Users Guide

User's Guide to DONUM: The online library catalog of the American Numismatic Society

DONUM is the online library catalog for the collections of the American Numismatic Society. Only items within the ANS collections are included in the catalog. To search for items in other libraries, please try WorldCat or the catalogs of a specific library.

Advanced searches: You can limit your searches to include only books (or other formats) by using the "Advanced search" link.

Auction Catalog Searches: Customized searches for auction catalogs can now be conducted using just the dates by using the search term “adate:”, and in the format of year, month, day.
Example: adate:19551201 for a catalog of Dec. 1, 1955. If you do not know the precise date, you can also search by entering the auction and year in the general Keyword search field.
Example: hirsch 1914. This will bring back all the auction catalogs in the library collections from this year.

Locating Items: Once you have found the item you are searching for in the online record, you will see information on where to find this item in the library stacks. Items listed with a “General Stacks – Rare” location will need to be retrieved by the library staff. The “Collection” will note in which section the item is located, and if relevant, a call number will direct you to the appropriate item. More information on the classification system of the ANS Library and how to read call numbers is available.

New items/on order items: Some items that have been ordered but not yet received by the library will appear in the library catalog. They will have very limited information and should say “on order” instead of “Available” in the status section of the record. When the item has been received and cataloged, it will appear as “available.”

Lists and Carts: These options allow you to save certain records during your searches. Carts are temporary and all records added will be deleted once your search is done (and specifically when the browser window is closed). To add an item to the cart from the search results page, simply click on the "add to cart" icon:

To review the items that you have placed in your cart, simply click on the green Cart icon at the top search bar:

Lists are more permanent and can be saved to your account for future reference. In order to save lists, you must log in with your username and password (to get an account, please contact the librarian). At present, lists are reserved for internal use only. If you are a frequent user of Donum and would like more information, please contact the library.

Holdings/Availability: All items in the ANS Library are non-circulating and therefore all items that appear in the catalog should be available for use in the library. The default of the current software notes that the “holdings” are “0.” Please disregard this, as this will change when we add call numbers to each item. (Hence, you will see that those items with call numbers will be listed with the correct number of “holdings”).

Articles: The library catalog also contains information about articles within numismatic and non-numismatic periodicals. These records are indicated by the following image next to the record:

To locate the article, you will need first to identify which periodical or series contains the item, and then locate that item on the shelves (either directly, or by searching for the item title in the catalog).

Example: Enter the following phrase into the search bar of the catalog and hit the "Search" button:
"curry and the carson city mint"
This will bring up the record for the article by Smith, Pete. You will notice information about the "type" of record (in this case, an article), the "description" (usually notes length or if images are included), the "related subjects" (which can help locate similar items of interest within the same subject), and finally "In" what journal the item is located. In this case, the article appears in The Numismatist (vol. 107, no. 1), which is located in the Numismatic Periodicals section of the library.

How To Read Call Numbers in the ANS Library

If an item record in Donum notes a call number, it will look something like the following example:

Book title: An inventory of Greek coin hoards.
Author: Thompson, Margaret ; Kraay, Colin M. ; Morkholm, Otto.
Call Number: GREEK .T4669 I68

Read call numbers line by line:

GREEK Locate the “Greek” section within the library.

.T4669 The section part is a combination of a letter and numbers. Read the letter alphabetically. Read the number as a decimal, eg: .C4669 = .4669 .C724 = .724

Some call numbers have more than one combination letter-number line.

1991 If relevant, the last line is the year the book was published. Read in chronological order: 1985, 1991, 1992...