Panish, Charles K.

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Charles K. Panish (1907-1995) of Westport, Connecticut, was an expert on coins of South Asia. He volunteered his services to the American Numismatic Society (ANS) for over three decades, performing work for years as a virtual acting curator, attributing, rearranging, and relabeling over half of the South Asian coins, particularly in the collection of Indian States coins and those of the Himalayan states: Tibet, Nepal, Assam, and Ladakh. He became a member of ANS in 1951 and in 1960 joined the Committee on Oriental Coins. He was appointed chair of that committee in 1961, the same year he was elected an ANS fellow. He was also a major benefactor, donating 9,682 coins to ANS over the course of several decades, beginning in 1959.

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