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2017 Nomination and Governance Committee

Below are the nominations for Trustees, Officers and Fellows.  All ANS Fellows (currently 212 out of a possible 225) are invited to vote for the nominated Trustees at the ANS Annual Meeting on 28 October 2017.  Nominations were posted on line in late July.  Pursuant to Article 12 (b) of the ANS By-laws, at any time prior…
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Governance FY2017

Officers of the Society (For the term October 29, 2016-October 28, 2017) Chairman of the Board - Kenneth L. Edlow President - Sydney F. Martin First Vice President - David Hendin Second Vice President - Andrew M. Burnett Treasurer - Kenneth L. Edlow Executive Director - Ute Wartenberg Kagan Secretary - Ute  Wartenberg Kagan Assistant…
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ANS Fellows 2017

Fellows of the Society (2016-2017) F = Fellow HF = Honorary Fellow LF = Life Fellow HLF = Honorary Life Fellow * = deceased ( 10/1/2016 – 9/30/2017) Mr. John W. Adams - F Mr. John Aiello - HLF Mr. Stephen Album - F Mr. David Thomason Alexander - F Prof. Edward A. Allworth -…
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