ANS Record Group 10: Publishing, 1860-ongoing

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American Numismatic Society
150 cubic feet
Records relating to the Society's publishing program.

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Records related to the Society's publishing program, including records related to the following monograph series and journals: Ancient Coins in North American Collections; COAC Proceedings; Numismatic Notes and Monographs; Numismatic Studies; Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum: American Numismatic Society; Hispanic Numismatic Series; Museum Notes; American Journal of Numismatics, Second Series; Numismatic Literature; Colonial Newsletter; and International Numismatic Newsletter.

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  • Numismatic Notes and Monographs printer correspondence and record of production, 1860-ongoing

    0.75 cubic foot (1 box and one loose notebook)
    Scope and Content:

    Predominately correspondence between an ANS curator, secretary, or other representative and various printing companies regarding the printing of works published in the Society’s Numismatic Notes and Monographs series, the ANS’s forum for presenting numismatic scholarship that was established in 1920 with an initial sponsorship from Archer M. Huntington of $100,000. Not all of the publications in the series are represented in the records. Includes items relating to the production of the Society’s annual Proceedings, which prior to this time had been printed by the American Numismatic Association but for the years 1920 to the 1936 (printed in 1921 and 1937) were part of the Numismatic Notes and Monographs series. The principal firm used for the printing was T.R. Marvin & Son of Boston, and much of the correspondence is with George R. Marvin. Others firms involved in the work include The De Vinne Press and J.C. & W.E. Powers of New York City, Patterson & White of Philadelphia, and Lancaster Press of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Much of the correspondence has to do with technical matters such as difficulties arising from the printing of special characters as well as issues relating to correcting page proofs. Also includes two files (1920-1924 & 1920-1926) and an oversized notebook (1920-1935) containing printing and other production costs, print runs, sales price, and other information.

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      • Marvin, George R., 1920

      • Histiaea – Newell, 1920

      • Publication of the ANS—Letter and list, 1920

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      • The Andritsaena Hoard—Newell, 1921-1923

      • Names of printers—Estimates, etc., 1921-1926

      • Attambelos I of Characene—Hill, 1922

      • Weinman monograph, 1922

      • Gold Dollars of 1858—Wood, 1922

      • Proceedings, 1922

      • Commemorative coinage of the United States—Wood, 1922

      • Mergenthaler linotype, 1922

      • The Tegucigalpa Coinage of 1823—Wood, 1922-1923

      • Six Bronze Roman Medallions—Baldwin (Brett), 1922-1923

      • Pre-Mohammedan Coinage of Northwestern India—Whitehead, 1922

      • Italian Decorations—Gillingham, 1923

      • Tyrus Rediviva—Newell, 1923

      • Coinage of Tarentum—Vlasto, 1922-1923

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      • Andritsaena article, 1923-1924

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      • Tioga Paper samples, 1925

      • Spanish Decorations—Gillingham, 1926

      • Bellinger, 1928

      • Earliest Coins of Norway—Parsons, 1926

      • Some Unpublished Coins, 1926

      • Indian Peace Medals—Belden (2 folders), 1927

      • Intelligencer Printing, 1928

      • Olympia Hoard, 1928-1929

      • Lancaster Press, 1928-1929

      • Printers, 1928-1929

      • West, 1929

    • 2 of 2 - Notebook: Numismatic Notes and Monographs printing record, 1920-1935 (loose)