
For Immediate Release

The American Numismatic Society (ANS) is pleased to announce that the Robert W. Bartlett Collection is being offered at auction by Classical Numismatic Group, LLC (CNG) through September 2, 2021. Inspired by Mr. Bartlett’s own commitment to travel and learning, the proceeds will support ANS staff travel in the US and abroad to research other collections and attend conferences. Members and friends of the ANS are invited to support the Society through participation in this CNG Keystone Auction. 

Mr. Robert W. Bartlett, of San Diego, California, was an enthusiastic traveler and avid collector of ancient Greek and Roman coins. Mr. Bartlett participated as an active member of the ANS from 1981 until his death in 2017. Upon his passing, the Society received his generous bequest of over 350 objects. Portions of the Bartlett Collection were accessioned into the Society’s holdings and the remaining objects designated to be sold at auction to support the organization's mission to research and educate. Mr. Bartlett’s surviving niece, Ms. Cynthia Davis, facilitated this extraordinary gift to the ANS.

The Bartlett Collection consists largely of silver and bronze coins from Roman and Greek periods and contains such rarities as unique Roman sestertii and a silver cistophorus from Pergamum. The ongoing CNG sale includes 253 lots, including such specimens as a silver tetradrachm of Gela, dated from c. 450 to 440 BCE from the noted Karl von Vierordt Collection and a silver Neapolitan nomos dating from c. 320 to 300 BCE. Find the auction at

ANS President Ute Wartenberg noted, “This auction is a lasting, fitting tribute to Mr. Bartlett’s memory. This significant fundraising effort will enable our curators to research other collections and attend conferences around the United States and abroad. The Board of Trustees and the entire staff of the Society are extremely grateful for Mr. Bartlett’s generosity and commitment to our field. Like many of our members, he believed deeply in the Society's mission.” 

The American Numismatic Society, organized in 1858 and incorporated in 1865 in New York State, operates as a research museum under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and is recognized as a publicly supported organization under section 170(b)(1)(A)(vi) as confirmed on November 1, 1970. 

It’s the last month to donate to the Mid-Year Appeal! 

Support the ANS with your contribution this summer.

Upcoming Events & Announcements

The 2022 ANS Annual Gala will Honor David Hendin
On Thursday, January 13, 2022, the ANS will honor David Hendin with the Trustees’ Award at the Annual Gala. For 45 years, ever since joining the ANS in 1976, he has been a steadfast and generous supporter, contributing not only financially but substantively as a scholar, researcher, writer, lecturer, and charming and engaging advocate for the Society. More...

Money Talks | We’re on the Money: Bringing New Collectors to Numismatics Through the Black Money Exhibit
Join Associate Professor at Georgia State University Dr. Harcourt Fulleron August 14 as he delves into the currencies from more than 80 countries in Africa, Europe, and the Americas that illustrate 10,000 years of Black history. He will discuss his traveling exhibition, Black Money: World Currencies Featuring African and African Diasporic History and Cultures and the importance of money—not just as something to spend, but also as a visual source of knowledge about world histories and cultures. More...

The ANS Welcomes Visiting Research Scholar Nathan Elkins
The ANS is pleased to announce that Nathan Elkins, Associate Professor of Art History at Baylor University, will be joining the ANS as a Visiting Research Scholar starting on August 2, 2021. Specializing in ancient Mediterranean art, archaeology, and numismatics, Professor Elkins has led the Allbritton Art Institute at Baylor as its Director since his appointment in 2020. More...

RRDP Banner

RRDP Completes its First Significant Data Upload
The Roman Republican Die Project (RRDP) has completed its first significant data upload. This platform will be a living die study that is constantly improving in accuracy. RRDP expands the Coinage of the Roman Republic Online database, adding more than 5,000 new specimens, dating from 92 to 75 BCE. RRDP uniquely includes data from both auction catalogs and major numismatic collections, ANS digital archives in ARCHER, and a new searchable database of archival auction catalog data, SITNAMMore...

Class of 2024
The ANS Nominating and Governance Committee has approved for publication the nominees for Trustees, Officers and Fellows. More...

2021 Chicago World's Fair of Money
The ANS will be represented at the upcoming ANA World's Fair of Moneyfrom August 10–14. Stop by the table to say hello, renew your membership, or sign up a friend!

New Acquisition 
The ANS Library and Archives has acquired at auction a group of early nineteenth century certificates and letters from the French numismatist Théodore-Edme Mionnet (1770-1842). Mionnet was a deputy curator in what became the numismatic department of the Bibliothèque Nationale, and his publications include the seven-volume Description de Médailles Antiques, Grecques et Romaines (1806-1813). We thank ANS Life Fellow Hadrien Rambach for assisting with this acquisition. 

August Long Tables
August Long Tables will be hosted by ANS President Ute Wartenberg and Chief Curator Peter van Alfen; Curator Emeritus Robert Hoge with Albert Estrada Rius and Maria Clua Mercadal on the Collection of the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya; Alan Stahl of Princeton University with Mark Pyzyk; and James McClellan. Links will be sent to active members in advance.

July in Review

FUN in Orlando
Assistant Curator of American Numismatics Jesse Kraft and Assistant Director Austin Goodwin Andrews represented the ANS at the Summer FUN show in Orlando—our first convention since the NYINC in January 2020! We were pleased to greet many members and friends and welcome new members.

The Final Shipment of MACO Material Arrives in Brooklyn
On July 13, the final truck of galvanos, die shells, and plasters of the Medallic Art Company archives arrived in New York from a Nevada storage facility. They are now stored in Brooklyn where Assistant Curator of American Numismatics Jesse Kraft will be sorting, cataloging, and photographing the new materials alongside other curatorial staff and volunteers. He is documenting the move on the ANS blog, Pocket ChangeRead the first installment now. 

Writing History from the Roman Republican Coin Series
On July 24, Professor Liv Yarrow hosted a Money Talks lecture discussing her new book The Republic to 49 BCE: Using Coins as Sources (Cambridge University Press 2021). She addressed some of the challenges and joys of making numismatic questions and findings accessible and compelling for students and scholars of Roman history.

Happy 80th, Ken! 
ANS staff gathered to wish our Chairman, Kenneth Edlow, a happy birthday and to thank him for all he has done for the Society. He was presented with a mock-up of the Chairman's Medal—a new medal recreating George Lovett’s 1876 membership medal design. Once struck, the new Chairman’s Medal will be given to honor those who have made a positive impact on the ANS. 

Ute Wartenberg Speaks on the Antiquities Trade and Cultural Property Issue
On July 26, ANS President Ute Wartenberg engaged as a panelist for a webinar entitled “Putting a Price on the Priceless.”She discussed a forthcoming article on the trade of ancient coins on eBay, which she co-authored with Barbora Dmitričenko. It will be published by Routledge in December 2021 in Antiquities Smuggling in the Real and Virtual WorldMore...

ANS Lyceum on Photography
ANS Senior Photographer Alan Roche is leading the latest ANS Lyceum, Photography Workshop. Participants are gaining key insight into numismatic photography techniques that Alan has developed during his time at the ANS.

Long Table yellow

July Long Tables
July Long Tables were hosted by Assistant Curator of American Numismatics Jesse Kraft; outside curator Jeffrey Spier, Senior Curator of Antiquities at the J. Paul Getty Museum; Assistant Curator of Roman Coins Lucia Carbone, with Liv Yarrow (CUNY), and Jeremy Haag; Executive Director Gilles Bransbourg; and outside curator Karsten Dahmen from the Münzkabinett in Berlin.