Calendar 2017

(subject to change)

Mon. Jan 2 New Years Day Observed (ANS Closed)
Thur. Jan 12 ANS Annual Dinner Gala at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, New York City
Sat. Jan 27 Money Talks: P. van Alfen, “America Under Pressure...” (5:30 pm)
Sat. Jan 27 Exhibit “Art of Devastation” opens, Frances Loeb Art Center, Vassar
Sat. Feb 11 Money Talks: P. van Alfen, G. Bransbourg, U. Wartenberg-Kagan, “The Origins of Money.” (2:00 pm)
Mon. Feb 13 "Enduring Mysteries of Ancient Judean Coins”, D. Hendin, Eretz-Israel Museum, Tel-Aviv (7:30 pm)
Mon. Feb 20 President's Day (ANS Closed)
Sat. Mar 11 Money Talks: Vivek Gupta,"The Beginnings of Islamic Coinage." (2:00 pm)
Fri-Sat. Mar 24-25 Presentation at University of Warwick (9:30 am)
Th-Su. Mar 30-Apr 2 ANS at Whitman Spring Expo (Baltimore, MD)
Mon-Tu. Apr 3-4 Linked Data and the Semantic Web Conference, Oxford
Wed-Sat. April 5-8 ANS will attend the Chicago Coin Expo 2017
Fri. April 7 Dr. Wartenberg lectures at the Chicago Coin Expo 2017(11:00am-12.00pm)
Fri. April 14 Good Friday (ANS Closed)
Fri. April 14 Digital Antiquity Research Showcase, ISAW
Mon. May 1 Fowler Lecture: P. Wagoner, F. Flood "The Deccan as an Integrated Currency Zone"(6:00 pm)
Sat. May 6 Money Talks: Gilles Bransbourg, "Signs of Inflation." (2:00 pm)
Sat. May 20 Board of Trustees Meeting (10:00 am)
Mon. May 29 Memorial Day (ANS Closed)
Mon. June 5 63rd Annual Eric P. Newman Graduate Seminar in Numismatics begins
Sat. June 10 Money Talks: Ray Williams, "State Copper Coinage in the 1780s" (2:00 pm)
Mon. July 3 Independence Day (ANS Closed)
Tue. July 4 Independence Day (ANS Closed)
Sat. July 15 Money Talks: Alan Roche,"The Art of Photographing Coins."(2:00pm)
Fri. July 28 63rd Annual Eric P. Newman Graduate Seminar in Numismatics ends
Mon. Sept. 4 Labor Day (ANS Closed)
Fri. Sept 15 A. Ellis-Evans lectures at the ANS, "Mouse-Killing Apollo & his Coinage" (5:30 pm)
Sat. Sept. 16 Money Talks:Hendin, Hoge, Wartenberg, "Counterfeits: Threat to Collecting and Scolarship"(11:00)
Mon. Oct. 9 Columbus Day (ANS Closed)
Th-Su. Oct. 12-14 ANS at the 6th Annual U.S. Mexican Numismatic Association Convention
fri. Oct. 20 Huntington Award & the Sylvia Hurter Lecture
Sat. Oct. 21 Money Talks: Augsberger, Wartenberg, Hill, & Reinhard, Future of Digitization"(11:00 am)
Sat. Oct. 28 Board of Trustees Meeting (10:00 am)
Sat. Oct. 28 ANS Annual Meeting (3:00 pm)
Th-Su. Nov. 9-12 ANS at Whitman Winter Expo (Baltimore, MD)
Sat. Nov. 18 Money Talks: J. Kagan & D. Hill, "Numismatic Book Collecting"(2:00pm)
Thurs Nov.23 Thanksgiving Day (ANS Closed)
Friday Nov.24 Day after Thanksgiving (ANS Closed)
Sat. Dec. 16 Money Talks: "Wine & Coins"(2:00pm)
Mon Dec.25 Christmas Day (ANS Closed)


Calendar 2018 Coming Soon