ANS Calendar 2021

Fri. Jan.1 New Year's Day (ANS Closed)
Thu. Jan.14 2021 Gala
Fri. Jan.15 Board of Trustees Meeting
Mon. Jan.18 Dr. M.L.King Jr. Day (ANS Closed)
Fri. Jan.22 Long Table: "Vault Favorites", with Dr. Van Alfen
Fri. Jan.29 Long Table: "Numismatic Department at the Vatican Library", with Dr. Giampiccol
Sat. Jan.30 Money Talks: "Dutch Medals of the Golden Age", with S. Scher & Arnold-Peter C. Weiss 1:00pm
Fri. Feb.5 Long Table: "Man-Faced Bull Iconography", with N. Molinari
Fri. Feb.12 Long Table: "Artists of the Medallic Art Company, 1907-1930", with T. Hartley
Mon. Feb.15 President's Day (ANS Closed)
Fri. Feb.19 Long Table with Dr. L. Carbone
Fri. Feb.26 Long Table with Elizabeth Hahn Benge of the Art Institute of Chicago
Sat. Feb.27 Money Talks: "The Question of Gold in 4th century Egypt", with I. Soto
Fri. Mar.5 Long Table: "Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee", with Mary Lannin
Fri. Mar.12 Long Table with Prof. B. Weisser from the Munzkabinett, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin
Tue.-Thu. Mar.23-25 Witschonke Conference
Sat. Mar.27 Money Talks: "Colonial American Paper Money of the ANS Collection"
Wed. Mar.31 ANS Lyceum: "Coins from the Archaic to Hellenistic periods", with P. van Alfen (sold out)
Fri. Apr.2 Good Friday (ANS Closed)
Fri. Apr.9 Long Table: "Coins & papers: Ptolemaic collection of Bibliothèque nationale de France", with J. Olivier
Fri. Apr.16 Long Table: "The Franc", with G. Bransbourg
Fri. Apr.23 Long Table: "Seleucid Ghost Stories", with O. Hoover
Sat. Apr. 24 Money Talks:  "Scenes from an Exposition"
Fri. Apr.30 Long Table with Dr. Wartenberg & David Tripp
Fri. May.7 Long Table with ANS Fellow William S. Bubelis
Wed. May.19 ANS Lyceum: "Coins of Rome", with G. Bransbourg and L. Carbone (sold out)
Fri. May 28 Money Talks: "Bar Kokhba Revolt", with D. Hendin
Mon. May.31 Memorial Day (ANS Closed)
Sat. Jun.12 Money Talks: “Sesquicentennial of V. D. Brenner’s Birth”, with S. Miller, P. McMahon & J. Kraft
Sat. Jun.26 Board Meeting
Fri. May 7 Long Table with Visiting Curator Prof. William S. Bubelis of Washington University in St. Louis
Fri. May 14 Long Table with Visiting Curator Dr. Laure Marest of the Art the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Fri. May 21 Long Table with Mashiko
Fri. May 28 Long Table Iron Age Coins in Britain. Courtney Nimura, Ethan Gruber, and John Talbot
Mon. Jul. 5 Independence Day (ANS Closed)
Mon. Sep. 6 Labor Day (ANS Closed)
Mon. Oct. 11 Columbus Day (ANS Closed)
Sat. Oct. 23 164th Annual Meeting
Fri. Oct. 29 Long Table: "Monuments in Miniature" with Nathan Elkins
Fri. Nov. 5 Long Table with Hüseyin Köker and Lucia Carbone
Fri. Nov. 12 Long Table with Evangeline Markou
Fri. Nov. 27 Day after Thanksgiving (ANS Closed)
Sat. Dec. 4 Money Talks: The Four Patriarchal Basilicas of Rome through their Medals with Eleonora Giampiccolo
Fri. Dec. 25 Christmas Day (ANS Closed)

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(subject to change)

ANS Calendar 2022

Mon. Jan. 3 New Year's Day Holiday (ANS Closed)
Thu. Jan 13 ANS 2022 Annual Gala Dinner in honor of David Hendin