Edward T. Newell notebook on the coins of Gallic tribes, undated

Newell, Edward Theodore, 1886-1941

Publication Statement

American Numismatic Society
Publication Place
New York (N.Y.)


Notebook of handwritten notes and pasted photographs of ancient coins of Gallic tribes. Includes Tr?sor d'Auriol, Marseilles, Massilia, Gallo-Etruscan, Rhone Valley, early imitations of the Philip Stater, Basin of the Garonne, South-West Gaul, Central Gaul, Arverni, East-Central Gaul, Aedui, Sequani, West Gaul Petrocorii, West Central Gaul, Bituriges, Pictones, Santones, Carnutes, Cenomani, Aulerci-Cenomani, Armorica-Namnetes, Amorica Ossimii, Baiocasses, Coriosolitae, Redones, Aulerci Diablintes, Aulerci Eburovices, North-West Gaul "Gallia Belgica," Atrebates, Veliocasses, Ambiani, Bellovaci, Parisii, Meldi, Remi, Senones, Suessiones, Lingones, Leuci, Gallia Belgica Nervii, North Gaul "Gallia Belgica," Treviri, North-East Gaul, Virodunenses, Mediomatrici, East Gaul or Helvetii, Valley of the Rhine, Rauraci, Helvetii, Salassi, ring money, Rouelles, Ancient Britain, South Eastern District, Tincommius, Verica, Tasciovanus, Cunobelinus, Iceni, Brigantes.