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Ancient Greece and the Mediterranean World

Exhibitions Home Return to Drachmas, Dubloons, and Dollars homepage The first coins were struck in 7th-century Lydia in Western Turkey. The new coins offered a convenient way to pay with pre-weighed pieces of metal, which were guaranteed by an authority. For centuries before this, people had been using cut-up silver bullion to conduct transactions, a…
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What Is Inflation?

Money Money, as a medium of exchange, progressively replaced self-sufficiency and barter. Money provides a common scale against which all kinds of goods may be measured. Money is typically a storable object or unit of account. Money may be privately weighed or officially stamped. Money may have intrinsic value and/or be an accepted unit of…
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Land and Sky: the Work of Ron Dutton

2009This exhibit was on view from February 2009 to September 2009 An exhibition of 2009 J. Sanford Saltus award recipient Ron Dutton’s medallic work and medals from the British Art Medal Society will be on display in the new ANS gallery from 12 February to late summer 2009. The Saltus Medal Award was initiated in…
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