ANS Calendar 2021


  • December 3, Long Table No. 74 An Overview of the Edward C. Rochette Money Museum with Douglas Mudd
  • December 4, Money Talks The Four Patriarchal Basilicas of Rome Through Their Medals with Eleonora Giampiccolo
  • December 10 Long Table No. 75 Coin Deposits in Ancient Synagogues in Late Antique Palestine with Tine Rassalle
  • December 17, Long Table No. 76. The Coinage of Hadrian with Martin Beckmann
  • December 24, ANS Closed for Christmas Eve
  • December 31, ANS Closed for New Year's Eve


  • November 5, Long Table No. 71 The Penkalas Hoardswith Hüseyin Köker and Lucia Carbone
  • November 12, Long Table No. 72 Let’s Chat About Ancient Cypriote Coins with Evangeline Markou
  • November 19, Long Table No. 73 Roman Imperial Women and Numismatic Portraiture with Fae Amiro
  • November 26–27, ANS Closed for the Thanksgiving Holiday


  • October 1, Long Table No. 66 A Conversation with the US Mint Chief Engraver with Joseph Menna
  • October 8, Long Table No. 67 The Coinage of the Bar Kochba Revolt Against the Romans, with an Emphasis on the Visible Under Types with Richard Beleson
  • October 11, ANS Closed for Indigenous Peoples Day
  • October 13, ANS Lyceum: Money of the United States, There’s Gold in Them Thar Hills! (1830-1900)
  • October 15, Long Table No. 68 A 17th Century Painting with Ancient Coins as a Disguised Political Manifesto with François de Callataÿ
  • October 16, Money Talks: Mithridatic Wars and Bronze Coinage in the Roman Province of Asia with Lucia Carbone (Watch)
  • October 20, ANS Lyceum: Money of the United States, Brother, Can You Spare a Dime? (1873-1964)
  • October 22, Long Table No. 69 George Clapp: His US Large Cent Collection and the American Numismatic Society with Chuck Heck
  • October 23, The 164th Annual Meeting (Watch)
  • October 27, ANS Lyceum: Money of the United States, I am Not a Crook! (1965-present)
  • October 29, Long Table No. 70 The Significance of Architectural Representations on Roman Coinage with Nathan Elkins


  • September 6, ANS Closed for Labor Day
  • September 10, Long Table No. 64 Highlights of the Collection with Lucia Carbone
  • September 17–18, COAC 2021 The Victor D. Brenner Sesquicentennial (Watch)
  • September 22, ANS Lyceum: Money of the United States, A City Upon a Hill (1652-1776)
  • September 24, Long Table No. 65Archive Favorites with David Hill
  • September 25, Money Talks: Observing Coins to Learn about Greek Coin Production with Caroline Carrier, Jérémy Artru, and Thomas Faucher (Watch)
  • September 29, ANS Lyceum: Money of the United States, Live Free or Die (1765-1788)


  • August 4, ANS Lyceum: Photography Workshop, Class Critique
  • August 6, Long Table No. 60 The Difficulties of Recording Ancient Greek Hoards with Peter van Alfen and Ute Wartenberg
  • August 13, Long Table No. 61 The Numismatic Cabinet at the National Museum of Art of Catalonia with Robert Hoge and Albert Estrada Rius
  • August 14, Money Talks: We’re on the Money: Bringing New Collectors to Numismatics Through the Black Money Exhibit with Dr. Harcourt Fuller (Watch)
  • August 20, Long Table No. 61 FLAME: Framing the Late Antique and Early Medieval Economy with Alan Stahl, Lee Mordechai, and Mark Pyzyk
  • August 27, Long Table No. 63 The Jetons of Old-Regime France with James E. McClellan III


  • July 1, Long Table No. 55 Highlights of the Collection with Jesse Kraft
  • July 5, ANS Closed for Independence Day
  • July 9, Long Table No. 56 The Display of Ancient Coins in the Getty Villa with Jeffrey Spier
  • July 14, ANS Lyceum: Photography Workshop, Basics of photography
  • July 16, Long Table No. 57 Digitized Die-Studies: An Update on RRDP and SILVER with Lucia Carbone, Liv M. Yarrow, Jeremy Haag, and Caroline Carrier
  • July 21, ANS Lyceum: Photography Workshop, Theories of Coin Photography
  • July 23, Long Table No. 58 Highlights of the Collection with Gilles Bransbourg
  • July 24, Money Talks: Writing History from the Roman Republican Coin Series with Liv Yarrow (Watch)
  • July 28, ANS Lyceum: Photography Workshop, Digital Post Processing
  • July 30, Long Table No. 59 Coins with a History: A Tour of Provenance, Collectors, and Inventories in the Berlin Münzkabinett with Karsten Dahmen


  • June 2, ANS Lyceum: Coins of Rome, Coins in the Roman Provinces before RPC (150–50 BCE)
  • June 4, Long Table No. 51 The Peer Review Process with Andrew Reinhard
  • June 9, ANS Lyceum: Coins of Rome, Roman Provincial Coinage (50 BCE–298 CE)
  • June 11, Long Table No. 52 Numismatic Holdings of the North Carolina Collection with Linda Jacobson and Bob Schreiner
  • June 12, Money Talks: Sesquicentennial of V. D. Brenner’s Birth with Scott Miller, Patrick McMahon & Jesse Kraft (Watch)
  • June 16, ANS Lyceum: Coins of Rome, Augustus and the Early Empire (27 BCE–192 CE)
  • June 18, Long Table No. 53 HELP! Unsolved Medallic Mysteries in My Collection with Ira Rezak
  • June 23, ANS Lyceum: Coins of Rome, Crime and Punishment (193–301 CE)
  • June 25, Long Table No. 54 Finding Hidden Harmony in Medal Designs with Heidi Wastweet
  • June 26, Board Meeting
  • June 30, ANS Lyceum: Coins of Rome, The Golden Age (301–494 CE)


  • May 5, ANS Lyceum: Coins from the Archaic to Hellenistic Periods, Hellenistic Civic Coinages
  • May 7, Long Table No. 47 The John Max Wulfing Collection of Ancient Coins and Related Objects at Washington University in Saint Louis with William S. Bubelis
  • May 14, Long Table No. 47 The Greek and Roman Numismatic Collection and Gallery of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston with Laure Marest
  • May 19, ANS Lyceum: Coins of Rome, The Dawn of Roman Coinage ( –91 BCE)
  • May 21, Long Table No. 49 Commemorative Works In Various Materials with Mashiko
  • May 22, Money Talks: Bar Kokhba Revolt: Secrets of the Coins with D. Hendin (Watch)
  • May 26, ANS Lyceum: Coins of Rome, Social War and Imperatores (90–27 BCE)
  • May 28, Long Table No. 50 Iron Age Coins in Britain with Courtney Nimura, Ethan Gruber, and John Talbot
  • May 31, ANS Closed for Memorial Day


  • April 2, ANS Closed for Good Friday
  • April 7, ANS Lyceum: Coins from the Archaic to Hellenistic Periods, The Lydian Kingdom and the Earliest Electrum Coins
  • April 9, Long Table No. 43 Coins & papers: Ptolemaic collection of Bibliothèque nationale de France with Julien Olivier
  • April 14, ANS Lyceum: Coins from the Archaic to Hellenistic Periods, Archaic and Classical Greek Coins
  • April 16, Long Table No. 44 The Franc with Gilles Bransbourg
  • April 21, ANS Lyceum: Coins from the Archaic to Hellenistic Periods, Coinages of the Persian Empire
  • April 23, Long Table No. 45 Seleucid Ghost Stories with Oliver Hoover
  • April 24, Money Talks: Scenes from an Exposition: Columbus, Coins, Ships and Controversy in 1890s America with Peter van Alfen (Watch)
  • April 28, ANS Lyceum: Coins from the Archaic to Hellenistic Periods, Hellenistic Royal Coinages
  • April 30, Long Table No. 46 The Ultimate Coin: The Unlikely Saga of the 1933 Double Eagle with Ute Wartenberg & David Tripp


  • March 5, Long Table No. 39 "Why did they do that?" The Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee, Congress and the United States Mint with Mary Lannin
  • March 12, Long Table No. 40 The Berlin Coin Cabinet in the Past and Today with Prof. B. Weisser
  • March 19, Long Table No. 41 If Portraits Could Talk with  Eugene Daub
  • March 23­–25, Coinage of the Roman Provinces before Provincial Coinage (Watch)
  • March 26, Long Table No. 42 Coinage in the Roman Provinces Before RPC: An Afterword and What was Left Out with Lucia Carbone
  • March 27, Money Talks: Colonial American Paper Money of the ANS Collection with Jesse Kraft (Watch)
  • March 31, ANS Lyceum: Coins from the Archaic to Hellenistic Periods, Ancient Mints and Minting Technology


  • February 5, Long Table No. 35 From the Particulars to the General: Acheloios and His Sinews. Revisiting Man-Faced Bull Iconography with Nicholas Molinari
  • February 12, Long Table No. 36 Artists of the Medallic Art Company, 1907-1930 with Taylor Hartley
  • February 15, President's Day (ANS Closed)
  • February 19, Long Table No. 37 Cistophoric Mysteries from the ANS Vault with Lucia Carbone
  • February 26, Long Table No. 38 A Look at Collections of the Art Institute of Chicago with Elizabeth Hahn Benge of the Art Institute of Chicago
  • February 27, Money Talks: The Question of Gold in 4th century Egypt with Irene Marin Soto (Watch)


  • January 1, ANS Closed for New Year's Day
  • January 14, 2021 Gala
  • January 15, Board of Trustees Meeting
  • January 18, ANS Closed for Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • January 22, Long Table No. 33 The Ties that Bind: Archaic Greek Coins of Mother Cities and their Colonies with Dr. Peter Van Alfen
  • January 29, Long Table No. 34 The Vatican Numismatic Collection with Dr. Eleanora Giampiccolo
  • January 30, Money Talks: Dutch Medals of the Golden Age with S. Scher & Arnold-Peter C. Weiss (Watch)